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                            business internet
Internet access
    for home and business
Manx Telecom is the Island’s leading Internet Service Provider.
We offer a range of Internet access products and services to suit
everyone, whether it’s for home or business use.
Whether you are an occasional surfer, spending just a few hours a
week on the web, enjoy downloading music and video, or running
a business, we can provide the service that will optimise your
Internet experience.
Find out which service is right for you!

   4 -8          Broadband            12-13      E-Biz

    9       Dial-up Internet access    14     Security tips

  10-11             E-mail             15     Special offer
4   Broadband

    Broadband utilises Manx Telecom ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) for
    high speed Internet access.

    High Bandwidth                                       Keep the telephone line open                           Flexibility
    You will be able to receive data at                  Broadband does not affect your normal                  With Broadband you can plug your
    speeds of up to 16 Mb/s (Megabits per                telephone service - so you can make and                router into any extension socket in your
    second), and send data at up to 832                  receive calls while online.                            property. To use ADSL2+ you will need
    Kb/s (Kilobits per second). The actual                                                                      a compatible router.
    Internet speeds achieved over a line are                                                                    An optional Broadband Made Easy service
    dependant on many factors and cannot                                                                        is available if you are unsure how to set
    be guaranteed.                                                                                              up your connection (charges apply).

     What is a Gigabyte?                                                               What is Megabits per second?
     The amount of data used over your broadband connection is expressed in            All information passed over the Internet is in the form of bits and bytes
     Gigabytes. 1024 Bytes is a Kilobyte, 1024 Kilobytes is a Megabyte and             (8 bits represent a single character). The speed of your Broadband
     1024 Megabytes is a Gigabyte.                                                     connection is the amount of bits sent or received in a second. 16 Megabits
                                                                                       per second is approximately 16 million bits sent or received in one second.

     Browsing - An average webpage is 30 Kilobytes = 31,457 average webpage visits for 1 Gigabyte
     E-mail - An average text e-mail is 7 Kilobytes = 262,144 average e-mails sent/received for 1 Gigabyte
     E-mail attachments - An average size of a file is 512 Kilobytes = 2,048 attachments for 1 Gigabyte
     Software updates - An average download size is 5,120 Kilobytes = 204 downloads for 1 Gigabyte
     Music files - An average music mp3 is 4,096 Kilobytes = 256 mp3 downloads for 1 Gigabyte
     Films - An average two hour film is 1,048,576 Kilobytes = 1 film for 1 Gigabyte
     Online gaming - An average game transfers 15,360 Kilobytes in one hour = 68 hours of play for 1 Gigabyte
     Please note that these figures are indicative and are for guidance purposes only.
                                                                                                                                       Broadband                5

                                                     Broadband 12GB                       Broadband 25GB                    Broadband Unlimited

  Connection speed                                        Up to 16Mb/s                         Up to 16Mb/s                         Up to 16Mb/s
  No time limits on surfing
  Contention ratio based on                                    50:1                                 50:1                                 50:1
  Dynamic IP addressing
  Cap per month                                                12GB                                 25GB
  Cap release fee (optional)                                 £15.00                               £12.00                                  n/a
  Unlimited email addresses
  Free spam filtering
  Extensive online help
  24/7 helpdesk
  Self install (wires only) service
  Cost (per month)                                           £18.95                               £22.95                               £26.95
                                                  Ideal for beginners to the          25GB is a generous cap for            Ideal for more heavy use or
                                                  Internet or occasional users.       family use of the Internet on         when 2 or more computers /
                                                  If your home has one computer       one or two computers.                 consoles are connected.
                                                  and is only used for surfing and    If your home has one or two           If your home has one or more
                                                  emailing this package could be      computers and the Internet is         computers or games consoles,
                                                  for you.                            used regularly, even for the          and if you download / stream lots
                                                                                      occasional file download, then        of videos and / or online gaming
                                                                                      this could be the package for you.    then this is the package for you.

