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                                                                 A SEA       GRANT             ADVISORY                                     SERVICE
                                        Virginia                 Institute   of Marine      Science,            Gloucester                  Point,          Virginia               23062


                                                                                                                /   X-".
                                                                                  ::~~'t:   """"   "-x-,""",,
                                                                                                     .It"""          ~-- -Co
                                                                                 ".~                                                                                                  ",cr:.,4.
                                    ~; ~"'"
                                    "   .,~                                         .'                                                 /
                                                            ~';;~~r5;;i~~(\' , -.-
                                                                                                                                                                ~ .--'-.,/'         ~~~~

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                                                                                                                                                      --    ~
                                                                                                                                                                        ~  ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ' 0"

                                                                                                                          -.   ~

                                                                                                                                   --""'~::;~;~~~- -
                                                                                                                                               "", -~~
                                                 ::.-                                                                                             --

                                ---~            f:'                                                                  -,-~              ...,.:4"" ~                                '-.:'-   '--       ~
                                        -""-'                                                                                              ::-=:--     -'        """"
                                                      """ "                                                          ---,--
                                                                                                                                                                     'it.~..,~ -~-

                                                                                                                                                                               '~:::"---         "

              Virginia     anglers    should have the                                       mer flounder  which had strong year
         best croaker       fishing    season in years                                      classes during the last three years.
         according       to finfish    specialists      at                                  Early season catches of croaker and sum-
         the Virginia       Institute     of Marine Sci-                                    mer flounder  seem to confirm  this fore-
         ence whose population          assessments of                                      cast.
         various      species of fishes have enabled
         them to make annual predictions              of sup-                                    Continued high abundance is forecast
         plies     that will     be available      to fisher-                                for bluefish    and stocks of menhaden ap-
         men. Based on information              from winter                                  pear stable   at a high level  of harvest.
         and summer trawl surveys,            catch statis-                                  An increase   is expected in catches of
         tics,     and sport and commercial fishing                                          small and medium size black sea bass.
         samples, scientists          have assessed the
         outlook      for 1975.                                                                  Year classes of spot in 1973 and 1974
                                                                                             were average, but good catches of two
             Chesapeake Bay fishermen     can expect                                         and three year olds are forecast      for
         increased  catches of croaker as a result                                           this year due to recent mild winters
         of mild winters   and successful    spawns                                          that have allowed greater    survival     and
         during the past four years.       Continued                                         faster growth.   An abundance of six-to-
         good catches also are expected for sum-                                                                     Continued on Page 2

 Page 2                                                                                    Vol. VII, No.4

 eight inch spot should           make for   excel-
 lent fall fishing.                                        University of Delaware Offers
     As predicted    by VIMS, this year's                  'Marine Environment Studies'
commercial catch of river      herring   in
Virginia   waters was slightly     lower than              "Marine Environment Studies",      a
in 1974.     The downward trend for river              multidisciplinary   collection    of learn-
herring,    chiefly   alewife and blueback,            ing experiences   designed to increase
is predicted      to continue through 1978,            the knowledge of the general      student
based on assessments of young herring                  about ~he marine environment,       is avail-
which make up the adult stocks several                 able from the University      of Delaware.
years later.
                                                           The collection    includes   materials
    Except for continued     scarcity  in the          for all grades, K-12, with an emphasis
James River,  populations     of white perch           on the middle school and high school.
seem to be recovering     from the low lev-            Some lessons can be used for instruc-
els noted during the last few years.                   tion of college    students    or adults.
The forecast    for   1975   is    for   an increase
in abundance.                                               "Marine Environment Studies"         may be
                                                       purchased as a set or by individualunits.
     Low spawning success during the pe-                          For a price   list    and further
riod from 1971 through 1974 has lowered                information,     direct  inquiries     to Dr.
the supply of striped      bass and fisher-            Carolyn Thoroughgood,       Marine Advisory
men should expect a decline        in pan and          Service,     313 Robinson Hall,     University
medium sizes.     Weakfish    (gray trout)             of Delaware, Newark DE 19711.
have experienced     low to average year
classes since 1971.      Fewer pan-sized
weakfish will    be available     but supplies
of fish three pounds and over should
remain about the same this year.           Sci-
entists   say catches of large and pan
weakfish will    decline   in two to three
years unless there is a strong year                      Disaster Relief Notice Amended
class in 1975 and 1976.
                                                            Applications    for disaster      relief
     The outlook for scup in 1975 is poor              loans for damage resulting          from high
and the supply of American eel, although               wind in Virginia       on April    3 and 4,
difficult    to assess, appears stable.                1975 will      be accepted by the Small
There appears to be no puffer     available            Business Administration         from disaster
to the fisherman.                                      victims     in six additional      counties
                                                       and adjacent affected       areas.
    No specific estimates were made for
black drum, spotted seatrout,  channel                      According   to the May 23,1975           Fed-
bass and cobia.                                        eral Register,      disaster     victims    in
                                                       Accomack, Gloucester,          Mathews,
                                                       Northampton,     Northumberland,         Westmore-
                                                       land and adjacent       affected      areas may
                                                       file   for disaster    relief.

