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					The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based
    and Community Initiatives

  AmeriCorps *State Competitive and Formula
       2010-11 Pre-Funding Workshop
    Pre-Funding Workshop Outline
   Section I: Overview of GFBCI, National Service
    and CNCS/AmeriCorps
   Section II: AmeriCorps State
   Section III: Financials
   Section IV: Training and Member Management
   Section V: Application Requirements
   Section VI: Expectations of Sub-Grantees
          Key Words/Acronyms
   GFBCI is the State Service Commission and the
   Successful applicants are the sub-grantee
   MSY - Member Service Year = 1 slot
   OMB - Office of Management and Budget
   CNCS – Corporation for National and
    Community Service
          Section I
Governor’s Office of Faith-Based
   and Community Initiatives,
      National Service, and
 Governor’s Office of Faith-Based &
      Community Initiatives

The GFBCI, formerly the Governor’s Office on
National and Community Service, was renamed
and the mission broadened through Executive
Order #21, June 2004. The GFBCI is the State
Service Commission for Alabama.
  The Mission of the GFBCI

The mission of the GFBCI is to build the
capacity of individuals and organizations to
serve and transform the communities in
which they live and to serve as a bridge
between government and community.
             The GFBCI Works to:

(1)   Increase an ethic of service and volunteerism in
      the State of Alabama,
(2)   Increase the capacity of faith and community-
      based organizations within the state to better
      compete for funding opportunities and
(3)   Increase collaboration among the people and
      organizations that are trying to meet the greatest
      need of our state.
            The Primary Functions of the GFBCI
   The Faith-Based and Community Initiative in Alabama
        Informational Seminars
        Information Loop
        Faith-Based Advisory Board

   Alabama State Service Commission
      AmeriCorps State Programs (Formula and Competitive)

   Disaster Preparedness and Response
        Citizen Corps Program (funded by the Alabama Department of Homeland
         Security/U.S. Office of Domestic Preparedness)
        Volunteer and Donation Coordination for the State Emergency Operations
         Plan/Support Annex G

   Strengthening Communities Fund – Alabama Strengthening Communities Project
   High Hopes Drop-Out Prevention partnership with the Alabama State
    Department of Education
   Governor’s Statewide Interagency Council on Homelessness
      National Service and Volunteerism
Volunteering in America
"The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of
 functions performed by private citizens"—Alexis de Tocqueville

    Alexis de Tocqueville, a French observer of American life in
    the early 1800’s noted that, more than any other people,
    Americans have always volunteered to help their neighbors
    and their communities. Our government encourages and
    supports this spirit of cooperation.
 National Service and Volunteerism

     Over two hundred years after de Tocqueville, the terrorist
attacks of September 11, 2001 created a new sense of civic pride,
patriotism, and gratitude for America’s freedoms.

     The tragic events of 9-11 crystallized the spirit of active
community involvement for many Americans. As a people, we are
committed to the ideal of volunteering—looking to serve our nation
and our fellow citizens in new and meaningful ways.

    By giving of ourselves, we demonstrate our country's greatest
source of strength: An active and engaged citizenry.

       We Are a Country That Serves . . . In Many Meaningful Ways

   Administered by the Corporation for National
    and Community Service (Federal agency)
   Began in 1994 and commonly referred to as ―the
    domestic Peace Corps‖
   Comprised of AmeriCorps *State and National,
    VISTA and AmeriCorps *NCCC.
   The GFBCI administers AmeriCorps *State
    Competitive and Formula Program.
What Governs AmeriCorps State?
Prior to October 1, 2009:
   (as amended through P.L. 106-170, approved 12-17-99)

After October 1, 2009:
       Edward Kennedy Serve America Act
             “Serve America Act”
National and Community Service Act
              of 1990
   Landmark legislation which established
    Governor appointed state service commissions
   In 1993 the Corporation for National and
    Community Service was created as the federal
    agency with oversight responsibilities for this
        Edward Kennedy Serve America Act

