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									Employee Handbook
                                                           Table of Contents
Introduction                                                              Nationwide Arena Facility Policies
History ...........................................................   3   Information Booths ......................................... 19
Chain of Command .........................................            4   Exit and Re-Entry Policy ................................ 19
Customer Service ............................................         4   Smoking .......................................................... 19
Policy Towards Sexual Harassment ...............                      5   Persons with Disabilities Seating Locations ... 19
ID Badges ......................................................      6   Fan and Guest Ground Rules .......................... 20
                                                                          Help, Assistance and Emergency Situations ... 20
Nationwide Arena Staff Guidelines                                         The Media....................................................... 20
Appearance .................................................... 6
When you are Hired ........................................ 6             Nationwide Arena – The Facility
Availability and Scheduling ........................... 6                 Box Office ...................................................... 21
Attendance ...................................................... 7       Premium Seating Locations ............................ 21
Lateness ......................................................... 7      Clubs, Lounges and Meeting Rooms .............. 21
Standby Status ............................................... 7
Minimums ...................................................... 7         Guest Information ........................................ 22
Employee Parking .......................................... 7
Reporting to Work .......................................... 8            Accommodations for Guests with Disabilities
Breaks and Cellular Phones ............................ 8                 Parking ............................................................ 23
Confiscated Items, Gambling, Possession ...... 8                          Admission ....................................................... 23
Workers Compensation .................................. 8                 Ushers and Guest Services .............................. 24
Backstage Area ............................................... 9          Emergency Response ...................................... 24
Autographs, Pictures, Gifts and Gratuities...... 9                        Special Arrangements ..................................... 24
Guidelines and Disciplinary Procedures ......... 9                        Employment .................................................... 24
Resignation or Termination of Employment ... 11                           Summary ......................................................... 25
Paychecks and Pay Discrepancies .................. 11
Event Tickets .................................................. 11       Crisis Management Plan
Employee Bulletin Boards .............................. 11                Crisis Management Team ............................... 25
Employee Suggestion Box .............................. 11                 Facility Preparedness ...................................... 25
                                                                          Staff Training .................................................. 26
Event Staff Specific Guidelines                                           Documentation and Records ........................... 26
Handling Guest Complaints ............................ 12                 Medical Emergency ........................................ 26
Guest Confrontations ...................................... 12            Bomb Threats ................................................. 27
Dealing with Guests that are Intoxicated ........ 13                      Fire.................................................................. 27
Legal Matters .................................................. 13       Mechanical/Equipment Failure ....................... 27
Accident/Incident Reports .............................. 14               Place of Refuge ............................................... 28
Lost and Found ............................................... 14         Evacuation ...................................................... 28
Aisles and Stairways ....................................... 14           Detours ........................................................... 29
                                                                          Emergency Assembly Areas ........................... 29
Job Descriptions                                                          Evacuation Equipment Aids ........................... 30
Usher .............................................................. 15   Media/Tenant Relations .................................. 30
Ticket Taker ................................................... 16       Crisis Management Plan Summary ................. 30
Ticket Seller ................................................... 16
Greeter ............................................................ 17   Attached
Concierge........................................................ 17      Incident Report ............................................... 31
Security........................................................... 18    Seating Sections Map ..................................... 32
Event Cleaner ................................................. 19        Employee Profile ............................................ 33
                                                                          Month by Month Availability Grid ................. 34


Congratulations!!! on being an inaugural member of the Nationwide Arena Event Staff. Nationwide
Arena was developed to become one of the most technologically advanced and beautiful sporting venues in
the entire world. Each year, Nationwide Arena will welcome through its turnstiles over ONE MILLION
guests a year and produce over 130 events for the Columbus community.


Your participation as a member of The Event Staff will contribute to one of the most important and integral
parts of the Nationwide Arena team. Our reputation is a direct reflection on your performance and, without
a doubt, our success is measured by the job you do during each and every event.

Patience, courtesy and appearance are the heart of your performance at the Nationwide Arena. There will
be occasions when your patience will be tested, but the care and understanding you display will go a long
way to lessen a customer’s irritation. Nationwide Arena is a
people-serving-people organization. Your attention to details and       “What separates true
concern for the guests safety and enjoyment will help to convey         customer satisfaction from
this message.                                                           mere lip service is the
                                                                        willingness to put the
This handbook will give you some of the basic information about         customer first in everything
Nationwide Arena which you will need to know in order to                we do.”
promote the highest levels of customer service, and will also help
explain the expectations that we have for the Event Staff.
Although much of this information will be covered in Orientation, we encourage you to carefully read this
Manual and to contact your supervisor if you are unclear with any of the guidelines outlined within. This
handbook is not intended to serve as a contract of employment. Not every situation you may encounter
working in the arena will be covered in this handbook, but by using these guidelines and your good
judgment we feel that every incident can be handled in a professional, courteous and confident manner.

The Nationwide Arena that we know today has been a journey that began over 3 years ago. The city of
Columbus realized that a need existed for a state of the art facility that could host a NHL hockey team,
quality entertainment events and be a center for downtown development. Efforts were made to combine
forces and a referendum to build this facility was offered to the community. Unfortunately, the residents of
Columbus defeated the referendum in a close margin and for a while the thought of a major arena was lost.
However, quickly after the vote the community minded leaders of Nationwide Insurance came to the table
and agreed with The Columbus Dispatch to build the downtown arena if a NHL team was awarded. In June
of 1997 The Columbus Blue Jackets was named. The ownership of the Blue Jackets, led by Worthington
Industries, formed the alliance called the Colhoc Limited Partnership, and our arena became a reality.
Construction began in June of 1998 and a strong response was immediate. Over 12,000 personal seat
licenses have been sold so far. The 170 million dollar project is without a doubt one of the nicest facilities
in the nation. More than 9,400 tons of steel and 65,000 square feet of glass have been used in the 800,000
square foot facility. It is anticipated that 1.5 million labor hours will be used to build this arena.

SMG, the world’s leader in public assembly management, was chosen to manage the Nationwide Arena in
1997. SMG is based out of Philadelphia and currently manages over 130 arenas, convention centers,
stadiums and theatres. In Columbus, SMG also manages the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Our
management’s credo is based on 8 factors: Client Satisfaction, Client Accountability, Community
Involvement, Operational Excellence, Customer Service, Profitability, Employee Satisfaction and Business
Conduct. We know that the very heart of our business is the faith our clients have in us. We, as a company
and as individuals, must never do anything to compromise that trust.

The Nationwide Arena is managed by several departments that work closely together to make each event a
success. The chain of command is provided to help you understand who ultimately makes decisions that
affect your work environment and the public we serve. In the event of an emergency situation, the chain of
command will be followed for making appropriate decisions.

                                           General Manager
                                        Director of Operations
                                    Assistant Director of Operations
                    Guest Services Managers / Event Coordinators or Department Leads
                                           Event Supervisors
                                          Security Supervisors

The chain of command works in both directions. Any problems you may have should be addressed through
the chain of command starting with your immediate supervisor then up. While it is certainly okay to discuss
work situations with the General Manager, specific complaints or problems should be funneled through
your immediate supervisor.

The importance of customer service in the success of our organization cannot be emphasized enough. To
our customers, you are the voice and personality of our organization in every interaction. Certainly, there
are limitations that a guest cannot, and should not, cross without being penalized. Nevertheless, each and
every customer that attends one of our events pays for your salary and the salary of your co-workers.
Always remember that. Some of the key elements you will need to practice are to be motivated, to have a
good attitude, and to take pride in your job and your facility. Having a “bad day” is just not an option when
dealing with the public.

                             Guest Concerns or Complaints Must Be Addressed.