                                                             Applications     may be filed    at the
                                                       Small Business Administration,            Dis-
                                                        trict   Office,     Federal Building     -Room
                                                       3015,400        North Eighth Street,      Rich-
                                                       mond VA 23240.         Closing date for ac-
                                                       cepting applications          in the addition-
                                                        ally designated       counties    is July 14,
May/June   1975                                                                                   Page 3

   Fish as easy and convenient    to use                one meal which the housewife could use
as hamburger may soon be available     to               in tested recipes provided  on the pack-
the homemaker, according    to the Depart-              age or in recipes she might developherself."
ment of Commerce's National    Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration    (NOAA).
                                                             A variety      of products    including  fish
     Through experiments          conducted by          cakes, chowders, salads,           fish in spa-
NOAA's National          Marine Fisheries      Ser-     ghetti     or marinara sauce, fish and rice,
vice's     Utilization       Research Center at         fish stew, and fish and beef was pre-
Gloucester,       Mass., minced fish with               pared at the Utilization           Research Cen-
the same texture          as hamburger has beenproduced.ter,    tested by families,        and found to
                                                        be highly acceptable.           Those testing
                                                        the fish commented on the convenience
     The minced fish has the same nutri-                of the blocks and the absence of a
tional     value as beef, is lower in fat               "fishy"      smell.
content,      and is cheaper to produce
since it can be made from a variety               of         "The one-pound frozen block of minced
fish species that are not being used                     fish is adaptable for use in most fish
to the fullest         extent.                           recipes and as an extender for hamburg-
                                                        er,"     said Mendelsohn.       "It is convenient
     Joe Mendelsohn,         project  director     at    requires     no preparation      for use directly
the NMFS Center,          said that minced fish          into many recipes,        and is very econom-
in one-pound frozen blocks is a highly                   ical when compared to other fish pro-
acceptable       market form and has commer-             ducts. "
cial potential         for both retail      and in-
stitutional       trades.

    In the early 1970's a new technology                 Offshore Angler's Guide Available
was begun with the introduction        of a
meat-bone separator     machine to the fish-                A handy 32-page booklet         covering
ing industry.      The machine removes the              many of Virginia's       offshore     sportfish
bone, skin and scales from the fish that                has just become avai1ap1e from SouthCarolina.
have been headed and eviscerated        and                             Entitled   "A Sportman's
produces fish flesh resembling hamburger.               Field Guide to the Bi11fishes,           Mack-erels,
 It produces more edible     flesh  from a                       Little     Tunas and Tunas of South
fish than can be obtained       by hand or              Carolina",      the booklet   identifies      21
machine filleting,     thereby making it                spec; of fish.
cheaper to produce.
                                                            Distinguishing    features    of the spe-
    As a result  of this technology    and              cies are outlined     along with a detailed
a shortage of whole fillets      for conven-            drawing of each fish.        Drawings of fin
tional  frozen blocks,   fish processors                features    and liver   structure   are in-
began using minced fish to produce l3~                  cluded and a glossary       defines all ter-minology.
to l8~ pound blocks which they use to
produce fish sticks    and portions.
                                                            One free copy of the field         guide can
     "Because of the previous          success ex-      be obtained     by addressing     a request for
 perienced      in processing    large blocks           Educational     Report No.3      to the South
 into sticks      and portions,     the market          Carolina    Wildlife     and Marine Resources
 potential     for a small one-pound frozen             Department,     Marine Resources Division,
 fish block suitable        for home use was            Office   of Conservation      and Management,
 investigated,"       said Mendelsohn.       "A         Recreational      Fisheries   Section,   P. o.
 package would contain         enough fish for          Box 12559, Charleston        SC 29412.
    Coastal Zone Management

