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					                                           RFP #09-047

                                 TENANT MOVING SERVICES

                                         Addendum #1
                        Date issued and released, November 16, 2009

 Changes to Proposal:

1. Please also submit the following with your proposal:

    Green Initiatives and Energy Efficiency Efforts
    A statement and/or plan on how the firm will make a good faith effort to incorporate green building
    principles and practices including but not limited to energy efficiency, water efficiency, integrated
    pest management, indoor air quality, green operations and maintenance, alternative energy sources,
    energy star programs, recycling and waste reduction, etc.

2. A copy of your company’s Release of Liability form.

3. A copy of your company’s moving instructions.


1. The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) has up to five (5) bedroom dwelling units, not four (4) as listed
    on Page 4, in the first paragraph of Section 2 under “Scope of Work”.

 Responses to Questions:

The following questions were submitted by the deadline and are answered in this addendum.

Question 1: Will OHA require more boxes than average?
Answer: OHA is uncertain what is defined as average. So in your proposal, please indicate the average
number of boxes your company can offer (for example, number of boxes/room) and how the boxes will
be distributed.

                                                                           Addendum #1 to RFP #09-047
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Question 2: Are packing services needed?
Answer: OHA may require packing services for some tenants. Please describe in your proposal the
scope and cost of packing services on a per bedroom basis.

Question 3: Who determines and coordinates the moves?
Answer: The moves will be requested by the OHA Property Management staff assigned to the individual
site. Once the request is sent to the moving contractor, the contractor will contact the OHA assigned
staff person to schedule the actual move date and other relevant logistics (distribution of boxes, packing,

Question 4: In the pricing sheet (Exhibit C), OHA asks for two different pricing methods. Am I to
choose one of the two pricing methods?
Answer: No, both pricing methods must be completed. The intent is for OHA to obtain a range of
prices both on an hourly basis and a standard room rate.

Question 5: What is OHA’s procedure when a moving crew is ready but the tenant is not?
Answer: The moving company should immediately contact the Property Administrator/Assistant or
Contract Compliance General Services staff for instructions when a tenant is not prepared. Generally, the
Authority may instruct the movers to move large items and schedule a second move on another day.

Question 6: Are there on-site moves?
Answer: On-site moves may occur.

Question 7: What is the average number of moves?
Answer: The historical trend for moves is from 0 to 5 per month.

Question 8: How many moves are involved in this proposal?
Answer: The Authority has no planned moves scheduled at this time.

Question 9: How many moves do you expect per month, per week, and per year?
Answer: The historical trend for moves is from 0 to 5 per month. This number may increase to 5 to 10
moves per month as the Authority proceeds with the pending disposition of scattered sites.

Question 10: What was the average cost per move for last year?
Answer: The Authority will not disclose this information. However, please indicate in Exhibit C –
Fee/Price Proposal, the rates that you can offer.

Question 11: What are the current rates as of right now, if any?
Answer: The Authority will not disclose this information. However, please indicate in Exhibit C –
Fee/Price Proposal, the rates that you can offer.

Question 12: Historically, how many moves are done?
Answer: The Authority moves 0-5 units per month.

Question 13: What is the cost per move per studio and per one-bedroom?
Answer: The Authority requests that respondents indicate proposed rates as described in the Request
for Proposal (RFP). Please note that OHA does not have any studio units.

                                                                            Addendum #1 to RFP #09-047
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Question 14: How many studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments are
involved in this project?
Answer: The portfolio includes 232 one bedroom units, 625 two bedroom units, 1,414 three bedroom
units, 86 four bedroom units, and 15 five bedroom units. However, it should be noted that most of these
units will not have moves scheduled during the contract period covered by this RFP.

Question 15: How many units were moved last year?
Answer: Less than 100 moves were completed during the last fiscal year (July1, 2008 – June 30,

Question 16: What company has the contract now?
Answer: Chipman Relocations.

Question 17: What is the distance from housing to non-housing units?
Answer: No more than 50 miles.

Question 18: Should assumptions be made when submitting the proposal?
Answer: Most of OHA units are basic: elevator or no elevator and 1- 5 bedroom in turn-key buildings.
However, the Authority has used specialized moving services to move the medical equipment of tenants.
When submitting the proposal, please describe what your company can offer.

