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                                                                        The first courts, held in Bucks County were those established by William
                                                                        Penn. In March, 1683, the first Provincial Assembly divided the state into
                                                                        Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester counties. On August 16, 1683, Penn, whose
                                                                        dwelling at Pennsbury Manor in lower Bucks County was under construction,
                                                                        wrote: “Courts of justice are established in every county with proper officers,
                                                                        as justices, sheriffs, clerks, constables, etc., which courts are held every two
                                                                        months. But to prevent lawsuits, there are three peacemakers chosen by every
                                                                        court, in the nature of common arbitrators, to hear and end differences
                                                                        betwixt man and man. And in spring and fall there is an orphans’ court in
                                                                        each county to inspect and regulate the affairs of orphans and widows.”
                                 An orphans’ court was the first court of justice held in Bucks County on March 4, 1683. The next session was a
                                 year later, March 4, 1684, “in the courthouse for the said county.” The site of the first courthouse is a matter of
                                 conjecture, but the belief is that it was in Falls Township, a short distance from Morrisville.
                                 In the eleventh month of 1684, is the first record of a court of quarter
                                 sessions. Quarter sessions, orphans’ court and common pleas courts were all
                                 held by the county court, composed of Justices of the Peace, commissioned
                                 by the governor. These “JPs” were laymen who administered justice in
                                 accordance principally with their conception of what was right, unhampered
                                 by technical forms of procedure and established precedents. It was not until
                                 later that men “learned in the law” were chosen to preside in the courts.
                                 Twenty-five years later, June 8, 1708, the first Deputy Attorney General and prosecuting officer was appointed for
                                 the county. Though there was Quaker opposition, lawyers had by now gained a secure footing in the courts of
                                 Bucks County; now there were oyers, imparlances, continuances, etc., in approved form. Thus, technicalities were
                                 resorted to and insisted upon in spite of impotent protests. In 1701, the courts had been authorized to make their
                                 own rules of practice.
                                                                      Bristol was the site of the first county seat, laid out in 1697 and established as a
                                                                      “seat of justice” in 1705. The county seat moved to Newtown in 1725; efforts
                                                                      were made in 1784 to move it to Doylestown. Controversy now began as to
                                                                      where to place the county seat; in 1812, the first “old” courthouse was built and
                                                                      in 1877 the second “old” courthouse was built. In 1960-62, the present
                                                                      courthouse was constructed on the same site and the rustic second “old”
                                                                      courthouse was demolished.
                                 Space does not permit the chronicling here of the accomplishments of even a few of the most celebrated
                                 individuals and families of attorneys and judges. It is sufficient to note that the early tradition of having excellence
                                 on the bench continues to this day.
                                 1853 was a landmark year because, for the first time, the attorneys of the county formed an organization of legal
                                 practitioners. Seventeen members of the Bucks County bar met in 1853 to form the Association of the Bar of
                                 Bucks County.
                                 Incorporated in 1883 with 40 charter members, the Bucks County Bar
                                 Association initially and to the present has concerned itself with the welfare
                                 of the judicial system, the courts, the administration of justice, service to
BCBA Advertising Opportunities

                                 the public and the betterment of the profession. Significant changes began
                                 to occur in the 1940’s and 1950’s. As the population of the county grew at
                                 a dramatic rate, the number of members in the Association also grew as did
                                 the number and kinds of activities of the Association. Membership now
                                 stands at 700. Over the last 50 years the Bar Association has accomplished
                                 the establishment of a legal journal, The Bucks County Law Reporter, the
                                 commencement of a lawyer referral program; the sponsorship of the Legal Aid Society; implementation of mock
                                 trials and Law Day programs. At present, the association has over 30 different committees, sections and divisions
                                 each actively working to further the purposes of the bar association.

                                 The Bar Association of Bucks County has come a long way since the 40 members incorporated over 100 years ago.

                                                                               Phone: (215) 348-9413
                        2        BCBA
 Our Vision…
 Our vision is to be innovative in serving emerging and ongoing member needs; to bring
 together seasoned experience to facilitate ongoing professional and technological adaptation
 by members to contemporary developments in the legal profession as it relates to Bucks
 County and within the context of Pennsylvania law; to recognize and honor members’
 contributions in Association and local activities; and to promote members’ professional
 integrity and competence in law practice (especially through continuing legal education) and
 to serve relevant community needs that promote the administration of justice.

