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'the Kinds of Information Employees Want'


'the Kinds of Information Employees Want' document sample

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									IntegraCore Savings Assessment Tool
To find out what kinds of savings you might enjoy by outsourcing with IntegraCore, just enter your current (or expected) costs

                                                                Amount (per project)
Labor Costs                      More Information               $               -

Media Replication Costs          More Information               $                  -

Printing Costs                   More Information               $                  -

Other Raw Material Costs         More Information               $                  -

Warehousing Costs                More Information               $                  -

                                                    Total:      $                  -

                                                                    Calculate Savings

     Have no idea what your Assembly, Distribution, and Fulfillment Costs are? (Click Here)
ur current (or expected) costs below:
Labor Costs:
For your reference, the following list presents some average salaries for warehousing/production/shipping positions:

                            Source #1           Source #2       Source #3        Source #4                Average
Shipping Clerk             $ 24,612.00      $      23,848.00   $ 23,553.00      $ 24,859.00           $    24,218.00
Warehouse Worker           $ 24,276.00      $      23,523.00   $ 25,642.00      $ 26,008.00           $    24,862.25
Warehouse Supervisor       $ 36,743.00      $      35,603.00                                          $    36,173.00
Warehouse Manager          $ 47,617.00      $      46,140.00                                          $    46,878.50
Order Clerk                                                    $   25,456.00                          $    25,456.00
Order Filler                                                   $   23,575.00                          $    23,575.00
Production Supervisor                                          $   42,991.00    $    43,398.00        $    43,194.50

Cost Calculator:
                             Average                                                Project
                                              Number            Hours per            Length
                              Salary                                                                  Project Cost
                                            Needed/Used           Week              (Weeks)
Shipping Clerk             $      12.11                                                               $            -
Warehouse Worker           $      12.43                                                               $            -
Warehouse Supervisor       $      18.09                                                               $            -
Warehouse Manager          $      23.44                                                               $            -
Order Clerk                $      12.73                                                               $            -
Order Filler               $      11.79                                                               $            -
Production Supervisor      $      21.60                                                               $            -
Other                                                                                                 $            -
Other                                                                                                 $            -

                                                                                        Total:        $            -

Also, please keep in mind that this list presents only the salary costs; it does not include training, benefits,
vacation time, sick time, or any of the other myriad costs that go along with hiring a new employee. These
costs could add as much as 30% or more to your total labor expenses.

                                      Total (including additional costs): $                -

The costs of labor increase even more dramatically if you are using employees who have primary
responsibilities in other areas. When you pull employees from their core obligations to work on distribution and
fulfillment projects, how much is it costing your organization?

• How much is the cost in lost productivity?
• How much is the cost in lowered morale and job satisfaction?
• How many more projects could you accomplish if everyone was focusing on the core competencies of your
• How much money could you make if your staff focused solely on the jobs they were hired to do?
And don't forget the amount of time you spend on a project. How much of your valuable time is wasted doing
distribution and fulfillment tasks? How much time do you spend calling multiple vendors, trying to make sure
that your project is coordinated properly?

ipping positions:

                     Average (Hourly)
                    $            12.11
                    $            12.43
                    $            18.09
                    $            23.44
                    $            12.73
                    $            11.79
                    $            21.60
Media Replication Costs:
The cost of replicating your CD, CD-ROM, DVD, Audiotape, or Videotape depends on a large number of
variables, including quantity, packaging, and the printing on the CD.

What most vendors won't tell you, however, are the costs that can come with poorly produced or
duplicated media. Just imagine how much money you could lose if your media is not produced correctly:

•   How   much   would   you   lose   in   refunds?
•   How   much   would   you   lose   in   the time spent processing returns and shipping out replacements?
•   How   much   would   you   lose   in   damaged reputation?
•   How   much   would   you   lose   in   future sales?

When you outsource with IntegraCore, you can be assured that your media replication will be done quickly
and accurately, the first time. IntegraCore will coordinate every detail of your project, including all your
mastering and artwork needs. Instead of worrying about the quality of your product, you can spend your
time on more important tasks, like developing new products, generating new accounts and customers, and
growing your business.

Printing Costs:

Printing costs depend upon many different factors, including size, paper quality, print quality, and the
number of colors needed.

Without a turn-key solution provider like IntegraCore, you may also have to face the problem of using
different printers to provide materials for your project. When you have to coordinate more than one printer,
the chances of delays and other problems increase significantly.

• How much would just one delay cost you in lost sales?
• If you can’t deliver on time, how does that affect the image of your organization?
• How much time and effort are you wasting contacting and double-checking on these providers, when you
should be concentrating on more important duties?

With IntegraCore, all your printing needs will be coordinated by us – if you come up with a brilliant new idea
and need a change, you can accomplish it with just one phone call. We take care of the project so that you
can take care of your business.

Other Raw Materials Costs:
Your project may require any number of raw materials, and the prices that vendors charge for these materials can
vary widely.

These charges, however, only present you with the actual cost of the raw materials; they do not include the cost of
transporting the materials, or the space needed to store the products. When determining the costs of your raw
materials, you need to take into account important factors such as buying too much of a product or the cost you will
incur if you decide to change the specifications of your project.

