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									Vertical Publishing on the

         Jake Winebaum
     Co-Founder eCompanies
• The Internet Trade Publishing Model
• What is Vertical Search?
• Advertisers Follow the Eyeballs
• How can help you
  capitalize on Vertical Search
   Finding Useful Work-Related Information
                   Traditional Sources            Internet    Today

                   Advisors                                  Search Engines
                   Customers                                 Trade Sites
                   Suppliers                                 Other Internet
                   Trade Shows
                   Trade Pubs
                   Trade Orgs                                71%
                                                             Most useful media
                                                             source for work-related

The Association of Online Publishers, UK, April 2005
 The Internet Trade Publishing Model

Combining content with search
• To compete effectively on the Internet
  publishers need to satisfy all of the users’
  and advertisers’ vertical needs
   – Vertical content – demand creation
   – Vertical Search – demand fulfillment
        What is Vertical Search?
• Focused organic and paid search results
• Based on:
  – Context of search query
  – Algorithm constraining search to a limited number
    of indexed, authoritative sites

 “Pumps” + B2B Context + Top 11,000 Manufacturing Websites
       Why Vertical Search?
• So…
• If you publish a manufacturing title
  and someone searched for “pumps”
  on your site…
• Articles would be part of the story…
  but don’t provide comprehensive
• Trained by Google, users expect all
  relevant results on the subject
              Vert Happens
• Natural fragmentation of large

  – Television -> Cable
  – Print -> Vertical Publications
  – Search -> Vertical Search

• First…the eyeballs move
• Then…the advertising dollars move
Flow of Ad Spending to Internet
 From Other Media to Continue
  Search Driving Online Ad Growth
• Search up 44%
   – Q4 2004 vs Q4 2005

• Largest spend

• “Pull” trumps “Push”

IAB Internet Ad Revenue Report, 2005 – PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC; Universal McCann
      What is
• The leading search engine for business
   – #1 Business Search Engine –4M Monthly Visitors
   – #1 Business Paid Search Network – Over 20
     million Unique Monthly Visitors

• Connect SMB decision-makers with suppliers of
  products, services and information

• We help small businesses solve their most
  pressing problems and realize their most
  compelling opportunities

• We help people get things done…NOW!
    Serving Small Business Users,
     Publishers and Advertisers
               SMB Internet Users Site Network Paid Search Platform
     Qualified Leads

               B2b Advertisers

•   The leading B2B search network
•   23 million monthly unique visitors

The Largest B2B Search Network
23 Million Monthly Uniques
         Case Study – Global Spec

GlobalSpec is the leading specialized vertical search, information services
 and e-publishing company serving the engineering, manufacturing and
            related scientific and technical market segments.
Global Spec/ Partnership

• Ads on Global Spec
• Global Spec reseller of
  Ads to their client base
• Global Spec master distribution
  partnership allows GS to add its
  partners to BDC network
Vertical Content   Vertical Ads
     Riding the Wave Together
• Tremendous opportunity to capture
  ad dollars as they shift

• By integrating vertical content with
  vertical search:
  – The user wins
  – The advertisers win
  – The publishers win

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