If a guest takes the time to inform you of a problem or concern, it must be addressed to the best of your
                                      ability as quickly as possible. Inaction on your part is not an option. If
 “Customer Service is like an         you do not know how to answer or resolve the inquiry, do not give an
 election held every day, and         answer to the guest that you think they want to hear. Likewise, if you
 people vote with their feet.         are not sure of the correct answer, contact someone that has the right
 If dissatisfied, they walk,          information.
 and sometimes run, to your
 competitor.”                                        Treat Everyone With Respect And Courtesy
                     – Paul Timm
                                      Nationwide Arena employees must always conduct themselves in a
                                      professional and courteous manner at all times. No matter what the
situation, it is never acceptable to engage in a verbal argument with a guest. If a guest has become
belligerent, you should immediately contact security or your supervisor.

                               Do Not Become Involved In An Argument
                    or Verbally Berate A Guest or Fellow Employee for any Reason.

Though you may get frustrated or upset, your polite demeanor should always remain no matter the situation.

                              Be Positive In All Your Dealings With The Public

Our guests come from near and far to see the best the entertainment and sporting world has to offer. As a
fan, there is nothing that will ruin a night at Nationwide Arena more
than an unpleasant or rude employee. Think of the times you’ve           Reputations are built by a
dealt with poor employees as a paying customer. Isn’t it true that       thousand individual acts,
not only do you have a low opinion of the employee, but the              and are lost by merely one
establishment they work for as well? Isn’t it also true that it has      bad interaction.
been a very long time since you have been back to that store or

Try offering all of the guests more than they expect by offering really GREAT customer service. We use
the letters in GREAT as a reminder of the five most important points in dealing with people:

              Greet                  Greet the customer. Smile. Make people feel welcome.
              Respect                Show Respect for all guests and co-workers
              Easy                   Make everything Easy for the customers.
              Attractive             Keep yourself, your area and the facility Attractive.
              Thanks                 Thank guests and co-workers for their business, their
                                     comments, and even for their complaints.

Sexual harassment is a serious matter that constitutes a violation of both the law and Nationwide Arena
policy. Sexual harassment of an employee by supervisors and/or other employees is neither condoned nor
tolerated. The company will investigate all reported incidents and take disciplinary action where
appropriate. Every good faith effort will be taken by Nationwide Arena to fulfill the objectives of this

Sexual Harassment Includes, but Is Not Limited to:
    1. Making sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual
        nature a condition of continued employment;
    2. Unwanted or unnecessary physical contact;
    3. Excessively offensive remarks including unwelcome comments about appearance, obscene jokes
        or other inappropriate use of sexually suggestive objects or pictures;
    4. Promising preferential treatment in return for sexual favors;
    5. Creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment by such conduct.

Any employee who feels he/she is the subject of, or is exposed to sexual harassment or other threatening,
intimidating or discriminatory behavior has the right to have such activity reviewed and addressed
immediately by the General Manager of Nationwide Arena. Complaints will be treated in a confidential
manner to the extent possible, and an investigation will be made immediately concerning the allegations. If
the investigation leads to a determination that the allegations are true, corrective action will be taken, up to
and including immediate termination.

This procedure has been established to allow employees the freedom of expressing their feelings and/or
complaints. No employee need fear that he or she will be penalized for making use of this procedure. The
Nationwide Arena’s management is dedicated to eliminating all forms of sexual harassment and is
committed to a prompt and impartial investigation and resolution of any complaint.


Upon employment at the Nationwide Arena, you will be issued an Identification Badge which will have
your picture and department. All employees must carry their identification badge at all times. Many
positions will require the badge to be worn as part of the uniform. Failure to wear an identification badge
may be grounds for disciplinary action.

If you lose your ID Badge, it will be replaced the first time for free. Subsequent badges will cost the
employee $5.00 to replace.


In conjunction with our customer-first attitude, your appearance is a major factor in the public’s perception
of our service. Uniforms for each department have been chosen to provide a professional, neat and clean
look for our staff. All event staff members should take pride in their appearance, both in the uniform they
wear and in their grooming and cleanliness also. Employees whose appearance is not of an acceptable level
or who are not wearing the prescribed uniform will not be permitted to work the event and will be subject to
disciplinary action. If you should have any questions as to what your department uniform requirements are,
please ask your supervisor.

After being hired, there will be a 90-day probationary period. While on probation, you can be terminated
for one violation of the Nationwide Arena work guidelines or any violation of the Job Description
responsibilities that pertains to your classification.

Employment at Nationwide Arena has its perks. You regularly view events and shows that most people pay
good money to see. We will also make every effort to arrange your work schedule around your classes,
family activities, careers and other activities. It is important, however, to keep in mind that employment at
the Nationwide Arena is still a part-time job. As such, we require certain things from you as well. As an
event employee, you are expected to work every type of event – not just hockey games or concerts. And if
you are scheduled to work an event, we are counting on your being at the Arena on-time and ready to do
your job.

Scheduling Grids have been posted in the Event Staff Locker Rooms, and should be kept up-to-date by the
employee every time they come for work. It is the responsibility of each staff member to keep track of
which days they are working, and what time they should report. Once the schedule is posted, you must
notify the Guest Services Manager as soon as possible of any changes or concerns.

Post scheduling will be done based on a number of factors including employee availability, employee
reliability, special skills needed for certain posts, and occasionally to accommodate special requests. Every
effort will be made to rotate staff through posts in their classification on an event-by-event basis.

We understand that schedules change, but we ask that you understand how much faith we put in that each
employee will show when scheduled. With this in mind, the only excused call-offs are those that occur
within a 72 hour period prior to the work date. Call-offs must be received by the Guest Services Manager
who will make the final determination of excused or unexcused call-offs. The Nationwide Arena will not
accept frequent call-offs, and this behavior may lead to termination.

Certain shows, such as rock concerts and major events, will constitute a no call-off policy. In such cases, all
designated employees are expected to be available to work.

If you have an emergency which absolutely necessitates you miss an event that you are scheduled to work,
only the Guest Services Manager can authorize a late sign-off. You must speak directly to the Guest
Services Manager to receive approval. In such cases, you will be asked to provide some type of verification
about the incident that required the call-off.

If you report to work late, you will be marked as such and will only be permitted to work if additional
employees are required to staff the building. In addition, constant lateness may result in disciplinary action.

The punctuality of event staff is extremely important to the smooth      Repeated absences and
operation of the building. Absent or late employees result in un-        lateness may result in
staffed sections and unsupervised areas of the building. Tardiness       disciplinary action.
or unexcused absences cannot be tolerated.

If you are not scheduled to work but would like to fill-in or report as a standby, you should contact the
Guest Services Manager who will tell you whether any stand-by positions are available in your
classification. Follow the same procedures for reporting to work and attend the pre-event briefing.
Standby’s will be put to work on a first-come first-served basis. You must be in uniform and ready to work
in order to be staffed. If you are not needed for that event, you will be permitted to stay for the event (as
long as you do not sit in guest seating). Nationwide Arena is not required to pay you for your time in the
event you are not assigned.

All employees are guaranteed a minimum of four (4) hours pay if assigned to work. This minimum
guarantee does not apply to employees reporting for Standby and are not assigned.

Employee Parking is in the Front Street Garage, located across the street in the Nationwide Insurance
Garage. The fee for parking is $2 per event. All staff must park on the top (9 th) floor of the garage or they
may be ticketed or towed.

All employees should enter the facility through the employee entrance located in the North East corner of
the facility. After checking in at the proper table, the employee should proceed to the time clock and swipe
in at the assigned time. Employees will not be paid until the call-time. In the time clock area there are
lockers available for temporary employee use. After all personal items are locked up and the Event Staff
member is prepared to greet the public, all employees will then assemble in section 105 for a pre-event

It is extremely important for all employees to be present at the pre-event briefing. Information you are
required to know will be explained and addressed at this time. Employees who are continuously late or
absent from pre-event meetings may be subject to disciplinary action.

                                                                 Employee Eating, Drinking, using a
When possible the Event Supervisors will offer limited           Cell Phone or Smoking at an
breaks. If at anytime you need to take a break from your         assigned post or in the guest seating
designated post please notify a supervisor or the Guest          areas is not permitted and will result
Services Manager. Leaving your designated post is never          in disciplinary action.