   The Serve America Act reauthorizes and expands national
    service programs administered by the Corporation for
    National and Community Service, a federal agency created in
   The Corporation engages four million Americans in result-
    driven service each year, including 75,000 AmeriCorps
    members, 492,000 Senior Corps volunteers, 1.1 million Learn
    and Serve America students, and 2.2 million additional
    community volunteers mobilized and managed through the
    agency’s programs. (
           AmeriCorps State
     AmeriCorps*State works with Governor-appointed
State Service Commissions to provide grants to public
and nonprofit organizations that sponsor service
programs around the country, including hundreds of
faith-based and community organizations, higher
education institutions, and public agencies.
     Grants assist these groups in recruiting, training
and placing AmeriCorps members to meet critical
community needs in education, public safety, health,
and the environment.
     AmeriCorps State vs. AmeriCorps VISTA
   AmeriCorps State program augment existing services
    of an organization in a community and work to meet
    an ongoing need. AmeriCorps members typically serve
    as a part of a larger Corps and provide direct service.
   AmeriCorps VISTA (managed by the State CNCS
    office) typically places a single or small group of
    individual(s) in an organization/community to help
    build capacity to address a need. VISTA members
    provide indirect services and should serve towards
    alleviation or elimination of a community need.
   Section II

AmeriCorps*State Funding Structure
   Corporation for National and Community Service
              (Federal Funding Agency)

 The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community

 AmeriCorps*State Competitive and Formula Programs

         Host Site   Host Site    Host Site
     AmeriCorps*State (Formula)
   Funding request must be structured based on the
    number of MSY requested
   Annual Allocation to the state of funding
       Programs develop budgets with their application to
        support member request and other allowable
   Annual Allocation of member slots (MSY’s) based
    on population
     1 MSY = 1 full time member
     1 MSY= 2 half time members
     1 MSY = 4 quarter time members
AmeriCorps*State Program Structure
   Host Agency (legal applicant- sub-grantee to the
   Service Sites (MOU between the Host Agency
    and the Service Site) – where members serve
    e.g., The Employers Child Care Alliance in
    Opelika is the host Agency (sub-grantee) and
    service sites include Lee County Schools, the
    BRIDGES after school program, and the Red
      Is AmeriCorps Right For Your Agency?
   Review the web site and the
    AmeriCorps provisions.
   Contact current AmeriCorps State Programs.
   Start to critically analyze your organizational capacity
    to manage a complex federal grant.
   Evaluate your capacity to recruit, interview and
    manage members.
   Are your community partnerships strong? Are these
    potential service sites for members?
   What is your current strategy for sustainability?
      What Makes This Application
   Member management, recruitment and retention
    – tracking service hours, payment of stipends
    and member development
   Flexibility of program design
   Complexity of implementation – service sites,
    site supervisors
   Rigorous reporting and accountability –
    reimbursement grant
       Who is Eligible to Apply?

   Public agencies (local and state government,
    education agencies)

   Private Non-Profit (faith-based and
    community organizations)
    Before You Decide to Apply…
   Thoroughly read the Application Instructions
    and Additional Application Instructions

   Educate your Board about the benefits and costs
    of the program

   Review the AmeriCorps Provisions and
    applicable federal statutes
                   KEY Factors
   Organizations must be prepared to support and
    implement activities as they are described in the grant
   Organizations are encouraged to include key
    administrative, programmatic and financial staff in
    project planning.
   Organizations must have current, demonstrable
    capacity to manage a complex federally funded project.
   Adequate personnel to include a dedicated, qualified
    accountant (or contract with a reputable accounting
                     Imagine if…..
   You don’t have the capacity to:
      Significantly increase the number of people in your
       organization (space)
      Little or no in-kind or cash match to support the program

      No dedicated staff to meet the members needs, the
       Commissions requirements and your community partners
      No understanding of the requirements of receiving and
       managing federal funds
                Imagine if….
Your organization has the capacity to:
 Recruit 15-25 motivated, dedicated members
  each year
 Be a recruiter, a trainer, a motivator, a planner, a
  juggler, a disciplinarian, a leader…
 Each year, your program could expand with 15-
  25 well trained, dedicated individuals who are
  committed to your mission and ambassadors in
  your community
             Approval Process
   Grants applications will be reviewed by the
    GFBCI Staff and a Peer Review Panel.
   Reviewers utilize a standard review tool.
   Recommendations are made to the GFBCI
    Director and the State Service Commission for
    final funding decisions.
   Portfolio of State Formula Programs submitted
    to the Corporation for National and Community
    Service by the GFBCI for final approval.
Section III

