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					            2009 TOPNEWFRANCHISES.Com Promotional Program
                         Updated April 4, 2009

We’ve Got an Exciting Plan for Promoting Your New Franchise Opportunity
The TopNewFranchises.Com program is a unique, Internet-based promotional
campaign designed exclusively for NEW franchise concepts.

It’s designed to help you:

● Raise positive awareness among prospects, media and franchise community

● Promote your concept to qualified franchise prospects

● Promote your concept to business & franchise media

● Promote your concept to regional electronic & print publications

● Boost your Internet & Search engine presence

● Communicate the unique benefits and culture of your franchise program

● Enhance the credibility of your new franchise program

● Generate powerful endorsements & testimonials

● Create valuable traffic to your website

● Overcome “new franchise” stigma & objections

● Transform franchisees, customers, employees, vendors & associates into your
marketing force

● Create awareness and generate leads in specific priority markets

● Receive innovative new ideas and tools for cost-effectively marketing your franchise

● Take advantage of discounted cooperative franchise marketing opportunities

We work with you to boost your exposure, credibility & leads online

AWARENESS: Leads alone are not enough, especially for new franchisors. You need
to create broad awareness and recognition… people need to have heard of you. No one
wants to buy an obscure franchise that no one’s ever heard of.
and our 10+ blog network is widely read by the top business writers and editors who are
looking for exciting concepts and stories to feature in major media.

ENDORSEMENT: 3rd party recognition and validation are important to prospective
franchise owners. Your participation on enables prospects to
see the enthusiasm for an endorsements of your franchise from those who matter most:
your franchisees, loyal customers, dedicated team members, and experienced

QUALIFIED LEADS: will undoubtedly generate leads, but it’s
important to note we’re not a lead-capture program. Unlike the franchise lead
generation “portals,” we promote and direct interested parties to your website. Our
program is designed to encourage qualified prospects to visit your website, contact you
directly for more information and attend scheduled events. It is also designed to
motivate your current prospects to take the next step by seeing the popularity of your
concept on TopNewFranchises.Com.

Who We Are
TopNewFranchises.Com was developed and implemented by IdeaFarm, a brand
development and marketing services firm focused solely on growing franchise
companies. IdeaFarm founder Sean Kelly has two decades of experience launching and
growing new franchise concepts, having assisted more than 100 franchisors launch and
grow their franchise programs, including Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels, Buffalo Wild
Wings, Johnny Rockets, BP Amoco, Panda Express, Saladworks, Valvoline Instant Oil
Change, Krystal, Popeyes, Roy Rogers, Dun & Bradstreet, ACE Hardware, Weight
Watchers, Alphagraphics, Chem-Dry, McAlister’s Deli, and others.

He is a leading franchise writer whose work appears regularly for Franchise Times,
Franchise Market Magazine, and online for the b5media and FranBest.Com Networks.
He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Nations Restaurant
News, BrandWeek, Franchise Times & law journal Franchising Business & Law.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Enrollment You receive an invitation to participate as a Top New Franchise
member on TopNewFranchises.Com, and pay the appropriate fee for your level of
involvement. Payment is made by credit card via secure PayPal processing. No PayPal
account is required. Alternative payment methods are available upon request and
participation comes with a moneyback guarantee.

Step 2: Interview & Info Gathering We will send you an Interview questionnaire to be
filled out by the franchise CEO/founder/spokesperson and returned. The same
document will contain a request for the franchise listing information, photographs and
graphics and supporting reference or research materials (FDD). Once we review the

written interview, we may follow up with a brief phone conversation with the interviewee
to get clarification or add personalization to the written interview.

Step 3: Formatting, Review & Posting Within a few days, your listing and interview
will be posted on the site for your review and, if necessary, revisions. You will receive
prominent visibility on the site, with a endorsement page, a franchise profile, a Featured
Interview with your Founder/CEO or other company representative.

Step 4: Networkwide Promotion Your interview and feature articles promoting your
interview will appear on more than 10 franchise industry websites, on newswire services,
and to our newsletter subscriber database. Your interview will be read by the editors
and writers of major business and franchise media, including the Wall Street Journal,
BusinessWeek, CNBC and Franchise Times.

We will build your web presence, awareness and website traffic on a continuous basis,
as well as offer you access to cooperative opportunities negotiated on behalf of our
community of nominees. We will post your company news & accomplishments on our
extensive website network for three months after your interview is launched, and host
your interview and articles for at least one year.

Step 5: Promote Your Interview/Testimonial Page We will provide you with the tools
and guidance to promote your participation as a Top New Franchise by encouraging
employees, associates, customers and others to post testimonial “endorsements” on the
TopNewFranchises.Com site. The very act of asking for their endorsements,
commentary and insights will help you spread the word and build awareness of your
franchise program.

As a member, we will provide you with TopNewFranchise
graphics and text links that we ask you to place on your company website and that you
use to promote not only your own content, but our community of new franchise

We ask that all participants deploy their online and social marketing efforts to promote as well as their fellow members.

Step 6: Ongoing Promotional Participation As a member,
you will be invited to continue your participation and highlight your company events and
milestones by contributing to our news, events and opinions blog posts, and to submit
your company press releases for priority consideration throughout the year. You will
also receive special promotional opportunities, deals negotiated for our members, and
tips and guidance via our member eNewsletters.


On-site Exposure on TopNewFranchises.Com
> Franchise Profile & Direct Link to your Website
> Branded Endorsement Page
> Top Page Sidebar Link to Endorsement Page
> Moderated Endorsement & Comment Capture About Your Franchise
> Featured Interview with your CEO/Founder posted for 1 year
> Company news & events posts (ongoing)
> PR Firm Press Contact Listing (

Internet & Print Media Exposure
> Coordination with Your PR Firm or PR Representative
> PR & Media Interview Referrals
> Press Release Announcement of your TNF Nominee Status
> Priority consideration of press release submissions
> Featured Status in Media & Internet Promotions, Press Emailings
> Press Release & News Posting on 10+ Franchise Blog Network, including:
        FranBest.Com, FranchisePick.Com, TopNewFranchises.Com,
        FranchisorMarketing.Com, FranchiseeMarketing.Com,,, and more.
> Social Media Promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook

Campaign Tools, Graphics & Guidance
> Use of the Top New Franchise Logo, Banners & Links
> Campaign Tips, Tools & Graphics for Building Endorsements, Comments & Exposure
> Free Review & Critique of your Franchise Marketing Materials,
  (including website, brochures, ads & letters)
> Access to Discounted Cooperative Advertising Opportunities
> Access to IdeaFarm Services (hourly billing)
  (branding & franchise marketing consulting, copywriting, editing & design)
> Industry Referrals & Vendor Recommendations for franchise services

SEAN KELLY AT 717-656-2107 OR 717-371-1911 (CELL).


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