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					Unlock Your Recruiting Potential
Let’s Face It……
 The business world is changing….
 Because of advancing technology, more people
  are working from home (Nationwide the number
  is expected to be 17 million by the end of 2009)
 This is even more true in the world of recruiting
 Executive Recruiters across the country are
  realizing that with a phone and a computer and the
  right tools, this job can be done well
Let’s Face it……..
 These tools can be expensive and overhead
  can make opening your own home based
  recruiting firm cost prohibitive
 Many Recruiters would like to take
  advantage of technology to work from
  home, take home the great majority of their
  billing dollars and own their own business
 That is where iPRO Staffing comes in
About Us
 Founded in 2006 by Janet Murphy and Joe
  Doyle, our management team has over 30
  years of combined recruiting experience and
  over $8 million dollars of placement fees
 We are growing with new recruiters across
  the country using “virtual office”
 As new recruiters come on board, our
  industry focus is expanding
Our Business Goal
 Our business goal is to grow our business
  and find seasoned recruiters that desire to
  branch out and have the talent to take
  advantage of iPRO's full suite of recruiting
    We Supply
 A Corporate identity with branding
 A professional office environment from the comfort of a
    home office
   The opportunity to be part of an experienced recruiting
    team serving multiple industries worldwide
   A corporate website with personal webpage and email
   Marketing materials, documents, templates, etc. that are a
    product of our many years of experience
   User-friendly recruiting software with technical support,
    training, customized client/candidate database and planner
   Recruiting Training (continuing education)
   Assistance with client negotiation, closing and project
    recruiting as needed
 We Supply
 Access to Major Databases for passive candidates
 Your own personal access to Monster.com and 4
  Monster postings per month!
 E-mail recruiting campaigns sent on your behalf
 Using VoIP technology, a toll free number for
  clients and candidates with unlimited long
  distance including the VoIP phone system
 The ability to handle contract, permanent and
  temp-to-perm placements
 Goal setting and performance metrics
 Back office support including invoicing and
 Liability Insurance
Benefits of our organization
 We offer the benefit of being involved in a group
  yet having the flexibility of owning your own
 We offer the tools you need at a cost you cannot
  secure on your own
 We offer the training you need to help you reach
  your potential
 We offer you technical support to keep your
  business up and running smoothly
 We offer you the opportunity to benefit financially
  and personally from YOUR own efforts
More Benefits of our organization
 We offer internet-based, first class recruiting
  software to help you keep your business organized
 We offer internet presence affording you
  credibility and recognition
 We offer you professional support and
  consultation as requested to help you close more
 We offer professional tracking of metrics and
  ratios allowing you to evaluate your performance
 We offer you a better quality of life
To join us, you need:
 Third party recruiting experience
 Full desk recruiting experience
 Desire to make a six figure income
 Ability and motivation to work from your home
 Computer with at least 15” monitor (17” or larger
 High Speed internet (DSL preferred, Cable, or T1)
  with a router
 Working from Home…no more office commutes
 Having ownership of your clients and candidates
 Being your own boss…no more Managers and
  Owners telling you how to do your job
 Taking home the great majority of your billings!!
 Enjoying the advantages of being involved with a
  big group (training, feedback, resources etc.)
 The HUGE savings on the tools and resources you
  need to be successful
Go ahead…you deserve it!
 You have achieved success in your career,
  isn’t it time that you reap the rewards?
 BREAK FREE…..and unlock your
  recruiting potential.

 Call us toll free at 866-504-4776 or email us
  at info@iprostaffing.com

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