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									National-Louis University__________________________________________________
                                                                               Employee On-Line Job Posting Form

Internal Job Posting GUIDELINES:
           Employees must have completed at least 6 (six) months in their current position.
           Employees must meet all minimum qualification criteria outlined for the position desired.
           Employees must obtain current supervisors signature to post for any position.
           Employees who were rated less than ‘3’ overall in their last appraisal or are under any corrective action or performance
            improvement plan must attach a copy of their appraisal or document to this form.

Internal Job Posting PROCESS:
                1.   Complete all information requested on the posting form (gray boxes will expand as you type).
                2.   Print the completed posting form.
                3.   Sign and date the form and secure signature from current supervisor.
                4.   Attach most current copy of resume.
                5.   FORWARD completed form AND resume to Human Resources via email at: or via inter-
                     department mail to HR-Wheeling Campus
                6.   Internal candidates whose forms are complete (with all necessary signatures) and who meet or exceed posting
                     GUIDELINES will be contacted by HR within 5 (five) business days of receipt of completed form.


POSITION APPLYING FOR:                                                     CAMPUS :

POSITION POSTING CODE:                                                     YOUR CAMPUS PHONE:

EMPLOYEE NAME:                                                             CURRENT POSITION:

CURRENT SUPERVISOR:                                                        CURRENT SUPERVISORS EXT:


LAST OVERALL PERFORMANCE RATING: 1                                   2     3       4       5
If rated 1 or 2 , you MUST attach/send copy of last appraisal form.

Are you under any CURRENT corrective action or performance improvement plan? Yes                                                      No
If YES, you must attach or send copy of document.

Please provide supporting detail of how your background meets or exceeds the minimum qualifications listed
for the position:

RESUME ATTACHED/Sent: Yes                            No

 My authorization below indicates that I have reviewed the job posting for this position and meet ALL minimum qualifications
                                                 listed for both the job and the internal posting guidelines.

Employee Authorization                                Date                 Supervisors Authorization*                    Date
    *Note: Supervisors signature is required not as permission to post, but to verify information provided and to provide notification of interest to
                                                                 current supervisor.
                                                             DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE

Human Resources Reviewer                              Date approved to post                      Date forwarded to Hiring Mgr.

COPY TO FILE:____________                  EMPLOYEE OFFERED: Y                         N       EMPLOYEE ACCEPTED: Y                        N
Rev. 9/03

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