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									                                                                    CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                        Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                            Status of bill                              Position                         Comments
HB 10-1002   Priority of TABOR Refund Methods Rep. Kefalas & Sen.         House 1/13 FIN & APP - to                           support
             Sandoval Increases threshold necessary to trigger temp       APP 1/21
             income tax rate reduction so the reduction doesn't occur
             without an earned income tax credit refund. (Economic
             Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force)

HB 10-1004   Standardized Health Insurance Information Rep. Massey House 1/13 HHS -                   Mon. 2/1                support
             & Sen. Foster Commissioner of Insurance to adopt rules                                   1:30 LSB-A
             establishing standard policy forms and explanation of
             benefits forms that are provided to consumers by
             insurers. Compliance to begin 7/1/11. (Health Care Task
HB 10-1005   Home Health Care Rep. Massey & Sen. Foster Makes             House 1/13 HHS -            Mon. 2/1               AMEND      NEED TO INCLUDEconsumers in who is consulted,
             telemedicine eligible for reimbursement under state's                                    1:30 LSB-A                        need to allow for reimbursement of equipment for clients
             medical assistance program; deletes reqmt that reimb                                                                       who do not have it at time of intake.
             rates must be budget neutral; deletes reqmt that travel
             costs for home health care be part of setting reimb rates.
             (Health Care Task Force)

HB 10-1008   No Gender Individual Health Insurance Rates Rep. S.          House 1/13 HHS -            Thurs. 2/4              support
             Shafer & Sen. M. Carroll Prohibits insurance carriers                                    1:30 LSB-A
             from using gender as a basis for varying premium rates.
             (Health Care Task Force)
HB 10-1009   Pinnacol Assurance Board of Directors Rep. Miklosi &         House 1/13 JUD -            Thurs. 2/4               strong
             Sen. Hodge Specifies membership and adds two                                             1:30 0107               support
             additional board members; increases per diem to $250.
             Board meetings must be posted at least 7 calendar days
             prior to meeting. (Interim Committee to Study Issues
             Related to Pinnacol Assurance)
HB 10-1010   Expand Public-Private Initiatives Rep. Ferrandino &          House 1/13 SA - to COW      Tues. 1/26             SUPPORT
             Sen. Morse Authorizes state agencies to enter into           1/21                        Second Reading
             initiative agreements w/nonprofits and specifies criteria
             for evaluation; provides incentive for state agencies by
             allowing them to retain a portion of cost savings. (Long-
             Term Fiscal Stability Commission)

HB 10-1012   Limited Surveillance Workers' Comp Claims Rep. Pace & House 1/13 JUD -                   Thurs. 2/11              strong
             Sen. M. Carroll Prohibits surveillance unless insurer or                                 1:30 0107               support
             employer has reasonable basis to suspect fraud.
             Employee may request expedited hearing before a
             prehearing administrative law judge. Provides further
             guidelines. (Interim Committee to Study Issues Related to
             Pinnacol Assurance)

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                                                                        CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                       Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                   Title/Sponsors/Description                              Status of bill                          Position                         Comments
HB 10-1019   Reserved Disabled Parking Enforcement Rep. Frangas & House 1/13 TRA -                     Thurs. 1/28          STRONG Priority. This is a CCDC bill.
             Sen. Williams Authorizes peace officer to confiscate                                      upon adjournment     SUPPORT
             placard being misused; officer or property owner                                          0107
             authorized to remove vehicle violating reserved
             privileges. Prohibits adverse actions against disabled
             persons using parking lots or meters if the method of
             payment is not reasonably accessible. (Transportation
             Legislation Review Committee)

HB 10-1021   Required Coverage Reproductive Services Rep. Frangas House 1/13 BAL -                     Wed. 2/3              support
             & Sen. Foster Requires entities issuing individual                                        upon adjournment
             sickness & accident insurance policies in CO to provide                                   0112
             same maternity benefits as are mandated for group plans.
             (Health Care Task Force)

HB 10-1022   Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program                  House 1/13 HHS -               Thurs. 1/28          STRONG WE WILL HAVE PEOPLE TESTIFY.
             Administration Rep. Summers & Sen. Boyd Directs DHS                                       upon adjournment     SUPPORT
             to adopt maximum certification period under federal law                                   LSB-A
             for receipt of fed food assistance benefits (food stamps).
             DHS also to develop & implement state outreach plan to
             promote access; plan to be submitted for fed approval by
             9/1/10. (Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task

HB 10-1023   Employer Liability Negligent Hiring Rep. Waller & Sen.           House 1/13 JUD -         Thurs. 1/28           neutral   Monitor for now. Will need input from members.
             Hudak Prohibits information re employee's criminal                                        1:30 0107
             history being introduced as evidence in a civil action
             against an employer when criminal history is not related
             to the case, when the employee's record is sealed, when
             he/she received a pardon or if the arrest or charge didn't
             result in criminal conviction.