    AmeriCorps State - Financials
   May not be the right grant for your organization:
     You are seeking a lot of operating funds for your
     If your organization cannot provide in-kind and or
      cash match support for the program
     If you cannot separate and track expenditures with
      an adequate accounting system
    AmeriCorps State - Financials
   May be the right grant if your organization:
     Wants to expand current services
     Is highly organized and diversified

     Has resources to support a reimbursement grant
Effective Financial Management


                                                       Written Policies


       BUDGET                                                Efficient
      CONTROLS                                              Accounting

     Elements of Good Internal
   Documented policies and procedures
   Adequate cash management procedures
    (monthly bank reconciliations)
   System to track members’ & employees’
   System to follow-up on problems identified
    to ensure resolution
Determination of Acceptability
          of Costs
   Conditions in Award Letter and Contract
   AmeriCorps Provisions
   AmeriCorps Policy
   OMB Circulars
   Program Applicability
       Allocable
       Allowable
       Reasonable
       Necessary
    Key Budget Factors to Consider
   Match (24% overall match for a new program)
   Personnel – must have 100% of an FTE
    assigned to the project per 10 members; must
    have qualified staff assigned to the project
   Cost per MSY cannot exceed $13,000 (based on
    total request)
     Living allowance - $11,800 (minimum fulltime
     Health Insurance - required if full time member
    Key Budget Factors to Consider
   Other Costs to consider:
     Training for Staff and Members
     Travel for Staff and Members

     AmeriCorps Gear for Members

     Supplies

     Space

     Equipment
              Match Requirements
  Section 407 of the appropriations act:
―AmeriCorps programs receiving grants under the National
  Service Trust program shall meet an overall minimum share
  requirement of 24% for the first three years that they receive
  AmeriCorps funding, and thereafter shall meet the overall
  minimum share requirement as provided in section 2521.60 of
  title 45, Code of Federal Regulations, without regard to the
  operating costs match requirement in section 121(e) or the
  member support Federal share limitations in section 140 of
  the National and Community Service Act of 1990, and subject
  to partial waiver consistent with section 2521.70 of title 45,
  Code of Federal Regulations.‖
               Match Requirements
   Match (sub-grantee share) must be met with in-kind
    and cash resources
       24% overall match – (50% of the 24% of match highly
        encouraged as cash)
          $200,000 request
          Total Match - $48,000 ($24,000 (50%) cash)

   If personnel are used to meet the match
    requirements – time sheets and payroll registers
    must accurately reflect time on project
   Match increases incrementally up to 50% at the 10th
                          Cash Match
        Cash (typically non federal funds)
        Flows through your budget
        Example: You dedicate 100% of John Smith’s time to the
    AmeriCorps project –you charge 50% of his salary to the AmeriCorps
    grant and pay the other 50% of his salary with donations. The 50% of
    his salary that comes from donations can be used as cash match for
    the grant. John Smith’s time sheets must reflect 100% of his time is
    spent on the AmeriCorps project

                        AmeriCorps               Grantee Share
                        (federal share)          (Match)

     1 FTE (John        15,000                   15,000
     Smith) at 100%
     at $30,000 pr/yr
                    In-Kind Match
   In-Kind match are contributions (donations) of goods and/or
    services to the program
   Once those resources are committed they cannot be used for
    another program
   Example: Capture of in-kind match must be proportional to the
    overall organizational budget - If you have donated space and the
    market rate would be $1,000 per month ($12,000 pr/yr) and your
    AmeriCorps grant is 50% of your overall organization’s budget –
    you could charge 50% of the total annual donation as in-kind match
    to the AmeriCorps project

