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8:30AM – 10:15AM
Leasing Group
Chair: John S. Hollyfield, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, Houston, TX

8:30am           What Every Leasing Attorney Needs to Know About Insurance. This program will
                 focus on the basics of property and casualty insurance as applied to real estate
                 leases, how to draft insurance and related lease clauses, the pitfalls if clauses are
                 not properly drafted (including related litigation issues) and the relationship of these
                 clauses to other lease provisions such as repair and maintenance, casualty loss,
                 restoration, indemnity, compliance with laws and waiver, release and subrogation.
                 Panelists: Herbert H. Feldman, Alpha Risk Management Inc, Great Neck, NY; Jack
                 Fersko, Farer Fersko PA, Westfield, NJ; Scott B. Osborne, Preston Gates & Ellis LLP,
                 Seattle, WA; Angelia D. Wesch, Eisenhower & Carlson PLLC, Tacoma, WA.

8:30AM – 10:15AM
Residential, Multi-Family and Special Use Group
Chair: Mark S. Hartman, Davis Hartman Wright PLLC, New Bern, NC

8:30am           Popular New Housing Options for Seniors - 55+ "Active Adult" Communities. The 55+
                 population in the US is expected to hit 85 million by 2014. Come learn the legal
                 issues affecting communities specifically designed for the 55+ population. Panelists:
                 David A. Herrigel, Hyatt & Stubblefield PC, Atlanta, GA; Philip H. Darrow, Pulte Homes
                 Inc, Huntley, IL.

10:30AM – 12:15PM
Practice Management Group
Chair: Professor James Geoffrey Durham, University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, OH

10:35am          Strategically Successful: How to Tell if You and Your Firm are Making Money.
                 Measure your firm's financial health and profitability! Dig deep and realize your
                 profitability potential by determining your financial indicators including your most
                 profitable files and your realization rates. Leave with the tools you need to be
                 financially successful. Panelist: David J. Bilinksy, The Law Society of British
                 Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

11:45am          1031 Exchanges: Know Your Accommodator. Presentation on risks in using private
                 accommodators in 1031 exchanges and lack of tax advice when accommodators
                 draft the exchange documents. Panelist: Nancy N. Grekin, McCorriston Miller Mukai
                 MacKinnon LLP, Honolulu, HI.

12:00pm          Update on Issues in Multijurisdictional Practice. Update on the states that have
                 adopted Model Rule 5.5 allowing for multijurisdictional practice and issues that have
                 arisen as the rule is implemented. Panelist: Professor James Geoffrey Durham,
                 University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, OH.

10:30AM – 12:15PM
Real Estate Taxation and Governmental Group
Chair: Greg Huth, Kahn Kleinman LPA, Cleveland, OH
10:30am         Perspectives on Canadian Real Estate Development & Taxation - Now to 2010. A
                Potpourri of Canadian Real Estate Issues, including: how lending practice and
                defeasance differs in Canada; differences in environmental law; investing in
                Canadian real estate through a Flow-Through tax; and First Nations 2010 (and other)
                investment and development opportunities. Panelists: Merle C. Alexander, Boughton
                Law Corporation, Vancouver, BC; William H. Cooper, Boughton Law Corporation,
                Vancouver, BC; Richard R.E. DeFilippi, Boughton Law Corporation, Vancouver, BC;
                Ernest A. Hee, Boughton Law Corporation, Vancouver, BC.

12:30PM – 1:30PM
Real Property Division Luncheon

TOPIC: Leading the Rush—Innovation in Real Estate on Both Sides of the Border

SPEAKER: Tony Astles, Bentall Real Estate Services, Vancouver, BC.

1:45PM – 3:30PM
Hospitality, Community Recreation and Common Interest Developments Group
Chair: Gwendolyn C. Allen, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll LLP, Denver, CO

1:45pm          Alternative Structures for Mixed Hotel Condominiums. The panel will discuss the
                primary legal issues facing resort professionals in relation to mixed use condominium
                hotels and the pros and cons of different legal structures available for mixed use
                condominium hotels. The discussion will center on a hypothetical resort
                development and will be approached from various perspectives, including those of
                the developer, the lender(s) and the hotel operator. Moderator: Gwendolyn C. Allen,
                Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll LLP, Denver, CO. Panelists: Amy K. Hansen, Otten
                Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti, Denver, CO; Rick S. Kirkbride, Paul Hastings
                Janofsky & Walker LLP, Los Angeles, CA.

1:45PM – 3:30PM
Real Estate Financing Group
Chair: Rod W. Clement, Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes PLLC, Jackson, MS

1:45pm          Have Statutes Eroded Common-Law Tenancy? This program will consider the extent
                by which statutes have eroded common-law cotenancy, especially the rule that
                cotenancy is the default relationship of co-grantees in a deed. Panelist: Bo Harwell,
                Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes PLLC, Jackson, MS.