HB 10-1024   Declaring Patients Terminally Ill Rep. Balmer & Sen.             House 1/13 HHS -         Fri. 1/29             support
             Williams Repeals authority of advanced practice nurses                                    upon adjournment
             to declare or certify a patient is terminally ill for purposes                            LSB-A
             of triggering end-of-life decision; leaves the ability to sole
             discretion of physicians. APNs retain ability to enter
             declarations in patient's record and participate in end-of-
             life care. (Hospice and Palliative Care in Colorado)

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                                                                      CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                     Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                   Title/Sponsors/Description                            Status of bill                          Position                             Comments
HB 10-1025   CO Medical Treatment Act Updates Rep. Roberts & Sen. House 1/13 HHS -                   Fri. 2/5                           Need input from Not Dead Yet to make sure this is OK.
             Newell Updates Colorado Medical Treatment Decision                                      upon adjournment
             Act; replaces terms, clarifies medical conditions under                                 LSB-A
             which patients lack decisional capacity, removes from
             statute the legal form for medical or surgical treatment
             declarations and further clarifies the decisions. (Hospice
             and Palliative Care in Colorado)

HB 10-1027   Medicaid Hospice Life Expectancy Rep. Roberts & Sen.           House 1/13 HHS -         Fri. 2/5             support
             Williams Increases certified medical prognosis of life                                  upon adjournment
             expectancy from six to nine months for hospice care for                                 LSB-A
             Medicaid patients if HCPF receives necessary federal
             authorization. (Hospice and Palliative Care in Colorado)

HB 10-1029   State Negotiated Prices Medical Goods Rep. Acree &         House 1/13 HHS -             Fri. 1/29            likely will   Need to get more details of what kind of DME or exclude
             Sen. Keller Directs HCPF to negotiate agreements with                                   upon adjournment      support      complex rehab, but not sure if that is necessary
             suppliers of high quality durable medical equipment and                                 LSB-A
             supplies for benefit of and purchase by persons receiving
             or on a waiting list for public medical benefits. (Interim
             Cmte on the Developmental Disability Waiting List)

HB 10-1031   Medicaid Dental Services Contract Administration Rep.      House 1/13 HHS -             Fri. 1/29                          Monitor. Idea is good but concern because HCPF has
             McCann & Sen. Foster Requires HCPF to contract with                                     upon adjournment                   bad track record of contract mgmt.
             single entity to administer dental services under Medicaid                              LSB-A
             and to monitor contract for compliance and performance.
             Provides circumstances when such a contract is not
             required. (Health Care Task Force)

HB 10-1032   Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services Rep.                House 1/13 HHS -         Thurs. 2/4           support
             Frangas & Sen. Boyd Requires DHS to contract with a                                     1:30 0107
             non-profit to provide initial triage services through crisis
             response system for mental health or substance abuse
             crises. May include 24/7 hotline. DHS to monitor and
             evalute; contracting entity to provide info re persons
             receiving services. Provides circumstances when such a
             contract is not required. (Health Care Task Force)

HB 10-1033   Screening Brief Intervention Referral Rep. Massey &            House 1/13 HHS -         Mon. 2/1             likely will   While they are cutting Medicaid benefits, services and
             Sen. Boyd Adds to the list of optional services provided                                1:30 LSB-A            oppose       rates, we should not be adding anything AND if any
             to Medicaid recipients screening, brief intervention, and                                                                  service is added to Medicaid, it should be dental. Need to
             referral to treatment for alcohol and other substance                                                                      get member input.
             abuse services. (Health Care Task Force bill)

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                                                                   CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                      Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                          Status of bill                              Position                          Comments
HB 10-1035   Eligibility Child Care Assistance Program Rep. Massey & House 1/13 EDU -                                      support
             Sen. Steadman To help provide increased stability for
             children and families, the eligibility redetermination period
             is extended for all participants in the program from 6
             months to 12 months, and, for a family enrolled in both
             the program and a head start program, the
             redetermination periods are aligned; further details
             parental income. (Early Childhood and School Readiness
             Legislative Commission)

