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					Here's How to Turn Your Poorly Performing Internet Business Around Or Jump Start a New Internet Business From Day 1.
I hate to waste anyone's time, so I'll get right to the point. This is a very short page. I am not going to draw you into thousands of words telling you how great I am or how you can get rich overnight. If you give me less than 10 minutes of your time, however, I will do this: Show you step-by-step how to use the new Web 2.0 and viral marketing technology to draw amazing numbers of visitors to your web site. Prove to you with verifiable facts and figures that my methods work and that I drive more traffic to my web site than most Internet businesspeople you know or have heard of. Provide REAL testimonials from REAL customers just like you who have given me permission to use their full name, photograph and link to their web site. There's none of that "J. Smith, Boston, MA" garbage. Back everything I say with a full 60 day no excuses money back guarantee.

Knowing I promised to keep it short and sweet, I'll get straight to the point:
I have created a video based Internet marketing course that shows you the exact simple methods you will use to start making money online. I don't care what you are promoting and I don't care whether you are an experienced web site owner or you are just starting out in Internet marketing. This is THE COURSE FOR YOU.

When The Student is Ready -The Teacher Appears. Are You Ready to Learn My Revolutionary Internet Marketing Strategies?
You're smart. Let Me Introduce You to The Money Rake System That's Guaranteed to Increase Your Income! Here's what I predict will happen once you start using The Money Rake System: You will stop losing money running under performing web sites and your newly launched web sites will outperform competitors.

You will build a reputation as a successful Internet marketer. You may encounter opportunities from JV partners and potential investors just like I do.

Moving along quickly, let me answer the question I know you're asking: How Will The Money Rake System Help Me Make Money?
The Money Rake system is a video Internet marketing course that helps people just like you to make money using the power of Web 2.0 sites and viral marketing. Whether you are a business owner with a web site already or an Internet newbie, my course will help you make more money online. I will show you how to get traffic to your web sites in ways most Internet marketers can't imagine. I know this system works because I use it myself. In fact, it is this exact system that probably drew you to this page. Using this system I have personally pulled in over 76,000 customers for my business in less than one month. This traffic was 100% free Google traffic. In one day alone I generated almost 3000 customers. I also generated over 2000 home refinance leads for a mortgage company resulting in over $10,000 in commissions in just over 1 month.

Who Created The Money Rake System?

My customers tell me The Money Rake System is the FASTEST and EASIEST way they have ever seen to drive huge volumes of traffic to their web sites.

Here's what you get:
1. Step-by-step Instruction Videos My system includes several hours of Internet marketing training to show you everything you need to know from how to rank at the top of Google, to how to use sites like Facebook, MySpace, Digg and more to bring new visitors to your site daily. 2. Easy to Follow and Duplicate System. I will show you how to use the same effective methods I use to generate revenue. You will be given access to knowledge that will make your competitors and friends green with envy. Everyone will be asking you how you managed to grow so quickly. You can keep me and my system a secret if you like 3. Downloadable Posters, Checklists and Booklets With SEO (search engine optimization) diagrams and more to help you stay focused. 4. Idiots Guide To Outsourcing I will show you how to get everything done from web site design to writing for PEANUTS! 5. Search Engine Optimization Secrets I will show you how to rocket to the top of Google while still following their rules. Your sites will stay at the top as long as you follow my system. 6. Free Advertising I know how to get free advertising on hundreds of popular web sites. I will show you how the pros expose their web sites. and offers to thousands of new people daily for FREE! 7. Media Buyers Guide The do's and don'ts of buying advertising online. Once you own some profitable web sites. you will want to reinvest your profits into more ads. I will show you how to buy ads on Facebook, Google, Myspace, Yahoo and more using secret techniques only the pro's know.. 8. Unlimited Access to Updates for LIFE Once you become a customer you get all my course updates forever! I am always adding new techniques to my system and your order today gives you access to my system for life.

No Web site? No Problem! Become an Affiliate!
Discover how to find products and sample offers online that will pay you for generating sales and leads for them. You don't need to re-invent the wheel or become a salesperson. The Internet is designed for LAZY MIDDLEMEN like me who can't be bothered to keep inventory and deal with customer service. I will show you how to be an affiliate. As an affiliate you will be paid a "bounty" for landing new customers using someone else's web pages. Sometimes the bounty you are paid is even

more than the customer’s purchase price (but only if you know where to find these kinds of deals).