Most importantly, you need to realize the costs you’re incurring in wasted time. Right now, how much time do you
spend dealing with different vendors to get the materials you need? IntegraCore is your one-stop source of whatever
materials your project requires – with just one call, you can manage all of your project’s specifications and
requirements. No matter how specific your needs, IntegraCore can find the right components and materials for your

 for these materials can

o not include the cost of
he costs of your raw
oduct or the cost you will

 how much time do you
 e-stop source of whatever
 ecifications and
nts and materials for your
Warehousing Costs:
Building or renting warehousing space presents many organizations with major difficulties,
especially if the company has a cyclical project schedule. To begin, warehousing space
requires a large initial outlay – As an example, the following table presents the average cost
of building a warehouse in some major American markets:

To Build:

                         Cost per            Square footage
         City           square foot             needed                   Cost
Atlanta                $       51.01                              $             -
Baltimore              $       51.86                              $             -
Boston                 $       65.77                              $             -
Chicago                $       64.47                              $             -
Cleveland              $       58.02                              $             -
Dallas                 $       48.18                              $             -
Denver                 $       54.17                              $             -
Detroit                $       60.45                              $             -
Houston                $       49.99                              $             -
Kansas City            $       57.96                              $             -
Los Angeles            $       61.24                              $             -
Miami                  $       48.12                              $             -
Minneapolis            $       62.32                              $             -
New Orleans            $       49.54                              $             -
New York City          $       76.12                              $             -
Philadelphia           $       63.45                              $             -
Phoenix                $       50.56                              $             -
Pittsburgh             $       57.51                              $             -
Portland               $       59.89                              $             -
St. Louis              $       58.25                              $             -
Salt Lake City         $       51.18                              $             -
San Diego              $       60.00                              $             -
San Francisco          $       70.69                              $             -
Seattle                $       59.60                              $             -
Washington             $       53.78                              $             -
Winston/Salem          $       42.75                              $             -

Average:               $        57.19                             $             -

Even renting warehouse space can be expensive, as the following table illustrates:

To Rent:
                         Cost per
                        square foot
                      (average) per          Square footage
                          month                 needed                Annual Cost
Source #1 (High)       $        1.00                              $            -
Source #1 (Low)        $         0.50                            $            -

Source #2 (High)       $         0.33                            $            -
Source #2 (Low)        $         0.27                            $            -

Source #3 (High)   $             0.65                            $            -
Source #3 (Medium) $             0.50                            $            -
Source #3 (Low)    $             0.45                            $            -

Source #4 (High)       $         0.65                            $            -
Source #4 (Low)        $         0.25                            $            -

Average:               $         0.51                            $            -

These costs are compounded if your company only uses the warehouse sporadically. If your
project schedule requires that you only need to warehouse inventory for part of the year,
then you find yourself paying for an empty space the rest of the time.

And, without the expertise to manage a warehouse, your company could make costly
inventory mistakes.

• How much would it cost your company to find that you didn’t have the product to cover
your sales?
• How much would it cost your company to hire employees to watch product that isn’t selling
at this time?
• How much would it cost your company to track all the components, materials, and
products that are needed for your project?

With IntegraCore, you can have a finished goods accuracy at 99.98%, raw materials
inventory at 99.3%, and on-time delivery at 99.21% – all without having to worry about
building and coordinating your own facility. Best of all, you can use IntegraCore only when
you need them. You don’t have to deal with a burdensome infrastructure during your
project’s downtimes. IntegraCore is there when you need them, and only when you need

No Idea What Your Assembly, Distribution,
and Fulfillment Costs Are?

If you don't know how much you are currently spending on your assembly, distribution, and
fulfillment processes, you're not alone. In fact, one of the advantages of outsourcing with
IntegraCore is that you'll always know your distribution and fulfillment costs. Knowing these
costs allows you to more accurately predict the monthly margins of operating your infrastructure
and plan a more efficient and accurate budget.

Remember, when you outsource with IntegraCore, you don’t have to worry about all those
unexpected “hidden” costs that seem to occur at the worst times. You know exactly how much
your project is going to cost, so you can better track your profits. Best of all, your costs with
IntegraCore only occur when you are actually implementing your project; you can perfectly
match your costs with your revenues, even if your company works on a cyclical schedule.

Your Savings with IntegraCore:
Based upon the information you’ve entered, and using past IntegraCore projects of your size and scope as a
guide, you could potentially see yearly savings in the range of:

                            Yearly Savings: $                    -

                                       by outsourcing with IntegraCore.

                            Year One    Year Two        Year Three        Year Four   Year Five










                  $0.10                $-          $-                $-        $-        $-

                                              Cumulative Yearly Savings
               Year One                                  $-
               Year Two                                     $-
               Year Three                                   $-
               Year Four                                    $-
               Year Five                                    $-
And remember, these savings don't take into account all the "soft" costs and opportunity costs that you would
have to pay if you were trying to set up your own infrastructure. With its experience and expertise,
IntegraCore will ensure that you no longer lose money from faulty assembly or mis-shipped items. What kind
of savings is this worth to you?

By outsourcing with IntegraCore, you know that your project will be produced quickly, perfectly, and on time.
IntegraCore has achieved a finished goods inventory accuracy of 99.98%, a raw materials inventory accuracy
of 99.3%, and on-time delivery of 99.21%. Wouldn’t you like to have these kinds of numbers associated with
your company?

Just compare this to using 5 different vendors who have a 98% accuracy rate. Because each vendor is
capable of making mistakes, the accuracy rate for your project drops to a mere 90%. Do you really want 10%
of your customers receiving a defective product? How much could that cost you in lost sales and damaged

In addition, outsourcing with IntegraCore will save your company money by allowing your staff to do what
they do best, instead of having to deal with the logistics of packaging and distribution. Which would you
rather have your technical staff doing? Packing and shipping boxes or generating revenues and growing the

Using IntegraCore as your complete turn-key solutions provider just makes sense. It saves you time and
money, and lets you focus on the core activities of your business. Let IntegraCore do what it does best, so
that your company can do what it does best.

    Year One           Year Two           Year Three       Year Four
$              -   $              -   $            -   $            -

    Year Five
$               -

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