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                                         Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
                FACILITY NAME                  H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE              Chicago Service Area
A-Abiding Care, Inc.                             X          X      847-698-1400   Cook
Addus Health Care, Inc.                          X          X      847-303-5300   Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
Advantage Nursing Services                       X          X      888-660-1771   Cook
Advent Home Health Services, Inc.                X          X      630-705-9030   Dupage
American Home Health, Inc.                       X          X      630-236-3501   Dupage
Angels Home Healthcare Solutions                 X          X      708-283-0739   Cook
Assured Healthcare, LLC                          X          X      847-775-7445   Lake
At Home Health Services, LLC                     X          X      815-806-1818   Will
At HomeMatters, Program of Luther Life           X          X      847-368-7399   Cook
Awakened Alternatives, Inc.                      X                 708-748-1520   Cook
Bright Star Healthcare                           X          X      847-925-0818   Cook
By Your Side Home Care Services                  X          X      815-919-3894   Dupage
Caring Heavenly Hands, Inc.                      X          X      630-665-1615   Cook
Community Partner Services, LLC                  X          X      630-665-7000   Dupage
Continuum Pediatric Nursing                      X                 800-828-5659   Cook
Covenant Home Services D/B/A                     X          X      630-232-6908   Kane
Custom Home Care, Inc.                           X          X      773-561-4663   Cook
Elite Care Management, Inc.                      X          X      630-548-9500   Dupage
Everest Healthcare Solutions                     X          X      847-682-9495   Dupage
Excellent Home Caregivers                        X                 630-851-4911   Dupage
Freedom Home Care                                X          X      847-433-5788   Lake
Gateway Health Foundation                        X                 847-995-1717   Cook
Gentle Home Services, Inc.                       X          X      847-444-1222   Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
Greatland Home Health Services                   X          X      630-548-2126   Dupage
Harmony Home Care, Inc.                          X          X      847-382-6200   Cook
Healthcare Plus Corporation                      X                 847-776-0800   Cook
Healthtrends At Home, LLC                        X          X      847-803-0774   Cook
Help At Home, Inc.                               X          X      312-328-6500   Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
Home Bound Healthcare                            X          X      708-798-0800   Cook
Home Staff, Inc.                                 X          X      773-467-6002   Cook
HomeCare and More, Inc.                          X          X      630-858-2443   Dupage
Hyde Park Home Care Services                     X          X      773-753-4628   Cook
In Home Personal Services, Inc.                  X          X      847-551-9041   Kane
Independence Plus, Inc.                          X                 708-366-4500   Dupage
Infinity Healthcare Staffing                     X          X      708-482-0130   Cook
Ingalls Home Care D/B/A                          X          X      708-331-0226   Cook
Interim Healthcare                               X          X      708-383-7320   Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will
JDF Services DBA                                 X          X      630-260-5300   Dupage
JRJG, Inc.                                       X          X      630-778-2005   Dupage
                                         Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
               FACILITY NAME                   H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE               Chicago Service Area
LifeStyle Options, Inc.                          X          X      1-888-342-4636   Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
LivHome, Inc.                                    X          X      630-368-0133     Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
Loving Care Agency, Inc.                         X                 847-298-0859     Cook
Medical Staffing Network, Inc.                   X                 800-223-9230     Dupage
Merit Private Care Services, Inc.                X          X      630-652-7900     Dupage
Monarch Landing, inc.                            X          X      630-300-1152     Dupage
Mylife, Inc.                                     X          X      630-462-6703     Dupage
National Home Health Services                    X          X      847-329-9933     Cook
New Creation Home Care Services, Inc.            X          X      630-530-5170     Dupage
Nurse Express Healthcare Services                X          X      847-949-1945     Lake
Omega Home Healthcare, LLC                       X          X      630-893-9490     Cook
Partners In Healthcare                           X          X      847-904-5113     Cook
Partners in Senior Care, Inc.                    X          X      847-548-1330     Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, McHenry
Pediatric Services of America, Inc.              X                 708-429-5551     Cook
Private Duty Staff, Inc.                         X          X      708-633-6366     Cook
Reliable Health Care Services LLC                X          X      708-283-8538     Cook
