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									                                                                                                                    Winter 2005

    The Quarterly Newsletter of the Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
                                                                                                              In This Issue
Programs                                                                                                         The Effectiveness of
By Rebecca Campbell                                                                                              Sexual Assault Nurse
                                                                                                                 Examiner Programs…..1

R     ape survivors who seek post-assault health
      care and medical forensic evidence
collection from emergency rooms often do not
                                                        remarkably consistent in their conclusions, do
                                                        not provide definitive evidence of the
                                                        effectiveness of SANE nurses in forensic
                                                                                                                 Book Review: Working
                                                                                                                 with Women’s
receive basic services, wait long hours, and have       evidence collection. Empirical studies that              HIV and Immigrants: A
evidence collection conducted by                        directly compare the evidence collected by               Manual for HIV/AIDS
personnel that lack training and experience.            SANE nurses and physicians on objective                  Service Providers….....2
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)                    criteria would better inform the debate over             Preventing Pregnancy
                                                                                                                 from Sexual
Programs were created to alleviate these                whether nurses are competent medical forensic
problems. This paper presents a brief summary of        examiners. To date, there have been only two             Framing Abuse: Media
the structure and functions of SANE                     such comparative studies conducted in the                Influence and Public
programs as they currently exist in the United          United States. Both studies found support for            Understanding of Sexual
States, and then reviews the empirical research         better evidence collection by SANE nurses.               Violence Against
literature on the effectiveness of SANE                 However, it is important to note that training           Children……………....3
programs in three domains: psychological                and experience, not job title or professional            Updated Michigan
                                                                                                                 Foundation Directory…3
recovery of victims, forensic evidence collection       degree, are the likely reasons behind these
                                                                                                                 New Resource Available
and prosecution rates. This paper concludes with        findings.                                                at the Resource Center..3
summary recommendations for future research                  Finally, by meticulously documenting                Web Resources for
and practice issues to help develop the most            injuries and physical evidence, it is possible that      SANE/SART
effective, evidence-based practices.                    SANE programs may increase prosecution rates             Programs…………..….3
     Because traditional medical care often leaves      in their communities. As with the literature on          FVPF’s Toolkit: Making
survivors feeling “re-raped,” SANE programs             the quality of forensic exams, case studies              the Connection:
have sought to provide care in an empowering            suggest that SANE programs increase                      Domestic Violence and
                                                                                                                 Public Health................4
setting that addresses survivors’ emotional and         prosecution. To date, there has been only one            Book Review: Domestic
medical needs. Although emotional care is a             study that included a direct comparison of legal         Violence: Guidelines for
primary goal of SANE programs, there have been          outcomes for SANE cases versus non-SANE                  Research Informed
few studies that have systematically evaluated the      cases and found strong evidence that                     Practice……………….4
psychological impact of SANE programs. The              prosecution of sexual assault cases was higher           NCADV to Publish
available literature is limited, but suggests that      in SANE cases.                                           New Manual …............4
rape survivors perceive SANE nurses as helpful               From this body of work, it appears that          Michigan Resource
and supportive.                                         SANE programs are having beneficial effects
                                                                                                                   Center on
     Another founding goal for many SANE                on rape survivors’ psychological well-being and
programs was to improve the quality of forensic         they are improving the prosecution rates of              Domestic and
evidence collection relative to the methods             sexual assault crimes. However, such                   Sexual Violence
traditionally used in hospital emergency                conclusions are tentative because most                  3893 Okemos Rd.,
departments.                                            published studies have not included adequate                 Suite B2
     The clinical case study literature suggests that   methodological controls or comparisons to               Okemos, MI 48864
SANE nurses are not only competent in forensic          rigorously test the effectiveness of SANE             Phone (517) 381-4663
evidence collection, but they are actually better at    programs. To address these research and                TTY (517) 381-8470
it because of their extensive training and              practice needs, it is important that researchers       Fax (517) 347-1060
experience. Yet, clinical case reports, though          and SANE program practitioners develop strong
                                                        collaborative relationships.
                                                             In Brief: The Effectiveness of Sexual  
        National Domestic Violence Hotline              Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs is
    Linea Nacional sobre la Violencia Domestica
                                                                                                              Visit us on the Web at
                                                        part of a longer document authored by Rebecca 
              1-800-799-SAFE (7233)                     Campbell for the National Resource Center on
               TTY 1-800-787-3224                                                                                     mrcdsv
                                                        Domestic Violence, PCADV and VAWnet.
  Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)         This document and references are available
             1-800-656-HOPE (4673)                      online at
                                                                                                              Winter 2005 Page                    1
New Print                Working With Women’s Groups                           Preventing Pregnancy from
                         W       orking with Women’s Groups, Volume 1,
                                 addresses issues which concern women
                         across the country, including low self-esteem,
                                                                               Sexual Assault
                                                                               E     ach year, an estimated 25,000 women
                                                                                     become pregnant as a result of sexual assault.
