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					                                        Region VII Head Start Association
                                      Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
                                                    August 1, 2006

            ―The Region VII Head Start Association promotes and supports the effectiveness of Head Start
                     Associations and members to ensure quality services for children and families.‖

                                       DRAFT 1.4 (August 31, 2006)
        Members Present:
             Korey Hensley, KS Director, President               Keri Griswold, IA Friend
             Mary Dusek, NE, Friend, Treasurer**                 Kay Mitchell, KS Staff**
             Mike McDonald, MO, MHSA Friend                      Sue Obermiller, NE, Director, Secretary**
             Kathleen Simonson, MO Director, Vice President      Ryan Smith, NE, Staff

        ** indicates NHSA Representative

        Members Absent:
             Jim Chisham, KS Friend
             Sherry Soard, IA Parent
             Rebecca Mayginnes, KS Parent
             Vera Ho Chee, MO Parent
             Bonnie Calvert, IA Director
             Lupe Ochoa, NE Parent

        Ex-Officio Present:
                April Noe, The Donna Veatch Group                         Carolyn Stemmons, MHSSCO
                Donna Veatch, R7HSA, ED                                   Linda Benoit, Caliber, ICF
                Eleanor Kirkland, NE HSSCO                                Mary Baskett, KHSA
                Carolyn Weinhold, KS HSSCO                                Tom Rendon, IAHSSCO
                Clarence Small, Regional Office

        9:00 am -
        President Korey Hensley called the meeting to order and introductions were made.

        Hot Topic: Parent Involvement: The area of how to increase parent involvement and support at a higher
        level was initiated by Carolyn Weinhold, KS HSSCO. It was noted that the following suggestions were made
        in strengthening the area of parent involvement and ensuring that parents get continued support.
              Consider pairing up the parent with a mentor from the local program who could accompany them to
                 the meetings and provide transportation. It is important to engage the program as much as the
                 The program is already providing on-going support to the parent and is a point of contact that the
                 parent has an established relationship with.
              Develop a pre-service training program for parents regarding their role on the Board.
              Involve the local program regarding the work of the regional association as well as the parent;
                 continue to communicate with the program as it relates to the importance of the role the parent plays
                 on the board.
              It was recommended that an Ad-Hoc Committee be formed to come up with some pre-service and
                 interview questions that will serve to inform the parent and the local program of the position. Mike
                 McDonald, OAI-MO,Eleanor Kirkland-NEHSSCO and Carolyn Weinhold, KSHSSCO will serve on the
                 committee with Mike acting as chair.
              Send the Region VII Head Start Association Board introduction letter to employers of parents as well
                 as program directors, and the parent.
              Survey parents regarding their strengths, talents, interests, etc.
              Research the possibility of a stipend of $75.00 per day for parents when they are away from their jobs
                 and homes—it was recommended that the state association be encouraged to pay the stipend when
                 the parent representative is attending the regional meeting and the regional association pay the
                 stipend when the parent is in attendance at national meetings.
Regular Meeting R7HSA                                                                                             -1-
August 1, 2006
        Regional Office* Clarence Small reported for the Regional Office. It was noted that one item that was not on
        the report was the announcement that one time program improvement funds have been processed by RO
        and have been forwarded to the Office of Head Start. Grantee proposals are ranked and graded based on
        priority. OHS will inform the Regional Office of how much funding will be allotted per Region. Training and
        Technical Assistance money is available to programs with identified deficiencies. Regional Office is
        processing those applications and will send out information as it pertains to programs by September 13 .

        Mr. Small stated that concerns regarding the recent Regional Office memo sent to programs in regard to
        grantees forwarding management staff resumes to the RO is occurring nationally across regions. This
        measure is due in part to an increase in program findings regarding the hiring of unqualified staff to fill key
        management positions. This is becoming a more frequent area of non-compliance. The goal of this action is
        to assist grantees – if the Regional Office finds a discrepancy in hiring, that information will be shared with the
        program. Regional Office will make an effort to be clearer and communicate more effectively as mandates,
        etc. are implemented. Many of the mandates come directly from the Office of Head Start and the Regional
        Office must act on those as soon as they are initiated. Region VII has a system in place which is pro-active
        regarding potential problems, the Risk Assessment Management process. Mr. Small stated that the Regional
        Office will be making more of an effort to come to state association meetings and be available to programs.

