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Service Activation This Service Activation Agreement “Agreement” is entered into by and between CareerBuilder LLC “CareerBuilder c


Career Builder Job Start document sample

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									                                                                Service Activation
 This Service Activation Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between CareerBuilder, LLC (“”) and the Company set forth below
   Contract Type:
     New Customer                   Existing Customer-DID #                                  CB Rep: Alan Ramirez_______________
   Customer Contact Information:                                                    Billing Contact Information: (if different)
   Company:                                                                         Company:
   Primary Contact:                                                                 Primary Contact:
   Title:                                                                           Title:
   Address:                                                                         Address:
   City, State, Zip:                                                                City, State, Zip:
   Phone:                                                                           Phone:
   Fax:                                                                             Fax:
   Email:t                                                                          Email:
   Primary decision maker:                                                          Primary decision maker:
                                                                    The Basic Terms of Service:

Start Date: 10/07/08              End Date: 10/07/09
Service Type:                                                                          Branding:                                             Integration:
                                                                                           BrandBuilder                                          Mapping
    Flex-1 CITY BOF POSTING _______________ Jobs per year                                  Job Branding                                          Cross Posting
           (#)           (type)                                                            Advertising/Banner:                                   App Link
     Activated:      C ACTIVATED option                                                    Types: ___________                                (Billed Upfront)
                                                                                           Dates: ______ to ______                               Career Site
    Subscription-             _______________ Jobs per month                               # of Impressions: ___________                     Hosting
                          (#)      (type)                                                  Stand-Alone Email (Billed Upfront-One                Customized
   .jobs-________                                                                      Invoice) Drop Date: ______                            IVR (Billed Upfront)
              (#)                                                                          # of Emails: __________                              Resume
   overpost $_________ per job                                                             Career Fair Emails;                               Database Web
                                                                                             Drop Date_____                                  Services (Billed Products*:
                                                                                            # of Emails: ____ set of 2,500 emails            Upfront)
   Premium Experience Job Postings
                                                                                           Featured Employer,
#____jobs per month or #____ jobs per year
                                                                                           Types: ______________
   Channel Based Package
                                                                                           Search Optimization
   Diversity Based Package
   Broad Based Package                                                                     Diversity Branding Package. (Billed Upfront –
   Employer Spotlight Plus                                                             One Invoice) Includes: 3 months Diversity Featured
                                                                                       Employer & BrandBuilder; 100,000 Banner
   Channel Employer Spotlight                                                          Impressions (Location Specific); 2,000 Stand Alone
   E Newsletter Employer Spotlight                                                     Emails (Diversity Specific).
   Stand Alone Email                                                                       Premium Branding Package (Billed Upfront-
 * By purchasing any of the above products Company hereby agrees to the Terms and
 Conditions set forth on                                            One Invoice) Includes: 2 Job Fair Postings (running
                                                                                       continuously for 30 days each); 3 New Store
                                                                                       Opening/Store Associate Positions (30 days each);
    Resume Database Access                                                             3 Month Regional 2 Category Resume Database
                                                                                       Access; 3 Month Brand Builder Page; 2,000 Stand
    - Resume Database Type(s): _______________                                         Alone Grand Opening Emails targeted by Retail and
        _____________________                                                          State; 100,000 Leader board Impressions targeted
    - # of Resume Database seats: ___________                                          by State.
    - Resume database Category(s): ____________                                             Standard Branding Package: (Billed
                                                                                        Upfront-One Invoice) Includes: 1 Job Fair Postings
     RDB Data Store. ______ seats                                                       (running continuously for 30 days each); 2 New
                                                                                        Store Opening/Store Associate Positions (30 days
      * Use of’s RDB Data Store does not insure                       each); 3 Month Regional 2 Category Resume
 compliance with OFCCP regulations
                                                                                        Database Access; 3 Month Brand Builder
                                                                                        Page;1500 Stand Alone Grand Opening Emails
     Job Posting Data Store. # of month’s _____                                         targeted by Retail and State; 50,000 Leader board
                                                                                        Impressions targeted by State.
  Associations Packages:

    Platinum Package:
  Resume Database Access: National or        Regional/Type: ________
  Job Postings: 9 (min) jobs/per month
  Brand Builder

     Gold Package:
  Regional Resume Database Access
  Job Postings: 4 (min) jobs/per month
  Brand Builder

     Silver Package:
  Regional Resume Database Access
  Job Postings: _ jobs/per month
  Brand Builder

 Total Contract Value: $225.00
 Billing Frequency: Annually (One Invoice) Semi-Annually

 Payment/Billing Method: Credit Card (Complete Sign attached form)

Standard Terms and Conditions:
 1. Payment Terms: Payments are due on Company's receipt of invoice. Company agrees to pay fees upon receipt of invoice. Initial
 invoices are sent immediately after account activation. Accounts not paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date will be placed on hold,
 and may terminate service. Company may elect to pay by credit card. reserves the right to assess a
 1.5% late fee. For billing questions, call 800.891.8880. If Customer should default on any payment and is forced to
 seek other collection options, including but not limited to, an outsourced collection agency and/or legal representation, Cus tomer will be
 responsible for any such fees incurred by
 2. Additional Terms: Company’s use of’s services is further subject to (i) the Terms and Conditions for using (the “Terms and Conditions”) (including, but not limited to, the WARRANTY DISCLAIMERS and LIMITATIONS OF
 LIABILITY therein), and (ii) the House Rules (attached to the Terms and Conditions as Exhibit A), as each of (i) and (ii)
 may be amended from time to time. Both are currently located on’s website at
 3. Certain Usage, Billing and Refund Rules: Job postings are posted for a period of 30 days, and must be used within the allotted time
 frame. Authorized users may access’s Resume Database. Billing is based on the number of users. In the event a user
 name or password is shared with a user not authorized by, may deactivate the Company’s account
 without issuing a refund.
 4. Limitation of Liability: Liability for the Company and, including its parent, subsidiaries and affiliate companies, is
 limited to the total amount paid by Company to for this Agreement.
 Company hereby agrees that it has read, understands fully and agrees to the Standard Terms and Conditions herein as well as the Terms and
 Conditions on

ACCEPTED BY: _______ (“Company”)                                             CareerBuilder, LLC

Signature:                                                                   Signature:

                                                                        Name:      Jason Lindgren ______________________
Name:     _____                                                         Title:     Sales Manager
Title:                                                                  Date:
 This Agreement is not binding or valid unless signed by an authorized CareerBuilder Sales Manager. Once this Agreement is signed,
 please fax to _____________ and Company’s account will be activated and training scheduled as soon as a Sales
 Manager countersigns this Agreement.

    (RBU) 2.1.06
Additional Contact Information

Who should we contact to schedule training?
Name:                                         Check here if same person as billing

Who is the primary user of the account?
Name:                                         Check here if same person as billing
Title:                                        Check here if same person scheduling

Additional customer information

(RBU) 2.1.06

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