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					                                           UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
                                      FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF OKLAHOMA

                                                        Panel of Mediators

       The Mediators listed herein have met at least the minimum required mediation process training, mediator experience, and
continuing education requirements of the Court and have been approved by the Judges of the Court to mediate cases in this Court. When
choosing any mediator, be sure you have researched and reviewed their credentials, etc., and are satisfied.

        Name and Address                   Email                        Practice Areas                            Fees
 Steven L. Barghols             Business/Commercial Banking,       Hourly rate (including preparation
 Gable & Gotwals                                                Contracts, Construction, Real      time) - $200- $250 per hour
 One Leadership Square                                          Estate, Debtor/Creditor,           (depending upon complexity of
 211 N. Robinson, 15th Fl.                                      Insurance (coverage and claims),   case and counsels’ own hourly
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                        Oil & Gas, Environmental Law,      billing rates).
 405-235-5567 - phone                                           Employment Law, Securities,
 405-235-2875 - fax                                             Products Liability, Personal
                                                                Injury, Medical and Legal
                                                                Malpractice, Civil Rights,
                                                                Mediation, Arbitration

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address                  Email                     Practice Areas                            Fees
 James Bellingham       Business/Commercial                 Hourly Rate: $185
 Bellingham, Collins & Loyd,                                Bankruptcy, Contracts,
 P.C.                                                       Debtor/Creditor, Personal Injury,
 210 Park Avenue, Suite 2050                                Products Liability, ERISA,
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                    Mediation and Arbitration
 405-235-9371 - phone
 405-232-1003 - fax
 Stephen S. Boaz              Asbestos, Business/Commercial,      A one time administrative fee of
 Boaz & Associates                                          Construction, Civil Rights, All     $210. Hourly Rate: $210 - please
 3613 N.W. 56th Street, Ste                                 Areas of Employment Law,            specify half day (3 hour minimum)
 300                                                        Environmental Law, Insurance,       or full day (7 hour minimum).
 Oklahoma City, OK 73112                                    Medical Malpractice, Nursing
 405-46-3232 - phone                                        Home and Elder Care, Personal
 405-946-3292 - fax                                         Injury, Products Liability, Toxic
                                                            Torts, Arbitration, Mediation
 Peter Bradford                Antitrust, Business/Commercial,     Generally, Hourly Rate: $160 plus
 Conner & Winters                                           Contracts, Construction,            travel and expenses, divided among
 One Leadership Square                                      Criminal, All areas of              the parties. Fees negotiable
 211 N. Robinson, Ste 1700                                  Employment Law, Medical             dependant upon complexity and
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                    Malpractice, Personal Injury,       number of parties.
 405-272-5711 - phone                                       Products Liability, Securities,
 405-232-2695 - fax                                         Mediation, Arbitration

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address              Email                        Practice Areas                              Fees
 Joel Carson                     Banking, Business/Commercial,         Daily Rate: $500 per party.
 Carson & Muller                                          Contracts, Computers,
 3555 N.W. 58th, Ste 510                                  Construction, Civil Rights,
 Oklahoma City, OK 73112                                  Employment Law, Insurance,
 405-946-8022 - phone                                     Medical Malpractice, Oil & Gas,
 405-942-8362 - fax                                       Personal Injury, Products
                                                          Liability, Securities, Arbitration,
 R. Lyle Clemens           Asbestos, Banking, Business/          Administrative Fee: $275 for 2
 Clemens & Associates                                     Commercial, Contracts,                party case plus $95 for each
 128 W. Hefner Rd.                                        Computers, Construction, Civil        additional party. Hourly Rate:
 Oklahoma City, OK 73114                                  Rights, Employment Law,               $325.
 405-478-0058 - phone                                     Insurance, Labor, Medical
 405-478-0296 - fax                                       Malpractice, Oil & Gas,
                                                          Personal Injury, Products
                                                          Liability, Securities, Arbitration,
 Jack S. Dawson     Business/Commercial/                  $225 per hour split between parties
 Miller Dollarhide                                        Contracts, Employment Law,
 100 Park Ave., 2nd Fl.                                   Insurance, Medical Mal-practice,
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                  Personal Injury, Products
 405-236-8511 - phone                                     Liability, Mediation
 405-235-8130 - fax