        Caliber/ICF Region VII TA System* Linda Benoit reported for the TA office. The T/TA plan framework has
        been revised and is being sent out by RO with the continuation grant application. The revisions are intended
        to assist grantees. The newly developed RAM Tool Kit is currently being piloted by 4 grantees. A full state
        roll-out of the tool kit will begin in the fall. A Quality Improvement Tool Kit is being sent out with explanation
        letters to programs who are determined to be deficient. The use of the kit is not mandated – but programs are
        encouraged to use it as it will provide guidance for corrective action and improvement. The TA office is
        continuing to work with programs regarding Positive Behavior Support (PBS). ―Steps to Success‖ is a
        curriculum based on literacy and mentoring. An obesity initiative is also a focus of the TA office. In addition to
        regular TA visits – the TA office is concentrating on a team approach in working with programs. The team
        approach helps to ensure that programs are getting the support they need. A question posed to Ms. Benoit
        was in regard to the T/TA plan. Programs would benefit if they could have the T/TA plan framework prior to
        the grant application? Ms. Benoit will take that request back to the office.

        State Association Reports
        NE: The Board received a copy of the newly revised NeHSA Strategic Plan which outlines the work of the
        association for the upcoming year. Several statewide initiatives are underway: Results Matter – a statewide
        initiative on systems for working with children who have verified disabilities. Child outcomes must be
        identified in that system. This initiative impacts HS as programs continue to work w/children and incorporate
        mandated state and federal requirements. Data management & collection, outcomes that have been identified
        will be used to planning curriculum and assessment tools to schools and programs. This design will be
        integrated into overlapping programs and initiatives.

        MO: MHSA is focused on the upcoming Nov 2006 election and working to inform and educate voters
        regarding important issues. The August Council meeting is dedicated to Advocacy and what is allowable and
        not allowable according to the law for Head Start involvement. MHSA just completed their first year of contract
        services with Policy Works, a company that tracks state legislation and formats a bi-monthly statewide
        legislative update for MHSA. A one day planning retreat will be held in the near future with MO Association for
        Community Action, MSHA and the Collaboration Office as the three organizations explore ways to strengthen
        programs through joint training opportunities as well as other venues.

        IA: A special training is being offered to Iowa programs through Wipfli Young regarding OMB and Head Start
        issues. For more information, visit or call @ 888-876-4992 for more details regarding the
        training event. IA has rolled out a statewide Quality Rating System (QRS). Currently, it is a voluntary program
        and has been in place since February at some level... Have received many inquiries from providers. @ QRS.

        KS: Focusing on Advocacy and discussing what is appropriate within the work of the KHSA Board regarding
        Higher Education. Improving access to higher Education and strengthening articulation between KS colleges
        and universities is of high importance in addressing teacher mandates. States that are doing the best w/this
        issue have had some sort of mandate from a higher level which serves to move this issue along. Ms. Baskett
        would like information from other states regarding what is happening around this issue at the state level.
Regular Meeting R7HSA                                                                                                  -2-
August 1, 2006
        Collaboration Office Reports
             NE: NEHSSCO has implemented a new reporting form which includes the HSSCO activity, HSSCO
             priority area, and includes notations on how these activities link HSSCO and other entities such as:
             Together for Kids and Families Study, Early Childhood Policy Study and the NeHSA Strategic Plan.
             Nebraska received an ASTDD grant to support a Head Start Oral Health Forum which will be held on
             August 8 ; Dr. Larry Walker, Region VII Oral Health Consultant, UNMC Dental College faculty, HHSS
             Dental Director, NeHSA, Together for Kids and Families, and HSSCO are represented in planning and
             will also be working on Forum follow-up activities, materials for sustainable training and technical
             assistance efforts including web-based material for programs.

              MO: Preventative services program through Department of Health and Senior Services is being piloted
              in MO. A roll out of that initiative will occur at an upcoming September Peer to Peer meeting. The
              Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Head Start and the MO Association for Community
              Action is nearing completion and will be introduced in the near future.

              KS: The Kansas Fatherhood Summit planning is well underway for 2007. HSSCO continues to expand
              partnerships with school systems. Recent activities include participating on the State Early Learning
              Guidelines committee; Helped fund state-wide PTA conference and reporting to PTA Board on Head
              Start; Part B participated in updating MOU’s with Head Start programs at four regional trainings.

              IA: Healthy Smiles Flip Charts are now available. Individuals can contact Kim Young-Kent for details
              regarding ordering the flip charts.