Question 19: Are there truck weight requirements?
Answer: There is none.

Question 20: Will the tenants do the packing and the company will just supply the boxes?
Answer: Traditionally, the Authority supplies the boxes to the tenants. The Authority is considering
handing the task of box and tape distribution to the moving contractor and asks how you intend to
perform this duty in your proposal for Situation #2, under Section 3.E Approach to Project.

Question 21: If the tenants pack their belongings without paper and something breaks, how can the
moving company safeguard itself from this potential liability?
Answer: The moving contractor should provide specific packing instructions and can provide the
packing paper. In addition, each respondent should submit its release of liability form (that is provided to
clients) in the respective proposal.

Question 22: What if the tenants want the moving crew to pack?
Answer: The Authority pre-determines which units will be contracted for full packing and moving
service. This full service will be limited to those tenants with a documented special need based upon
OHA policy. For general moves, OHA instructs tenants to move valuable things on their own to avoid any
potential for accidental damage to items of personal or monetary value. In addition, please include your
company’s release of liability form in the proposal.

Question 23: What if the tenants want the crew to pack a 50” plasma television?
Answer: The moving company should include the proposed cost for moving large or special items such
as large screen television sets. The proposal should include tenant instructions (for preparing these
items for the move).

Question 24: Will the moving contractor move units that include family members with disabilities and/or
medical equipment?
Answer: The proposal should include a listing of specialized moving services (i.e. moving equipment for
persons with disabilities), plus the pricing for the specialized services.

                                                                            Addendum #1 to RFP #09-047
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Question 25: What is the size of the apartment we will be moving?
Answer: It varies. OHA units include units with one to five bedrooms, with one to two baths, a living
room and a kitchen.

Question 26: How often do we bill or is it per unit?
Answer: Billing should be submitted on a per unit or monthly basis.
Question 27: What kind of payment method are you looking to have and how long does payment take?
Answer: OHA will issue a blanket purchase order from which the cost of service will be deducted.
Payment term is 30 days net upon receipt of invoice. The invoice must reference the purchase order
number to help expedite the payment process.

Question 28: If payment is 30 days or more, do we get interest and/or late charges?
Answer: No. Please note that OHA has two check runs per week. If all the requisite paperwork is
approved, the contractor will be paid in 30 days or less.

Question 29: Will the moves take place in Oakland only?
Answer: Tenants may move within a 50 mile radius of their originating unit. This may include moves
outside the city of Oakland boundaries.

Question 30: Are you looking for storage place for your tenants?
Answer: No.

Question 31: What area is the Oakland Metropolitan as mentioned in Section 3?
Answer: The Oakland Metropolitan area covers the cities in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, from
Alameda to Brentwood/Livermore (east to west) and from Crockett to Fremont (north to south).

Question 32: There are many pages for the Section 3 Requirements. If I do not have all the forms that
are required, will this knock me out of the running?
Answer: Please complete the forms to the best of your knowledge. If an item is not applicable, please
indicate so. You will not be disqualified but completion of all forms may result in higher evaluation

Question 33: How long is the contract?
Answer: One year.

Question 34: What is a Consultant Agreement?
Answer: The Consultant Agreement is the contract that the Authority uses for non-construction
services. The agreement provided in the RFP is a sample contract.

Question 35: Basically, OHA calls us to move different units at different times, why is a comprehensive
plan needed?
Answer: Each moving company may have different moving policies, specialties, bilingual and cultural
capabilities and administrative support staff, which may have an impact on service delivery to tenants.
The Authority is looking for moving contractor(s) which best meets anticipated tenant needs.

Question 36: Are there any provisions or conditions outside the contract which need to be considered?
Answer: Please review the entire proposal for all provisions and conditions.

                                                                           Addendum #1 to RFP #09-047
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                                        RFP #09-047

                               TENANT MOVING SERVICES

                                      Addendum #1
                      Date issued and released, November 16, 2009


Bidder hereby acknowledges this addendum:

Name of Firm: _________________________________________________

Authorized Signature: __________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________

Acknowledgement of this Addendum must be included with your proposal.

                                                            Addendum #1 to RFP #09-047
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