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address                   Email                   Practice Areas                              Fees
 Peter A. Erdoes             Civil Rights, Employment,            Daily Rate: $250 per party for 2 or
 Peck & Erdoes                                             Discrimination, Insurance,           more parties. One half day
 (A Voice of Reason Mediation                              Personal Injury, Products            minimum.
 Service)                                                  Liability, Arbitration, Mediation.
 304 N.W. 13th, Ste 200
 Oklahoma City, OK 73103
 405-232-3533 - phone
 405-232-8330 - fax
 Jake Jones, III         Business/Commercial,                 $200 per hour. No administrative
 Kirk & Chaney                                             Contracts, Civil Rights,             fee or additional charge for
 101 Park Ave., Ste 800                                    Employment law,                      multiple parties.
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                   Debtor/Creditor, Insurance,
 405-235-1333 - phone                                      Medical Malpractice, Personal
 405-235-5914 - fax                                        Injury, Arbitration, Mediation.
 Robert C. Margo                Business/Commercial,                 Daily Rate: $1,000 per 1/2 day for
 128 W. Hefner Road                                        Contracts, Civil Rights,             2 represented parties (up to 3.5
 Oklahoma City, OK 73114                                   Insurance, Medical Malpractice,      hours), $1,400 for more than 2
 405-608-0098 - phone                                      Personal Injury, Products            represented parties. $1,925 per full
 405-608-0083 - fax                                        Liability, Mediation                 day for 2 represented parties *up to
                                                                                                7 hours), $2,700 for more than 2
                                                                                                represented parties.

                                                                                                Hourly Rate: $275 per hour for 2
                                                                                                represented parties (4 hour
                                                                                                minimum) $150 per hour for each
                                                                                                additional represented party.

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address              Email                     Practice Areas                              Fees
 Earl D. Mills             Civil Rights, Employment,            Administrative Fee: $275 for 2
 Dispute Resolution                                     Wrongful Discharge, Insurance,       party case plus $100 for each
 Consultants                                            Personal Injury, Products            additional party. Hourly Rate:
 The Mills Law Firm                                     Liability, Medical Malpractice,      $275.
 119 N. Robinson, Ste 500                               Business/Commercial,
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102                                Mediation.
 405-239-2501 - phone
 405-239-2575 - fax
 Joseph H. Paulk             Business/Commercial,                 Contact Mediator.
 Dispute Resolution                                     Contracts, Employment Law,
 Consultants                                            Insurance, Medical Malpractice,
 1602 S. Main                                           Personal Injury, Products
 Tulsa, OK 74119                                        Liability, Arbitration, Mediation.
 918-382-0300 - phone
 918-382-0367 - fax
 David Pomeroy       Bankruptcy, Business/                Hourly Rate: $175
 Andrews, Davis                                         Commercial, Contracts,
 100 N. Broadway                                        Construction, Employment Law,
 Suite 3300                                             Debtor/Creditor
 Oklahoma City, OK 73102
 405-235-8721 - phone
 405-235-8786 - fax