As a customer, have you ever had to wait while an employee talked on a cellular phone instead of assisting
you? If you have, then it is easy to understand why it is unacceptable for Nationwide Arena Event Staff to
use them while working. Not only is it unprofessional, but it hampers our ability to provide top notch
customer service. Please, do not carry or use cell phones while working.

Items that are illegally brought onto Nationwide Arena property and are collected by Nationwide Arena
Event Staff are to be turned into the Event Supervisor or the Security Command Center. This includes
items that are collected at the entry gates, in the concourse or in the Nationwide Arena parking lots.
Examples of these items include bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages, weapons, laser pointers, video cameras,
etc. Any employee that takes a confiscated item without specific management authorization is subject to
severe disciplinary action, including termination.

Possession of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace, or employees reporting to work under the influence of
drugs and/or alcohol, are completely unacceptable and are grounds for immediate termination. Gambling of
any sort is absolutely prohibited on Nationwide Arena property. This includes, but is not limited to, betting

Absolutely no weapons are permitted on Nationwide Arena property by either guests or employees. This
includes weapons that are registered by the State of Ohio or through any other organization. Anyone who
enters the Arena with a weapon will be instructed to leave the building. The event supervisor and/or Guest
Services Manager should be contacted immediately in the event an employee observes any person with a
weapon. Situations such as these should be handled quietly and discretely so as to not cause panic.

Coverage is provided by the Nationwide Arena to all employees who receive injuries which occur in
connection with their employment. Brochures that detail exactly how to handle claims are distributed
annually by the human resources department. It is imperative that claims be handled in the proper manner
in order for employees to be properly covered. Any specific questions not covered in the brochure should
be directed to the human resources department.

The backstage area is off-limits to all Nationwide Arena employees unless specifically posted there.
Employees will be subject to immediate disciplinary action if they are found in this area.

Employees are not permitted to fraternize, solicit autographs, take           Employees soliciting
pictures, give gifts, cards, notes, etc to hockey players, Nationwide         autographs or gifts of any
Arena visitors or acts, or any other personnel unless specifically            type will be subject to
authorized by Nationwide Arena management                                     disciplinary action.

Nationwide Arena employees are not permitted to solicit or accept tips or gratuities. Please understand that
this is our policy and that employees can be subject to disciplinary action if violated. This includes, but is
not limited to, giveaways from shows, tips for performing services, food and beverages from suite holders,

Should you decide to resign, or your employment be terminated, you will be asked to complete a resignation
form from payroll. You should clean out your locker at the earliest time possible and turn in any uniform
items, keys, or any Nationwide Arena property issued to you.

If all Nationwide Arena property issued to you is not returned, you will be invoiced for the full replacement
value of that item. If the items are returned in a condition not attributable to normal wear and tear, you may
be invoiced for the full replacement value of that item.

The Nationwide Arena pays its employees on a bi-monthly basis. Checks can be picked up at the Uniform
Distribution Center on an event day, or in the Administration Office after 12 noon on the first day checks
are available.

  Under no circumstances should an             As with any organization that has hundreds of part-time
  employee contact the payroll                 employees, occasional mistakes will be made. Pay
  department directly. Please forward          discrepancies of any sort should be handled by filling out an
  any pay discrepancies or other               Pay Discrepancy Form, available in the Distribution Center.
  problems via your department lead.           Event employees should forward their forms to the Guest
                                               Services Manager.

The Nationwide Arena Box Office is committed to selling event tickets in a fair and equitable manner.
Being an employee of the Nationwide Arena has it’s perks, but access to tickets without following the same
rules as the public is not one of them. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for Nationwide Arena
events, you should follow the same procedures as the general public by either calling Ticketmaster at 431-
3600, or by purchasing tickets from an outlet or at the Nationwide Arena Box Office while you are NOT
working. Employees who request tickets in an illegal fashion or who attempt to purchase tickets in any
inappropriate fashion will be subject to disciplinary action.

Whenever possible special ticket offers or promotions may be made to the employees of the arena. There is
no promise of availability and this privilege can be taken away at any time if abuses occur.

Important information and updates are posted on the employee bulletin boards which are located by the
employee locker rooms and Security Command Center. Please take the time to read the information posted
in these areas regularly. In addition, employees should feel free to post their own notes, information, or
news on these bulletin boards. Items posted on the boards can be removed at any time if deemed
inappropriate by management.

Nationwide Arena Management encourages suggestions and ideas from its employees. Feedback and
information provided by our staff, who have high levels of contact with our guests, are extremely valuable

to our continued improvement in our services, policies and procedures. Please take the time to forward
your ideas to us via the employee suggestion box which is located at the Employee Locker Area. All
suggestions, complaints and ideas are welcome.


Handling a complaint can be a challenge for even a seasoned employee. For one thing, the customer may
be angry. It is important to remember that the anger is not really directed against you. You need to control
your own reactions and deal with the situation in a professional manner. Try following these steps to
control the situation:

    1.  Prepare yourself so you stay in control. Emotions are contagious. Don’t become excited, angry or
             Watch your body language and tone.
             Take a non-defensive posture with your arms and legs un-crossed.
             Smiling at the guest may not be appropriate. Look concerned and interested in what they
                 are saying.
             Use a serious, concerned tone of voice.
    2. Thank the customer and tell them that you appreciate the chance to set things right;
    3. Apologize to the customer for the mistake;
    4. Let the person speak and blow off steam;
             Do not interrupt them – let them do the talking.
             Listen and observe the guest’s feelings.
    5. Make a personal connection with the guest;
             Use the person’s name several times.
             Express understanding for what the person is feeling.
             Ask questions and restate parts of what the guest is saying in order to assure them that you
                 have actually been listening.
    6. Promise to do something about the problem immediately;
             Discuss alternatives fully. Irate guests often do not listen very well.
             Do not tell the guest what you think they want to hear, or give them incorrect information.
             Do not send them somewhere to find an answer unless you are sure that is where they
                 need to go.
             Review the agreement you have reached using terms that express a mutual agreement:
                 “This is what we will do…”
             Remember: When the guest is silent, it often an indication that they don’t want to be
                 bothered explaining further, or worse, do not believe it will do any good.
    7. Ask for the necessary information;
             Be clear about what will happen next.
    8. Correct the mistake promptly;
    9. Check that the customer is satisfied;
    10. Take steps to prevent further mistakes.
             Fill out an Incident Form. Take the viewpoint of the guest.

Physical confrontations must be avoided in every situation unless absolutely necessary. Unless the safety of
yourself or another employee is in jeopardy, it is prohibited to touch or physically handle a guest in any
manner. In the event physical contact is necessary, use only the minimum force necessary. Verbal
confrontations must be avoided in every situation. These confrontations are a lose-lose situation. Not only

do we almost always come out as the “bad guy,” but it diminishes our ability to provide service in other
                                                                             It is prohibited to touch
 If you become involved in an altercation, you could be subject to          or physically handle a
    assault and other criminal charges. You are subject to the same          guest in any manner.
    legal code as other citizens and guests.
 The burden of proof in a self-defense cases is on YOU.
 You may be dealing with armed or dangerous individuals, or individuals with a large group of friends

In the event a confrontational situation is taking place, you should:
        Contact your immediate supervisor at the earliest possible moment.
        Isolate the incident away from the crowd or event.
        Use self-defense only when absolutely necessary to protect yourself. Only the force necessary to
         control the problem will be tolerated. The use of excessive force can result in immediate

Employees should never be involved in a verbal confrontation with a guest. No matter what the situation,
an employee is never permitted to verbally abuse a guest, even in situations which the guest is rude,
unpleasant or sarcastic. All employees can be assured that no guest is permitted to verbally or physically
abuse any employee. Not only will the guest be immediately ejected from the building, but the Columbus
Police will be summoned if necessary.