Relief Medical Services, Inc.                    X          X      312-266-1486     Cook
RespiteCare/Care in the Home, Inc.DBA            X          X      847-256-1705     Cook
Royal Home Health Services                       X          X      708-794-0172     Cook
S & S Homecare D/B/A Comfort Keeper              X          X      708-598-1900     Cook
Sedgebrook, Inc. Home Care Dept.                 X          X      847-876-2222     Lake
SeniorBridge Family Co., (IL) Inc.               X          X      312-329-9060     Cook
Seniorcare Services, LLC                         X          X      773-279-9582     Cook
Shay Nursing Services, Inc.                      X          X      708-535-4300     Cook
Sherman Home Care Partners                       X          X      847-429-6200     Cook
Shot LLC                               X                 312-339-7042     Cook
Tiger Healthcare, LLC                            X          X      708-226-5100     Cook
Total Health Home Care Services, Inc.            X          X      708-543-9321     Cook
Total Nurses Network, LLC                        X          X      800-510-8802     Cook
Transcendental Ventures, LTD                     X          X      630-444-1877     Kane
Tyrrell Lopez Nurses TLN                         X                 708-422-7700     Will
Vintage Healthcare Services, Inc.                X          X      630-517-0191     Dupage
Vital Wellness Private Duty                      X          X      630-369-8450     Dupage
Vitalstaff Medical Professionals, LLC            X          X      847-567-1404     Cook
Wellspring Safety Net System, Inc. DBA           X          X      312-648-1565     Cook
1st Choice Senior Homecare, Inc                             X      773-769-8891     Cook
24/7 Able Health Care, Inc                                  X      847-297-6201     Cook
733 Beach Walk, Inc                                         X      630-800-3837     Dupage
Absolute Health Care Services, Inc.                         X      618-466-1010     Madison
                                         Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
               FACILITY NAME                   H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE              Chicago Service Area
Ace Northshore Homecare, Inc.                               X      847-297-9900   Cook
Aces Home Care                                              X      847-380-2630   Lake
Advance PRO Healthcare Express, Inc.                        X      847-763-0205   Cook
Affordable Home Care Services, Inc.                         X      773-271-2330   Cook
Ageless Caregiving, LLC                                     X      630-671-0631   Cook
AIM Rehabilitation & Homecare                               X      847-676-3800   Cook
Alice Home Services, Inc. DBA                               X      630-892-9600   Dupage
All Care Home Health Agency, Inc.                           X      630-845-6098   DeKalb
All Trust Home Care                                         X      630-920-9999   Cook
Allay Home Care Agency, Inc.                                X      847-669-7307   McHenry
Alternative Home Care, Inc.                                 X      630-235-7322   Dupage
Always There Resources, Inc.                                X      630-469-4515   Dupage
Amazing Care, Inc.                                          X      630-854-0061   Dupage
Amidei Nursing Registry, Inc.                               X      815-356-8773   McHenry
Angels by Your Side, Inc.                                   X      815-459-2710   McHenry
APT Home Care, Inc.                                         X      847-433-6470   Lake
Ardent Care Health Group                                    X      630-539-8339   Dupage
Ashley's Quality Care, Inc.                                 X      312-786-9297   Cook
ASI, Inc.                                                   X      773-278-5130   Cook
Assurance Home Care, Inc.                                   X      773-828-8040   Cook
Assured Caregiver Services, LLC                             X      847-827-2778   Cook
At Homecare                                                 X      874-246-1626   Lake
Axis Home Care Services, LLC                                X      847-668-8042   Cook
B&C Reimers Enterprises, Inc. DBA                           X      847-695-1700   Kane
Badger Newell Health Services, Inc.                         X      773-775-4677   Cook
Beacon Hill                                                 X      630-620-5850   Dupage
Benevolent Caregivers, Inc.                                 X      708-448-4068   Cook
Best Care Services, Inc.                                    X      630-645-1700   Dupage
Better Care, Inc.                                           X      630-323-7231   Coo
Bizy Bizy, LLC                                              X      312-573-9700   Cook
British Home for Retired Men & Women                        X      708-387-2005   Cook
C3 Services, Inc. DBA Home Helpers                          X      312-925-0711   Cook
Care at Home, Inc.                                          X      847-739-6213   Cook
Care Focus, Inc.                                            X      312-663-5410   Cook
Care for Life Home Health                                   X      847-214-3633   Kane
Carestaff home Care Agency                                  X      773-401-6275   Cook
Caring Hearts Care, Inc.                                    X      224-764-8556   Cook
Caring Home Care Services, Inc.                             X      847-439-7030   Cook
Catholic Charities of the Arch of Chgo                      X      312-655-7570   Cook
                                      Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
