Starting a Travel Agency Business in Montana

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					                           Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
                                      PO Box 818, Helena MT 59624
                                    406.443.7794      Fax 406.443.7818

                                       JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:                   Fiscal Coordinator
WORK STATUS:                 Exempt, 1.0 FTE


    Perform monthly accounting duties including, but not limited to accounts payable,
      accounts receivable, general ledger, deposits and bank reconciliations.
    Assist Administrative Director in budget compliance, line item grant coding, and monthly
    Process bi-monthly payroll for MCADSV employees via direct deposit.
    Deposit payroll taxes in a timely manner.
    Process federal 941 and other relevant state tax reports.
    Process employee W-2 and agency W-3 forms annually.

Financial Management:
    Produce all financial reports for federal and state grants; provide to Administrative
      Director for review.
    Compile financial records for yearly audit including Federal Single Audit and 990 Tax
      Return; respond to financial inquiries from auditor.
    Assist in the preparation of the annual agency budget for all grants and discretionary
      funds under direction and supervision from the Administrative Director and the
      Executive Director.
    Maintain equipment inventory for audit and budgeting purposes.
    Prepare monthly financial reports in conjunction with Administrative Director to be
      provided to Executive Director and Treasurer.
    Assist in the preparation of budgets for MCADSV sponsored meetings and trainings;
      provide to designated staff person prior to planning the event.
    Maintain all insurance policies and ensure timely renewals.

Grant Management (with direction and review from Administrative Director):
    In collaboration with Administrative Director and Administrative Assistant, prepare and
      submit grant progress reports on grants and contracts in a timely and professional
    Prepare and submit grant financial reports in compliance with grant and contract
      requirements under direction and supervision of Administrative Director.
    Research funding opportunities; assist in writing grants for federal grant programs; and
      assist in contract development processes upon request.

Qualifications Preferred:
   BA/BS degree in related field (Business Administration or Accounting) or five years of
       full-time related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
   Fiscal management experience including accounts payable/receivable, bookkeeping,
       payroll, and other types of accounting, QuickBooks or MIP experience is preferred.

December 2009                         Fiscal Coordinator                                        1
                           Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
                                      PO Box 818, Helena MT 59624
                                    406.443.7794      Fax 406.443.7818

      Excellent computer and technical skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office programs
       (especially Excel).
      Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Skills Preferred:
    Excellent interpersonal skills, including demonstrated ability to:
            1. Work cooperatively and effectively with other staff, community-based service
                providers, and other professionals.
            2. Work independently and as part of a team.
            3. Treat all people with dignity and a respectful attitude.
            4. Deal effectively with diversity among people and a willingness to adhere to
                MCADSV philosophy statement.
            5. Accept, act upon, and offer constructive criticism.
            6. Approach situations with a sense of humor.
    Understanding of non-profit, federally funded, grant reporting and grant funded
    Working knowledge of nonprofit management and sound financial practices.
    Ability to interpret and respond to complex situations and provide clear, concise and
        timely solutions.
    Ability to prioritize tasks.
    Exceptional organizational skills.
    Familiarity with or willingness to learn about the battered women’s movement; feminist
        philosophy; and the needs of domestic/sexual violence programs in Montana.

   Special Projects
    Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the MCADSV Executive Director or
      Administrative Director.

   Work Site:                MCADSV Helena Office; some in-state travel required
   Accountability:           Fiscal Coordinator reports directly to the Administrative Director
   Hours of Work:            40 hours per week
   Compensation:             $30,000 starting salary
   Benefits:                 Health Insurance, annual leave, personal leave, sick leave, medical
                             flex account, travel reimbursement, and retirement (after 6 mo.)
   Probationary Period:      6 months

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December 2009                         Fiscal Coordinator                                             2

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