                     Planning For
                         Coastal Zone Management                 by which the interests          of all state
                      (CZM) is envisioned    by many             sectors    (state,    regional,    local,  public
                     as a method to substantially                and private)       can be articulated     to help
                     increase   the number of sound              formulate     the Commonwealth's coastal
                     decisions    concerning  the use            management goals as well as to help de-
    ~-~i             of   coastal      and   marine resources,   sign the management program needed to
     ~          ~-   to   help    resolve     use conflicts
                                                                 attain   these goals.
     and to provide     the best possible     balance
     between environmental       quality   and eco-                   In order to make the involvement          more
     nomic growth.     Many Virginians      are ask-             meaningful     and to create a greater       un-
     ing the Divi~ion      of State Planning and                 derstanding     of the problems,      pressures
     Community Affairs       (DSPCA) and the Vir-                and issues associated        with the manage-
     ginia Institute     of Marine Science (VIMS),               ment of Virginia's      coastal resources,
    the two agencies responsible         for devel-              public   information    will    be provided
    oping Virginia's      CZM program, how the                   through brochures,      pamphlets,     mass media
    program will     be developed and what ef-                   conferences,     public  hearings     and other
    forts  are being made this year.                             suitable   mechanisms.       Formal feedback
                                                                 networks are being created to insure
        Basically, the three-year  CZM pro-                      wide access to decision         makers respon-
    gram planning  effort  can be divided                        sible for the development of Virginia's
    into three major tasks:                                      CZMprogram.

           .A      comprehensive   statewide     assess-             Currently  a CZM Regional Advisory
                ment of the current     situation     in         Committee (RAC) has been created in
                Virginia's   coastal zone.                       each of the nine coastal    regional   plan-
                                                                 ning districts   to serve as a formal fo-
                A determination     of the type of               cus for public   education  and involvementactivities.
                coastal    zone (in terms of a bal-
                ance between environmental       quality
                and economic growth)       that best
                represents    the interests    of the            ASSESSMENT OF ACTIVITIES
                Commonwealth and its citizens.
                                                                      During the first    year, ten coastal
                The development of a CZM program                 zone assessment reports will        be pro-
                that most effectively      promotes              duced; nine at a regional       (RAC) level
                the attainment    of the desired                 and one at the state level.         With staff
                coastal   zone objectives.                       support from DSPCA, each RAC will         pre-
                                                                 pare a regional     assessment report     that
        While this approach seems simple,                        will   include  the following    items:
    the development effort   will  be a com-
    plicated  and arduous process.                                        A description    of the region's
                                                                          coastal   zone in terms of geogra-
        In Virginia    the first   year's    plan-                        phy and susceptibility     (fragility)
    ning efforts    are primarily     directed                            to development.
    towards the completion       of the statewide
    assessment of Virginia's       coastal zone.                          An assessment of the pressures
    This yea~'s program includes         five on-                         for and desirability      of develop-
    going work elements.                                                  ment of different    -types in theregion.

    PUBLIC EDUCATION                AND INVOLVEMENT                 .An      assessment of the potential
                                                                          impacts of such development.
        The prime activity in this first
    year is the development of a process

                                                                          An assessment    of existing   methods
May/June 1975                                                                                       Page 5