               FACILITY NAME                H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE                 Chicago Service Area
CD Legrande Ltd                                          X      847-543-8881     Lake
Cherished Care, Inc.                                     X      773-332-0214     Cook
Chicagoland Senior Care, Inc.                            X      630-305-9100     Dupage
Circle of Friends Home Care, Inc.                        X      708-588-2002     Lagrange
Clare Oaks Home Health Agency                            X      630-372-1983     Cook
Comforcare Senior Services                               X      847-955-1515     Cook
Compaions for Seniors, Inc.                              X      866-910-9020     Cook
Companion Care                                           X      630-482-2321     Kane
Companion Services of America                            X      847-948-0860     Lake
Compassionate Care In-Home Services                      X      708-614-9053     Cook
Compssionate Care, Inc.                                  X      847-672-2296     Lake
Council for Jewish Elderly                               X      773-508-1000     Cook
Covenant Methodist Senior Services                       X      773-769-5270     Cook
Cure Home Care Services, Inc.                            X      630-836-9977     Dupage
Comfort Keepers                                          X      (800) 498-8144   Dupage
DeLeon Business, Counseling and                          X      224-305-0535     Kane
Devine Home Care, Inc.                                   X      773-293-2600     Cook
DM Enterprises Group, Inc. DBA                           X      866-590-9619     Cook
Eggering Enterprises, LLC DBA                            X      847-231-4100     Lake
Elder Bridge, Inc.                                       X      847-882-5201     Cook
Elderly Homecare, Inc.                                   X      630-427-1780     Dupage
Equal Home Care Agency, Inc.                             X      630-386-0144     Dupage
ER Homecare & Employment Services                        X      773-481-9300     Cook
European Service at Home, Inc.                           X      847-202-1249     Cook
Excellent Care, Inc.                                     X      708-845-6031     Cook
Excellent Home Caregivers, Inc.                          X      630-851-4911     Dupage
Favos Home Care, Inc.                                    X      630-434-9033     Dupage
Full Circle Car,e Inc.                                   X      708-395-7992     Cook
Genesis Covenant Care, Inc.                              X      312-342-2022     Cook
Harrison Enterprises, Inc.                               X      708-524-9814     Cook
Healthcare Plus Caregivers                               X      773-283-0090     Cook
Help At Home, Inc.                                       X      312-762-9680     Cook
Helping Hand Caregivers, Ltd                             X      847-245-4633     Lake
Helpsource of North Shore, Inc.                          X      847-215-8550     Cook
Hexagram Senior Care, LLC                                X      773-205-1414     Cook
Home & Hearth Caregivers                                 X      708-352-4663     Cook
Home by Choice                                           X      630-769-6300     Dupage
Home Care Personal Services, Inc                         X      630-434-0071     Dupage
Home Care Services of Illinois                           X      847-577-6992     Cook
                                      Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
                FACILITY NAME               H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE               Chicago Service Area
Home For Good Senior Care, Inc                           X      773-572-4875   Cook
Home Helpers                                             X      800-216-4196   Cook
Home Instead Senior Care                                 X      847-690-9825   Cook
Home Sweet Home Care, LLC                                X      708-469-7117   Cook
Homeheart LLC                                            X      708-345-8560   Cook
Homeward Bound Inc.                                      X      773-777-2273   Cook
Hosannas Health Agency Inc.                              X      708-423-8932   Cook
Independence 4 Seniors, Inc.                             X      630-323-4665   Dupage
Innovation Homecare Solutions                            X      630-225-0100   Dupage
International Family Care, Inc. DBA                      X      847-398-9096   Cook
Joyful Hearts Home Health Support, Inc.                  X      847-439-7655   Cook
Kriscor D/B/A Right at Home Greater                      X      847-303-0998   Cook
Kryken Intl., Inc. DBA                                   X      708-482-8660   Cook
Lake Bluff Home Care Solutions, LLC                      X      847-668-5242   Lake
Larlin Employment Agency, Inc.                           X      630-852-2069   Dupage
Lifecare Health Services, Inc                            X      847-205-4444   Cook
Lifecare Home Solutions, Inc                             X      630-932-4032   Dupage
LLP Homecare, Inc                                        X      312-932-0914   Cook
Lutheran Social Services of IL                           X      847-635-4600   Cook
Luv U Tender, Inc                                        X      630-247-7490   Dupage
M2M Enterprises, LLC                                     X      847-899-7565   Kane
Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc.                          X      410-910-1500   Cook
Michael McGinn, Inc.                                     X      847-221-5300   Cook
Midwest Home Care Services, LLC                          X      630-517-8462   Cook
