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									                  ALLIANCE (psc)
                  Alliance Insurance
                              Company Profile
     Paid Up Capital
     Chairman’s Message
     Our Company
                                    Call: +971 4 605 1111
     Departments                    Mail: alliance@alliance-uae.com
PR   General Insurance
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D    Individual Life Insurance
TS   Group Life & PA Insurance

     Health Insurance

     Credit Insurance
            ALLIANCE                                   Introduction

   Insurance. A necessity for the very existence of life that
    throws in a lot of surprises. We all have had that
    feeling…… that concern for the unknown tomorrow.
    Insurance in this pursuit of protection – for life and assets.

   “There is no greater delight in life ….. Than to cherish a
    sense of peace and protection against future loss.”
    Precisely that is what Alliance Insurance is all about. To
    protect your concerns, whatever its scope or magnitude.

   Welcome to Alliance Insurance, the leading composite
    insurer with a complete range of insurance products and
    services. That’s built on trust.

Insurance, you need it. Alliance Insurance – you deserve it.
          ALLIANCE                    Paid Up Capital

   Company’s Capital is raised from AED 50
    Million to 60 Million in 2007 from surplus
    generated from operation.

Future Strategy
  Alliance is planning to increase its paid Up
  Capital from AED 60 Million to AED 75 Million
  in 2008 by granting bonus shares to the
          ALLIANCE                      Rating

   A.M. Best Co. has assigned
    Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent)
    & Credit Rating of “a-” to Alliance.

    The outlook for both ratings is stable.
       ALLIANCE                                             Vision

To be number one composite insurer in the Gulf
              and beyond………

  Mission Statement

  To widen the area of our operation to as large a section of the
        population as possible by providing :
         1.   Protection for Life and Assets;
         2.   Quality Service;
         3.   Security;
         4.   Conducive environment to the employees enabling
              them to develop highest standards of Professional
              competence and exemplary conduct.
           ALLIANCE                                           Chairman’s

“From a very humble beginning in 1975, under a decree issued by H.H.
   Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Alliance Insurance has come a
   long way to establish itself as one of the largest composite insurers in
   the UAE.

Keeping pace with the colossal progress of the UAE, Alliance Insurance has,
   and will, maintain a strong commitment to share the dynamic vision of
   the Government. Over the years, excellence in the quality of our
   products and services, has been the hallmark in our success and

We, at Alliance, renew our solemn pledge to this great nation, its people
  and to the Alliance Clientele – that Alliance shall share in the Progress of
  this nation by contributing to its growth and well being. This belief in
  our destiny to serve this nation shall continue to burn brightly in our
  minds and deeds. And to ensure this, all our resources will be optimally
  utilised ”
               ALLIANCE                                         Our Company

•   We stand among the few leading Composite Insurers in the U.A.E. providing
    for the multifarious insurance requirements of Life, Health, and General
    Insurance products and services our clients under one roof.

•   We have a network of branches conveniently located in various parts of the
    country. A strong and trained group of marketing employees is supported
    by a highly skilled, experienced, and professional, technical team.

•   We have a proven history of loyalty to our customers and community.

•   We have strong ties with the leading reinsurers in the world with varied
    experience in areas of plan design, pricing, underwriting, management of
    surplus strain, etc.

•   We are your ideal partner for a complete financial planning services, advice
    on Employee Benefit schemes or a comprehensive General Insurance
            ALLIANCE                                        Departments

The General Division of our Company caters principally to insurance
     of properties and liabilities. We have the following Departments:

Motor Insurance Department which takes care of all matters relating
    to the insurance of all types of Motor Vehicles.

Technical Department which caters to the customers’ need for Marine
    Insurance (providing the much needed insurance protection to
    shipments by sea , air, etc.), Property Insurance (covering the
    Customers’ property against Fire and various related perils including
    Burglary), Engineering Insurance (protecting the booming Civil
    Engineering / Erection projects in the country, the Contractors’
    Mobile Plant & Equipment etc.), Liability Insurance (insulating the
    Client against liability to their Employees, Third Party etc.) and
    Accident Insurance (providing Money Insurance, Burglary
    Insurance, etc.).
             ALLIANCE                                         Departments

Policy Holder Services (PHS) Department:

Providing risk protection at most competitive rates and on judicious terms
is our core business. Our portfolio comprises of both conventional and
non-traditional wide range products to cater to the individual needs of the
clients. At Alliance, customer reigns supreme. Prompt settlement of
claims is our hallmark.