BCBA Attorney Demographics *
       Type of Legal Practice                                                                      Percentage
       Law firm                                                                                        69%
       Government Employee                                                                              3%
       Solo Practitioner                                                                               28%

       Number of Years in Practice                                                                 Percentage
       0 through 5                                                                                     10%
       6 through 10                                                                                    15%
       11 through 20                                                                                   41%
       More than 20                                                                                    34%

       Primary Office Location                                                                     Percentage
       Upper Bucks County                                                                              13%
       Middle Bucks County                                                                             54%
       Lower Bucks County                                                                              27%
       Outside of Bucks County                                                                          6%

       Leading Areas of Practice                                                                   Percentage
       Administrative                                                                                  23%
                                                                                                                           BCBA Advertising Opportunities
       Contract                                                                                        39%
       Criminal                                                                                        63%
       Estates                                                                                         43%
       Family                                                                                          61%
       Personal Injury                                                                                 46%
       Real Estate                                                                                     11%
       Tax                                                                                              8%

A membership survey was conducted by the Association. Leading areas of practice were tabulated through lawyer referral.

    *Taken from BCBA Bar membership records.

                                                Phone: (215) 348-9413
                                                                                                                    BCBA   3
                                 Sponsorship Opportunities
                                 Premier Sponsor $25,000
                                    •   Premier Sponsor of the Bench Bar Conference and co-sponsor of the Thursday Evening Reception
                                    •   MCLE Course presented by your Company at a mutually agreed upon time
                                    •   Company logo prominently displayed in center of tabletop at designated BCBA events,
                                        including the Bench Bar Conference
                                    •   Additional individual display at the Bench Bar Conference
                                    •   1 page advertisement in the BCBA Membership Directory
                                    •   1 page weekly advertisement in The Bucks County Law Reporter
                                    •   Six (6) tickets to all designated social events
                                    •   Display of your Company's banner at all designated events
                                    •   Distribution of your Company's brochures/marketing materials at designated events
                                    •   Special recognition in event programs
                                    •   Banner advertisement on website home page (Please see home page of website)

                                 Platinum Sponsor $10,000
                                    •   Company logo prominently displayed in center of tabletop at designated BCBA events,
                                        including the Bench Bar Conference
                                    •   Additional individual display at the Bench Bar Conference
                                    •   1/2 page advertisement in the BCBA Membership Directory
                                    •   1/2 page weekly advertisement in The Bucks County Law Reporter
                                    •   Four (4) tickets to all designated social events
                                    •   Display of your Company's banner at all designated events
                                    •   Distribution of your Company's brochures/marketing materials at designated events
                                    •   Special recognition in event programs
                                    •   Banner advertisement on website home page (Please see home page of website)

                                 Gold Sponsor $5,000
                                    •   Company logo in center of tabletop display at designated BCBA events
                                    •   1/4 page advertisement in the BCBA Membership Directory
                                    •   1/4 page weekly advertisement in The Bucks County Law Reporter
                                    •   Two (2) tickets to designated BCBA social events
                                    •   Distribution of your Company's brochures/marketing materials at designated events
                                    •   Company logo on website home page (Please see home page of website)

                                 Silver Sponsor $2,500
                                    •   1/8 page advertisement in the BCBA Membership Directory
                                    •   1/8 page weekly advertisement in The Bucks County Law Reporter
                                    •   Distribution of your Company’s brochures/marketing materials at designated events
BCBA Advertising Opportunities

                                                                                           67% of our members voted the
                                                                                                  #1 membership benefit

                                 For more information on designated BCBA social events, please refer to page 5. For separate advertising rates
                                 in our weekly journal, The Law Reporter, please refer to page 7. A full banner on the BCBA website can be
                                 purchased separately for $1,000 per year, but cannot be placed on the home page.