In the event a guest has become verbally abusive you should:                    Remember to complete
 Warn the guest in a calm and polite voice that their behavior will not        an incident report if any
    be tolerated and security will be called.                                   type of a confrontational
 Contact security and your immediate supervisor.                               situation occurs.
 Avoid the guest until security arrives to investigate.

For many guests watching a sporting event becomes a social occasion which involves drinking. While most
people are responsible drinkers, some people who drink become a problem. Intoxicated guests can create
many safety concerns for themselves and for others at the facility. In each instance, decide if this is a
situation where Security should be called. If this is a situation which you handle, keep in mind the
following points:
      Do not touch the person.
      Safety is an issue since the guest may be disoriented. Move them away from steps and railings.
      Do not argue with the guest.
      Speak softly and keep your tone respectful.
      Do not make judgmental statements about the person’s drinking.
      Do not talk down to the person or the guest may become defensive.
      Keep what you say focused on the facts.
      Move ahead in small steps. Be patient – be prepared to repeat directions and information.
      If the friends of the guest are present and appear to be helpful, ask them for assistance.
      Fill out an Incident Report!

Unfortunately, the nature of the entertainment business lends itself towards legal matters and possible court
appearances. Attendance at court on behalf of the Nationwide Arena, as required by a subpoena, is an
official duty. Permission to be excused from this duty must be obtained from the prosecuting attorney
handling the case.

The following should be noted in regards to legal issues and your employment:
 Individual employees should never be contacted directly by an attorney without notice from
    building management. If you are contacted by an attorney without notification by management, you
    should take their name and number and get back to them only after speaking with a Nationwide Arena
    management representative. Never divulge any information without speaking to a management
    representative first.
 Employees who are required to appear in court on behalf of the Nationwide Arena will be compensated
    for the difference between their usual salary and the compensation received from the court.
 Again, your appearance at court hearings is a direct reflection on the Nationwide Arena. Proper formal
    attire is required.

Frequently, guests will contact the General Manager to complain about unfair treatment by event staff or
facility employees. Incident Reports allow management to better deal with these phone calls because they
help us to see your side of what happened, and allows for the manager to handle the complaint in a much
quicker and easier way than if the incident were fully investigated. If there is any doubt as to whether or not
a report should be filed, complete one.

All building employees are responsible for completing a Nationwide Arena Incident Report or statement for
any incident occurring on Nationwide Arena property that you were either involved in, a witness to, or have
any information regarding the incident which will be required. Blank incident reports can be picked up at
the Information Desks or Security Command Center. Once filled out, these reports should be turned into
your lead or supervisor immediately.

Examples of incidents which a report should be filled out for include, but are not limited to, Customer
Service issues, Guest ejections, fights, confiscation of items of any type from guests, etc.

Incident reports should be filled out completely and as much information as possible should be obtained
from any guests involved. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, location or area of the building
the incident took place in, and seat locations inside the seating area.

Items that are lost or misplaced in the Nationwide Arena should       Under no circumstances should lost
be turned into your respective supervisor or security who will        items be stored in an individual
turn them into the Security Command Center. All inquires              locker or removed from the
regarding lost and found should be directed to the Security           building. Such actions are grounds
Office at 246-3850 during normal business hours (9am-5pm,             for immediate dismissal.
Monday through Friday).

All aisles and stairways of the Nationwide Arena must always be kept clear. Guests should not be permitted
to stand in any aisle ways, vomitories or stairways inside the arena. In the event of an emergency, clogged
aisle ways can cause a disaster. Also, in the event security must to respond to a situation in your section,
obstructions in the aisle ways will delay the response time. This can result in injuries to guests or staff.


General Event Responsibilities:
   1. Check your section to ensure it is clean prior to opening doors. Call a sweeper if additional clean
        up is necessary. Contact the operator on a house phone if any maintenance is required.
   2. Be familiar with your section and area. Usher guests to their ticketed seat locations. Pay particular
        attention to elderly and handicapped guests.
   3. Verbally greet all guests as they approach you. Examine each guests tickets to ensure that they are
        in the right section. Notify the Usher Captains of any ticket problems or discrepancies.
   4. Provide direction or instruction to other areas of the building and answer any building information
   5. Assist in crowd movement and control by politely, but firmly directing guests not to stand in, or
        amongst aisles or walkways.
   6. Monitor your area for guests who appear to be impaired or intoxicated. Watch for excessive
        consumption of alcohol. Notify your supervisor if there are any problems.
   7. Identify any dangerous items (flags, etc.) and suspicious packages. Bring these situations to the
        attention of management.
   8. Monitor your section for foul or abusive language. When language is borderline offensive, you
        must determine if it is offensive to any other guests in the section. If it is, request that the guests
        keep their voices down or refrain from using the language all together.
   9. In the event that you have disruptive, unruly or any unacceptable behavior in your section the
        following procedure should be followed.
         1. Issue a verbal warning to the guest that if the behavior continues, they will be ejected.
         2. If the behavior continues, contact security immediately.

 Stand up straight with your hands in front of you, not in your pockets.
 Keep your aisles and vomitories clear of guests loitering or standing.
 Keep an eye out for drunk or disruptive guests. Contact Security immediately if there are any
    problems. Do not get involved in an altercation in the seating areas.
 Report any suspicious activity to your supervisor.
 Remain focused on the guests entering or exiting your section.
 Stop guests from going to their seats while play is going on during hockey.
 Go to the bottom of your section whenever there is a fight on the ice and also at the 8 and 16 minute
    marks of each period.
 Check the condition of any guest who is hit by a puck. Even if it does not seem serious, check to be
    sure. Always ask if someone needs assistance and complete an incident report for our records.
 Keep guests from standing on chairs.
 For shows where it is dark, shine your flashlight on the stairs as people enter or leave the area.
 After the event is over, check your area for any lost items. Turn them into Security.
 Do not permit fans to loiter in the seating area after the event is over. Urge them to exit quickly
    without being rude.
 Return flashlights and any other borrowed items to the Uniform Distribution Center.

 Lean against walls, slouch or sit while on your post.                    Sitting In Guest Section
 Sit in chairs while on your post.                                        Chairs Is Prohibited
 Watch the event and not the guests. The crowd is your primary focus,     While Working
   not the game or event.
 Eat or drink while on your post. Keep any cups, drinks or personal belongings at your post.

                                             TICKET TAKER

General Event Responsibilities:
1. Be familiar with the correct ticket for each event, including special passes or credentials that are to be
2. Inspect each and every ticket to ensure it is a legitimate ticket being held on that date and time.
3. This is done prior to scanning the ticket and admitting the guest.
4. Scan the ticket as trained and verify validity of ticket. Admit the guest.
5. In the event someone should attempt to enter without the proper ticket, seek the assistance of a
   security guard or other management personnel.
6. All persons entering the Nationwide Arena must have a shirt and shoes on.
7. Inspect all grocery bags, backpacks, and carry-in bags for bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages prior to
   them entering the building. Politely inform the guest of the policy as you inspect their belongings.
8. Whenever possible, observe guests as they approach your entrance. If they appear intoxicated or
   impaired due to excessive alcohol consumption, keep the ticket stub and turn it in to the event
   supervisor or management personnel to monitor the area.

 Inspect each and every ticket to ensure it is correct.               Accountability in the Ticket
 Remain at your door until you are released by the event              Taker position is of the utmost
    supervisor or building management.                                 importance to the Nationwide
 Alert security or management in the event any ticketing or           Arena. Any attempt to alter the
    security problems are discovered.                                  ticket count or to admit
 Learn the proper use of the bar code ticketing system and            unauthorized guests into the
    implement such use.                                                building will result in immediate
 SMILE and welcome the Guests.                                        discharge.

Do Not:
 Admit guests without checking and verifying the correct ticket.
 Permit guests into the building without the correct ticket.
 Never become involved in a verbal altercation or engage in abusive behavior towards a guest.


The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure the Nationwide Arena crowd gains quick, easy
access to the building and their respective seating locations. Greeters outside are responsible for controlling
the crowd size at the various gate locations and to ensure that all turnstiles and ticket takers are being used
equally. Greeters inside are responsible for assisting guests with directions to seating sections and other
areas of the building, as well as providing general building information.

