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Manager’s Guide: Retention Strategy – Year One, Welcome Aboard
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Increasingly, it is more difficult to find good people to support the mission of healthcare. The
best recruitment strategy for any manager is to retain your best people. If you recruit the best
people for your team and then develop them to be effective team players and service providers,
you want them to stay as long as their current position meets their career goals. With an
emphasis n internal promoting, you can increase your effectiveness through employees who
take on ever greater responsibilities. With fewer people entering health care careers, the best
people we can find can be right in our own backyard.

This guide identifies a strategy of simple actions to improve employee satisfaction in the
critical first year of employment. It directs your efforts with a new employee from the time
they are offered their position, through orientation, and through completion of t heir first year.
This guide is driven by several principles: we care about people, we develop them, we help
them meet their career goals and needs, and we want them to be satisfied in their work in
providing service, collaborating within their workgroup, and working at The Johns Hopkins

The objectives of the 1st year of employment and Welcome Aboard are:
   1. Cultivate pride in working at JHH; tell stories about the hospital and departments
   2. Create a bond between each employee and the hospital
   3. Instill a sense of accountability to self, unit/department, and the hospital

The timeline / outline for this guide is:
   1. When someone leaves the department / team
   2. When you have to fill a vacancy
   3. After hire and before employees start date
   4. During hospital orientation
   5. Day One on the department
   6. Week One in the department
   7. Week Two in the department
   8. 1st Month in the Department
   9. 90 day probationary period
   10. 6-month personal check-up
   11. Special notes to mentors and helpers
   12. Building the team through the year
Retention Guide
Page 2

When Someone Leaves the Department / Team:

Objective              Manager                       Staff                 Career Services
               Inform exiting employee     Annually evaluate exit        Conduct exit
Know Why
               Annually evaluate exit       interview                      interview
                interview answers           Give feedback about exit
               Recognize why people         interview results
Conduct an
                leave and why people stay  Determine opportunities
               Discuss results with staff   to improve the work and
               Determine opportunities      environment

When You Have to Fill a Vacancy:

 Objective                 Manager                       Staff             Career Services
                   Review job description     Review postings for job    Enter requisition
                   Complete requisition        advancement                 information into
                    form                        opportunities               HR system
Step #1
                   Complete Non-Clinical      Tell a friend about        Post position
Position is
                    Waiver Form if needed       opportunities              Coordinate
                   Discuss recruitment        Complete Employee           recruitment
                    efforts with Career         Referral Form if            efforts
                    Services panel              appropriate
                   Use Behavioral Event       Interview candidates       Interview and test
                    Interviewing questions     Conduct share day           candidates
Step #2            If hiring multiple
All                 employees for same
Candidates          position, ask qualified
Are                 candidate if they know
Interviewed         of anyone that would be
                    interested in
Retention Guide
Page 3

Filling a Vacancy continued:

 Objective                  Manager                         Staff              Career Services
                     Review interview             Give feedback about        Coordinate
                      results                       applicants / share day      reference and
                     Gather feedback about                                     background
                      applicants                                                information on
Step #3              Select top candidates                                     top candidates
The Best             Congratulate staff on                                    Coordinate new
Candidate is          conducting a successful                                   hire paperwork,
Selected              interview and inform                                      occupational
                      them of the start date of                                 health screening
                      the new hire                                              and orientation
                     Ask new hire for a new                                    appointments
                      employee referral

After Hire and Before Employee’s Start Date:

 Objective                Manager                            Staff             Career Services
                   Manager or Mentor call         Mentor or Manager call     Prepared name
                    to welcome new                  to welcome new              badge
The Unit is         employee before day             employee before day        Complete new
Prepared for        one                             one                         hire folder
New                Identify best practices        Create a dept.
Employee’s          and assign mentor               orientation folder of
Start Date         Formalize dept.                 FAQs and go over with
                    orientation plan for new        new employee

During Hospital Orientation:
 Objective                    Manager                                        Staff
                   Someone meets with employee:             Staff or mentor has lunch with new
                    - Bring employee to orientation,          hire on day two
                       or                                    Give mentor information and confirm
                    - See employee at orientation, or         what will happen the next day and
Welcomed in
                    - Have lunch with new hire on             where to do
                       day one
                   Ask questions below:
Retention Guide
Page 4

During hospital orientation continued:

   Questions for New Hire While in Orientation:
      1. Did everything go well for your new hire paperwork and pre-hire appointments?
      2. How is orientation going?
      3. Any questions about when or where you will report to work on your 1 st first day?
      4. Do you have any questions about your department orientation schedule?

Day One in the Department:
 Objective                         Manager                                     Staff
                   Lunch with the manager, supervisor            Be a Mentor!
                    and/or staff                                  If from out of town, assign to
                   Bulletin Board welcome sign                    another mentor for city/county
                   Flyer posted of arrival of new person          acclimation
                   Introductions to all staff on the team        Have a Welcome breakfast
Employee           Outline breaks/lunch times                    Give orientation tool kit
Feels              Distribute and review orientation material
Welcomed            (see below)
                   Review department norms
                   Allow ½ hr at the end of the day to meet
                    new hire to ask questions and to get a
                   Ask questions on last page

Questions for New Employees after 1 st Day in Department:
   1. How did your first day go?
   2. Did you feel someone was available to answer your questions whenever you had any?
   3. Was there anything that occurred today that concerned you in any way?
   4. Did people meet with you on a timely basis and review the information that was
       outlined in your department orientation?
   5. Have you been introduced to peers, supervisors, and others?
   6. What do you need?