                                                                         Phone: (215) 348-9413
                       4         BCBA
BCBA Social Events Normally Include…
                              The Annual Dinner Dance is a black tie event held in early spring, with
                              approximately 100-150 members and guests each year. A live variety band fills
                              the air with spirit and cheer. Lively libations and tasty hors d’oeuvres are
                              served throughout the evening, coupled with a delicious seated dinner. It’s a
                              magnificent evening of color and festivity - one our guests never forget!

The Annual Meeting is typically held in early December. An association is always changing, always
evolving, always a work-in-progress. A sense of change and growth resonates with the membership as
they gather to welcome the new President and exchange innovative ideas regarding the future of the
Association and celebrate what has been achieved in the past. Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres are
served throughout the evening followed by a sit down meal. Between 100-150 members attend this
always informative event.

The Bench Bar Conference is the premier event of the Association. It is an
opportunity to spend several days participating in numerous exhibitor
workshops and panel discussions aimed at career development through
continuing legal education workshops/seminars. This conference also affords
the members an opportunity to network with colleagues and listen to
information on the issues currently impacting the bar. This event offers a
dynamic and unparalleled marketplace of ideas, products and goodwill in legal
education and receptions are held nightly. The cost of exhibitor space and
registration is included in the Platinum Sponsorship only. Between 150-200
members attend this celebrated event every year.

The Opening of Assizes is held every March and is open and free of charge to all members of the
Association. The event features butlered hors d’oeuvres, various food stations and a cocktail reception.
The event typically has between 100-150 members attend every year. Historic side note: The word
“assize” comes from the Latin word “assideo,” meaning to sit, and the old French word “assire”
meaning to set: hence the “sittings” of the court or to sometimes “set” a jury. The term has been used
throughout legal history with several definitions and interpretations.

Our Golf Tournament is normally held in the Spring. Each year, some of Pennsylvania’s best
“weekend hacks” “sandbaggers” and “polished golfers” sign up to play in this sought after and sold-
out event. Lunch and registration normally begins at 11:00 a.m. with the shotgun start normally com-
                             mencing at 12:00 p.m. Registration includes greens fees, cart, a box lunch,
                             beverages and a post-tournament awards ceremony. Start            practicing                 BCBA Advertising Opportunities
                             your slice now!

                                  Young Lawyers’ Happy Hours are held sporadically at various locations
                                  in Bucks County. Attendance can vary anywhere between 10-30 persons
                                  per event, and these functions are fun as well as a great
                                  networking opportunity.

*Please contact Christina Strickland at christinas@bucksbar.org regarding sponsorship opportunities for The Charitable
Foundation of the Bucks County Bar Association.

                                               Phone: (215) 348-9413
                                                                                                                   BCBA   5
                                          A membership survey
                                        found that an astonishing
                                      67% of our members agreed,
                                      the number one membership
                                        benefit is the official legal
                                      periodical for Bucks County,
                                            The Bucks County Law