HB 10-1036   On-line Public Access to Public School Financial          House 1/13 EDU - To COW Tues. 1/26                  support
             Information Rep. Scanlan & Sen. Romer Requires local 1/21                         Second Reading
             education providers to post financial information in a
             downloadable format. Includes annual budgets, audited
             financial statements, quarterly financial statements,
             salary schedules, check registers and purchase card
             statements, investment performance reports, and a link to
             the Colorado Department of Education website. Postings
             must be updated within 60 days of new information and
             must remain available for at least 2 years. (Interim
             Committee to Study School Finance)

HB 10-1037   Extend Supplemental On-Line Education Services Rep.         House 1/13 EDU - to COW   Tues. 1/26              support
             Massey & Sen. Spence Eliminates the repeal date of          1/21                      Second Reading
             7/1/10 for these services, which are funded by federal
             mineral leasing revenue and provide on-line education
             services for students in 6th through 12th grade. (Interim
             Committee to Study School Finance)

HB 10-1038   Workers' Comp Claims Process Brochure Rep. Miklosi & House 1/13 BAL -                                         support    Need to testify that if people can get good treatment in
             Sen. M. Carroll Requires an employer or the employer's                                                                   the worker's comp arena, permanent disability is often
             insurance carrier to provide a brochure, approved by the                                                                 prevented.
             Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation, to
             each workers' compensation claimant. The brochure will
             include contact information, a description of the claims
             process, and a claimant's rights to medical treatment and
             benefit payments under workers' compensation law.
             (Interim Committee to Study Issues Related to Pinnacol

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                                                                     CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                    Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                   Title/Sponsors/Description                           Status of bill                          Position                           Comments
HB 10-1041   Universal Application Children's Medicaid Rep. Acree &        House 1/13 HHS -         Fri. 2/5             support    Testify that this should be for all HCBS, not just for
             Sen. Mitchell HCPF authorized to create a universal                                    upon adjournment                children.
             application or single point of entry for home- and                                     LSB-A
             community-based services waivers for children. (Interim
             Committee on the Developmental Disability Waiting List)

HB 10-1048   HCBS Brain Injury Transitional Living Rep. Primavera & House 1/13 HHS -                Fri. 1/29            support    Clarify that this will not allow HCPF to require medical
             Sen. Spence For Medicaid recipients receiving services                                 upon adjournment                need as has been done with other waivers.
             under the home- and community-based services program                                   LSB-A
             for persons with a brain injury, the bill removes the
             nonmedical requirement for transitional living.

HB 10-1050   On-line Registry Medical Directives Form Rep. Tyler &     House 1/13 HHS -                                  support
             Sen. Tochtrop Requires HCPF to create and maintain an
             on-line registry of medical orders for scope of treatment
             forms. ( Hospice and Palliative Care in Colorado)

HB 10-1053   Medicaid Community Long-Term Care Saving Rep.                 House 1/13 HHS -                              support
             Riesberg & Sen. Boyd If funding is sufficient, HCPF to
             contract for a study of Medicaid recipients who receive
             services under a home- and community-based waiver to
             evaluate whether cost savings can be realized from
             changes to reimbursement methods for alternative care
             facilities. If so found, JBC may authorize a pilot program.

HB 10-1061   Colorado Medical Donation Program Rep. Merrifield &           House 1/13 HHS -         Mon. 2/8             support
             Sen. Tochtrop Establishes program to allow                                             1:30 LSB-A
             certain facilities to donate medications, medical devices,
             and medical supplies to eligible patients in
             Colorado. The program is modeled after the "Colorado
             Cancer Drug Repository Act" established by the general
             assembly in 2005. The State Board of Health to
             administer the program under which specific health
             facilities are allowed to donate, receive, and dispense
             approved medications, medical devices, and medical
             supplies to patients who are uninsured or underinsured.
             Participation by facilities is voluntary.

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                                                                    CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                     Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                            Status of bill                           Position                         Comments
HB 10-1062   Govt Crime Ins Coverage Of Cnty Officers Rep. S.          House 1/13 LG - To COW        Tues. 1/26           OPPOSE     NEED TO KNOW WHEN THIS HEARING IS SO WE
             Schafer & ____ Allows counties to purchase crime          1/13                          Second Reading                  CAN TESTIFY ABOUT COUNTY EMPLOYEES WHO
             insurance coverage in lieu of surety bonds to protect                                                                   ARE CRIMINALS.
             against potential malfeasance by county officers, their
             deputies, and certain employees while in office. Includes
             coverage for county commissioners, clerk and recorders,
             sheriffs, coroners, treasurers, assessors, and surveyors.

