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                        ST. LUCIE COUNTY, FLORIDA

William L. Roby, Circuit Judge                           .
250 NW Country Club Dr.
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34986
Telephone: 772.871-7252
                                 NON JURY DOCKET CALL

DATE:               September 24, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

TRIAL PERIOD:       October 18 – 21 (4 days)
                    November 16 – 19 (4 days)
                    December 1 – 3 (3 days)
                    December 20 – 21 (2 days)

PLACE:              St. Lucie West Annex - Courtroom “K”
                    250 NW Country Club Dr.
                    Port St. Lucie, Florida 34986

NEXT DC             December 14, 2010 @ 1:30 a.m. for Trials January – March, 2011

9:00 A.M. -

08-CA-002767        Amtrust Bank v. Fairclough, et al            ENSOR/STERN
                    (1 day)

08-CA-010735     Aurora Loan v. Cecchi, et al                    ENSOR/RIGAUD
                 (1 day)

06-CA-000040        Authority Flood v Creative Choices, et al    ORNER/RICHARDSON/
                    (5 days)                                     GLUCKSMAN

09-CA-010067        BAC Home Loans v. Fanning, et al             RYDZEWSKI/T. SIMPSON
                    (2 hours)

09-CA-009437        BAC Home Loans v. Gonsalves, et al           RYDZEWSKI/D.TAKO
                    (2 hours)
10-CA-000706        BAC Home Loans v. Paolillo, et al             RYDZEWSKI/SHAPANKA
                    (2 hours)

09-CA-003844        BAC Home Loans v. Ricci, et al                RYDZEWSKI/BALRAM/
                    (2 hours)                                     E.PORT
FJ 9/14 Sale 12/1

09-CA-009110      BAC Home Loans v. Scheppske, et al              RYDZEWSKI/ROEPER
                  (2 hours)
FSJ Hrg 920- Hrg Cancelled

10-CA-002834        Bank of America v Albright, et al             RYDZEWSKI/KAMINSKI
                    (2 hours)                                     ALBRIGHT

10-CA-002213        Bank of America v Houston, et al              RYDZEWSKI/WADLER/
                    (2 hours)                                     STEWART

06-CA-001479        Brady, et al v. The Sands, et al              SUMMERS/SCHULTZ/
                    (1 day)                                       IOSCO/HEIMS/POSTMAN/

09-CA-006576        Brower v. Blakeslee                           NAVARETTA/BATTS
                    (2 days)

09-CA-006944        Bryan Properties v. Ecoil Properties, et al   LOZEAU/LIOCE/ROSS/
                    (2 days)                                      CAMPBELL

09-CA-007027        Calomiris v West Brook Isles, et al           RYDZEWSKI/KASTEN/
                    (2 hours)                                     CALOMIRIS

10-CA-000566        Carbone v Kettle Creek Holding, et al         NAVARETTA/CARUSILLO
                    (1 day)
10-CA-000028       Chase Home v. Meyers, et al                  RYDZEWSKI/GELETY
                   (2 hours)

09-CA-009728       Chase Home v. Valek, et al                   RYDZEWSKI/MALLEY
                   (2 hours)

09-CA-008808       Chesapeake Labs v Direct 2 Fullfillment      NAVARETTA/BARNETT/
                   (2 days)                                     WALDMAN

09-CA-006945       CJH Investments v. Ecoil Properties, et al   LOZEAU/LIOCE/ROSS/
                   (2 days)                                     CAMPBELL

09-CA-007427       Cosman, v Aiello                             BOYD/DeSANTIS
                   (2 hours)

08-CA-009139       Deutsche Bank v. Bernadin, et al             ROSALER/SYMONOVICZ
                   (1/2 day)

08-CA-007209       Deutsche Bank v. Martin, et al               RYDZEWSKI/GEORGE/
                   (2 hours)                                    BOOKER-HAKIM

09-CA-000043       Deutsche Bank v. Saraceno, et al             RYDZEWSKI/KUYK/
                   (2 hours)                                    ARONOFF

09-CA-008704       Diamond R Fertilizer v Sunrise Growers         MELVILLE/BATTA
                   (2 days)
Order Removing from NJT DC & Transferring to Judge Conner’s next avail JT DC

10-CA-000392       Digital Federal v. Nunez, et al              RYDZEWSKI/ELLIOTT
                   (2 hours)

08-CA-005087       Farahmandpour v. Hanover Homes               SORENSEN/WARREN
                   (1 day)
10-CA-001981         Federal Nat’l Mortgage v Argo            RYDZEWSKI/CLERGE/
                     (2 hours)                                ARGO

