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          Briefing On ‘Ease Of Doing Business In Malaysia And
                  1-day Incorporation & MyGovXchange’

 It is now easy to start your business in Malaysia. With 3
 simple steps, a company can be incorporated together
 with simultaneous on-line registration with IRB, EPF and
 SOCSO via MyGovXchange.

 Attend our briefing session to learn about the following 3
 steps in starting a business in Malaysia:                                      BRIEFING OUTLINE
 1. Incorporation of a company with SSM;
 2. Procurement of post-incorporation items at SSM                               Step by step guide on 1-Day
     (such as purchase of company seal, statutory books                           incorporation process, purchase of
     and share certificate book) ; and                                            common seal, statutory books and
 3. Register with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB),                                 share certificate book.
     Employees provident Fund (EPF), Social Security                             Accessing        services     through
     Organization (SOCSO) through MyGovXchange.                                   mygovernment portal
                                                                                 MyGovXchange overview
 SSM in collaboration with the Malaysian Administrative                          List of services
 and Modernization Planning Unit (MAMPU) present this                            How to fill up on-line forms for IRB,
 awareness briefing to explain and provide guidance on                            EPF         and      SOCSO         via
 the system and procedure in relation to the ‘1-Day                               MyGovXchange.
 incorporation’ and ‘On-Line Registration with IRB, EPF                          Request information from SSM and
 and SOCSO via the MyGovXchange’. Sign-up now                                     on-line payment to SSM
 and registration is subject to availability of seats.                           FAQ

                                                            ORGANIZED BY:

COMTRAC (Companies Commission of Malaysia Training Academy) commenced operation in April 2007 to function as the education and training arm
of Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia [SSM]). COMTRAC undertakes a crucial role in enhancing the skills and
competencies of its employees and elevating and promoting ethical business and good corporate governance values to business and corporate
community. Please visit to find out more about COMTRAC and its training programmes.

MAMPU was established based on a study on "Development Administrative in Malaysia“ . This lead to the formation of Development Administrative
Unit (DAU) in 1966 with the responsibility of spearheading reforms in the Government administration and was later expanded and renamed
Implementation Co-ordination Development Administrative Unit (ICDAU), playing the role of co-coordinator of development projects as well as
planning and development of human resources. ICDAU was restructured in 1977 and with the restructuring, the function of co-ordinating the
implementation of central projects was handed over to the Implementation Co-ordination Unit (ICU) while the functions of administrative
modernisation and human resources planning were handled by a newly established agency known as the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation
and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU).

Registration is on a first-come-first-served-basis. A substitute participant is welcome. All replacements must be made in writing and acknowledged by
SSM. The organizers reserve the right to change the speakers, date or to cancel the programme should unavoidable circumstances arise.

  Registration Form
  Briefing On ‘Ease Of Doing Business In Malaysia’ : 1-day
  Incorporation & MyGovXchange’

               Briefing Schedule :
             Time: 9.30am – 11.00am
 Date                         Venue
                                                           Use one form for each participant. Please print or
       SSM, Tingkat 6-7, Bangunan KWSP, No. 3009, Off
                                                           type details clearly. This form can be downloaded
       Leboh Tenggiri 2, Bandar Seberang Jaya, 13700
       Pulau Pinang.                                       from SSM’s website at Kindly
       Tel : 04-3977793, Fax : 04-3977713                  make copies if more forms are needed.
       SSM, Podium 4B & & 5, Menara Ansar, 65, Jalan
10 May Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
                                                            Day – Month - Year              Venue
 2010 Tel : 07-2233589 / 2244710/4708
       Fax : 07-2241714/8169
       SSM, Tingkat 2C, Greentown Mall
       Jalan Hospital ,30450 Ipoh, Perak                      Participant
       Tel : 05-2416900/2547913/2533071                         Details
       Fax : 05-2557162
       SSM, Tingkat 10,Menara Sentosa, Jalan Tunku           Name :
       Ibrahim, 05621 Alor Setar, Kedah
11 May Tel : 04-7330111, Fax : 04-7315517                    I/C No. :
 2010 SSM, Aras Bawah Menara MITC, Kompleks MITC,
       Jalan Konvensyen, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Tel :
       06-2311717, Fax : 06-2313502
                                                             License Secretary No. :
       SSM, Tingkat 8, Bangunan KWSP, Jalan Bukit Lagi,
       01000 Kangar, Perlis                                  Professional Body Name & Membership No. :
       Tel : 04-9781877/9767899/9773182
12 May Fax : 04-9774758
 2010 SSM,Wisma Fook Loong, Jalan Dato' Abdul Rahman,        Designation :
       70000 Seremban, N.Sembilan.
       Tel : 06-7655877/7619098
                                                             Company :
       Fax : 06-7645598/1885
        SSM, Lot 202 - 216, Tingkat 2, Block B
        Kuantan Centre Point, Jalan Haji Abdul Rahman,       Address :
        25000 Kuantan, Pahang
        Tel : 09-5164866/4600, Fax : 09-5161869/3316
       SSM, Tingkat 2, 3 & 4, Kota Sri Mutiara
18 May
       Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,15150 Kota Bharu,            Office Tel. No. :
       Kelantan. Tel : 09-7482860,
       Fax : 09-7447622/7472607
       SSM, Tingkat 6-7, Menara Yayasan Islam                Fax No. :                 Mobile No. :
       Jalan Sultan Omar, 20300 Kuala Terengganu,
       Terengganu. Tel : 09-6237170/7127/6240721,
       Fax : 09-6230945/623717
                                                             Email Address :
       SSM, Menara SSM@Sentral, No. 7, Jalan Stesen
       Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur Sentral
20 May
       50470 Kuala Lumpur
       Tel : 03-22994440/4441/4435/4448                          Fax your registration form to
       Fax : 03-22994451/52
       SSM, Tingkat 4, Menara MAA, 6, Lorong Api-Api,
                                                               respective SSM Office, where you
       88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah                              intend to sign-up for the briefing.
       Tel : 088-233551/346
24 May Fax : 088-237884
 2010 SSM,Tingkat 2 & 3, Wisma STA, 26, Jalan Datuk
       Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak. Tel :
       082-481499,                                           Note :
       Fax : 082-334622                                      Speakers : SSM & MAMPU Representatives
       SSM, No 6A1 & 6A2, Tingkat 6, Block 4, Kompleks
25 May Ujana Kewangan, Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Wilayah
 2010 Persekutuan Labuan
       Tel : 087-414100, Fax : 087-414152


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