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									The Black Hole
I have talked about this before in terms of the courts being a Black Hole. The primary reason being is
that you do not know a number of things about the court. If you sign a Promise to Appear form, which
you should never do, the form simply says you agree to come to “Court” and have your charges dealt
with according to law. That said most people would agree that this is the process and all is good in the
world. As we know anyone who has spent any amount of time thinking about what actually goes on in
“Court” will know that unless you have lots of $$$ to give to a lawyer, chances are you will be convicted.

                                              So what does a lawyer do that you don’t in terms of
                                              providing evidence? Nothing really, they are agents of
                                              controversy. You can give them thousands of dollars and
                                              some might only spend 10 minutes putting a case together
                                              others might be more impressive and actually spend an
                                              hour on it. If you don’t have money they just want to cut a
                                              plea bargain with the Crown and get onto their next
                                              “Client”. So what’s going on here? Well as you know from
                                              my previous article, The Dog and Pony Show, that the Trial
                                              has nothing to do with the Charges, it simply has everything
                                              to do with the Sentence they are ready to hand you at the
                                              end of trial. Yes some do get off when the evidence is
                                              overwhelming and does not conflict with New World Order

So now that the obvious is out of the way, let’s look at what is really going on. For those who live in the
delusional wonderland that we must have laws to protect ourselves and the flow of Commerce, we only
need a distribution system and knowledge data base free for everyone to access and use. In terms of
protection one only needs to look at Switzerland with the lowest crime rate in the world to see that it is
because the population is armed to the teeth over there and they have a high standard of living due to
the Banking Empire having its home there. When you look at things objectively when you are
empowered with your own ability to extend your authority into the world and have a good standard of
living where your needs are being met, you can self actualize and be yourself. As we know this is not the
reality for most of the world as there is artificial scarcity created in the food supply and actual poisoning
of the food and water in “developed” Countries. The scarcities in food are limited there, but in
opportunities for employment and advancement in technologies that would set our world free. It is
done to keep the slaves in line, so that the few may live as gods among their subjects.

So back to the Court that upholds all the laws that are suppose to keep you safe, but really don’t and
truly operates as an enforcement arm to keep the slaves in line. Slaves yes, because as soon as
someone outside of yourself extends you rights and freedoms, you become their slave. The only route
to freedom is that we all respect and honor each other’s authority in dealing with matters concerning
them. A fiction cannot contract with you as what a Promise to Appear is all about and further there is
an ever increasing demand for one way contracts, where you take on all the risks and agree to
everything and the Corporation is not liable for anything. This is the situation we have with the Police
and the Justice System in general, they are not held accountable by the public for what they do. There
in is your black hole.

So let us examine how deep this hole goes. Well for one thing in Canada and most likely every Common
Wealth Country in the world, nobody truly knows what the Judges Oath is. Recently I was helping a
fellow in British Columbia with some of his “Court” challenges, which is difficult at the best of times, but
when we asked the BC Attorney General for a copy of the Judges Oath we got a letter back showing us
copy of the Oath the employees, such as the sheriffs take and a reference to a web site, where we could
enquire on the Judges Oath as the Judges were not under their authority. They pointed us to a website
where we could find contact information concerning the Judges. I went there and found no contact info
at all ( ). By the way the .gov name is suppose to be exclusively for the US

Here is the letter:
Here is the Oath that they say the Court Sheriffs take:
As we can see in line one of the Oath they put the Government ahead of the people in that they will
serve through the Government and not serve the people directly. Section 3d is a red hearing that they
will serve the Government impartially, when your loyalty is to the Government as per section 1. It looks
nice but loyalty and a paycheck is all that matters here. As for the Sheriffs where is it that they derive
their executive power from, thus their authority? The British Columbia Government has never held
meetings to ask the people on the land the type of Government they want and institutions etc. as per
the Law of Nations. There is no connection to the Queen in the Oaths, yet it is supposedly Her Majesty’s
Queen Elizabeth II Court, or is it? We will get back to that a bit later. I asked the two Sheriffs in Merritt
B.C. Court, if they had their Oaths and would show me them. One said that is private and I don’t have to
give you that information. The other Sheriff was basically the same, but admitted that he did not
pledge his true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as do all MPs do in Ottawa before taking
Office and they are the ones that vote on the laws! See a disconnect beginning to happening?