 Managing a              poor self-image, health problems such as eating       (Stewart and Trussell, 2000). Below, you will find
 Nonprofit               disorders and weight concerns, menopause, and         facts and resources on rape, pregnancy and
 Organization in         empowerment. The sexuality and leadership             prevention.
                         sections of Working with Women’s Groups,
 the 21st Century
                         Volume 2, continues this exploration by offering
                                                                               • The American Medical Association, the
 Framing Abuse:                                                                American College of Emergency Physicians and
                         workshops for lesbians and women of color who
                                                                               the American College of Obstetricians and
 Media Influence         need their own support groups to explore their
                                                                               Gynecologists all recognize Emergency
 and Public              specific experiences. In these groups women can
                                                                               Contraception (EC) as part of standard treatment
 Understanding of        share their problems, compare their experiences,
                                                                               for rape survivors to prevent pregnancy.
 Sexual Violence         and explore new options. Both books present
 Against Children        structured group exercises that will help women       • Emergency Contraception (EC) is a safe and
                         conduct their own personal search for identity        effective, FDA-approved method of preventing
 Growing Beyond          more productively.                                    pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. (FDA,
 Survival: A Self-            To borrow these materials, please contact the    1997).
 Help Toolkit for        Resource Center at (517) 381-4663.                    • EC is time-sensitive. The sooner it is given
 Managing                                                                      the better it works. (Ellertson, C., Evans, M.,
 Traumatic Stress        HIV and Immigrants: A Manual                          Ferden, S., Leadbetter, C., Spears, A. and
 Betrayed As Boys:       for HIV/AIDS Service Providers                        Johnstone, K. 2003).
                                                                               • EC could be used to prevent as many as
 Treatment of
                         I   magine this scene: A client who has tested
                             HIV positive comes to see you. Besides
                         worrying about testing HIV positive, she also
                                                                               22,000 of the pregnancies resulting from sexual
                                                                               assault each year. (Stewart and Trussell, 2000).
 Sexually Abused
                         fears what will happen to her because she is not a
                         US citizen. You may wonder whether her                Resources on Preventing Pregnancy
 Domestic Violence       immigration status will change the kind of            • Preventing Pregnancy from Sexual Assault:
 Trial Manual            services she can get. This manual is for anyone
                                                                               Four Action Strategies to Improve Hospital
                         who works with HIV positive clients who may not       Policies on Provision of Emergency
 Our Children:           be US citizens. This includes case managers, HIV
 Child Sexual                                                                  Contraception (National Sexual Violence
                         test counselors, paralegals, social workers, health
 Abuse: A                                                                      Resource Center, Education Fund of Family
                         care workers, nurses, doctors, interpreters, and      Planning Advocates of NYS and Clara Bell Duval
 Resource Guide to       discharge planners in hospitals. We hope you will     Reproductive Freedom Project of the ACLU of
 Help Children,          learn that many non-citizens with HIV/AIDS,           Pennsylvania, 2003) This toolkit provides facts
 Parents, and            regardless of their immigration status, may have      about emergency contraception for rape survivors,
 Professionals           some immigration options and may be able to           tools and strategies to assess the need for
                         work or receive some benefits.
 Breakthrough                 Immigration law is complicated. Though this
                                                                               increased access, and four strategies to increase
 Thinking for            manual will not make you an immigration law
 Nonprofit               expert, it will help you and your clients think       • Emergency Contraception educational
 Organizations:          about their choices and make informed decisions.      materials for diverse audiences. The Program for
 Creative                     This resource is available online at             Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) has
 Strategies for                   created materials for public awareness in several
 Extraordinary                                                                 different languages including: Amharic, Arabic,
 Results                                                                       Cambodian, Chinese, English, Haitian-Creole,
                                                                               Korean, Laotian, Portuguese, Russian, Somali,
 Women of                                                                      Spanish and Vietnamese.
 Southwest Detroit        Volunteer Opportunities available at                 • Emergency Contraception in the Americas.
 The Lobbying and         the Michigan Resource Center!                        (Program on Women, Health and Development,
 Advocacy                 The Michigan Resource Center on                      Pan American Health Organization) This 2 page
 Handbook                 Domestic and Sexual Violence is seeking              fact sheet provides information on what
                          volunteers to assist with the day-to-day             Emergency Contraception is and countries that are
 The Michigan             upkeep of the Resource Center. Please for-           currently making it available.
 Foundation                                                                    • Emergency Contraception Services for Rape
                          ward any inquires to Melissa Limon at
 Directory                                                                     Victims in Pennsylvania Hospitals. (Clara Bell
                          (517) 381-4663, ext.17 or via email at
                                                   Duval Reproductive Freedom Project, 2002)
                                                                               This study was updated in the summer of 2002. It
                                                                               evaluated access to emergency contraception in
                                                                               Pennsylvania emergency rooms.