Existing Broadband customers can also upgrade to the new ADSL2+ service. For further details call 624 624.
Broadband connection is free (Minimum term is 12 months).
For Broadband 12GB and Broadband 25GB payment of the optional release fee is applicable if you use your allocated data and wish to continue using Broadband.
Once paid your Broadband has unlimited data for the rest of the calendar month.
Prices include VAT @ 17.5% and are valid from 1 February 2010.
6   Broadband Business

    Manx Telecom Broadband Business services utilise Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    (ADSL2+) for high speed Internet access and provide customers with a Fixed IP address.

    • The wires-only service has optional ‘Broadband Made Easy’                       • The Managed service option includes an ADSL2+ router,
      consultancy services to aid set-up and configuration of                           configuration, remote diagnostics, technical support and
      your service.                                                                     hardware maintenance.

    For further information please visit or call 624 624.

                                                                           Broadband                                                Broadband
                                                                          Business Lite                                              Business
                                                         Wires only                          Managed                Wires only                      Managed
        Cost (per month)                                     £35.00                            £45.00                   £55.00                         £65.00
        Connection charge                                     £Free                           £200.00                    £Free                        £200.00
        Connection speed                                                    Up to 16Mb/s                                            Up to 16Mb/s
        Contention ratio based on                                                50:1                                                    20:1
        Fixed IP addressing*
        24/7 helpdesk
        8 hour response to faults,
        Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00
        Extensive online help

    Existing Broadband customers can upgrade to ADSL2+. For further details call 624 624.
    *One IP address is assigned as standard. Additional addresses are only available upon completion of a RIPE IP address declaration. This form will be verified by
    Manx Telecom, and may be rejected if the number of IP addresses requested appears excessive. Most functions can be achieved with a single IP address using
    Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Forwarding, so customers are asked to consider this before completing the RIPE declaration form.
    Prices exclude VAT and are valid at time of publication.
                                                                                      Broadband Business SDSL                   7

SDSL services are ideal for businesses who have a requirement for substantial
outgoing traffic

Unlike ADSL services, SDSL provides the same bandwidth for        Please see the table on the next page for a summary of Manx
both the upstream (to the Internet) and downstream (from          Telecom’s SDSL Business Broadband services.
the Internet) parts of the service. SDSL Services are available
                                                                  For further information please visit
as a 'Wires-only’ or a Managed service:
                                                         or call 624 624.
• Our Wires-only service has optional ‘Broadband Made Easy’
                                                                  *Prices exclude VAT and are valid at time of publication.
   consultancy services to aid set-up and configuration of the
   service. The Wires-only SDSL connection charge is

• Our Managed service option includes SDSL router,
   configuration, remote diagnostics, technical support and
   hardware maintenance. The Managed SDSL connection
   charge is £575.00*.
8   Broadband Business SDSL

    Broadband SDSL services

                                                        Broadband Business                      Broadband Business                   Broadband Business
                                                            SDSL 512Kb                              SDSL 1Mb                             SDSL 2Mb
                                                       Wires only           Managed          Wires only         Managed            Wires only           Managed
        Cost (per month)                                 £109.00            £119.00            £209.00             £219.00           £304.00            £314.00
        Connection charge                                £250.00            £575.00            £250.00             £575.00           £250.00            £575.00
        Symmetrical service speeds
        Always on' Internet connectivity
        Provision of fixed IP address*
        Contention ratio based on                                    zero                                   zero                                 zero
        24/7 helpdesk
        Priority fault resolution
        8 hour response to faults,
        Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00

    *One IP address is assigned as standard. Additional addresses are only available upon completion of a RIPE IP address declaration. This form will be verified by
    Manx Telecom, and may be rejected if the number of IP addresses requested appears excessive. Most functions can be achieved with a single IP address using
    Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Forwarding, so customers are asked to consider this before completing the RIPE declaration form.
    Broadband SDSL services are subject to distance limitations and require a dedicated telephone line that cannot be used for voice calls.
    Prices exclude VAT and are valid at time of publication.
                                                                                                    Dial up Internet access                  9

Manx Telecom offers both pay-as-you-use and unmetered dial up Internet access

With Click, Manx Telecom’s pay-as-you-use Internet access                   Freedom is an unmetered Internet access package, which
service, there is no setup charge, no rental and no                         gives you complete freedom to use the Internet any time of
commitment. To request a step by step setup guide for
                                                                            the day or night for a fixed monthly subscription.
your operating system please call us on 624 624.
                                                                            This eliminates large phone bills for Internet users who spend
Click will be billed on your telephone account at the
current rates:                                                              more than a couple of hours a week online.

