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Which Best Describes the Federal Reserve District Banks


Which Best Describes the Federal Reserve District Banks document sample

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									                             CULPEPER MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                 7TH GRADE CIVICS
                                SOL PRACTICE TEST
                                   January 13, 2006

      1.    The Articles of Confederation we re unsuccessful as a governmental
           system because they
           a. establis hed a common curre ncy.
           b. establis hed a balance of powe r between national and state
           c. establis hed a weak national governme nt.
           d. establis hed state representation by population in the national

      2. The concepts used when drafting the Bill of Rights for the US
         Constitution we re derived from which docume nts:
         a. Virginia Declaration of Rights and Virginia Statute of Religious
         b. Magna Carta and Mayflowe r Compact.
         c. Declaration of Independence and Common Sense.
         d. Articles of Confede ration and Proclamation of 1763.

      3. The Supre me Court case of Marbury.v. Madison is significant because it
         a. prohibited states from taxing the federal governme nt.
         b. allowed for annexation of the Louisiana territory.
         c. establis hed the powe r of the courts to declare laws unconstitutional.
         d. authorized the Monroe Doctrine.

      We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect
________, establish justice, ins ure domestic ____________,………

      4.    The best terms to complete the above statement are:
           a. peace and justice.
           b. union and harmony.
           c. union and tranquility.
           d. defense and tranquility.


      CABINET              INDEPENDENT AGENCIES                  ????????

    5. The best choice to complete the above diagram would be:
       a. U.S. Congress.
       b. Regulatory Commissions
       c. U.S. Supre me Court.
       d. Department of State

             NATION                                      STATE
   Conducts foreign affairs                  Promotes public health
   Levies taxes                              Protects public safety
   Regulates interstate comme rce            Promotes welfare

    6. What would be the BEST title for the above chart?
       a. The executive branch
       b. Checks and balances
       c. Responsibilities of governme nt
       d. Reserved powe rs

    7. In our Federal system of governme nt ________
       a. the national gove rnment is supreme.
       b. the state governme nt has the final say.
       c. national and state constitutions are equal.
       d. national and state laws are equal.

    8. Which Federal court uses a jury to determine guilty or not guilty?
       a. United States Court of appeals.
       b. United States Maritime Court.
       c. United States Supreme Court.
       d. United States District Court.

                        U. S. SUPREME COURT


                        U. S. DISTRICT COURT

  9. Which of the following best completes the above diagram?
     a. U. S. Court of Appeals.
     b. State Supre me Court.
     c. U. S. Maritime Court.
     d. U. S. Tax Court.

Expressed Powe rs                ??????                  Reserved Powe rs

  10. The best term to complete this chart would be _________
      a. delegated.
      b. inherent.
      c. enumerated.
      d. concurrent.

  11. The ideal of government expressed through Fede ralis m is
      a. checks and balances.
      b. limited government.
      c. cause and effect.
      d. consent of the governed.



                          Speaker of the House

                         President Pro Tempore

       12. The best term to describe the above chart would be ______
           a. Checks and Balances.
           b. Presidential Succession.
           c. How a Bill Becomes a Law.
           d. How the Electoral College Operates.

Judge Doris Lyn was tried and convicted of stealing je welry from a store in the mall.
She received a fine and 10 days in jail.

       13. The situation, illustrated in the box above, involves applying which of the
           fundamental principles?
           a. A system of checks and balances.
           b. Separation of powe rs.
           c. The rule of law.
           d. Consent of the governed.

       14. To amend the Constitution requires the involvement of _______
           a. Congress.
           b. Congress and the states.
           c. the President.
           d. the Supre me Court.

“We the people of the United States…………
do ordain and establish….”

      15. The phrase above states that ___________
          a. our ne w government will be perfect.
          b. the United States will ordain ministers.
          c. we will be called the United States of Ame rica.
          d. the powe r of gove rnme nt comes from the people.


