The Staff Council Regular Meeting Minutes July Casey Behrendt by Btoxtoczko


									                                         The Staff Council
                                      Regular Meeting Minutes
                                           20 July 2005

       Casey Behrendt called the meeting to order at 9:45AM.

Members present for the meeting: Donna Parrish, Tara Roberts, Carmela Trez, Libby Walker, Joe Clarke,
Richard Gathers, Jessie Hip, Beverly Horry, Bobbi Hudson, Patty Benton, Deitra Gibbs, Amy Robinson,
Brent Stewart, Dwayne German, Mike Henslee, Adam Rabon, Joseph Rodriguez, Michael Smith, Casey

Excused: Anthony Bryan and Shelton Milner – on vacation

A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - A recommendation to approve the minutes was made by Bobbi Hudson
   and seconded by Brent Stewart.

   1. Benefits & Welfare – Brent Stewart reported:
      • Tuition Reduction/Waiver for Family members – The Benefits & Welfare Executive committee
         approved of drafting a proposal to expand the tuition waiver (for two courses per semester in
         CGPS) such that the employee, spouse, and /or a dependent child could (in combination) take up
         to two courses per semester at no charge. Draft was presented to Ray Jones, Associate Dean
         CGPS, for his review. Dr. Jones was in favor. Draft was presented to Col Holland for review and
         he responded that “State law permits us to award scholarships (free tuition) to permanent faculty
         and staff. We are not authorized to provide free tuition to temporary personnel, nor to the
         spouses and other family members of an employee.” The state law number is SECTION 59-111-15.

       •   Health Screening/Promoting Healthy Lifestyle – All members of the committee approve of
           efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for Citadel employees. This involves supporting existing
           efforts by the HESS department, supporting existing efforts by our HR department, and/or
           seeking to expand the current offerings. Libby Walker is researching these issues. Tara Roberts
           informed the council about a Wellness Fair that will take place September 27-28 and all Citadel
           employees will be encouraged to attend.

       •   Dental Insurance Coverage - Concerns were raised that our current dental insurance provides
           little coverage. Casey Behrendt spoke with Deanne Daguiar, Benefits Coordinator for The
           Citadel, but Ms Daguiar is stepping down from her position effective 15 July 2005. Ms
           Daguiar’s recommendation was to wait until a new Benefit Coordinator was on board and
           approach the subject with them.

       •   Staff Member Survey – The Benefits & Welfare committee approved delaying the campus-wide
           “formal” survey until the new president arrives. It was noted that in some departments surveys
           are already being done through Human Recourses.

       •   Communication Improvement – While members agree that campus communication could be
           improved, the best ways to identify specific problem areas and address the problems remain to be
           determined. Benefits & Welfare will work with the Communications committee to explore the

   2. Communications - No report
   3. Elections – No report

   4. Entertainment - Donna Parrish reminded everyone that the date for the Holiday dance was
      December 9, 2005 and asked for volunteers.

   5. Policies & Procedures - Tara Roberts reported:
      • Vending machines in physical plant complex
              o Approximately a month ago a Coke machine was returned to the PPlt complex and placed
                 in the same room that old vending machines were in.
              o No one has vandalized the machine yet.
              o The vendor placed a big lock on the machine and additional locks are being placed on the
                 door to the room.
      • Motorcycle parking policy
              o The Ad hoc parking committee “agreed that, at this time, there is too few individuals who
                 would actually benefit from or make use of change in this statue to make it worthwhile to
                 expend the resources to address and implement such a change” This comes directly from
                 the minutes from June 23, 2005 Ad hoc parking committee minutes.
              o In response to the Ad hoc parking committee meeting minutes, Col Tomasik stated in an
                 email dated June 30, 2005, that he “would be agreeable to providing parking stands for
                 motorcycles outside Summerall Gate, and in the vicinity of Lesesne Gate if enough
                 interest was there.
      • Reducing speed limit on Avenue of Remembrance
              o Patty Benton raised a question brought to her by Jeff Wells regarding lowering the speed
                 limit on the Avenue of Remembrance from 20 miles per hour to 10 miles per hour.
              o Committee agreed that a speeding problem does exist on this street.
              o Committee agreed to draft a proposal to be voted on by the Staff Council to reduce the
                 speed limit on Avenue of Remembrance.

C. OLD BUSINESS -             No old business discussed.

D. NEW BUSINESS –             No new business was discussed.

E. OPEN DISCUSSION - No open discussion

F. ADJOURNMENT - A motion was made to adjourn by Tara Roberts seconded by Brent Stewart.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:          Approved by: _______________________________
      Patty Benton - Secretary                             Shelton Milner - Chairman

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