Actuarial Department:

The Company benefits from the services of a firm of Consulting Actuaries.
It also has an in-house Actuarial expertise that works in collaboration with
the firm of Consulting Actuaries. This set-up enables us to deal with all
the technical aspects such as establishing the premium rates, reserve
liabilities, non-forfeiture values, etc.
            ALLIANCE                                            Departments

Group Life & Personal Accident Department:

The Group Life & Personal Accident (PA) department caters basically to
     insurance needs of life as well as disability benefits either as a
      group or as an individual. Our Secura Individual PA section takes
      care of individual needs in terms of providing PA insurance schemes.
      Our Group Life forms the life insurance portion of an employee
      benefit package. Alliance Insurance’s Group Life & PA department
      offers a full line of high quality group benefits plans at an affordable
      and competitive terms.
            ALLIANCE                                           Departments

Health Insurance Department:

We provide best quality health insurance services to individuals, small
     businesses and large organizations on both local and worldwide
      basis. Our underwriting section prudently assesses and classifies
      risk. Our claims section registers, checks, and pays the due claims
      in an efficient and effective manner. We understand the needs of
      our customers and clearly stand out from our competitors in the
      quality of the service that we provide. This is all due to our
      extensive market research and many years of specialized
            ALLIANCE                                          Departments

Finance/ Investment Department:

We have a team of highly qualified finance and investment professionals
to look after the Company’s accounting and control procedures for the
benefit of our clients. We also ensure to keep our clients well informed of
the financial position of the Company through our financial statements.

Information Systems & Communications Department:

State of the art technology strengthens the structure of professionalism
that Alliance has established. Leading edge capabilities and continuously
enhancing information systems and communications to stay abreast of the
latest technology to serve our customers’ needs, is a top priority for
             ALLIANCE                                        Departments

Training Department:

We have a full-fledged Training Department, equipped with latest audio visual
equipment and manned by professionally qualified and competent personnel.
We help develop a professional culture and encourage the employees to
achieve professional excellence. We are active members of world’s renowned
insurance educational bodies, such as LOMA.

Agency Department:

Compilation of business statistics and monitoring producers’ business
performance are two core responsibilities of the Agency Department.
Agency department acts as a liaison between office and field
                 ALLIANCE                                               General Products

a)    Fire and Related Insurance:
Fire insurance which has its origin in the late 17th century is now one of the most sought
        after insurance in this market. The scope of cover has now been widened to
        include a host of perils which include Lightning, Riots & Strikes, Malicious Damage,
        Aircraft Damage, Impact Damage (by vehicles & animals), Storm, Typhoon,
        Tempest & the like, Floods including overflow of accumulated rain water following
        very heavy rains, Earth-quake and Burglary involving the use of force for entry into
        or exit from the insured premises.
A Client’s property and other related interests whether movable or immovable which have
        a pecuniary value or which if destroyed, lead to pecuniary loss can be covered
        under a Fire Insurance policy.
In case of Manufacturing Units and Commercial Trading houses, particularly those dealing
        with Exclusive Branded products, insuring loss/ damage to the property alone may
        not be sufficient. The Client may suffer consequential loss by way of Standing
        Expenditures (like Salaries & Wages, rent, Municipal taxes, etc.) and loss of future
        earnings/ profits till such time the business (or manufacture) is brought back to the
        same position as it was before the loss by the incidence of a peril covered. To
        cater to this insurance requirement we have the Fire Loss of Profits Insurance,
        otherwise known as Fire Consequential Loss Insurance or Fire Business Interruption
                ALLIANCE                                         General Products

b)    Marine Insurance:

With the growth in international trade and commerce, there is an ever
      increasing movement of cargo over long distances by various modes of
      transits. Naturally, goods are exposed to various transit hazards. Our
      Marine Cargo Insurance provide protection against such losses.
      Covers are available for transits by road, rail, sea, or air, or even combined
      modes of transport to/ from any part of the world.

Marine Hull Insurance offers protection against loss or damage to ships,
     pleasure crafts, yachts, fishing vessels, etc. and the liability associated
     with their operations.

Our Aviation Insurance Policies cover all aviation related risks such as loss
     or damage to Air-craft hulls, spares, etc., Liability to Third Party,
     Passengers, etc. and other related exposures.
               ALLIANCE                                       General Products

c)    Engineering Insurance:

Ever since the Industrial revolution the need for specialized insurance has grown
      multifold. As more and more technologically advanced machinery enters
      the modern world our Machinery Break-Down Insurance and Electronic
      Equipment Insurance policies have become more of necessity than an
      option. Boiler Insurance is another speciality insurance which can be
      provided by us.
Considering the tremendous boom in the Civil Engineering Constructions and
      Erection of new manufacturing plants in the local market and the
      complexity of the insurance requirements with more than one entity
      whose interests need to be covered for the same project (e.g. the
      Principal, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consulting Engineers, etc.), our
      Contractors All Risks Insurance and Erection All Risks Insurance policies
      offer just the right protection needed for these kinds of projects.
In addition, the Contractors may need to cover their Plant, Machinery, &
      Equipment like the Shovels, Cranes, Bull-dozers, Fork-lifts, etc. which can
      be covered under our Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance.
               ALLIANCE                                        General Products

d)    Liability Insurance:

In today’s world of high innovations and tough competition there is an
      increasing awareness among the public of their own rights as well as of
      the duties and responsibilities expected of those with whom they deal
      with .
Various Liability Insurance covers like the Public Liability Insurance,
      General Liability Insurance, the Workmen’s Compensation
      Insurance, the Employers’ Liability Insurance, Professional
      Indemnity Insurance, & the Medical Malpractice Insurance
      designed to protect the Insured against his legal liability for acts of
      omission or commission are available for the benefit of our Clients. We
      can proudly say that we even provide Airport Operators Liability Insurance

We offer specifically designed Professional Indemnity Insurance tailored to cater
     to Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Doctors (of various specialities &
     general practitioners), Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Auditors,
     Advocates, and Insurance Consultants.
              ALLIANCE                                    General Products

e)   Accident Insurance:

We have the Bankers Bond Insurance (a specialized insurance scheme to
     cater to the requirements of Banks and Exchange Houses), the Jewellers
     Block Insurance [A comprehensive package of insurances for jewellers],
     and Travel Insurance Schemes (to provide protection against
     unexpected contingencies including Emergency Medical Expenses and

In addition to the above our Cancellation of Events Insurance offers
      protection to Event Organizers while our Home Protection Insurance is
      a package of covers to take care of the needs of a house-holder. Our
      Money Insurance offers protection to the Commercial Establishments in
      respect of their Money-in-Safe and Money-in-Transit.
              ALLIANCE                                  General Products

f)   Motor Insurance:

Motor Insurance deals with the insurance of road vehicles. While our
     Third Party Liability Insurance covers the legal liability of the
     Insured towards a third party for injury/ death or damage to
     property, our Comprehensive Insurance provides the legal
     liability cover as well as coverage for the insured vehicle itself
     against accidental damage.

Both Third Party and Comprehensive covers are available with the
     option to include personal accident cover for passengers and
              ALLIANCE                                         Life Products

a)      Life Division

 Whole Life Assurance                    New Joint Life Plan Solidarity
 Whole Life ltd. Payment Assurance       Level Term Assurance
 Endowment Plan                          Executive Term Assurance
 Anticipated Endowment                   Limited Payment Term Assurance
 Junior Insurance                        Convertible Term Assurance
 Joint Life Assurance                    Modified Term Assurance Plan
 Child Protection Education              Family Income Benefit
 Optima (Investment & Protection Plan)   Critical Illness Benefit
 Supreme (The Capital Growth Bond)       Accidental   Death & Dismemberment
 Quantum Four Plan                       Triple Accident Benefit
 Higher Education Assistance Plan Waiver of Premium
             ALLIANCE                                      Life Products

b)      Group Life & PA Division       c)      Health Division

 Secura Personal Accident          Individual Health Care Plan (Global)
 Group Life Insurance              Individual Health Care Plan (Regional)
 Group Personal Accident           Corporate Health Care (Global)
                                   Corporate Health Care (Regional)
                                   Corporate Care Plan (HMO)
ALLIANCE                                   Credit Insurance

   Insurance is offered on

   •Trade Receivables
   •Business to business transactions
   •Credit term not exceeding 180 days
   •Portfolio basis
   ( it is not possible to insure selected buyers or transactions)
                ALLIANCE                                              Regional Offices

       Branch            Address                 Box     Emirates      Tel:      Fax:
    Dubai       1st Floor, Warba Centre, Deira   5501       UAE
       Pearl                                                           (9714)    (9714)
       Branch                                                         2627900   2628600
       Creek                                                           (9714)    (9714)
       Branch                                                         2626400   2628600
       Deira                                                           (9714)    (9714)
       Branch                                                         2627600   2628600
                                                           Dubai,      (9714)    (9714)
L   Bur Dubai    4th Floor, Al-Khaleej Centre    5501       UAE       3552211   3516055
                                                          Sharjah,     (9716)    (9716)
i   Sharjah      1st Floor, Boorj 2000 Bldg.     19665     UAE        5615511   5616004
                3rd Floor, Ghanam Al Mazroui             Abu Dhabi,    (9712)    (9712)
f   Abu Dhabi               Bldg.                3266      UAE        6336747   6219956

e   Al-Ain
                 Mezzanine Floor, Saeed Al
                      Mazroui Bldg.              15246
                ALLIANCE                                            Regional Offices

    Branch              Address                Box     Emirates      Tel:      Fax:

                 1st Floor, Warba Centre,                Dubai,      (9714)    (9714)
    Dubai                  Deira               5501       UAE       2626400   2625300
G                                                        Dubai,      (9714)    (9714)
e   Bur Dubai   4th Floor, Al-Khaleej Centre   5501       UAE       3516070   3516055

n   Sharjah     1st Floor, Boorj 2000 Bldg.    19665

e   Abu            3rd Floor, Ghanam Al                Abu Dhabi,    (9712)    (9712)
    Dhabi              Mazroui Bldg.           3266      UAE        6326067   6391531
r               Mezzanine Floor, Saeed Al                Al-Ain,     (9713)    (9713)
a   Al-Ain           Mazroui Bldg.             15246      UAE       7642935   7645654

l   Jabel Ali         Office No. F-16          16966
                                                       Jabel Ali,

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