                                                                            For more information and to subscribe to Freedom, visit
                                                                   or call 624 624.
   Period                                            Price - per Min.
                                                                            *Freedom costs just £14.67 per month.

   Weekend (all day Sat & Sun)                              1p              Your line will be engaged for incoming and outgoing calls
                                                                            while using the Internet. You may wish to consider the
   Evening (6pm-8am Mon to Fri)                            1.5p             benefits of Broadband.

   Day (8am-6pm Mon to Fri)                                 4p

All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 17.5% and are from Standard, Island and
Global Choice lines. A minimum call charge of 6p applies to all calls.
Period rates shown are indicative only.
10 Manxnet Mail

   Manxnet Mail is a free e-mail service for customers of Manx Telecom's Internet access
   services. You can use it with your existing e-mail program or online through the web.

   A Manxnet e-mail account provides 20MB (Megabytes) of mail        Manxnet Junk Mail Manager
   storage and can be accessed online through webmail. It can        To combat the ever increasing nuisance of spam mail
   also be used with POP3 mail programs, e.g. Microsoft Outlook      (unsolicited e-mail) all Manxnet e-mail accounts have
   and Outlook Express when you connect to the Internet using        anti-spam filtering. You will receive summaries to your
   any Manxnet Internet access service. The maximum size of one      Manxnet e-mail account listing any suspected spam mail you
   e-mail through your Manxnet account is 10MB.                      have received. You then have the ability to download that
   What will my address be?                                          mail or discard it. Manxnet e-mail accounts have virus filtering
                                                                     to help protect your computer and are automatically updated
   Your Manxnet Mail address will be in the short snappy format
                                                                     daily with the latest known virus detection software.
                                                                     For detailed Frequently Asked Questions
   Get personal with Manxnet Mail!
                                                                     on our mail service please visit our support site
   How do I get my Manxnet Mail address?                   
   Visit and click on the ‘register’ link on the left
   hand side alongside the login box for existing Manxnet Mail
   customers, then you just need to complete our short form to
   choose your username and password.
                                                                                             Manxnet Mail Plus                     11

Manxnet Mail Plus provides 512MB of mail storage and access to your e-mail worldwide.

Enhance your Manxnet mail account with Manxnet Mail Plus.         The price for Manxnet Mail Plus service is just 94p (inc VAT @
With Manxnet Mail Plus applied to your e-mail account you can     17.5%) per month per mail account and can be charged to a
take advantage of increased mail storage of 512MB.                fixed line or pay monthly mobile account. For further
In addition, Manxnet Mail Plus accounts also have the             information or to sign up for Manxnet Mail Plus visit
advantage of being globally accessible via POP3 mail     or call 624 624.
applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. This
means you can connect to the Internet wherever you are and
collect your e-mail on your laptop as though you were at
home. Manxnet Mail Plus also provides enhanced webmail
functionality such as calendar and tasks features.
12 E-Biz Hosted web and e-mail

   E-Biz offers high speed, secure and resilient hosting for businesses and home users.
   Find the professional presence you are looking for with a choice of expandable
   E-Biz Packages.