2:15pm          Issues in Financing Common Interest Developments. This presentation will review
                construction loan issues of particular concern to lenders and borrowers developing
                common interest projects. The development of a dockominium project will be used
                to illustrate some of the relevant issues. Panelist: James M. Wilson, Buist Moore
                Smythe McGee PA, Charleston, SC.

2:45pm          TIC Talk: A Syndication Primer. The basic aspects of TIC syndications, including the
                players involved, IRS guidelines, structure, private placement memoranda, TICA best-
                practice guidelines and an alternative to common TIC structures. Panelist: Frank J.
                Eichenlaub, Jenner & Block LLP, Chicago, IL.
3:15pm           Lending to TIC Owners: The Trends, the Risks, the Rewards. Discussion of risks to
                 lenders when lending to tenant-in-common owners and suggested strategies to
                 mitigate those risks in light of the growing opportunities to finance the ever-
                 increasing number of properties held by tenants-in-common. Panelist: Filicia
                 Davenport, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll LLP, Washington, DC.

3:45PM – 5:30PM
Land Use and Environmental Group
Chair: Darius W. Dynkowski, Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski, Bloomfield Hills, MI

3:45pm           Condemnation for Economic Development - American and Canadian Approaches. A
                 presentation on the difference between the American judicial system and Canadian
                 judicial system as it relates to the use of eminent domain for purely economic
                 development purposes. Panelists: Gideon Kanner, Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP, Los
                 Angeles, CA; Ray Young, Lidstone Young Anderson, Vancouver, BC.

3:45PM – 5:30PM
Special Investors and Investment Structure Group
Chair: Everett S. Ward, Jenner & Block LLP, Chicago, IL

3:45pm           The ABC's of REITs. This program consists of an overview of selected topics
                 concerning real estate investment trusts (REITs), including a basic discussion of the
                 "REIT rules", capital market issues, joint ventures between REITs and developers,
                 acquisitions and dispositions and taking public REITs private.

8:00AM – 9:45AM
Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group
Chairs: Dean N. Alterman, Alterman Law Office, Portland, OR; Nelse T. Schreck, Rodey Dickason Sloan
Akin & Robb PA, Albuquerque, NM

8:05am           Representing Brokers Who Are Acting as Dual Agents. This presentation will address
                 what dual agency means in practice and legally. It will also cover how to assist
                 brokers to manage the unique risks encounters when "double ending" the deal.
                 Panelist: Oliver E. Franscona, Franscona Joiner Goodman and Greenstein PC,
                 Boulder, CO.

8:30am           Broker Defense and Coverage Issue. This portion of the program focuses on current
                 trends in claims made against brokers, how to defend them and insurance coverage
                 issues that are frequently encountered by brokers. Panelist: Nelse T. Schreck,
                 Rodey Dickason Sloan Akin & Robb PA, Albuquerque, NM.

9:05am           Brokering in Canada and Across the Border. Panelist: Larry Buttress, Real Estate
                 Council of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

8:00AM – 9:30AM
Supportive Housing as a Solution to Homelessness
This panel will compare and contrast Canada’s homelessness crisis to homelessness issues in the US.
The panel will also discuss the US offer of a supportive housing model as a solution while using low
income housing tax credits, to reduce homelessness in the present with potential to eliminate it in the

PANELISTS:       Jasleen K. Anand, Law Office of Jasleen K. Anand, Valley Stream, NY

                 David Eby, Pivot Legal Society, Vancouver, BC

                 Liz Evans, Portland Hotel Society, Vancouver, BC

                 Tom Lauiolette, Portland Hotel Society, Vancouver, BC

                 Michael I. Sanders, Powell Goldstein LLP, Washington, DC

10:00AM – 11:30AM
Customary Legal Opinion Practice: The Real Estate Secured Transaction Perspective

This panel will compare and contrast customary real estate legal opinion practice and customary
business transaction legal opinion practice and will discuss differences and similarities in remedies
opinion practice and customary opinion diligence.

PANELISTS:       Kenneth P. Ezell, Jr., Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC, Nashville,

                 Kenneth M. Jacobson, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Chicago, IL

                 David L. Miller, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, McLean, VA

                 Sterling Scott Willis, Correro Fishman Haygood Phelps Walmsley & Casteix LLP, New
                 Orleans, LA

10:00AM – 11:30AM
Choice of Entity Ownership of Real Estate Including Cross Border Investors

A discussion of choice of entity ownership in real estate investment transactions including a
discussion with a Canadian tax lawyer discussing cross border investments.

PANELISTS:       Alan I. Appel, Bryan Cave LLP, New York, NY

                 Michael Hirschfeld, Dechert LLP, New York, NY

                 Robert R. Keatinge, Holland & Hart LLP, Denver, CO

                 Paul D. Lailey, Davis LLP, Vancouver, BC

                 John O. Tannenbaum, Law Offices of John O. Tannenbaum, Hartford, CT

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