       to adequately  deal with develop-                 of 1975.      Ongoing Shoreline      Situation
       mental pressures   and impacts.                   studies    are designed to supply an as-
                                                         sessment of important         parameters     and
VIMS personnel will   be available    for                characteristics       of Virginia's     entire
technical  support for this activity.                    shoreline     in an effort     to help plan-
                                                        ners and managers make the best pos-
    In a similar     fashion,     DSPCAwill              sible   decisions    for the utilization
prepare a state coastal         zone assess-             of this limited      and valuable     resource.
ment report.      When completed,       any              To date, four county studies          have been
existing    statewide     approach to resource          published,       two are in press and four-
management within       the coastal     zone can         teen are in varying        stages of comple-
be evaluated     and studied      to determine          tion.
how state policy       affects    and interre-
lates    (supplementary      and complementary)             DSPCA and VIMS are jointly    investi-
with concurrent      actions    taking place            gating the availability     and suitability
at the regional      and local levels.                  of existing  graphic    (mapping) displays
                                                        and methods for the presentation       of
    The combined results       of these as-             the coastal  zone data being generated.
sessment reports     will   provide    a basis          While this is not a major effort,         it
for many recommendations         that will    be        is an important   one since it will      help
made in the second and third          planning          make the data more accessible     to plan-
years relative    to Virginia's       coastal           ners and the public.
zone planning    objectives     and manage-
ment techniques.                                             At VIMS, the Marine Environment and
                                                        Resources Research and Management Sys-
                                                        tem (MERRMS) is being expanded to pro-
DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS                            vide Virginia     with a centralized        coast-
                                                        al/marine    resources    management informa-
    In order to support the public      edu-            tion clearinghouse.         The information
cation    and coastal  zone assessment                  is available     to any state agency, or-
work elements as well as to provide       a             ganization,    or individual      at little
basis from which user impacts upon                      or no cost.     Ultimately,     this service
coastal    resources  can be evaluat~d,   a             will   augment public     education    and in-
substantial     data gathering program has              volvement efforts.
been initiated.

     DSPCA is currently        developing     and       WETLANDS      MANAGEMENT         NEEDS
compiling     socio-economic       and fast landdata.
         The types of information            being          Resulting     from the implementation
compiled include,        but are not limited            of Virginia's      Wetlands Law, this work
to, population       characteristics,        econo-     element is being conducted at VIMS to
mic base analyses,         land use data,               provide    continuing    support and guidance
transportation       patterns,     and natural          to local wetlands boards and the Vir-
resource data.        The resultant        product      ginia Marine Resources Commission rela-
will   be both a graphic and written             in-    t~ve to problems of Wetlands manage-ment.
ventory    of the physio-sociological                            This project      is being supported
conditions     existing      in Virginia's              by Virginia's       CZM program to enhance
coastal plain.                                          wetlands protection        efforts and to
                                                        determine     the most effective    method to
    VIMS is conducting           two major inven-       incorporate     wetlands planning    and man-
tories     of coastal resources.           The Tidal    agement into the more comprehensive
Marsh Inventory        effort     is designed to        coastal    management planning program.
locate     and describe,       in physical    and
biological      terms, all       of the Common-
wealth's     wetlands.        The information           COORDINATION        AND ADMINISTRATION
is analyzed and published             in county
level publications.            While only three             As a result  of the comprehensive
 county reports      have been published         to     nature of Virginia's        coastal  zone man-
date, ten will       be in print        by the end      agement planning     effort,     a concerted
                                                                                     Continued on Page 6
 Page 6                                                                               May/June 1975
 effort  is being made to upgrade the                 of the program is therefore     critically
 lines of communication        between DSPCA,         dependent upon meaningful   citizen       in-volvement.
VIMS and other state agencies involved
 in the management of the Commonwealth's
coastal resources.         In addition,       im-         For further   information about Vir-
proved communication        networks are being        ginia's   CZM program or how you can be-
developed between Virginia           and the          come involved,   contact:
neighboring     states   in the Mid-Atlantic
region,    part1cularly     Maryland and North           Ronald L. Schmied
Carolina    to monitor     and interact       in         CZMAdvisory       Specialist
their   coastal    zone management efforts.              Department of Advisory        Services
Improved intra-       and interstate       communi-      Virginia   Institute      of Marine Science
cation and coordination         will    provide          Gloucester    Point,    VA 23062
for a more coherent coastal            zone plan-        804/642-2111,     Ext. 190
ning and management effort           in Virginia.
    Virginia     has embarked upon an ambi-             Roxanne Pross
tious coastal      zone management planningeffort.      Commerce and Resources Section
             Primary emphasis is being                  Department of State Planning   and
given to involving      all sectors  of the                 Community Affairs
state in this process in order to pro-                  1010 James Madison Building
duce a management program that is re-                   109 Governor Street
sponsive to the needs of the Common-                    Richmond, VA 23219
wealth and its citizens.        The success             804/770-7652

 Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062


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