   Does your e-mail address look                                       E-Biz features:
   like this…                                          • High performance, world class infrastructure

   when it could look like this…                                       • Accessible and secure mail service                                                      • Cost effective solutions
   If you are a business or a home office user, does your free web     • Resilience with high availability servers for reliability
   and e-mail address project the right image?
   Free e-mail addresses are fine for occasional users, however        • 24/7 helpdesk
   they have limited space and there are restrictions on what you
   can send and download.                                              To find out more about E-Biz call 624 624,
   Does your web address look like this…                            or visit

   Potential customers are far more likely to remember this…
   An E-Biz account with integrated web space and e-mail
   addresses provides you with all the space, security and stability
   you will need and a more professional image for your business.
                                                                                         E-Biz Hosted web and e-mail                                            13


                                          Lite Web                  Lite Mail               Standard               Professional                 Mail

 Web Space                                    30MB                       n/a                    50MB                    200MB                    n/a
 E-mail addresses
 with virus scanning and spam filter           n/a                        4                        5                      30                      20
 Admin control panel
 Manxnet re-direct                             n/a
 Unique domain name
 Live web statistics
 Database technologies
 Cost (per month)                             £5.00                    £5.00                    £9.99                  £29.38                  £17.63

                                       E-Biz Lite Web offers    E-Biz Lite Mail          E-Biz Standard           E-Biz Professional      E-Biz Mail provides
                                       website only hosting     provides an              provides an entry        package provides a      e-mail services for
                                       for families and small   e-mail only solution     level solution for       business solution for   those businesses
                                       businesses that don’t    for families and small   small office or home     users who want a        that do not need a
                                       need, or already         businesses who want      users who want to        full Internet           website.
                                       have an e-mail           their own Internet       take the initial steps   presence with e-
                                       solution.                domain but already       of having an             mail and web
                                                                have friends, family,    Internet presence        hosting at a much
                                                                customers and            with e-mail and web      higher level of
                                                                colleagues that          hosting for little       sophistication.
                                                                know their               cost.

                                                                                          Prices include VAT @ 17.5% and are valid from 1 February 2010.
14 Top Tips/FAQs for Online Security

   Use the following tips and advice in order to enjoy hassle free browsing whichever
   Internet package you choose.

   1 Check that your anti-virus software is updated                    7 Keep software patches up to date by checking for
     frequently.                                                         updates on an automated basis.
                                                                         For home users and businesses, using Windows -
   2 Conduct regular scans of your computer's memory            is highly recommended.
     and disk drives.
                                                                       8 Avoid annoying Pop-ups
   3 Turn off the "Preview pane" to stop e-mail from                     Install a pop-up ad blocker or a "spy-sweeper" program like
     being viewed automatically.                                         Spybot and run it periodically to check your machine.

   4 Don't open e-mail attachments from suspicious e-mails.            9 Protect children from unsuitable content
     If you receive an e-mail from a bank or credit card company         Allow Internet access in a family room only or install
     advising that you need to update your account details then          software that will limit what is and isn't blocked in terms of
     you should treat this with caution. If you suspect that the         Internet traffic.
     e-mail is not from your bank then you should contact them
     for confirmation.                                                 Find out more about online security by visiting Internet
                                                                       information sites such as
   5 Avoid Premium Rate Internet access numbers by having
     premium rate or international call barring active on your line.

   6 Install a firewall and configure it to allow only essential
     inbound and outbound connections.

             50% OFF
             Broadband                                                                                                                                                                                   *
              for the first 3 months
                                                                                                                                             ADSL2+ wireless router

              FREE ADSL2+ wireless router for existing Broadband
              customers who sign up to an Unlimited 24 month tariff.

                                                                                                To find out which Broadband package suits you best
                                                                                                       and for further details please refer to page 5.
Terms & conditions apply. Free ADSL2+ Wireless router applies to new customers who sign up to a Manx Telecom Unlimited Broadband package for an 18 month minimum term and includes customers moving from
another Internet service provider. Existing offers for 12 month term are still available but do not include the discount on rental and free wireless router stated above. Offers valid from 1 February 2010. Discount is
applied to the first 3 full months rental.
*Benefits dependent on the package subscribed to.
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   Isle of Man Business Park Cooil Road Braddan Isle of Man IM99 1HX
                                             T +44 (0)1624 624 624

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