Unalienable                Life, Liberty, and the                All people are equal
Rights                     Pursuit of Happiness                  under the law

      16. Which early American document would be the best title for the above
          we b?
          a. The Constitution of the United States.
          b. The Declaration of Independence.
          c. The Virginia Declaration of Rights.
          d. The Articles of Confederation.

      17. There are two basic categories of conflict that are resolved in court. They
          a. criminal cases and misde meanor cases.
          b. civil cases and civil s uits.
          c. civil cases and criminal cases.
          d. high crimes and misde meanors.

 IDEA                                                   Standing
                              Introduced                Committee

House Votes                                             Bill Signed
                            Senate Votes

 18. Which of the following best describes the above process?
     a. The political process.
     b. How a bill becomes a law.
     c. Pocket veto.
     d. Legislative supremacy.

 19. A pe rson is arrested and the case is turned over to a grand jury. If the
     grand jury issues an indictme nt, in which court will this person be tried?
     a. a court of appeals.
     b. the US Supreme Court.
     c. U. S. Claims Court.
     d. A district court.

 20. A pe rson convicted of a crime in a federal district court has the right to
     a. appeal the verdict to a grand jury.
     b. appeal the verdict to a fede ral circuit court.
     c. appeal directly to the U. S. Supreme Court.
     d. request a new trial in the federal district court.

 21. Before a law can be declared unconstitutional,
     a. the president must agree to the declaration.
     b. There must be a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate.
     c. Someone must challenge the law and bring the case to court
     d. The U. S. Court of Federal Claims must hold a hearing.

                BUENA VISTA BUGLE
                        Friday, August 24, 2005
                         EVENING EDITION

     COURT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

 22. The above newspape r headline reflects which check and balance?
     a. legislature checking the judicial branch.
     b. legislature checking the executive branch.
     c. executive checking the legislative branch.
     d. judicial checking the executive branch.

 23. A pe rson has been arrested and questione d by the police before being
     informed of his or her rights. This is in violation of the Supreme Court
     ruling in which case?
     a. Marbury v. Madison.
     b. Miranda v. Arizona.
     c. Plessy v. Ferguson.
     d. Dred Scott v. Sanford.

 24. Scarcity leads individuals and businesses to

    a.   select actions from a set of alternatives.
    b.   give up their opportunity cost.
    c.   choose between supply and de mand.
    d.   produce goods without the factors of production.

       25. The type of economy a country has is determined by the

          a.   amount of government involve ment in decision-making.
          b.   number of consumers and producers in the market place.
          c.   profit motive of its people.
          d.   vote of its citizens.

Individuals and businesses as decision         Government as decision maker in the
makers for private sector                      public sector

       26. The chart above describes what type of economy?

          a.   Traditional.
          b.   Command.
          c.   Mixed.
          d.   Free market.

                          WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEMS

         FREE MARKET                     MIXED                   ????

       27. Which world economic system BEST completes the organizer above?

          a.   Capitalis m.
          b.   Limited.
          c.   Command.
          d.   Entrepreneurial.

28. In the American economy, buye rs determine what is produced by the
    purchases they make. This is known as

   a.   opportunity cost.
   b.   consume r sovereignty.
   c.   incentives.
   d.   capital resources.

29. In the United States, businesses and individuals have all of the following
    rights EXCEPT

   a. owning personal prope rty without undue influence                 by   the
   b. determining which goods and services can be produced.
   c. making profits on business investments.
   d. acting without any governme nt regulation.

                   Two or more owners
                   Share all risks
                   Share all profits

30. What type of business organization is characte rized by the list in the box?
    a. Corporation.
    b. Coope rative.
    c. Sole Proprietorship
    d. Partnership.

31. The type of business organization that limits the owners’ risk to the
    amount of money invested is
    a. a corporation.
    b. an entrepreneurs hip.
    c. a proprietorship.
    d. a partners hip.

32. The circular flow of economic activity includes all of the following except
    a. business.
    b. incentives.
    c. government.
    d. households.

33. What is the most important source of capital for business expansion in
    the U. S. economy?
    a. individual and business savings and investment.
    b. opportunity costs.
    c. consume r sovereignty.
    d. taxes paid by the state and fede ral government.

