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                             Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 – Training Needs Analysis

Name:                                                        Company:
Department:                                                  Date:

This questionnaire is designed to assess your current proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000. We will use the
information you supply to provide the correct level of training for you. Please tick a box for each question. If there is a
section which you are unfamiliar with, please tick the box at the start of the section and continue to the next
question. Please be sure to answer all questions.

How do you rate your ability to:

Module 1 – Create a Presentation                                Module 6 – Customise a Presentation
No experience?                                                  No experience?
                                          Good Fair   None                                                  Good Fair          None
Use autocontent wizard                                          Create a custom background
Use templates                                                   Customise a colour scheme
Use blank presentation                                          Edit object fills
                                                                Apply design
Module 2 – Character Formatting                                 Apply a template from another
No experience?                                                  presentation
                                          Good Fair   None      Add links to other slides
Add and format text                                             Hide slides
Create bulleted lists
Create numbered lists                                           Module 7 - Prepare for Distribution
Set tabs                                                        No experience?
                                                                                                    Good Fair                  None
Module 3 – Visual Elements                                      Spell check a presentation
No experience?                                                  Use find and replace
                                          Good Fair   None      Automatic punctuation and style checker
Insert and customise clipart
Draw and modify objects                                         Print slides in a variety of formats
Insert pictures from file                                       Export to Word
                                                                Add speaker notes
Module 4 – Bring in Data from Other Sources                     Set slide timings
No experience?
                                     Good Fair        None      Module 8 – Deliver Presentations
Create a graph                                                  No experience?
Insert an Excel chart                                                                                Good Fair                 None
Create a table                                                  Start a slide show on any slide
Create an organisational chart                                  Use on-screen navigation tools
Import from Word                                                Generate meeting notes
Add sounds and movies                                           Export to 35mm slides
                                                                Electronically incorporate meeting notes
Module 5 – Views and Master
No experience?                                                  Use presentation conferencing
                                          Good Fair   None      Pack and go
Use slide view                                                  Save for use on the Internet
Use outline view
Use slide sorter view
Use notes page view
Use slide show view                                             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Use normal view                                                 Are there any particular topics of PowerPoint 2000
Change sequence of slides                                       which you wish to learn?
Delete slides
Summary slide
Modify the slide master

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