        NHSA Region VII Representatives Report
            The NHSA guidelines are available regarding the election procedures for NHSA. The Region VII
               Board grid now includes the election/appointment information for NHSA reps. Any Region VII Board
               member interested in running at the national level should refer to the election procedures for details.
            The NHSA Board of Directors recently recommended a hiring freeze until a meeting regarding the
               NHSA budget has been thoroughly reviewed. It was noted that several key questions and
               clarification have been requested regarded NHSA financial reports. An audit has not been
               completed for the 04-05 year. NHSA hope to have the audits completed by the September
               Leadership Institute/Board meeting. The Board feels they need to hold NHSA accountable for
               financial reporting that is timely and accurate. A position has been filled in the Governmental Affairs
               Division (GAD). After the August 8 NHSA conference call meeting Sue Obermiller will complete a
               report and send it to Donna for distribution to the Board.
            Strategic Plan update: the NHSA 2007 Policy Agenda will be voted on in September.
            Plans are underway to establish 501(c) 4 status which will allow the organization to do additional

        Executive Director’s Report*
               Gearing up for the second session of the Coordinated Training Think Tank. A phone meeting is
                scheduled with Howard Gesbeck regarding the possibility of contracting webinars through our
               Region VII Head Start Association hosted their first webinar, Managing Employee Performance.
                Thirty sites participated with an estimated 150 participating across the Region.
               Registration is in full swing for the upcoming October 2006 Directors Caucus: 24 registrations to
                date have been received. Regional Office and the T/A office have confirmed their participation at
                the annual event.
               Donna Veatch will be meeting with the TA office early August to discuss the possibility of revising
                the Regional New Manager’ Training and offering it at a regional level.
               ―Empowering Leadership‖ will be the theme for the 2007 annual leadership conference. Wade
                Horn, Assistant Secretary, ACF, HHS has been invited to bring a keynote.
               Revenue profit for the 2006 conference was at 58%. Expenses will be higher for 2007 due to
                meeting room rental, etc. and it is estimated that the profit margin will be lower.
               A full review of books by CPA/Auditing, Thomas Celeski, firm is underway. The cost of the process
                is $1100 and includes the review & completion of 990 forms

Regular Meeting R7HSA                                                                                             -3-
August 1, 2006
                 A resource development action plan with a focus on corporate and foundational support is being
                  considered as the next Foundation of Support™ service offered to states. The plan calls for the
                  Regional Association to act as the umbrella Association in recruiting funding, etc. from identified
                  corporations and foundations. State associations will be asked to participate in this effort to avoid
                  region to state competition in resource development.

        Business Meeting
        Sue Obermiller moves, Kay Mitchell seconds motion to approve minutes as submitted. Motion carried.

        Financial review (Audit) report – is in process with the Tom Celeski, CPA firm. 2006-2007 budget was
        discussed. Kathleen moved, Mary second to accept the budget. Motion carried. The following votes were
        caste: Keri – yes; Mike yes; Kay yes; Ryan yes; Kathleen yes; Mary D. yes; Sue yes.

        The Partnership Committee will conduct a GoToMeeting on Sept 11 @ 9am to determine winners of Beating
        the Odds and Parent of the Year award. Committee members, Kay, Mary, Ryan, Mike, Jim and Sherry will
        assist with the process with Sue chairing the effort. The committee will also meet on Sunday, October 22 to
        review applications and determine the winners of each of the other award categories. The Region VII Head
        Start Association Office will send out another reminder to states regarding those dates.
        The Advocacy Committee met on July 7 to discuss bi-annual report as to the contents of the upcoming
        summer edition.

        The Region VII Board Grid with upcoming Board openings was sent out to Board members. Nominations
        must be received by November 10

        October Agenda Items
         NHSA: Board meeting and Leadership Institute Report
         Hot Topic: to be announced
         Extend invitation to state association presidents to attend the Regional Association strategic planning
           session of the Board meeting to share state plans.
         A report on the upcoming Executive Director’s Networking Retreat scheduled for August in Kansas City
           and hosted by Donna Veatch and Mary Baskett.
         A commitment was made from the following regarding the upcoming NHSA September Leadership
           Institute: Mary, Sue and Kay, Korey and Donna. Ms. Veatch will make final logistical arrangements for
           those traveling to DC as well as Institute registrations.
         The October Board meeting will be scheduled to begin at 9am.

        Meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.

Regular Meeting R7HSA                                                                                                 -4-
August 1, 2006

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