                        CNCS (Federal       Grantee Share
                        Share)              (Match)
    Space Rental        $0                  $6,000
                           In-Kind Match
   Other examples of in-kind match:
       Professional services
                 A trainer waives their regular fee of $125 per hour and provides 12
                  hours of training to your AmeriCorps Members
                 $125 X 12= $1,500 in-kind donation to the program in member
       Your organization receives a discounted rate from a CPA
            Your organization is charged $100 per hour instead of the
             market rate of $150 – you capture difference as in-kind
                 Market rate for CPA for 120 hours at $150= $18,000
                 Discounted Rate for 120 hours at $100 = $12,000
                 In-Kind contribution to the program = $6,000
     Section IV
Training and Member
   The GFBCI is responsible for sub-grantee
    program staff training and technical assistance
    directly related to the AmeriCorps grant
   Sub-Grantees are responsible for training
    members to include: pre-service training,
    ongoing member development, mid and final
    performance evaluations and other trainings as
    determined by program
            AmeriCorps Member
   AmeriCorps Member - Individual who is enrolled in an
    AmeriCorps program and receives a living allowance (at
    regular intervals during their term of service) and an
    education award once they successfully complete their
    service commitment
   Community Volunteer – Individual who may regularly
    or spontaneously volunteer with an AmeriCorps
    program (typically engaged for large service projects
    such as MLK Day). They receive no living allowance
    or education benefits.
             Member Management
   AmeriCorps is unique because as a program manager you are
    working to meet the goals of the program (increase literacy,
    decrease youth violence, etc.), but you also have an obligation to
    create a meaningful experience for the AmeriCorps members
    serving in your programs
   Strong programs are always working to strengthen the member
    experience at their service sites through communication with the
    host sites, training the site supervisors to understand the role and
    purpose of the AmeriCorps member
   AmeriCorps members cannot replace paid staff and should not
    be treated as staff
   Programs are encouraged to be inclusive in their recruiting and
    placement of members with particular attention to individuals
    with disabilities
         Member Management
   Successful applicants will be those that
    provide members with the supervision,
    training, skills, and knowledge they need to
    perform their tasks.
   Your program is required to have a qualified
    supervisor to provide members with regular
    and adequate oversight.
       Key Elements of Member

   Citizenship
   Training Related to Your Service Activities
   Leadership Opportunities
   Supervision, Training, and Education
   Support Services
   Diversity
   Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
      Strengthening Communities
   A fundamental purpose of AmeriCorps is to help
    recruit, support, and manage the vast networks of
    volunteers that meet community needs.
   Accordingly, successful applicants will be those
    that address how their AmeriCorps program will
    effectively engage and support volunteers in
    meeting community needs.
   You may decide that a few members in a program
    should be devoted entirely to some aspect of
    volunteer recruitment and management. Or, you
    may determine that all members will spend a
    portion of their time supporting volunteers.
       Section V
Application Requirements
              Submitting an Application
   Applications must be submitted through e-grants – e-grants can be accessed at E-grants is currently open for:

        AmeriCorps State Competitive NOFO Open for Subapplications
         Grant #: 09ACHAL001

         NOFA: Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2010

        AmeriCorps State Formula NOFO Open for Sub-Applications
         Grant #: 06AFHAL001
         NOFA: Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2010

   Create a reasonable time line to submit the application
   Applicants may go through a negotiation period with the GFBCI prior to final
    submittal of application
Additional Application Requirements
   A-133 Audit or Financial Statement
   Organizational Chart
   Board of Directors
   Pre-Funding Financial
    Assessment/Organizational Questionnaire
   Sustainability Plan
   Member Training Plan
All forms including application instructions,
additional requirements, and the application
timeline are available at
         Section VI
Expectations of Sub-Grantees
               Sub-grantees will work to
             meet the following expectations:

   Deadlines are met during and after application process
   Materials related to the program are shared with the
    appropriate personnel within the organization
   Sub-grantee is accessible and willing to communicate needs
   Important documents and correspondence are reviewed in an
    appropriate time frame by the sub-grantee – if no questions -
    GFBCI assumes materials (including policy) are understood
   Compliance with federal and state regulations and policies -
    inability to maintain compliance can result in suspension
    and/or termination of funding
               Next Steps to Apply

   Technical Assistance will be available by appointment
   Post Notification of Award but prior to beginning of
    Contract (Oct. 1, 2010) sub-grantee required to attend
    annual Program Start-Up Training
Thank you for your interest in AmeriCorps
   Contact Information

         Lisa Castaldo, Deputy Director
Christine Williams, Program and Training Officer
            Ronica Faire, Accountant
 Donna Long, Program and Financial Assistant

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