                                                                                                                    Keeping lawyers current on legal issues

                                                                Bucks County Law Reporter
                                                                   The Official Legal Periodical for Bucks County
                                                                         78 Bucks Co. L. REP., pp. 64-78
                                                                             Advertising Not Over 75%
                                                                                                                                                    Published weekly, The
                                                                                                                                                    Bucks County Law Reporter
                                                                                                                                                   reports on the decisions of
                                  Vol. 78                       Doylestown, Pa., February 10, 2005                        No. 6
                                                                                                                                                  the Civil, Criminal and
                                  CASES REPORTED                                                                                                 Orphans’ Divisions of the
                                                                                                                                                 Court of Common Pleas of
                                  Cedarcrest Farm Limited Partnership v. Chalfont-New Britain Township Joint Sewage
                                      Authority et al. - Contract - Mandamus Civil procedure - Standing - Held, complaint in                    the Seventh Judicial District
                                      mandamus granted…………………………………………………………………….…64                                                           of Bucks County. Officially
                                  Schrier et al. v. Kisselback et al. - Civil procedure - Quo warranto - Preliminary objections -
                                      Held, appellees’ preliminary objections granted………………………………….…….67                                      designated by the Rules of the
                                  Commonwealth of Pa. v. Van Winkle - Criminal procedure - Investigatory stop -
                                      Reasonable suspicion to stop - Probable cause - Warrantless search - Motion to suppress
                                                                                                                                             Court of Common Pleas of
                                      denied………………………..…………………………………………………………..72                                                            Bucks County, PA, as the Legal
                                                                                                                                            Periodical for the publication of
                                                                                                                                           legal notices.
                                             LEGAL NEWS                                      LEGAL NOTICES
                                  Bar Association News……………………. 3-7
                                  Opinions Not Published
                                                                                         Charter Application………………….. 23
                                                                                            Limited Liability Company………. 24
                                                                                                                                            Through The Bucks County Law
                                    in the Law Reporter…………………….. 3                         Limited Partnership………………. 25                  Reporter and frequent continuing
                                  Mock Trial Competition-Jurors Needed…… 3
                                  CLE Courses………………………..……… 3
                                                                                            Nonprofit…………………………. 25
                                                                                            Professional..……………..………. 26
                                                                                                                                          legal education programs, the
                                  CLE Registration…………………………… 7                          Estate Notice…………………………. 26                     Association attempts to keep
                                                                                         Fictitious Name………...……………. 32
                                                                                                                                        members abreast of pertinent legal
BCBA Advertising Opportunities

                                                                                         Foreign Corporation……….……….... 32
                                            EARLY DEADLINE                               Miscellaneous..………………………. 32                  issues. We remain committed to
                                     The Deadline for the issue of 2/24/05
                                                                                         Termination of Civil Cases.………….. 33
                                                                                                                                      reaching out to practitioners to aid in
                                     will be Thursday, 2/17 at 10:30 a.m.                                                            the skilled presentation of legal services
                                                                                                                                    that has become the hallmark of a Bucks
                                                                                                                                    County Bar Association member.

                                                                                                  Phone: (215) 348-9413
                    6            BCBA
Advertising Policy
•    All advertising is subject to the approval of the Bucks County Bar Association. The BCBA reserves the right to
     reject any advertising submitted for publication.

•    While advertising copy is reviewed, no endorsement of any product or service offered by any advertiser is
     intended or implied by publication in BCBA publications (electronic or print) or on the BCBA Website.

Artwork Specifications
•    Electronic files such as PDF, GIFF, JPEG, or TIFF preferred. Camera-ready artwork is another option.

•    The Law Reporter is published fifty-two times per year. Ad placement orders will be accepted as long as space is
     available, until the ad artwork deadline. Materials are due the Thursday preceding weekly issue date. No
     cancellations are accepted after the placement deadline.

●    Discounts are offered to advertisers who prepay for several months advertising. Payment must accompany

Mechanical Requirements
See artwork specifications section above for additional information.
                                 Width (in.) Height (in.)
Full page                               5                      7                                        Full
Half page                               5                      3¾                     1/8 Page          Page
Quarter page                            5                      1¾
                                                                                      1/4 Page
Eighth page                             5                      1

The publisher reserves the right to alter incorrectly sized ads                        Page
to conform to advertising format. Advertisements may be
rotated each issue. There is no placement guarantee.

                                                                                                                        BCBA Advertising Opportunities
                            Full Page           Half Page              Quarter Page    Eighth Page
                                $130.00              $105.00              $85.00       $70.00
                   1 X
                                $110.00              $90.00               $70.00       $56.00
                   6 X
                   13 X          $84.00              $60.00               $36.00       $20.40
                   26 X          $63.00              $40.20               $22.20       $16.20
                   52 X          $51.00              $29.40               $16.20        $9.60

                                                      Phone: (215) 348-9413
                                                                                                               BCBA     7
                                        For additional information
                                        please contact:

                                        Deanna Mindler
                                        Executive Director
                                        Bucks County Bar Association
                                        135 East State Street
                                        P.O. Box 300
                                        Doylestown, PA 18901-0300
                                        Telephone:      (215) 348-9413
                                        Toll Free:      (800) 479-8585
                                        Facsimile:      (215) 348-3277
                                        Email: deannam@bucksbar.org
                                        Website:     www.bucksbar.org
BCBA Advertising Opportunities


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