Orientation Materials (referred to in Day One above)
       Part of creating the right expectation for new employees is to show them that you are
       organized and prepared for their successful entry to the organization. That expectation
       is met whe you clearly address: accountability to service, tea mwork, mission, and
       competency to meet the needs of clients and objectives of the hospital and the
Retention Guide
Page 5

Orientation materials will, of course vary by department and workgroup, but should include:
- Welcome letter
- Orientation outline
- “Need-to-Know” list – people, departments, phone numbers
- Hospital tour
- Website and resource information
- Department brochures – what expectations we create for clients
- Mission of the hospital and the department
- Department Structure
- Key objectives of Hopkins Medicine, the Hospital, and the Department
- Departmental standards
    - Job competencies
    - Code of Conduct
    - Confidentiality (HIPAA on- line classes)
    - Teamwork
    - Service
    - Patient satisfaction feedback
    - Employee satisfaction feedback
    - Standard operating procedures, eg. Payroll, ordering supplies, requested time-off, etc.
- Meeting schedules
- Calendar of hospital, employee, department events

Week One in the Department:

 Objective                        Manager                                         Staff
                     E- mail welcome after new employee          Lunch with a staff member each
                      receives password access                     day.
                     Inform other departments and make           Allow employee ½ hr each day to
                      introductions with new staff member          review checklist, ask questions and
                     Allow 1 hour at the end of the week          identify areas of need
                      to ask questions and to get a referral      Introduce employee to other staff
                     Meet with mentor(s) to evaluate new          members
                      employee’s progress.                        Show new employee by setting
                     Give positive feedback                       example and walking them through
                     Identify opportunities                       their questions’
                     Ask questions on last page                  Identify opportunities

After 1st Week in Department:
    1. Is there any aspect of your job that you wished we would have focused more attention
        on during your first week?
    2. Is there anything that you think we could change to help other new staff during their
        first week on the job here?
Retention Guide
Page 6

Week One continued:
  3. What was the best part of your first week?
  4. What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with this week?
  5. How well do you think you are doing in your job?
  6. If you had questions, was someone always available to answer them?
  7. Have you been introduced to everyone?
  8. Do you feel that everybody is welcoming to new staff?
  9. Is there something that comes to mind that you feel we haven’t explained fully?

Week Two in the Department:

 Objective                          Manager                                     Staff
New                Allow 1 hour at the end of the week to ask        Lunch with a staff member
Employee            questions asked after Week One; are answers        each day
Has Initial         the same?                                         Make a point to include the
Questions                                                              new employee

1st Month in the Department:
 Objective                           Manager                                    Staff
                   Celebrate completion of department                Celebrate completion of
                    orientation                                        department orientation
                   Recognize mentors (gift certificates, flowers,
                    goodie jar)
                   Allow 1 hour at the end of the month for
                    questions and to get a referral
Orientation        Ask questions on last page
Completed;         Develop specific goals and expectations
Improvement         collaboratively with the new employee
Strategies         Develop formal and informal training plan
Identified         Develop agreement on communication and
                    performance feedback needs including time
                    frame for formal and informal evaluation and
                   Provide feedback on your observation of new
                    employee’s level and quality of interaction
                    with coworkers and supervisors.
Retention Guide
Page 7

After 1st Month continued:

Questions to Ask After 1st Month in Department:
   1. What part of your job do you find most rewarding?
   2. What part of your job makes you feel successful?
   3. Tell me about some of your successes during your first month.
   4. Do you feel this job meets your expectations?
   5. Do you have any suggestions on process improvements?
   6. Are there any aspects of your job that you need more training?
   7. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in working at Hopkins?
   8. What areas of your work would you like more feedback on?

90 Day Probationary Period:
 Objective                  Manager                             Staff
New                Code of Conduct is part of     Give feedback for probationary
Employee            probationary evaluation         evaluation
Demonstrates       Complete probationary
Competence          evaluation

6 Month Personal Check:

 Objective                  Manager                               Staff
                   Special meeting on how it’s    Allow most recent new hire to
Employee            going                           give testimonials regarding
Likes              Verify employee’s goals         mentors/orientation
Working            Discuss career development     New employee to review
Here                                                orientation packet for
                                                    updates/changes, deletions

1st Year Check:

 Objective                  Manager                             Staff
                   Send personal note thanking    Simple celebration with staff and
                    employee for 1st year of        management
1st Year
                   Get employee’s 1st year
                   Review future goals
Retention Guide
Page 8

Special Notes to Mentors and Helpers:
 Objective                                              Manager
                     Allow time for mentors to spend time with orientees
                     Gift certificates at restaurant, etc.
                     Send letters of thanks
Demonstrate          Notify staff of retention statistics
Caring and           Celebrate retention
Appreciation         Instant Reward Program
for Having           Be visible to staff on all shifts
the New              Celebrate department successes
Employee             Display letters of thanks received from outsiders
                     Determine department factors/report card
                     Encourage work place humor
                     Celebrate employee’s anniversary publicly

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