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									Health Resources and
Services Administration

       Capacity Development
     Orientation Teleconference
           October 25, 2007
I. The Role of Your Project Officer
II. The Notice of Grant Award (NGA)
III. The Work Plan
IV. The Budget
V. The Payment Management System
VI. The Financial Status Report
VII. No-Cost Extensions
VIII.Requesting Technical Assistance
Ryan White Care Act Programs
Part A:        Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMA) and transitional
grant areas (TGA)

Part B:        U.S. States ,Territories, and emerging communities
(areas with cumulative AIDS cases between 500-999)

Part C:        Early Intervention Services (EIS)
               » Planning Program
               » Capacity Development

Part D:        Women, Infants, Children, Youth and Their
               » Youth Services Initiative

Part F:
    Dental Reimbursement
    Community Based Dental Partnership
    AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC)
    Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS)

   Part C Capacity Development

  Supports activities to strengthen organizational infrastructure in
  order to develop, enhance, or expand HIV primary healthcare
  services for people living with or at risk for HIV in rural,
  underserved communities or communities of color.

Organizational Infrastructure:
  Refers to internal agency structure
  Includes administrative, fiscal, and programmatic areas

Part C Capacity Development

 Fundable Activities - Examples:
   Management Information System (MIS)
   Continuous Quality Improvement Program
   Cultural Competency Staff Training

 Your Project Officer (PO)
Discusses progress and
offers advice through
regular conference calls
A resource –
  Answers questions
  Provides assistance in
  revising budgets & work
  Provides TA
Your Resource
The Notice of Grant Award (NGA)

        NGA (continued)
Item #6: Project Period
      – 1 year period (September 1, 2007-August 1,
Item #7: Budget Period
      – 1 year period (September 1, 2007-August 31,
Item # 4b: Grant Number
      – Must be used in official correspondence
Item # 11&12: Award Amount

    Review Entire NGA Carefully
 The Notice of Grant Award (NGA)
                               Page 2
Failure to comply with the special remarks and condition (s) may
result in a draw down restriction being placed on your Payment
Management System account or denial of future funding.
Grant Conditions:
Program Terms:
1. Capacity Development Grants cannot cover the expenses of any type of
service delivery including case management,
outreach, HIV prevention, research, or any other services.
2. Resumes for professional staff not named in the application or that are
hired subsequent to the notification of grant
award must be submitted to the GMO, DGMO, within 30 days of
identification or appointment to the project.
3. Receipt of Ryan White Title IV Capacity Development grant funds does
not commit the DGMO to fund an applicant’s
future Early Intervention Services (EIS) grant application. All EIS grant
applications are considered on a competitive
basis based upon their responses to established criteria.
Standard Terms:                                                           9
Conditions of Award (COA)
 A stipulation placed on a grant award that must be
 responded to in writing before funding can

 COAs can be as a recommendation from the
 Objective Review Committee;

 COAs can be placed on a grant award because
 there is a difference in the amount awarded and
 the amount requested on your application;

 Responses are submitted to your Grants
 Management Specialist (GMS)
Budget and Work Plan Revisions

When submitting revisions include:
1) Cover Memo
2) Line–Item Budget Justification
3) Budget Narrative
Work Plan
1) Cover Memo
2) Revised Work Plan

   Note: Always include your Grant Number and
             Agency Name on all pages
          Progress Reports

Due Dates
  Your organization must submit three progress reports to
  your grants management specialist or GMS. The dates
  are listed in the NGA the applicant received under the
  category entitled “Reporting Requirements.”
Final Report
     Due 90 days after the end of your project period (No
     later than November 29th, 2008).

  If need a copy of Progress Report Template and
                  Instructions ask PO

                Progress Report
               Sample Work Plan
Instructions: Please describe progress on program objectives,
action steps, and any results or findings to date. This section
should provide detailed information on the progress the program
has made in this quarter towards proposed objectives and steps
stated in the approved work plan.

Objectives              Action Steps       Progress

                         Progress Report
                         Sample Budget
Line Item     Appvd.    Oct – Jan    Feb- April    May – July   Year-to-Date   Balance
              Budget   Expenditur   Expenditure   Expenditure      Total
                            e                                   Expenditure

Personnel     12,000   $3,000       $2,200                      $5,200         $6,800




                 Sample Workplan
Goal: To develop integrated Local Area Network (LAN) reporting and
management information systems to provide for effective decision-
making and quality of care.
Objectives                Action Steps       Progress

Complete assessment
of agency MIS, by 11/07

Install software &
hardware for
coordinated reporting
system, by 4/08
Develop patient flow
and system protocols,
by 5/08
Provide training, by
       Budget Reminders
Respond to COA to revise budget
Can revise budget throughout project
Budget revisions must be requested in
writing thru Division of Grants Management
Operations if:
  >= 25% of total award
  purchasing equipment, adding funds to new
  line category or they change project scope,
  regardless of amount
Revisions take time; request ASAP
Always consult with your PO

Payment Management System
All HRSA Grantees MUST be linked with
the PMS in order to draw down funds
 To register with the PMS:
  1-877-614-5533 or visit
Review Item # 5, Standard Grant
Conditions, on NGA for additional
Contact your GMS with questions

Financial Status Report (FSR)

A FSR is due to HRSA’s grant office within
90 days after the final day of your budget
period (No later than November 29, 2008)
An electronic copy of the form is available
at http://www.psc.gov/forms/sf/
Request for extensions must be submitted
in writing to your Grants Management
 Review Item # 1, Reporting Requirements,
on NGA for additional information

         No-Cost Extension
Provides additional time to complete
proposed activities using
unspent/unobligated grant funds
Not intended for development of new
Request in writing to DGMO and
  Cover Memo
  Line-Item Budget
  Budget Justification
  Work Plan
Revisions take time; request ASAP
and before the end of your project

 Technical Assistance (TA)
Two types of Technical Assistance
  Project Officer TA
  Onsite Consultant TA
TA Process
  Determining TA Needs
     Discuss issue with PO
     PO determines type of TA
  Requesting TA
    Submit request in writing (i.e. letter, email)
     – State the problem
     – Specify type of assistance
     – State how TA will help resolve problem
  Once approved you will be contacted to begin TA


When in doubt, read the NGA

When in doubt, contact your project


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