General Event Responsibilities:
1. Inform guests upon their arrival which gates are available for admission to the arena.
2. Inform guests which box office areas are for will call and for purchasing tickets.
3. Pay particular attention to elderly and handicapped individuals and assist them into the building.
4. Provide any other building information as requested by guests.
5. Ensure that lines at gates are equal in size, and if a gate is empty and another has long lines,
6. Direct guests to the gate with the least amount of people.
7. Take tickets from late-comers after ticket-takers have been released.

 Provide as much courtesy and respect as possible to all guests as they arrive and enter the building.
 Direct any questions which cannot be answered to the proper supervisor or mgmt. representative.

   Smile, be friendly, and welcome the guests to the building.
   Assist elderly and handicapped individuals in getting in to the building.
   Present yourself in a very clean, well groomed light. Appearance is extremely important in a Greeters’
   SMILE!

Do Not:
 Become involved in a verbal altercation or abusive behavior with a guest.
 Simply observe or remain quiet. As a Greeter, you should always be providing welcoming our Guests
   and providing verbal instruction.


Each Suite Owner and Personal Seat License Holder are considered by our team as “owners” of the facility
since their fees were integral to the initial funding of the construction of the facility. As such, the role of the
Concierge is one of the most important and high profile positions in the Arena. Each Concierge will be in a
position to greet our “owners,” to ensure that they receive the highest levels of customer service from all of
our service staff, and to make sure that they have everything they will need in order to enjoy the event to the
fullest extent possible. We will have higher expectations of each Concierge than many of the other Event

Pre-Event Responsibilities
1. Place programs, premium items, etc. in suites before guests arrive.
2. Go through pre-event checklist, including:
     Make sure lights are turned on.
     Turn on television to in-house channel.
     Make sure toilet area is clean and that it flushes properly.
     Check for cleanliness of the rest of the suite.
     Make sure phone is working.
     Prepare for any special requests suite holder may have. If the Suite owner asks for a special food
       or beverage item every time, take the initiative and have it ready for when they arrive.
     Lock suite until the owner arrives.

    Set up your station on the concourse in view of all guests as they arrive. Greet them by name if
      possible and welcome them and their guests to the specific event name.
    Upon arrival, check ticket of the first guest and unlock the suite for them
    Handle any questions, problems, or requests guests may have upon arrival.
    Notify food and beverage attendant of guest arrival.

        Remain at station on concourse to handle questions, problems, or requests as they may arrive.
        Distribute game statistics after each period.
        Check on suite during breaks in event if necessary (usually not necessary because food and
         beverage person is in and out of the suite regularly and will communicate any issues to concierge

     Remain at station on concourse until the last suite is vacated.
     Thank every owner and their guest for attending the evenings event. Ask them if there was
        anything they did not receive that they believe they should have.
     Check each suite to ensure the guests have not left anything behind.
     Pick up any loose items and throw them away. Turn off the television. Lock the suite.


General Event Responsibilities:
1. Be alert for any violations of building rules and regulations and/or city and state laws.
2. Your specific assignment will vary depending upon your post and the event.
3. Respond to any call for assistance and intervene in any threatening situation.
4. Familiarize yourself with all building rules and regulations.
5. Complete incident reports for any situation which requires it.
6. Use any means, short of physical harm, to peacefully resolve disputes among guests or building

The Following Activities Should Be Prohibited By Nationwide Arena Security:
    Damage or misuse to company property.
    Criminal mischief or vandalism. Unusual or undue loitering in non-seating areas.
    Disorderly or offensive conduct by a guest or employee.
    Use or sale of any drug, narcotic, or controlled substance.
    Harassment, assault, abusive language or intimidation by anyone against any employee or guest.
    Sitting or standing in prohibited locations.
    Throwing of any objects.
    Horseplay, running, or any other unsafe activity.
    Unauthorized distribution of any kind of handbills, literature, or other items.
    Safety hazards of any type. Spills, trash, debris, etc.
    The use of non-emergency escape avenues for non-emergency situations.

The Following Are Grounds For Immediate Ejection From The Building:
    drunkenness
    disorderly conduct or excessive use of foul language.
    possession of stolen tickets or passes
    fighting
    excessive or unwarranted verbal abuse of a guest or building employee.
    creating of a disturbance or scene.

The Following Procedure Should Be Followed When Taking Action To Prevent Unauthorized
Activity From Taking Place:
    1. Use only the minimal force necessary.
    2. Advise the person as to why you are detaining them.
    3. Request assistance at once via a radio or other employees.
    4. Escort the detainee to the security office or some other location that is away from the event.
    5. Notify the security supervisor so they can take appropriate action.

                                           EVENT CLEANERS

General Responsibilities:
1. Check all restrooms prior to the event to ensure they are stocked and ready.
2. During the event, service each restroom. Clean, restock, and monitor the restrooms during the event.
3. Report to event supervisor any maintenance needs or problems in restrooms.
4. Respond if needed to assist building maintenance staff in restrooms.
5. Report any and all dangerous situations (spills, trash, rubbish, etc) immediately to the event supervisor
   or a management representative.


The Nationwide Arena Information Booths (also known as Guest Services Booths) are on the main
concourse and the upper concourse. Questions from guests that cannot be answered by an event employee
should be referred to the Information Booth. Guests can also officially register complaints at the
Information Booth by filling out a complaint form.

Exiting and re-entering the building with the same ticket is NOT permitted. Exceptions are made in the
case of medical situations and emergencies. Guests with medical emergencies or other emergencies who
want to leave and then return to the building should be directed to the Information Booth where the
attendant will issue a special pass.

In the event a guest who has previously left the building desires re-admission through any of the entrances
on the main concourse, the Event Supervisor or Guest Services Manager should be contacted to report to
the entrance to either permit or not permit re-entry.

Nationwide Arena is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted only inside the smoking lounges which
are located on the Main Concourse, Club Level and Upper Concourse adjacent to elevator 6&7 lobby. As
an employee, smoking is only permitted while on breaks or at other acceptable times. It is not acceptable to
smoke while working or to leave your post to smoke without specific management authorization.

The Nationwide Arena is one of the most accessible facilities in the nation. All entrances are accessible and
there is seating available in every level and at every price range. Remember that persons with disabilities
expect and deserve the same respect and access that able bodies guests experience. Every disabled guest is
entitled to have one companion sit with them. If ever you have a question or concern about how the arena
meets the needs of the disabled community please bring it to the attention of your Supervisor or any
member of the arena management team.

The following are rules that our guests must follow while attending Nationwide Arena events. These rules
also apply to our employees:

        No cans, bottles, weapons, missiles, fireworks, balloons, beach balls, food, beverages or containers
         of any type are permitted inside the Nationwide Arena.
        Persons may be subject to a search at certain Nationwide Arena events.
        No loitering, trespassing, soliciting or peddling, resale of tickets, or placing of flyers or handbills is
         permitted on Nationwide Arena property.
        No article is to be checked or left in the custody of any employee.
        Climbing over railings from one level to another is not permitted.
        Absolutely no throwing of any objects is permitted.
        Excessive rowdiness and / or the use of profanity is not permitted.
        Guests must sit in the seat indicated on their ticket. Moving to other seats is not permitted.

        Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Nationwide Arena except the smoking area outside the
        Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times while on Nationwide Arena property.
        Signs hung in the Nationwide Arena are not to be of a commercial nature, obscene, or in bad taste.
         Nationwide Arena management reserves the right to remove any sign deemed inappropriate.
        Signs, banners, or clothing in poor taste, vulgar, or obscene are not permitted into the Nationwide
        No whistles, horns, or other such noise devices.
        No laser pens are permitted inside the Nationwide Arena.