HB 10-1070   Safety In Day Treatment Centers Rep. Casso & Sen.           House 1/13 HHS -            Fri. 1/29                       Will get input from EMPOWER and NAMI
             Sandoval Allows certain day treatment centers, as                                       upon adjournment
             defined in rule by the State Board of Human Services, to                                LSB-A
             use locked doors to confine a child in limited, emergency
             situations. Day treatment centers are regulated by DHS,
             Division of Child Care, and provide education and mental
             and behavioral health support to youths with special
             needs such as autism, developmental disabilities, or
             substance abuse.

HB 10-1072   Create Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund Rep.Court &          House 1/13 FIN -                                strong
             Sen. Heath Creates the state budget stabilization reserve                                                    support
             fund and requires fund investment earnings to be credited
             to the fund. Beginning in FY 2009-10, requires increasing
             amounts of general fund moneys, measured as a
             percentage of annual general fund appropriations, to be
             credited to the fund at the end of each fiscal year until the
             fund balance can be maintained at 15% of general fund

HB 10-1076   Prop Tax Work-off Program Particip Status Rep.                 House 1/13 FIN & BAL -   Wed. 1/27            support    Anything that encourages property tax work off programs
             Delgrosso & ____ Permits a govt entity or private                                       upon adjournment                is good for us.
             nonprofit or for-profit entity that has a contract with a govt                          LSB-A
             entity for a property tax work-off program to opt the
             participant in or out of the Workers' Compensation Act of
             Colorado or the Colorado Employment Security Act.

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                                                                    CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                          Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                           Status of bill                                 Position                           Comments
HB 10-1078   Changes To Transparency Online Project Rep. Nikkel & House 1/13 SA -                                              support
             Sen. Kopp Executive order in 2009 created a web-based
             system known as the Transparency Online Project. It
             allows public access to govt revenue and expenditures
             data, and was modified by law to give authority for the
             chief information officer to aggregate information in the
             system. This bill eliminates the chief information officer's
             ability to aggregate information and, instead, specifically
             requires the data in the web-based system to be a
             replicate of the most specific, nonconfidential data
             available in the state financial system database.

HB 10-1090   Jail Sentence Driving Under Restraint Rep. Waller & Sen. House 1/13 JUD -                Thurs. 1/28              support    This is often a poverty issue.
             Morse Eliminates the mandatory 5-day jail sentence for a                                 1:30 0107
             person who is convicted of driving a motor vehicle or off-
             highway vehicle upon any highway of the state with
             knowledge that his or her license or privilege to drive,
             either as a resident or a nonresident, is under restraint for
             any reason other than conviction of driving under the
             influence (DUI), DUI per se, driving while ability impaired,
             habitual user, or underage drinking and driving.

HB 10-1091   Use Of Certain Documentss As ID For Voting Rep.             House 1/13 SA - PI'd 1/21    PI/d in House State      OPPOSE
             Summers & ____ Current law allows an eligible voter to                                   Affairs 1/21/10
             use a variety of documents as identification for election
             purposes. The bill eliminates several non-photo forms of
             identification that are allowed under current law.

HB 10-1092   Lobbyist Photo ID Rep. Liston & Sen. Steadman                House 1/13 SA -             Tues. 1/26               AMEND      We need volunteer lobbyists who have no salary to be
             Authorizes security personnel at the state capitol building,                             1:30 0112                           able to pay a lower fee. If the norm becomes that
             including the Colorado state patrol, to allow a lobbyist                                                                     lobbyists don't have to go through security, then
             with a lobbyist identification card to enter the capitol                                                                     volunteer lobbyists will be seen as less valid if they have
             building without submitting to a search of his or her                                                                        to go through security.
             person or property by security personnel, electronic
             weapons screening devices, or other means. The
             secretary of the senate or the chief clerk of the house of
             representatives may issue a lobbyist identification card to
             those who have met relevant registration requirements
             and paid a fee. Criminal background check required.

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                                                                  CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                      Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                          Status of bill                               Position                           Comments
HB 10-1097   Temporary Injunctions in Child Custody Cases Rep.           House 1/14 JUD -                                    neutral    Good bill. Makes custody cases have the same
             Benefield & Sen. Morse Creates a temporary injunction,                                                                     requirements as divorce cases.
             upon personal service on the respondent, in paternity
             proceedings and in proceedings involving the allocation of
             parental responsibilities that are not brought as part of a
             divorce or legal separation action.