Winter 2005 Page     2
Framing Abuse: Media Influence                        New Resource Available at the                       Elder Abuse
and Public Understanding of                           Michigan Resource Center!                           Electronic
Sexual Violence Against Children                                                                          Resources

C     ombining in-depth analysis of media
      representations of child sexual abuse with
                                                      B     etrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment
                                                            of Sexually Abused Men by Richard B.
                                                      Gartner, examines how sexual betrayal affects       National Center on
focus group discussions and interviews with           boys and the ways they carry this hurt into         Elder Abuse (NCEA)
nearly 500 journalists, campaigners and a cross-      adulthood. Blending psychoanalytic                  Exists to provide elder
section of ‘the public’, Framing Abuse: Media         understanding with insights from trauma-oriented    abuse information to
Influence and Public Understanding of Sexual          theory and practice, Gartner presents effective     professionals and the
Violence Against Children reveals the media’s         strategies for meeting the unique therapeutic       public; offer technical
role in contemporary society.                         needs of men with sexual abuse histories.           assistance and training
   Author, Jenny Kitzinger examines feminist               Filled with evocative clinical material, the   to elder abuse
initiatives to challenge sexual violence, the         book draws readers into the direct experience of    agencies and related
emergence of incest as a social problem and the       these clients, the therapists who work with them,   professionals; conduct
development of new survivor identities. She also      and the constantly shifting relational world they   short-term elder abuse
explores stereotypes around sex offenders,            inhabit. It serves as an indispensable guide for    research; and assist
                                                      clinicians and educators in a range of settings.
interrogates protests against ‘pedophiles-in-the-                                                         with elder abuse
                                                           To borrow this resource, please contact the
community’ and presents a detailed analysis of the                                                        program and policy
impact of scandals about disputed abuse               Resource Center at (517) 381-4663, ext.17.
allegations.                                                                                              www.elderabuse
   Which stories attract attention and why? What      Web Resources for SANE/SART
                                                                                                          center. org
strategies do journalists and campaigners use to      Programs
persuade people and how do we respond?
Answering these and other questions, the author
demonstrates how media reporting can impact on
                                                      E     vidence Collection and Care of the Sexual
                                                            Assault Survivor: The SANE-SART
                                                      Response (Linda E. Ledray, RN, Ph.D, LP,
                                                                                                          Clearinghouse on
people’s knowledge of the ‘facts’, perceptions of     FAAN, 2001).
                                                                                                          Abuse in Later Life
risk, sense of appropriate policy responses and       This Violence Against Women Online Resources
                                                                                                          NCALL provides training
even how we interpret our own experiences.            commissioned document outlines the components
                                                                                                          and technical assistance
   This book is essential reading for anyone          of a coordinated Sexual Assault Response Team       on issues that address
interested in theories of media influence, identity   (SART) model and illustrates the techniques and     the nexus between
and social change. It is also a key resource for      implementation strategies that should be utilized   domestic violence, sexual
anyone concerned about sexual violence, involved      when gathering forensic evidence post sexual        assault and elder abuse/
in designing intervention strategies and the          assault.                            neglect. They also
protection of children or who is attempting to                                                            provide resource and
                                                      Sexual Assault Response Team Guidelines
design intervention strategies. To borrow this                                                            facts sheets on abuse in
                                                      (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, 2002)
resource, please contact the Resource Center at                                                           later life.
                                                      These guidelines provide a comprehensive set of
(517) 381-4663.                                                                                 
                                                      recommended practices for multidisciplinary
Updated Michigan Foundation                           teams responding to sex crimes. It also includes
                                                      course outline for Sexual Assault Forensic
Directory Now Available!                              Examiners.                             National Committee
                                                                                                          for the Prevention
T     he Council of Michigan Foundations, in
      partnership with The Foundation Center, is
pleased to announce the release of the New and
                                                      Developing A Sexual Assault Response Team:
                                                      Resource Guide for Kentucky Communities
                                                                                                          of Elder Abuse
                                                                                                          Promotes research,
Improved Michigan Foundation Directory, 14th          (Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault             advocacy, public
Edition. Since the last edition of the Directory,     Programs, 2002)                                     awareness, and
over 100 foundations have been created in our         This guide describes an eight step process for      training regarding the
state, including family, private, public, corporate   developing sexual assault response teams and        abuse and neglect of
                                                      focuses on responding to sexual assault victims
and community foundations. This manual explains                                                           older persons and
the purpose of a foundation and lists various types   that are fourteen or more years old.