MLM Homecare Services, LLC                               X      847-336-9666   Lake
More Care at Home LLC                                    X      847-562-9571   Cook
Mother's Care and Health Equip., Inc.                    X      773-271-4110   Cook
New Beginning General Care & Serv, Inc.                  X      773-777-7962   Cook
North Shore Companions, Inc DBA                          X      847-418-3300   Cook
North Shore Senior Services, Inc                         X      847-673-1250   Cook
Northwest Home Care, Inc                                 X      847-670-8268   Cook
Nulife Care                                              X      888-671-8880   Cook
On-Site Temps, Inc.                                      X      630-406-6022   Kane
Open Arms Senior Solutions, LTD                          X      847-272-4997   Cook
Optimum Senior Care Corp                                 X      847-483-8800   Cook
Palos Comm. Hosp. Private Duty                           X      630-257-1111   Cook
Paradigm Healthcare Serv                                 X      847-213-0404   Cook
Pen-Care, Inc                                            X      815-206-1020   Mc Henry
Pendeo, Inc                                              X      773-857-6100   Cook
                                      Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
               FACILITY NAME                H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE               Chicago Service Area
Pinnacle Homecare, Inc                                   X      773-857-0383   Cook
PKK Enterprises                                          X      630-365-6710   Kane
Platinum Care Alliance Group Inc.                        X      630-295-9420   Dupage
Polley's MMJ Enterprises, Inc.                           X      708-598-0330   Cook
Premier Home Care Company                                X      630-717-2222   Will
Premier Point Home Health, NFP                           X      773-275-8390   Cook
Professional Home Care Advantage, Inc.                   X      708-891-2013   Cook
Pure Life Home Care, Inc.                                X      224-856-5289   Kane
Quirk, Inc.                                              X      708-671-2698   Cook
R.A. Carr Consulting Inc.                                X      630-637-3360   Dupage
Rebels With A Cause                                      X      815-459-1502   Mc Henry
Reflection HC                                            X      847-641-9100   Mc Henry
Rescare Home Care                                        X      877-876-4848   Cook
Resthaven Hmcare Illiana Christ. Con. HM                 X      708-331-2005   Cook
Right At Home                                            X      877-697-7537   Cook
Robinson Senior Care, Inc. DBA                           X      312-326-1367   Cook
S Phelan & Associates, LTD                               X      773-784-4024   Cook
Safe at Home Healthcare                                  X      630-890-1268   Kendall
SAH Operations, Inc.                                     X      847-506-3100   Cook
SCI Home Care                                            X      847-782-9999   Lake
SCI Home Health Inc.                                     X      847-244-6444   Lake
Senior Care Plus                                         X      847-236-4970   Lake
Senior First Connection                                  X      847-630-2986   Lake
Senior Helpers                                           X      800-760-6389   Cook
Seniors Action Service, Inc                              X      847-864-7274   Cook
Shepherd Homecare, Inc.                                  X      847-983-4093   Cook
SHS Senior Care, Inc                                     X      630-324-6086   Dupage
Signature Home Care, LLC                                 X      847-323-6828   Cook
Silver Halo, Inc.                                        X      847-987-2084   Cook
Smile & Love, Inc                                        X      847-427-8209   Cook
South Elgin in Home Personal Care, Inc                   X      847-531-5969   Kane
Staff Providers, Inc                                     X      847-298-8869   Cook
Stellar Senior Homecare, Inc.                            X      630-322-9383   Dupage
Suburban Home Care                                       X      630-964-9000   Dupage
Sure Care Home Health Corp                               X      630-295-9058   Dupage
Synergy Home Care                                        X      888-659-7771   Cook
Traycee Home Care Services                               X      847-432-7450   Lake
Tricon Healthcare of Illinois, Inc.                      X      847-673-2444   Cook
United Senior Services, Inc                              X      630-929-0760   Dupage
                                      Licensed Home Nursing and Home Services Agencies
               FACILITY NAME                H.N.A.     H.S.A.     TELEPHONE             Chicago Service Area
Vars, Inc. DBA Comfort Keepers #218                      X      630-858-7788   Dupage
Village Senior Care                                      X      847-891-5371   Cook
Visiting Angels                                          X      800-365-4186   Cook
VNA Private Duty of Illinois                             X      847-674-7174   Cook
VZ&Y Homecare LP                                         X      847-566-2395   Lake
We Care Home Care Inc                                    X      815-836-0826   Cook
Wellspring Heathcare Services, Inc.                      X      630-759-7808   Will
Wetters & Associates, Inc                                X      630-879-1965   Kane

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