Don’t Just Take My Word For It. Read What Others are Saying about the Money Rake System
These are not actors. They are real people who participated in the live version of my course. These people have applied my strategies and techniques in their businesses and are seeing huge improvements. Just look at what they are saying about how the Money Rake system keeps on helping them rake in the money.

Ian Matthews - Mortgage Broker "I learned more today about internet marketing than I ever did before. I now have my entire internet marketing plan thanks to Brad." 10/10 Canadian Mortgage Relief

Cory Wickham - Self Employed "Your knowledge is priceless, very impressive and useful. I look forward to putting it to use. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED" 8/10 Canadian Bacon Productions

Belinda Reid - Mortgage Specialist "I came here today to learn about internet marketing and will it work for me. All my questions were answered" 8/10 Royal Bank of Canada

Justin Popovic - Entrepreneur "This is a phenomenal course! Loaded with useful content that can literally change and improve any business. I would have been happy to pay $3,000 to learn all of this."

11/10 Success Coach

Rod Alcorn - Sales "Unbelievable amount of very valuable information. This program saved me years of learning, trying and testing. Worth more than I could have invested @ 10 times the price." 9/10 Priority Alarms

Dave Neale - Airline Pilot & Software Developer "WOW! What I learned in 15 minutes will more than pay for this course. Brad you are a fountain of knowledge. I have taken other courses for more $$ and not received as much as what Brad delivers." 10/10 Crewsware

Judy Martene - Business Owner "Very well presented, Brad is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. I can use all of the great information in my business." 9++/10 Women Living Well

Mary Eckard - Xocai Chocolate Marketer "Marvelous information. Good value for the money you spend. Brad knows his subject well and if you want to learn from a professional this is the course." 10/10 Healthy Chocolate and You

OK, this is probably the other question you are asking:

"If you are so successful why are you selling your knowledge?"
This is the point when many people who have something to sell weave some unbelievable story about how they just want to give something back to the community that has been so good to them. That's BULL! My answer is this: I always follow the money. When business owners started coming to me asking me to consult or take on their Internet marketing campaigns, I knew there was a demand for this type of course. I started teaching the course in my office but became overwhelmed with requests very quickly. I needed a way to capitalize on my knowledge without spending all of my days doing seminars. That is how this video course was developed. This is just one of the many things I sell online, and out of all of the things I sell THIS PRODUCT is the most rewarding. I love getting paid to help people make more money.

With the Economy Tanking, There Has NEVER Been A Better Time to Make Money on the Internet.
Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because there is a recession nobody spends money. That's PURE BS! There is no shortage of industries that do very well in a down economy. In fact I know which products and services SELL BETTER in a down economy. Wellness products, health related products, diet related products, payday loans, dating programs and more all perform better in a poor economy. Right now over 94% of North Americans and Europeans still have their jobs. ALL of those people still buy things. If you believe there is a recession you will slowly become a victim of it. I will show you how to make money even in the worst of times. While some people lose their homes, plenty of other people will make more money this year than ever. Which person would you rather be?

All it Takes is a Small Investment on Your Part to Start Breaking the Bank With Your Internet Business.
With the Money Rake system you get access to my exclusive video course as well as all of this: Access to my Internet marketing secrets Unlimited access to updates for LIFE Downloadable poster for your office Resume-worthy skills that will make any employer drool (that is if you still want a job after learning all of this).

I just launched on Feb. 11, 2009 and I am offering a special introductory rate on my system.

Act now and the price for my complete system including updates for Life, will be only

$391 $468

Once I sell 500 copies the price will go up to

After I sell 1000 copies the price will go up even higher to

Don't miss out on this amazing introductory price...

Brad Gosse

P.S. I know you are working hard as an Internet marketer to figure out how to maximize your profits. Fortunately for you I’ve done all the legwork for you. I’ve learned from my success and mistakes and have compiled my best secrets into this video course. P.P.S. I am so confident that you will be satisfied with my video course that I am offering a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I want this course to help you so if I teach you things you already know or you are not happy I will refund your purchase. That is my promise to you!

More proof if you need it!

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