HB 10-1103   Catastrophic Illness Fund for Children Rep. Todd & Sen. House 1/14 HHS & FIN -                                  support    Appreciate that parents and advocates are included on
             Steadman Creates the relief fund for children with a                                                                       commission.
             catastrophic medical condition and the commission for
             the relief fund. Defines catastrophic medical condition
             and outlines basic eligibility. (Interim Committee on the
             Developmental Disability Waiting List)

HB 10-1104   Veterans Treatment Court Rep. Looper & Sen. Williams House 1/14 JUD & APP -          Mon. 2/8                              Waiting for review by CCDC veterans cmte.
             Authorizes each judicial district to establish a program for                         following joint
             the treatment of certain defendants who are veterans or                              meeting at 1:30
             members of the military.                                                             0107

HB 11-1105
HB 10-1105   Probate Code Compensation And Costs Rep. Roberts & House 1/15 JUD -                                             probably Needs more study and input. Like the idea, but more
             ____ Creates a new part in the Colorado Probate Code                                                          support with protections are needed to stop lawyers and guardians
             concerning the compensation of fiduciaries, lawyers, and                                                       amendmts from eating up a person's wealth. No one should get
             third parties. Sets forth the conditions by which                                                                          paid to fight with the so-called protected person.
             compensation and costs may be recovered, factors that a
             court shall use in determining the reasonableness of
             compensation and costs, and a process for resolving
HB 10-1106   Child Welfare Adoption Multiethnic Act Rep. Casso &          House 1/15 HHS -        Fri. 1/29                             Sent to Carrie for analysis and relevance.
             Sen. Sandoval To bring Colorado law into compliance                                  upon adjournment
             with certain provisions of the federal law. Requires group                           LSB-A
             home parents and any person working in a 24-hour child
             care facility to submit to an FBI fingerprint-based criminal
             history records check through the CBI. Also amends
             statutes to bring them into compliance with the federal
             Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994, as amended,
             including requiring a child's best interests to be the
             primary concern for adoption purposes; giving preference
             to the child's relatives if suitable; recruiting foster and
             adoptive families from communities that reflect the child's
             racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic background; and
             other requirements.

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                                                                  CCDC Legislative Tracking - 2010 House Bills
                                                                                                        Scheduled or Final
 Bill No.                  Title/Sponsors/Description                          Status of bill                                Position                          Comments
HB 10-1115   County Assessment Of Cost Core Services Rep.                House 1/15 HHS -                                    support    We should seek to amend this bill in 2 ways: 1)
             Gagliardi & Sen. Scheffel Under current law, a family that                                                                 Wherever it talks about race, nat'l origin, etc., we should
             receives child welfare services, including core services                                                                   have disability added. 2) That children with physical
             identified by rule by DHS is required to pay a fee for                                                                     disabilities must be placed in homes that are accessible,
             those services. DHS establishes the fee amount by rule.                                                                    and for deaf kids, that should include being placed in
             This bill allows a county department of social services, in                                                                families with sign language.
             the best interest of a child, to exempt a family from
             responsibility for payment of the fee established for core
             services that are provided to that family.

HB 10-1116   Revisions To CO Election Law Rep. Todd & Sen. ____         House 1/15 SA -                                      support    Watch for unfriendly amendments.
             Revises the Uniform Election Code of 1992; removes
             obsolete language.
HB 10-1119   SMART Government Act Rep. Ferrandino & Sen. B.             House 1/15 SA -                                      support
             Shaffer Presents the State Measurements for
             Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART)                                                                           May amend. Ask for ongoing monitoring of audit
             Government Act. Specifies procedures for JBC, OSPB                                                                         requirements. Use hearing as time to show all of the
             and state departments adopt a new performance-based                                                                        audit reports that show where HCPF made promises and
             budgeting program.                                                                                                         never followed through. Want to get input of CCLP.
HB 10-1126   Priority-based Budgeting For CO Rep. Vaad & Sen.           House 1/15 SA -                                                 Monitor for now. Much study and debate and
             Brophy Repeals and reenacts provisions requiring                                                                           understanding of implications need. Want to get input
             departmental presentations to legislative committees of                                                                    from CCLP.
             reference. The new provisions change what the
             presentations must include and, in addition, implement a
             new priority-based budgeting process.

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