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									                            Commons Working Group Survey on Financial Status Report Requirements

             FSR Module Survey Responses (8 Institutions as of 5/16/02)
             In an effort to build the NIH FSR module to meet the expectations of the diverse
             population of grantee institutions, we would appreciate having your input on the following
             questions. Please make every effort to reflect broadly in the answers to the
             questions. That is, prior to entering your responses, feel free to contact
             colleagues at other institutions to determine their opinion on these issues.

             Thanks very much for your time in completing the survey!

             This question pertains to Work-in-Progress (WIP). The system will provide the functionality for a WIP to be started as much as 90
             days before the budget end date. Will users actually start a WIP before the budget end date?
                         Emory                             Michigan                           MIT                         Northwestern
             Do not expect wide utilization      Not likely                      No. MIT waits until term date.   Not beneficial. Reports started
             of function.                                                        Would use if given approval to   after budget period ends.
                                                                                 close a program early.

                         UCLA                                 UMDNJ                          UTMB                           Wisconsin
             Interested in obtaining critical    No. Do not begin work on FSR Suspect that many users will       Probably not, but the system
             admin info from the GMO and         until after budget end date. start a WIP before expiration. In- should have capability.
             timely financial data from the                                   clude check to pre-vent early
             PMS.                                                             submission

  #1B.       If not an 90 day window, would another duration be preferable?
                         Emory                           Michigan                           MIT                          Northwestern
             90-day maximum. Allow               30-day maximum                  No response                      No response
             institutions to set own push date
             parm (30/60/90 days).

                       UCLA                                 UMDNJ                            UTMB                           Wisconsin
             No response                         90 days is very generous.       90 days prior to expiration      90 days is a good time frame.
                                                                                 seems a bit aggressive.

11/14/2010                                                                            1                                     1565dd14-96e0-4302-8501-46b09080cf5e.xls
                           Commons Working Group Survey on Financial Status Report Requirements

              This question pertains to datastream functionality. While data standards have not yet been established, to what extent will
              datastream submission of FSRs be necessary/desired?
                        Emory                          Michigan                             MIT                        Northwestern
             Highly desirable                Not necessary or desired at this MIT is always in the forefront   Not interested in data-stream
                                             time                             of new processes.                submission of FSRs.

                         UCLA                           UMDNJ                             UTMB                            Wisconsin
             A positive way to go            Endorses datastream approach     Datastream is our preferred      Ability to upload data for
                                                                              method.                          multiple grants would be time

  #2B.        Does the way this business process is conducted at institutions lend to a datastream approach?
                        Emory                          Michigan                             MIT                        Northwestern
             Recommends web and             Not currently                     Yes. MIT currently submits all   Interested in data-stream
             Word/Excel support with upload                                   FSRs electronically.             submission of DHHS quarterly
             function.                                                                                         SF272 Cash Trans-actions

                         UCLA                           UMDNJ                             UTMB                            Wisconsin
             No response                     If easy to implement, everyone   Will allow us to create an FSR Would like to down-load,
                                             will get on board.               system to meet all needs without reconcile & up- load back into
                                                                              having to do double data entry. the system as done for quarterly
                                                                                                               PMS reports

11/14/2010                                                                         2                                      1565dd14-96e0-4302-8501-46b09080cf5e.xls
                             Commons Working Group Survey on Financial Status Report Requirements

   #3.         This question pertains to Approval & Routing: In many grantee institutions FSR data is submitted by an office different than that
               responsible for submitting application data. To what extent would you see it desirable for the capability for “routing and
               reviewing” and/or formal “approval” of FSR data prior to submission?
                         Emory                           Michigan                            MIT                         Northwestern
             A “must have”                     Current process does not require Desirable to have                Beneficial as long as final
                                               capability                                                        submission con-trolled by Acct

                         UCLA                             UMDNJ                            UTMB                            Wisconsin
             Not interested in this feature;   FSR is not routed at UMDNJ;     See capability as integral. Also UW-Madison probably would
             but would like PIs and            however see value in building   would like feature to view status not use approval and routing.
             administrators to have browse     this capability into system.    and to retrieve, revise and
             access to submitted FSR.                                          resubmit.

11/14/2010                                                                          3                                      1565dd14-96e0-4302-8501-46b09080cf5e.xls
                           Commons Working Group Survey on Financial Status Report Requirements

  #4A.       This question pertains to Reporting Requirements. Currently planned reports from the FSR module include 1) FRS status, i.e. the
             number of pending FSRs due within 90 days or overdue; 2) Institutional data, i.e. the number of reports submitted by the institution
             on time, late, revised. Please comment on these reports.
                         Emory                           Michigan                            MIT                         Northwestern
                                              (1) List of overdue FSRs      Both reports serve us fine.          These reports are useful but can
                                              required; add feature to list                                      be mis-leading if errors are
                                              FSRs pending by date range                                         found in the system due to
                                              up to l year in advance.                                           incorrect coding of data.

                         UCLA                            UMDNJ                              UTMB                            Wisconsin
             (1) Would like reports due per These seem to be the minimum (1) Include ability to report by        (1) Uses this report all the time.
             quarter and status of submitted number of necessary reports. blocks of time (e.g., due in 30/       Add ability to query on FSRs
             FSRs (including ac-                                                                                 due in 60, 90, 120 days, etc.
             ceptance/rejection date, reason,
             NIH contact).

  #4B.       Please provide suggestions for other reports.
                         Emory                     Michigan                      MIT                   Northwestern
                                         No further recommendations No further recommendations Report to monitor large/small
                                                                                               balances during specified
                                                                                               time periods (from SF272)
                        UCLA                        UMDNJ                       UTMB                     Wisconsin
             No further recommendations. Recommends refraining from No further recommendations No further recommendations
                                         complicating what is
                                         reported in the FSR module.

11/14/2010                                                                           4                                      1565dd14-96e0-4302-8501-46b09080cf5e.xls
                           Commons Working Group Survey on Financial Status Report Requirements

   #5.       This question pertains to FSR notification. The FSR module has current plans for passive notification. That is, notification will
             require the institutional user to “pull” the information by going to the Commons and logging on to view reminders etc. This would
             include determining status such as “accepted by NIH” or even “Rejected”. How desirable would it be to have notification via
             “push”, i.e. via e-mail? Before this question is easily answered, it must be remembered that such an e-mail notification would not
             be able to include specific data, since e-mail is not a secure (i.e. confidential) means of transmission.
                         Emory                           Michigan                            MIT                          Northwestern
             Both passive and “push”          Passive notification of FSRs due No preference. Current process Notice of upcoming FSRs due
             desirable; suggest email 30 days adequate; active notification of works fine but would be happy sent to designated email address
             before FSR due date.             acceptance/rejection desirable. to receive email.               would be highly beneficial.

                         UCLA                            UMDNJ                              UTMB                            Wisconsin
             Not interested in email           A monthly tickler email would    Email notification 90 days       It is just as easy to log on to the
             notification if reports requested be more successful than “pull”   before due date has merit.       system to check FSR status.
             in #4 are available.              without a reminder.

11/14/2010                                                                           5                                      1565dd14-96e0-4302-8501-46b09080cf5e.xls

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