If you need help resolving a problem during an event you should either ask an employee with a radio to call
for help, ask a Security guard for assistance, or use a house phone to dial (0) for the operator, who can call
help for you. Be sure to give as much information as possible to the operator so that he/she can inform the
proper department of the nature of the problem. Remember, Incident Reports should be filled out after the
incident is handled. In the event you are questioned by any members of the media, under no circumstances
                                     should you offer any information, opinions or statements. Such
       The first aid room is         statements, information and/or opinions may be inaccurate or simply
   located outside section 120
                                     incorrect and may cause undue alarm or confusion.
   on the Main Concourse or
    section 206 on the Upper
                                     It is also important for employees to take the time when arriving at their
    Concourse. The Security
                                     post to check and familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest
      office is located in the
                                     house phone, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and other emergency
        loading dock area.
                                     equipment in their area. This will enable you to handle any emergency
situation much more efficiently and quickly.

Please do not talk to any media representatives. Refer any media
                                                                           Under no circumstances are
inquires to either the Director of Operations, the Director of
                                                                           Nationwide Arena employees
Marketing or the General Manager.
                                                                           to offer any information,
                                                                           statements, opinions, or
                                                                           comments to members of the
                                                                           media no matter what the

                               NATIONWIDE ARENA – THE FACILITY

Box Office:
The Box Office is located on the West side of the building on the event level. The Box Office Hours are:
10 am – 6 pm, Monday – Saturday. The main box office offers 12 ticket windows and the east box office
offers 4 additional windows. Will Call for most events will take place at the Main Box Office.

Founder’s Suites:
Founder’s Suites are the highest level of premium seating offered at Nationwide Arena. These suites are all
located on the suite level, seat 24 guests and all, except one, is placed in between the blue lines for
outstanding views of all events. The owner of the Columbus Blue Jackets, John P. McConnell has his suite
in the SE corner of the arena bowl.

Executive Suites:
Executive Suites are also located on the Suite Level and seat 16 guests per suite. They are all located
between the goal lines and they extend around the East end zone.

Loge Boxes:
Loge Boxes are located on the Club Level. They are a new concept in premium seating design and consist
of a semi-private seating area that accommodates 6 guests each. The Loge Boxes are located on the South
side of the arena.

Club Terrace Tables:
Club Terrace tables are another new concept in arena premium seating. Each table seats 4 guests and gives
a lounge feel to event viewing.

Club Seats:
1,400 Seats located off the Club Level Concourse with access to the Club Lounge / Restaurant.

Glass Seats:
There are a total of 100 Glass seats right behind the hockey glass.

Center Ice Lounge Seats:
300 Seats located in the first seven rows, directly behind the penalty boxes and between the face-off circles.

Party Towers:
There are 6 party towers, each holding 24-48 guests, that are available for use on an event-by-event basis.

Club Bar & Lounge:
The Club Bar & Lounge is a 5,000 square foot area on the arena’s Club Level with sweeping views of the
arena bowl. There is a full service bar and plenty of comfortable seating and other areas to socialize.

The Arena Restaurant (name TBA) will open in the fall and be a full service restaurant that overlooks the
practice rink facility and has a direct entrance into the main concourse.

Founder’s Club:
This 7,000 square foot space offers a very exclusive and elegant meeting area with views of the arena
district and downtown with floor to ceiling glass walls on two sides.

Ticketmaster.Com Lounge:
The Center Ice Lounge is a 4,500square foot, full service lounge area with a bar, buffet table, seating for
175 guests, direct access to main arena seating and also private elevator access.

West Entrance Conference Area:
The West Entrance Conference Area is approximately 2,000 square feet of space that can comfortably seat
160 guests. There is also a private conference room adjacent to the main arena for corporate or board
meetings to take place.

In addition to the previously described area, Nationwide Arena also has plenty of other space in our atriums,
concourses, and other public areas that are perfect for private functions on non-event days. Many of these
areas have spectacular views of the arena bowl, downtown and the Arena District.

                                         GUEST INFORMATION

Information Booth:
Open during all events, is located on the main and upper concourses. Provides upcoming Nationwide
Arena event information. General Building information and guest complaints can be registered here.

Columbus Blue Jackets Information Booth:
Open during hockey games only, is located on the main concourse. Guests who win game
promotions(Winning seat location) should be directed here and any other questions regarding Blue Jackets
games can also be directed to this area.

The First-Aid Rooms:
First Aid Rooms are located on the Main Concourse behind section 120 and on the Upper Concourse
outside section 207. Guests who require medical assistance should be directed to these locations if

The Security Office:
Located on the event level by the loading dock area. Under no circumstances should an employee direct
someone to this office as it is located in the “backstage area”. Only a member of the arena management can
escort someone to the Security office during events.

MAC Money Machines
Bank One ATM Machines are located in the arena box office lobby and throughout the facility.

Team Store:
The Blue Jacket’s team store is located by the East Entrance and will be open during regular business hours
as well as during the Columbus Blue Jackets home games.

Pay Telephones:
Pay telephones are located throughout the Nationwide Arena. Please familiarize yourself with these
numerous locations as you learn the building.

Nationwide Arena Weapons Policy:
Absolutely no weapons of any type are permitted on Nationwide Arena property. This includes any
firearms, even if the owner is a permit holder.

Advance Event Ticket Window:
Will Call for most events is located at the Main (West) Box Office.

No Re-Entry Policy:

The Nationwide Arena has a no re-entry policy. Guests who leave the building cannot reenter with an
invalid ticket. In the event of emergencies, limited reentry will be authorized only at the Information Booth.

Lost and Found:
Items that are turned into lost and found can be claimed by owner during regular business hours. Lost and
found is located at the Guest Services booth on the Main Concourse during the event and at the Security
Command Center after the event.

Nationwide Arena has made a top priority in accommodating the needs of the physically challenged sectors
of our community. From the moment of conception the design of this facility has kept in mind that many
guests have suffered by artificial and physical barriers and have been denied many common privileges of
enjoying public sports & entertainment events, trade shows, conventions and similar activities. It is our
belief that the special needs of guests with disabilities should simply be an extension of the same courtesies
that we extend to all guests and staff.

The Nationwide Arena District includes 12,000 parking spaces within a two-block radius of the arena.
Although the parking garages and surface lots are not managed by the arena itself, communication has been
set that will allow these services to be prepared for events and special needs. All lots have designated
accessible parking spaces.

The 577 space attached parking garage will have available 23 designated accessible slots. This garage is
only accessible to those individuals that have attained the right to park in this area through their seat
location or sponsorship. When possible these spaces will be made available to the general public.

There will be a drop off area designated at the West Entrance to the arena off of Nationwide Boulevard.
Guests will be able to drop off those individuals that cannot walk long distances. As soon as possible cars
will then need to locate parking as to not cause traffic delays. Once the event has ended, the pick up
location will be the same as drop off with additional security posted in this area to assist those waiting for
their vehicle.

The Nationwide Arena seating areas were designed with guests with disabilities in mind. In our standard
hockey configuration we have available 324 accessible seats (1.8% of all seating which exceeds the 1% + 1
mandate by ADA). These seats are available at all areas and levels of the facility. All tickets are available
at the facility Box Office or through any TicketMaster outlet or phone room. The facility policy is that at the
time of an event going on sale there will be accessible seating available at all price levels. All a guest will
have to do is inform the guest services representative that they which to purchase accessible seats and at
what price level. The accessible seats include seating for companions. The facility policy is that unless
special permission is given only 2 companions will be able to sit with a special needs guest. This is to
insure as many guests as possible are able to enjoy our events.

The two main entrances to the arena are located on street level with no ramps or stairs necessary to enter the
building. The facility is utilizing the latest state of the art technology that allows us to not use turnstiles.
This takes away a major barrier to those with disabilities. Guests will simply show their ticket which will be
scanned for entry. Once inside there are elevators at all four corners of the facility that allows access to the
seating areas. If a guest has any special needs (i.e. wheelchairs) simply notify the supervisor in that area
and they will gladly assist. Also there are attendants in the elevators that can make sure any needs or
questions are attended to.