09-CA-006116         Flagstar Bank v. Driver, et al           RYDZEWSKI/FIALA/
                     (2 hours)                                PENNETTI/SANTOS
MSJ 9/17 Sale 10/7

09-CA-000535         GMAC Mortgage v. Wright, et al           RYDZEWSKI/RUSS
                     (2 hours)

08-CA-011069         Ixoria Comdominium v. Jama, LLC, et al   NAVARETTA/SHAPIRO/
                     (3 days)                                 GLAZER

09-CA-004643         JPMorgan Chase v. Blankenship, et al     ENSOR/MALLEY
                     (1 day)
FJ 8/23 Sale 10/7

08-CA-007001         National City Bank v. Herndon, et al     ENSOR/CONNER/
                     (1 day)                                  SCHWERER

08-CA-004881         Ocean Bank v 300 Acre Woods II, et al    MURRAY/SMITH/KONDLA/
                     (2 days)                                 MORGAN/McGOVERN

08-CA-004885         Ocean Bank v 300 Acre Woods II, et al    MURRAY/SMITH/
                     (2 days)                                 MORGAN/McGOVERN

08-CA-001617         Ospinas & Co. v. Kahl, et al             GRAZI/
                     (1/2 day)                                VAN VALKENBURGH

03-CA-001169         Stone v. Fort Pierce Retirement Board    MANCINI/WALKER
                     (1-1/2 days)

09-CA-008983         Suntrust Mortgage v. Zannini, et al      RYDZEWSKI/ANTHOUSIS/
                     (2 hours)                                GUNDLING
09-CA-007031          T.C. Brown Investment v. Harris           McCLUSKEY/WRIGHT
                      (2 days)

09-CA-008965          The Bank of NY v. Lizzol, et al           RYDZEWSKI/TILKA
                      (2 hours)
MSJ Grntd Sale 10/7

09-CA-009927          The Bank of NY v. McCarthy, et al         RYDZEWSKI/MALLEY
                      (2 hours)

09-CA-004906          The Bank of NY v. McCullough, et al       RYDZEWSKI/RINALDI
                      (2 hours)

09-CA-002848          The Bank of NY v. Newman, et al           ENSOR/LURLENE
                      (1 day)

09-CA-003136          U.S. Bank v. Ciriano, et al               RYDZEWSKI/WEINZTL
                      (2 days)
FJ 8/23 Sale 10/7

09-CA-006171          Wachovia Bank v. Scimone, et al           DERMODY/FULTON
                      (2 hours)
MSJ 10/18

09-CA-009544        Wachovia Mortgage v Trupia                  RYDEWSKI/MILLER/
                    (2 hours)                                   McCARTY/TRUPIA
MSJ Grantd Sale 12/1

09-CA-005985          Wells Fargo v. Majors, et al              RYDEWSKI/LIN
                      (2 hours)
FJ 8/31 Sate 11/30

09-CA-004739          Wells Fargo v. Simourd, et al v. Harbor
                      Ridge Property v. Simourd                 CORNETT/ZAHM
                      (1 hour)
MSJ Grntd Sale 9/14

09-CA-009794            Wells Fargo v. Walker, et al                              RYDEWSKI/ZAHM/
                        (2 hours)                                                 ALONSO
MSJ Grntd Sale 11/9

10-CA-3392              Allied v SLC & Conserv. Alliance                  MELVILLE/ANGELOS/
                        (1 day Motions)                                   BANDKLAYDER/D LA PARTE/

09-CA-6890              Allied v Odyssey                                  ANGELOS/MELVILLE/
                        (        Motions)                                 ANDERSON/BANDKLAYDER

09-CA-9149              Allied v Ruden                                    ANGELOS/BANKLAYER/CRISER
                        (        Motions)                                 RUBIN/SHULMAN/MURPHY

If a case settles Plaintiff’s Counsel must fax a letter advising the court of same so that the case may be
removed from the trial docket. If your case is dismissed please advise the Judicial Assistant by phone or
fax so that she may remove the case from the Trial Docket. You may have another attorney stand in
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that you are available for trial. Please review your order setting pre‐trial procedures carefully. Just
because your case is continued to another Docket Call does not mean that cutoff dates have been
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these cases do not settle or are not reached on the court’s trial docket they will be continued to the next
Docket Call as a rollover or continuance. It is your responsibility to track your case position on the
Trial Docket.

Do not call the Judicial Assistant for updates on the Trial Dockets.

Please notify the Judicial Assistant immediately if you feel that there are any errors or omissions on
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