I have looked into the Judges Oaths in the United States. In their oaths they say they have no regards to
persons. Thus everyone that comes before them in their Court, they have no regard to them in terms of
rights or freedoms, and they are slaves before the courts. They end their Oath with so help me God and
thus they do have a regard for God, just not to you. However as we know in Genesis 1:26-28 we are all
created with God in our image and after our likeness, thus we are all One God. It is there in black and
white for all to read. Also ask the Judge to point out where God created a person as God didn’t. The
problem is that God is not defined and they really mean God the Corporate Country that makes money
out of thin air, but that is another discussion for later.

Moving on with Oaths we come back to Alberta. I hope you are sitting down and have your goggles on
for this one. Queen’s Printing happened to have the OATHS OF OFFICE ACT, act mind you as in a play.
Never the less let us look at the oaths bellow.
If you take a look at the Judges Oath there is ample room to augment the Oath to anything you want it
to be. However one would assume that it would just be inserting a Title, but why 3 lines to do so? On
the first page it says HER MAJESTY, not HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II. You see that a lot, the use of
HER MAJESTY, but not saying which one.

The first oath is absolutely incredulous if you understand what law is. All law extends from authority,
thus the first thing the Judge does is to establish authority over you by asking you to answer for an all
caps name owned by the Government. Thus it matters not what the law says after that, as the Judge is
the law as the Judge holds authority over you. Thus everyone else must follow the Judges orders
regardless of what the law says.

Okay deeper into the Black hole we go. As I have mentioned before you will notice on the address of all
documents coming from the Court that it leaves Canada out of the address. Further all criminal charges
fail to state on the Charges that it is under the Canadian Criminal Code that you are being charged, it just
says Criminal Code and references some section that matches the Canadian Criminal Code. Yet the
Ministry of Justice will use Canada in its address. Thus without Canada on the address of the documents
and the on the Court House, what they are saying is that the Province is adjudicating Canadian Law
outside of the Jurisdiction of Canada.

I realize that Judges must be independent of Government and the people so they can’t be prejudice in
their decisions right? So if you disconnect them from being obligated to follow the laws of a Country or
Province or State they are adjudicating for, then who is there to hold them accountable to follow the
law as written? No one is.

So who or what are the Judges actually part of then if they are disconnected from the Province or
Country etc.? Well all Judges are Free Masons and the Court is a Free Masonic Court. If you notice you
are asked to show up in Court. It does not say which Court does it? Would it the venue be Admiralty,
Common Law, Commercial or simply Kangaroo? They don’t tell you. In fact while in Merritt the Judge
finally caved in and said that it was first the PROVINCIAL COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA then finally
admitted that it was HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II Court after being asked a few times. Shortly
after admitting it was HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II Court by the Judge, he arrested the questioner
and then adjourned and reset the court back under his Jurisdiction by having everyone rise and sit again.
Do tell eh? Then they proceeded to clear the court of all cases and brought back the Questioner who
they threatened was in his best interest to stay quiet and accept their authority to set a trial and
entered a plea of not guilty. I have heard of people being dragged from a Saskatchewan Court Room for
simply asking to see the Judges Oath and that the Judge stands on his Oath. Again the problem here is
people’s misunderstanding of what law is. All law extends from authority into an imaginary world based
in fiction. Those within the fiction who submit to the authority of a man created as male or female by
God are thus a living thing and under the authority of that man, whatever he wants to call himself within
the world. They simplify it by getting you to admit that you are an all capital letter fiction, Subject,
Citizen of some Government in basics. You will find that many Police Officers, Justice of the Peace and
Judges etc. will not want to show their Oaths, including lawyers, because if they do and it is found that
they are Masons or Jews, there is a very high chance that they took part in the Kol’ Nidre, a prayer which
they can take that disavows them of all oaths under the authority of God.

So how much deeper does this Black Hole go? Well it goes very deep unfortunately; because there is no
provable authority that one can show that one man has authority over another. Further we have no
authority to give away our authority when you think about it. Their only defense in not responding to
our questions concerning the nature of the court and its authority is to toss us into their Jails and
intimidate us is not a defense. They simply have no provable authority and you are not a person.
Fictions can not create and enforce law. The mere fact that someone says that they are a Judge is to tell
a lie. No one can prove who or what they are as we all simply are part of God in all of creation
experiencing this particular reality. If you don’t believe in God that is fine too, but no one can say that
we are an actor in fiction. To do so is to lose all credibility. If we are to Judge let it be Judge based on
truth and not lies. In fact there is no reason to Judge as the natural forces of the Universe do this for us
through Karma and healing cycles which are easily observable for all to see.

rob hay

May 1, 2010

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