Guest Services
Once a patron is at the proper level there are ushers and guest service representatives that have been
specially trained in assisting those with disabilities. These ushers can assist in various ways such as locating
seating, storing wheelchairs or walking devices, crowd control or general information. These
representatives are here to insure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. In addition to the ushering
staff our Guest Services Department comprises of elevator attendants, escalator attendants, security and
Event Supervisors. Feel free to call on these or any Nationwide Arena employee for assistance.

Another aspect of our guest services is our concessions department, SportService. All concession areas will
have accessible counters and the staff will be trained in ways to accommodate those with disabilities. If you
have any questions or know of special needs in advance please call SportService.

Emergency Response
Nationwide Arena will staff for all events a full complement of Emergency Medical staff. The First Aid
offices are located in behind Section 120 on the main concourse and behind Section 220 on the upper
concourse. Each office is accessible via radio communication. In the case of a need from the First Aid staff
simply notify the Guest Services Representative in your area and they will give you directions or call for
assistance to your area. In addition to general first aid, these offices can offer special restroom use,
wheelchairs or just a place for someone to rest if needed.

An integral part of our Crisis Management Plan is the safety of those with disabilities. Each member of our
staff understands the importance of assuring that those that may need special assistance are given clear
instructions and are escorted out of the facility in the case of an evacuation. The Emergency Medical Staff
plays an integral role in facilitating this need. Also as part of this plan we have designated the Celebration
Plaza area (outside the East Entrance) as a temporary triage as well as a gathering place for those with
special needs.

Special Arrangements
Our Guest Services Department is designed to accommodate all those who need special assistance. Sign
Language Interpreters are available upon advance request for all shows. The facility can also make
arrangements for Assistive-listening devices with advance request. All public restrooms and entrances are
clearly labeled and equipped with Braille marked signs.

Our ticketing department will make all efforts to accommodate large groups of guests with physical
challenges. As early as possible please contact our Group Sales Department or the Box Office. Once
tickets are secured, the Guest Services Department will assist in getting the guests in and to their seats.

The Nationwide Arena is an Equal Opportunity Employer who considers all applicants for employment
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or status as a Vietnam-era or
special disabled veteran in accordance with federal law. The Nationwide Arena has many types of positions
available and is always looking for customer service oriented individuals. The arena Human Resources
Department has built relationships with city wide agencies that offer employment services for those with

Training is an integral part of the work experience at Nationwide Arena. We will make all reasonable
accommodations to maintain opportunities for those with special needs.

The Nationwide Arena is a facility that future structures will model after due to it’s design and concern for
those with disabilities and special needs. Every effort will be made to insure that every patron enjoys their
time in our building. If anyone has any questions regarding our policies or need special assistance please
call our Guest Services Department.


As part of the commitment that the Nationwide Arena has made to host professionally managed events in a
safe, fun-filled atmosphere – this plan has been implemented to prepare our staffs and the guest for
situations that may arise. The success of this program is dependent on the cooperation of all staff, local
emergency services and guests.

A Crisis Management Team exists to plan and prepare for any potential situation that may occur. The
positions that are listed below will make up the permanent members of the team.
        General Manager
        Director of Operations
        Assistant Director of Operations
        Event Manager
        Guest Services Manager
        Operations Manager
        Director of Marketing
        Public Relations Manager
        Event Security Manager
        Blue Jackets representative (Hockey events)
        SportService representative
        Columbus Police Department representative
        Columbus Fire Department representative

The following personnel will be added to the team on an event basis:
        Event Coordinator for event
        Event Supervisors
        Security Supervisors
        Event representative (non hockey events)
        Columbus Police Department on site representative
        Columbus Fire Department on site representative
        EMS service representative

The chairman of the standing committee will be the Director of Operations with the General Manager
having ultimate authority in decision making. The standing Crisis Management Team will meet
periodically to discuss special issues and review preventive steps as part of Crisis Management.

It is often possible that if certain precautions are taken, the risk of damage to the facility and people therein
can be greatly reduced or even alleviated. The facility should have the following:
          emergency power to lighting and public address systems (including exterior of facility)
          complete evacuation plan as outlined later in this document
          proper fire extinguishers and equipment for fighting fires (including continuously checked alarms
           and communication with the fire department)
          proper signage in and around the facility displaying exits and general information
          adequate doorways for ingress and egress and insuring they are clear at all times
          prepared and recorded evacuation messages to be broadcast in the event a crisis arises

Response to an emergency by the facility staff should be an automatic process. It is imperative that any
employee working in the facility either as an employee of the BlueJackets, SMG or SportService understand
their role in crisis management. The Crisis Management Plan should be given to each employee at
orientation and responsibilities and assignments should be discussed for each type of crisis that may occur.
Other training features should be:
         role playing and practice drills
         pre-event briefings with department heads on trouble areas
         small hand held cards that can be given to event staff which contain quick notes of information
         requirement that staff pass a test on the arena’s emergency response plan in order to gain
         training sessions with outside agencies that would deal with the facility in case of emergencies
         inspections by all employees of all work areas and empowerment to report concerns

It is vitally important that complete and detailed records are kept of every incident involving the safety of a
guest or employee.
          Incident reports must be filled out for every situation no matter how small or large. Even if a guest
           does not request assistance, documentation must be made. Reason for this is two-fold: 1)
           memories are short and it may be months or years when we will have to recall what has occurred
           and 2) incident reports can inform management of steps needed to prevent similar situations from
          The Manager on Duty should request copies of any reports completed by external agencies such as
           the Columbus Police Department or the Columbus Fire Department. The copy should be attached
           with the facilities incident report.
          Documentation should be kept and updated of any precautionary methods that the facility takes in
           the way of emergency preparedness or response. Examples of this can be training, policies and
          A video or Polaroid camera should be kept in the Security Command office. The camera should
           be used to document any incidents that are caused by physical means or the damage caused by
           such incidents.

Medical Emergency
A team of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) should be staffed for all events. The number of staff will be
dependent on the nature of the event in keeping with facility policies. First Aid locations should be open at
all times. Locations are behind Section 120 on the Main Concourse and behind Section 207 on the Upper
Concourse. These offices should have the necessary supplies and equipment to handle most situations that
may occur.

It is imperative that communication is given between the EMS staff and the building staff to facilitate a
quick response. In the case that additional support is required the EMS staff should have the Security
Command office call 911. The call should come from Security to guarantee consistency of information and
direction. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that a member of the EMS staff completes a facility
incident report regardless if assistance is required or not.

Bomb Threats
As in the case of most large public assembly facilities, bomb threats are a likely possibility. ALL BOMB
THREATS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! It is imperative that a recording device is set on the phone
that receives incoming calls during events. This phone should also have caller ID capability. The

individual taking the call should remain calm and take down as much information as possible, keeping the
caller on the phone as long as possible. Never place the caller on hold. When appropriate the person
receiving the call should notify a member of the Crisis Management Team. Immediately the Team member
should assemble the other available members as well as any other SMG managers on site. Once assembled
an immediate search of the entire facility should commence. Absolutely no mention of the situation should
be made via any radio communication. While the search is underway – one member of the team should
notify the Columbus Police Department and the Columbus Fire Department with a possible need to respond.
This can be also done through the on site representatives. The Event Coordinator of the event should notify
show management of the situation, updating as necessary.

If a suspicious device is found, all radio communication must be terminated immediately as many exploding
devices can be set off by radio waves. The decision to evacuate must be made by the General Manager or
Manager On Duty in consultation with the representatives of the CPD & CFD. If a decision to evacuate is
made, procedures should be followed as described herein.

If nothing is found, the decision to evacuate must be made by the General Manager or Manager On Duty in
consultation with the representatives of the CPD & CFD. As always the decision to evacuate should be
made as a last resort as often a building evacuation can become an emergency situation itself.

