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					Fitch Research’s Market-leading Surveillance Tools
Objective ratings, industry-leading research                      Key Benefits of Fitch Research’s Surveillance Tools
and ongoing surveillance via an online                            •• Make informed investment decisions knowing deals are
subscription service                                                 constantly being monitored for up-to-the-minute rating
                                                                     changes and delivered directly to your email inbox
In today’s ever-evolving structured finance universe, investors   •• Gain a competitive advantage by capturing performance
require objective analysis and greater transparency to               trends as they occur—not after the fact—for bonds in
effectively monitor bond performance across the global ABS,          your portfolio
CMBS, RMBS, and Structured Credit debt markets. To meet           •• Understand credit trends and increase efficiencies without
this growing demand, Fitch Research offers a wide-array of           the time-consuming process of manually gathering data
surveillance tools designed to keep market participants abreast      from multiple sources
of the latest rating actions, industry events and market issues
                                                                  •• Optimize portfolio management and surveillance by
affecting their structured finance investments.
                                                                     focusing only on the bonds that need closer monitoring

Fitch Research’s surveillance offerings provide ongoing market
surveillance for Fitch Ratings’ entire Structured Finance rated
universe. By combining deal-specific surveillance, benchmarking
                                                                  Deal Review
metrics and market research with enhanced portfolio analytics,
these surveillance tools provide unique insight into the risks    This portfolio monitoring feature on Fitch Research classifies
present within a securitized transaction.                         a Fitch-rated structured finance transaction with a date that
                                                                  indicates the transactions have been reviewed by Fitch Ratings
Asset Class Coverage                                              analysts and therefore do not warrant additional review. Deal
                                                                  Review provides investors with peace of mind and confidence
•• Asset-Backed Securities
                                                                  knowing that their transactions are being evaluated on a timely
   –• Auto Related: 112 deals, $59.7 Billion
                                                                  and thorough basis by Fitch Ratings analysts.
   –• Credit Card Receivables: 105 deals, $257.1 Billion
   –• Tobacco: 50 deals, $22 Billion
   –• Student Loans (FFELP): 599 deals, $279.6 Billion            Portfolio Update
   –• Aircraft: 34 deals, $13.4 Billion                           With Fitch Research’s Portfolio Update, subscribers can build
•• Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities                          a customized portfolio tailored to specified market sectors,
   –• 478 deals, $452 Billion                                     geographic areas, and/or specific issuers/bonds. Once a portfolio
•• Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities                         is created, users can set up email alerts filtered by report type,
  –• Prime and Alt-A: 2,005 transactions, $505.6 Billion          sector, geography, issuer and issue to be delivered directly to
  –• Subprime: 1,273 transactions, $226.3 Billion                 one’s email inbox. Users can also generate customizable tables
                                                                  of data which are exportable to Excel®, share content with
                                                                  other users in their company, and view all research specific to
                                                                  their portfolio.
Fitch Research’s Market-leading Surveillance Tools

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 About Fitch Solutions
 A division of the Fitch Group, Fitch Solutions brings to            The Fitch Group also includes Fitch Ratings, a global
 market a wide range of fixed-income data, analytical tools          rating agency committed to providing independent, timely
 and related services. The division is also the distribution         and objective credit opinions, and Algorithmics, a leader in
 channel for Fitch Ratings content.                                  enterprise risk management solutions. The Fitch Group is a
                                                                     majority-owned subsidiary of Fimalac, S.A., headquartered
 Fitch Solutions’ product offerings include research services,       in Paris, France. For additional information, please visit
 risk and performance analytics, surveillance tools, structured;; and
 finance solutions, and pricing and valuation services. The
 division’s service offering includes Fitch Training, a specialist
 training firm for financial professionals.


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