                                                                                                          disabled adults.
of grantmakers. A sample grant application form
is also included. To borrow this resource, please     Minnesota Model Sexual Assault Response 
contact the Resource Center at (517) 381-4663.        Protocol (Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual
                                                      Assault: Minnesota Model Protocol Project, 2000)
The Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and          This guide was created to help effect a more
   Sexual Violence is a collaboration of the          victim-centered approach toward sexual assault
                                                      crimes. It is intended for those interested in
         Michigan Domestic Violence
                                                      developing a multidisciplinary protocol. Excerpts
       Prevention and Treatment Board
                                                      are available online.
 and the Michigan Coalition Against Domestic
            and Sexual Violence
                                                                                                          Winter 2005 Page        3
The Michigan             FVPF’s Toolkit: Making the                              NCADV to Publish New “How to
Resource Center on       Connection: Domestic Violence                           Lobby Manual”
Domestic and             and Public Health
Sexual Violence is a
collaboration of the     H      ow can we engage public health leaders to
                                respond to family violence? The Family
                                                                                 T     he NCADV Public Policy Office is in the
                                                                                       process of updating and revising its “How
                                                                                 To” Lobby Manual. This legislative action booklet
Michigan Domestic        Violence Prevention Fund has developed a tool           contains vital information for domestic violence
                                                                                 advocates, and is designed to assist activists in
Violence Prevention      (available on CD with an accompanying
                         guidebook) that makes the connection between            becoming involved in the democratic process.
and Treatment                                                                         The manual addresses information related to
                         family violence and leading public health
Board and the                                                                    the legislative process and community organizing.
                         concerns and presents effective strategies for
Michigan Coalition       responding. This evidence-based tool offers the         Topics include how a bill becomes a law, visiting
Against Domestic         most relevant research on family violence,              with legislators, and tips for community
and Sexual               implications for select public health programs,         organizing. The manual includes sample letters to
Violence.                recommended clinical and policy strategies,             assist activists when writing letters to legislators,
                         promising practices and resources from around the       as well as contact information for several key
The Michigan             country.                                                federal and state government agencies.
Domestic Violence             This PowerPoint Presentation and                        This resource tool and action kit will also
Prevention and           accompanying guidebook helps presenters by              contain information about motivating and
                         providing evidence and “speaker's notes” for each       organizing voting campaigns. NCADV will also
Treatment Board is
                         slide to make the case for violence prevention to       provide the most current versions of our domestic
the primary funder                                                               violence fact sheets which may be duplicated and
                         public health leaders. A presenter may opt to
and owner of the         present on any of the following areas and may mix       shared as an additional organizing resource.
collection. Additional   and match sections depending on their audience:              NCADV’s Public Policy Office encourages
funding is provided by        • Overview & Epidemiology                          advocates not only to follow domestic violence
the U.S. Department           • Women’s Health                                   legislation, but to also take action politically by
                                                                                 utilizing the many tactics outlined in the manual.
of Health and Human           • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
                              • Family Planning                                  By expressing your views and contacting your
Services and other                                                               legislators regarding your concerns, you will
                              • Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV
generous supporters                                                              become part of social action to pass legislation
                              • Perinatal Programs
of the Michigan               • Breastfeeding and Nutritional Supplements        which will better protect domestic violence
Coalition Against             • Child and Adolescent Health                      victims and their families.
Domestic and Sexual           • Injury and Violence Prevention and                    The “How To” Lobby Manual will be
Violence.                     • Regional and Local Data on Domestic              available later this fall in hard copy as well as a
                               Violence                                          downloadable PDF document on NCADV’s
                              To view the online version of the toolkit or to    website. Participants in NCADV’s Lobby Day
Resource Center                                                                  events will receive a copy of the manual and have
                         place an order, visit
Staff                    display.php3?DocID=344 or call toll-free at             an opportunity to attend a “How To” Lobby
Jenefer O’Dell,          1-888-Rx-ABUSE                                          Workshop.
  Resource Center                                                                     For more information, email NCADV’s
  Coordinator            Domestic Violence: Guidelines for                       Public Policy office at
Melissa Limon,           Research-Informed Practice
  Resource Center
  Specialist             T     here is a growing concern that domestic
                               violence has reached epidemic proportions.
                         Existing services, developed by mental health
                         professionals, frequently have minimal impact on
                         reducing either the frequency or severity of                       Visit us on the Web!
                         domestic violence. As a result, science-
                         practitioners in this field have developed new
                         clinical research programs to inform key practice
                         issues and improve these services.
                              Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Research-
                         Informed Practice describes recently developed
                         intervention programs which have been shown to
                         be effective for reducing the incidence, severity or
                         impact of domestic violence in particular                         Access the entire
                         populations. It also features assessment programs           Resource Center collection and
                         that identify risk profiles of potential perpetrators          order materials online at
                         and victims. This new approach is designed to       
                         enhance the quality and effectiveness of service
                         initiatives in domestic violence. To borrow this
Winter 2005 Page    4    resource, please contact the Resource Center.

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