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Out of State Unemployment Claims


Out of State Unemployment Claims document sample

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									Intake Agent
(Unemployment Insurance Specialist 3)
$34,356 - $44,928 annually, depending on qualifications (Range 44)
Recruitment # J0807UIS36JK
Opening Date: October 9, 2007
Closing Date: October 23, 2007
Location: Seattle, WA
Full-Time, Permanent Position s

The King County Unemployment Claims TeleCent er is seeking six (6) Intake Agents provide
customer assistance with all aspects of unemployment insurance benefits over the telephone.

These positions are located in Seattle, WA.


The Employment Security Department (ES D) is one of the largest executive agencies in
Washington State government. The mission of the Employment Security Department is to help
Washington’s workers and employ ers succeed in the global economy by delivering superior
employment services, timely unemployment benefits, and a fair and stable unemployment
insurance system.


As an Intake Agent, you will conduct telepone interviews with claimants to obtina inforamtion
necessary to file routine and complex unemployment insurance claims. You will identify potential
issues and ans wer questions regarding Unemployment insurance to ensure timely and accurate
payment of benefits. You must work independently as well as with a team.

You will meet target goals and expectations ensuring that the Unemployment Insurance Division
meets all federal and state requirements.

We help Washington’s workers and employers succeed in the global ec onomy by deli vering
unemployment insurance program with accuracy, timeliness, and quality.


One year of experience as a UI Specialist 1 or 2.


The most successful candidates will have one year of experience as a UI Specialist 1 or 2 with a
minimum of four calls per hour, have complet ed the Complex Int ake Training, and meet the
following competencies.
       Communication Skills - Share information in a respectful and productive manner.
        Deliver negative/positive information in a constructive and timely manner. Seek input and

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        feedback. Speak and write clearly and concisely. Foster successful interactions and
        positive working relationships.

       Customer Service Skills - Assess and respond to customer needs. Demonstrate
        positive customer interactions (such as personal greeting, thank you, please). Respond
        to customer concerns and needs. Work with difficult people (such as hostile or angry
        customers) and work with people of divers e backgrounds. Inform customers of available

       Quality Results Skill s - Analyze and share information for quality improvement in
        service delivery. Gather data for specific reasons then organize data int o usable format.
        Use data to modify, enhance and/or improve service delivery and work processes.

       Team Working Skills - Achieve collaborative int eractions. Support a team-based
        organization. Use all available information and resources. Celebrate and support efforts
        of others.

       Work Performance Skills - Achieve individual, program and organizational goals.
        Clarify and set personal performance goals, objectives and expectations with supervisor.
        Focus efforts toward achieving organizational performance goals and objectives. Self-
        monitor pers onal level of performance.

       General Computer Skills - Us e of basic functions of computer and posses keyboarding
        skills. Must also know how to use e -mail and internet and how to create and save

       Telephone System Skills - Use basic functions of telephone system, equipment, and
        Softphone. This includes, eras e and receive messages, record greeting/informational
        message, save messages, transfer incoming calls, and being able to use conference
        calling features (such as Mute function).

       Appeals Skills - Provide claimants a framework to resolve disp uted decisions related to
        UI eligibility issues. This includes det ermining issue(s) being appealed and explaining
        the appeal process.

       Continued Claim Processing Skills – Review weekly claim for completeness when
        taken by phone. Process cc employer information, address changes, and additional
        claims from the call message retrieval system (CMR).

       Data Management System s Skills - Know how to access, research, input, edit, and
        review information using systems, software, or databases to ensure agency conformity
        with State and Federal mandates such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
        codes, Interstate claim and wage information using Interstate Connection On -line
        Network (ICON), Int erstate Handbook (HA ND), Navigate Claimant Message Retrieval
        (CMR) system. and policies and procedures, technical information using UI Resource
        Manual (UIRM). Use mainframe computer system (Tax Information System [TA XIS]) to
        obtain employer account and wage information and the Unemployment Claims
        mainframe system (General Unemployment Insurance Development Effort [GUIDE]) to
        navigate, input, alter, interpret and retrieve information. Verify alien employment
        authorization with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using the Systematic Alien
        Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) program.

       Fact Finding Skills - Investigate Unemployment Ins urance eligibility by gathering,
        analyzing, evaluating, and recording information.

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        Initial Claims Processing Skills - Gather, research, verify and input information to file
         Unemployment Insurance claims ensuring complianc e with all laws, rules and
         regulations. Analyze data to determine qualifications for special programs [such as
         Shared Work (S/W), Total Temporary Disability (TTD), Extended Benefits (EB)]. Apply
         laws and policy to end disqualifications (lift or purge). Assess union status [such as
         qualified referral, full referral]. Determine eligibility for Standby status. Determine
         unemployment claim type [such as Military (Unemployment Claim Ex -Military --UCX),
         Federal (Unemployment Claims Federal Employee – UCFE), Combined Wage Claim
         (CWC)]. Ensure claimant employment history is complete. Explain claim proc ess and
         requirements to internal and external customers. Explain denials [such as presumptive,
         regular]. Follow scripted procedures to file claim. Follow security protocol to verify
         claimant identity. Identify wage requalification for subsequent claims. Inform claimant of
         all claim options (such as Interstate, Intrastate, Special Wage Claims) and process as
         appropriate. Process Internet claims. Process requests for backdat ed claims. Provide
         unemployment insurance (UI) information to potentially affected workers [such as Rapid
         Response, mass applications].

        Monetary Eligibility Skills - Examine, correct, and request wage and h our information to
         determine eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Determine order of liability for
         Out of State Wages. Explain Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) and (MBP) calculations.
         File monetary determination correction (MDC). Investigate mis sing wage/hours for Base
         Year quarters. Locate wages filed under incorrect Social Security Number. Transfer
         wages to correct Social Security Number. Request Alternate Base Year (ABY) wages.
         Request Out of State Wages.


        Competitive salary with wage progression
        Affordable and excellent quality healthc are (medic al, dental, vision options)
        Generous paid time off package
        Employer funded retirement plan
        Deferred Compensation Program
        Flexible Spending Accounts
        On-the-job training and educational opportunities
        A challenging and fun work environment with creative, talent ed and diverse individuals


Individuals interested in applying for this position should submit the following to
jkellogg@esd. Please make referenc e to the recruitment number in the “S ubject Line” of
your E-mail submission. Only electronic submissions will be accept ed.

    1.        A current Washington State Job Application, and
    2.        A letter of interest that describes how you meet the qualifications for this position.

    NOTE: Electronic applications do not require a signat ure. When submitted electronically,
    you are confirming that all information is true and complete.

NOTE: As a condition of employment the successful candidate accepting this position will be
required to comply with the Union Security clause contained in the Collective Bargaining
Agreement between the state of Washington and the Washington Federation of State Employees.

         Visit our web-site at http://fortre to learn more about us.

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  The state of Washington is an Equal Employment Opportunit y employer. Wom en, racial and
    ethnic minorities, person with disabilities, persons over 40 years of age, and disabled and
 Vietnam era veterans are encouraged to apply. Persons of disability needing assistance in the
  application process or those needing this job announc ement in an alternative format, may call
 Jennifer Kellogg at (360) 902-9571 or via e-mail at jk ellogg@esd. or telecommunications
                              device for the deaf at 1-800-676-3777.

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