The Columbus Fire Department as well as facility management should make periodic inspections for fire
prone or hazardous conditions. Developing and enforcing rigid facility policies regarding material that can
be brought into the facility by event personnel and the public should be followed. Of course any
pyrotechnics set off in the facility should be forced to follow facility, SMG and City of Columbus
guidelines. All fires no matter how small must be reported to the Columbus Fire Department for review.

If there is ever a threat to the safety of guests, employees or event personnel – evacuation of the facility or
threatened areas of the facility should be ordered immediately by the Crisis Management Team on site in an
orderly and controlled fashion.

Mechanical/ Equipment Failure
In the case of lights or power outage - announcements should be immediately made to the guests in a
continuous manner to keep them calm and informed of what’s happening. This can be performed via either
the event’s sound system or though facility equipment. In the absence of amplified sound, the Crisis
Management Team should have access to bull horn equipment. It is imperative that all staff, especially
ushers, is equipped with flashlights to assist guests where lighting is not available. Building engineers
should immediately work on the problem and guests should remain in their seats as movement in the dark
can create panic and medical emergencies. EMS staff should be notified immediately for quicker response.

In the case of seating breakdown or collapse – do what ever is possible to correct the situation and offer to
reseat those guests involved. EMS staff should be notified to take care of any medical emergencies that
may arise.

In the case of equipment failure- it is very important to keep the guests informed of the situation and work
with the show personnel to correct the problem as soon as possible. In certain situations the box office will
have to work with the event producer as to possible ticket refunds. This is another area where “an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure” an early detection can often prevent a small incident from becoming a
major catastrophe. All personnel must be trained to look for equipment failures and report such failure to
their immediate supervisor.

Nationwide Arena as a Place of Refuge
As there are times a crisis situation may affect the safety of guests, employees and show personnel outside
of the facility a plan must be in place to meet those demands. Examples of situations that may warrant such
a plan include inclement weather, gas pipe leak or riot. As always a constant flow of information is crucial
to both the guests, show producers and employees. The information should be continuous updating the

situation as it progresses. The arena should be capable of getting information both through local agencies
and via radio, television and the Internet. It also necessary that management have with them cellular phones
in case telecommunications fail. The facility should have a working relationship with the American Red
Cross in order to obtain emergency supplies such as blankets, food, first aid supplies, etc. if necessary.
Depending on the length of time the guests will remain in the facility, it may be necessary for the
management through the food and beverage provider, Sportservice, to offer food or drinks as a means to
maintain a calm environment.

Every crisis has a potential for evacuation – but as has previously been mentioned, building evacuations can
itself become a crisis situation. Keeping this in mind it is important that all staff is well trained in their role
in an evacuation and is always calm and alert.

The General Manager or Manager On Duty, can initiate an evacuation with consultation from the
appropriate agencies, on a partial or full-scale level. It can also erupt as a spontaneous reaction to a

General Responsibilities
The key to any response is flexibility. No one individual has a concrete responsibility, however individual
positions do. The individuals in a position will change, but the responsibilities of each position will remain

        Designated “internal” officers will monitor the evacuation, ensuring there is no pilferage,
         vandalism, altercations or injuries.
        Designated “internal” officers will intervene and handle any of the above situations, however do
         not spend a lot of time on one situation, rather handle it and move on.
        Designated “internal” officers will be assigned to insure the safety and security of team personnel
         or performers.
        Once a majority of the evacuation is complete, “internal” officers move to the outside of the
         building to assist the exterior officers in crowd control.
        Designated “exterior” officers report to areas of responsibility outside the building and direct the
         evacuating guests away from the arena. In cooperation with the Columbus Police Department,
         keep the streets clear for emergency access.
        Only members of the Crisis Management Team, city officials and those employees taking
         instruction from a Crisis Management Team member shall be allowed to reenter the facility.

       Report to areas of responsibility and with the use of the bull horn or other emergency aids calmly
        direct guests to the nearest exit of the building.
       Assist guests with disabilities in your vicinity.
       Monitor the evacuation for any acts of pilferage, vandalism or injuries.
       Handle the above situation within the best of your ability without spending too much time on any
        one incident. Notify nearest security officer or management of any situation that may need further
       Once the evacuation of your area is complete, exit the building and report to the Arena staff
        assembly Area to be accounted for and receive additional instructions.
       Ushers should always know of at least two exit passages for their area in case the most natural
        egress is unavailable.

Ticket Takers/Greeters/Concierge:
        Ensure all exits are passable (i.e. barricade, turnstiles or tables)
        Assist guests with disabilities in your area

        Monitor the evacuation for any acts of pilferage, vandalism or injuries.
        Handle the above situation within the best of your ability without spending too much time on any
         one incident. Notify nearest security officer or management of any situation that may need further
        Once the evacuation is complete, exit the building and report to the Arena staff assembly area to be
         accounted for and receive additional instructions.

      Assist guests out of the building
      Report to the Arena staff assembly area to be accounted for and receive further instructions

Utility/Engineers and Electricians:
        Without putting yourself in danger, ensure that your work areas are secured and will not create
         additional hazards.
        Leave the building via the nearest exit
        Report to the Arena staff assembly area to be accounted for and to receive additional instructions

     Managers without specific responsibility shall monitor the evacuation and assist wherever needed.
     Report to the Arena staff assembly area to be accounted for

In the event that an exit or area is impassable, guests will be diverted to a different exit. In this case, the
sections nearest the dangerous area will be evacuated first. All Event Staff employees must be notified of
the diversion to enable them to adjust their directional patterns. Guests from other sections should be
reassured and asked to wait, but should not be stopped from exiting the sections, as this may cause panic.

Assembly Areas
Triage Areas:                        City Paramedics will establish, if necessary, a triage area in the
                                     Celebration Plaza outside the Front Street Entrance unless
                                     circumstances prevent this.

Lost Person Assembly Area:           Lost persons should be sent to the triage area.

Arena Staff Assembly Area:           The designated gathering area for arena employees is the Arena Park on
                                     Nationwide Boulevard.

Sportservice Assembly Area:          The designated gathering area for SportService employees is also the
                                     Arena Park on Nationwide Boulevard.

Blue Jackets Player Assembly Area: The designated gathering area for Blue Jackets players and team staff
                                  is their locker room. Security will escort the players outside of the

Visiting Team/ Entertainer Area:     Visiting teams or entertainers should assemble at their locker/dressing
                                     rooms and security will then escort them outside of the building.

Evacuation Equipment/Aids

Emergency Response Stations:        Emergency response stations are located throughout the building.
They are to be used for emergencies only. These can be opened by punching in a combination which all
event staff employees will know. These stations contain supplies such as a bullhorn, safety wands,
compression bandages and other such supplies.

Crisis Management Vests:             Ten reflective vests are located in the Security Command Office. If
time permits, these will be worn by the Crisis Management Team to enable easy identification of these key

A coordinated effort must be made to provide a uniformed message to all media outlets. The facility policy
shall be that only the General Manager, Director of Marketing and the Public Relations Manager shall be
permitted to discuss any matter with the media. No other employee, unless directed by the General
Manager, should make any comments. This policy is not to hide information but rather to insure that all
information is accurate. Event representatives should be kept informed of any situation and given every
consideration as to what information concerning their event is announced.

This Crisis Management Plan has been created to give the employees of the Nationwide Arena the tools
they need to provide a safe environment for the diverse events we will host. We all hope that this plan will
never be needed but if it is it will be here to provide the backbone for success. It is imperative that all staff
in the facility buys into this plan and accepts ownership for their responsibilities. Our guests deserve no

This plan should be approved by management and appropriate agencies and be reviewed each year for
updates and changes.

rmation concerning their event is announced.


This Crisis Management Plan has been created to give the employees of the Nationwide Arena the tools
they need to provide a safe environment for the diverse events we will host. We all hope that this plan will
never be needed but if it is it will be here to provide the backbone for success. It is imperative that all staff in
the facility buys into this plan and accepts ownership for their responsibilities. Our guests deserve no less.

This plan should be approved by management and appropriate agencies and be reviewed each year for
updates and changes.


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