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address               Email                       Practice Areas                              Fees
 Robert W. Raftery                 Bankruptcy, Business/                Daily Rate: $500 per party for 2-
 3035 N.W. 63rd, Ste 102N                                  Commercial, Computers,               party cases; $350 per party for 3 or
 Oklahoma City, OK 73116                                   Contracts, Civil Litigation, Civil   more parties; plus expenses. Half
 405-605-10100 - phone                                     Rights, Employment Law,              day rates also available.
 405-605-1011 - fax                                        Debtor/Creditor, Environmental
                                                           Law, Insurance, Personal Injury,
                                                           Arbitration, Mediation.
 John D. Rothman       Alternative Dispute Resolution,      Administrative Fee: $275 for 2
 Oklahoma Mediation/                                       Arbitration, Mediation.              party case plus $95 for each
 Arbitration Service                                                                            additional party with Hourly Rate:
 2021 S. Lewis, Ste 301                                                                         $325. Travel Expenses outside
 Tulsa, OK 74114                                                                                metro area at 1/2 hourly rate.
 800-753-0100 - phone
 918-747-6226 - fax
 Jerome S. Sepkowitz   Bankruptcy, Debtor/Creditor,         Hourly Rate: $150.
 Derryberry, Quigley                                       Arbitration, Mediation, Personal
 4800 N. Lincoln Blvd.                                     Injury, Employment
 Oklahoma City, OK 73105                                   Discrimination, Uninsured
 405-528-6569 - phone                                      Motorist.
 405-528-6462 -fax
 Larry M. Spears          Personal Injury, Medical             Hourly Rate: $250
 The Spears Law Building                                   Malpractice, Products Liability,
 501 N.W. 13th Street                                      Insurance
 Oklahoma City, OK 73103
 405-235-5605 - phone
 405-235-4110 - fax

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address                    Email                       Practice Areas                            Fees
 Raymond E. Tompkins           Business/Commercial,              Hourly Rate: $250 to be divided
 P.O. Box 20898                                                 Contracts, Construction, Civil    between parties.
 Oklahoma City, OK                                              Rights, Employment Law,
 405-751-5583 - phone                                           Insurance, Medical Malpractice,
                                                                Oil & Gas, Personal Injury,
                                                                Products Liability, Securities,
                                                                Arbitration, Mediation.
 Charles J. Watts                 Asbestos, Business/Commercial,    Call Mediator
 Smith, Shew, Scrivner, Corbin                                  Contracts, Civil Rights,
 & Watts                                                        Employment, Debtor/Creditor,
 1001 N.W. 63rd, Ste. 101                                       Environmental Law, Insurance,
 Oklahoma City, OK 73116                                        Medical Malpractice, Personal
 405-842-5022 - phone                                           Injury, Products Liability
 405-842-4993 - fax

 Ray Hickman              Employee Relations, EEO,          Hourly Rate: $150. Half Day Rate:
 OptionsNet                                                     Partnership Disputes,             $600. Divided between the parties;
 10435 S. Sandusky                                              Agricultural and Environmental    half day rates are normally from
 Tulsa, OK 74137                                                ADR, Workers Compensation,        9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. or from 1:30
 877-796-1500 - phone                                           Public Policy Facilitation,       p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Later or earlier
 918-261-2500 - phone                                           Mediation and Arbitration.        hours are available. Expenses for
 405-918-299-1927 - fax                                                                           travel costs.

Revised February 9, 2010
        Name and Address                             Email                               Practice Areas                                    Fees
 John D. Stacy                                Civil/Commercial Employment               Call Mediator
 3912 Smiling Hill Ct.                                                         with a concentration in Oil &
 Edmond, OK 73013                                                              Gas Industry
 405-285-6864 - phon

                                                                 NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER

Mediators on this list and mediating a case filed in this federal district court should serve under an Order of Appointment to the specific
case to ensure both the parties and the mediator the safeguards and protections of the civil justice system.

This list is to be used in conjunction with the court-sponsored mediation program authorized by this Court pursuant to LCvR16.3. The mediators on this list
are approved by this Court as mediators in this program only. This Court is not a certification agency. The Court has no responsibility for any other use of this
list or the individuals on the list. Any other use of a person on this list or any arrangements to use the services of that person as a neutral in any case or matter
not in this Court, is by permission of that person.

Marcia J. Davis, ADR Administrator (405)609-5078

Revised February 9, 2010

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