34. Securities brokers act as
    a. bankers for the government.
    b. intermediaries between savers and borrowe rs.
    c. a clearinghouse for checks.
    d. a public financial institution.

BANKS                                           And


                        Credit Unions

35. Which of the following completes the web?

   a.   Sole proprietors hips.
   b.   Partnerships.
   c.   Private financial institutions.
   d.   Public goods and services.


   FCC                           EPA                      FTC

36. What would be the best heading for the chart above?

   a.   Agencies that regulate business.
   b.   Antitrust agencies.
   c.   Global trade commissions.
   d.   Commissions that limit competition.

37. The amendment which authorizes personal and business income tax is the
    a. 14th amendment.
    b. 16th amendment.
    c. 17th amendment.
    d. 26th amendment.

                           ****NEWS ****



38. The headline above best describes
    a. a public service.
    b. an individual initiative.
    c. a state program.
    d. a public good.

                       Increase in Demand

                       Increase in Employment

                       Increase in Production

39. What governme nt action will most likely cause the reaction shown in the
    above box?

   a.   More spending.
   b.   Higher taxes.
   c.   More borrowing.
   d.   Higher revenues.

40. When the Federal Reserve wants to slow the economy, it does all of the
    following EXCEPT

   a.   sell governme nt securities.
   b.   raise income taxes.
   c.   raise the discount rate.
   d.   increase reserve rates.

41. The inte raction of supply and demand effect price. If supply is high and
    demand is low, the most likely result will be

   a.   the   price   of the   item will go up.
   b.   the   price   of the   item will remain the same.
   c.   the   price   of the   item will not matter.
   d.   the   price   of the   item will go down.

42. The four factors used in production of goods are
    a. human, animal, natural, and labor.
    b. capital, labor, entrepreneurs hip, and natural resources.
    c. capital, manmade, labor, natural resources.
    d. artificial, natural, animal, human.

43. When you choose to purchase one item rathe r than another, the ite m not
    chosen is called

   a.   supply and de mand.
   b.   scarcity.
   c.   opportunity cost.
   d.   consumption.

44. What can be used to incite or motivate consumers to purchase a good or

   a.   resources.
   b.   scarcity.
   c.   supply and de mand.
   d.   incentives.

45. Taxing and the spending of tax dollars are best explained by which of the
    following pairs?

   a.   Executive branch and monetary policy.
   b.   Legislative branch and fiscal policy.
   c.   Federal Reserve and fiscal policy.
   d.   Judicial branch and financial policy.

46. If the Federal gove rnme nt increases borrowing of money, the effect on
    the economy will be

   a.   more money available to consumers for purchases.
   b.   less money available to consume rs for purchases.
   c.   more money available to businesses.
   d.   no effect at all.

47. One important reason Virginia and the United States trade with othe r
    countries is to

   a.   sell goods outlawe d by U.S. consume r laws.
   b.   buy goods and services at the lowest opportunity cost.
   c.   decrease the number of jobs.
   d.   control the worldwide cost of goods.

48. Technological innovations contribute to all of the following EXCEPT the

   a.   global flow of information.
   b.   distribution of goods and services.
   c.   exchange of capital.
   d.   decline of global interaction.

49. Self assessment is an important step in career planning because

   a.   it is a government requirement.
   b.   employers consider this responsible behavior.
   c.   aspirations should be guided by talents and interests.
   d.   it shows you where the demand is for a particular job.

50. An individual’s work ethic includes

   a.   attitudes and behaviors.
   b.   interests and abilities
   c.   aspirations and skills.
   d.   education and income.

51. All of the following influence job income EXCEPT

   a.   education.
   b.   skills.
   c.   supply an de mand.
   d.   the creation of new jobs.

52. One important influence of ne w technology in the workplace is the

   a.   increase in the cost of production.
   b.   reduction of the flow of capital.
   c.   decrease in supply and de mand.
   d.   creation of ne w jobs.

53. The most important function of political parties is to
    a. conduct public opinion polls.
    b. help candidates win elections.
    c. organize debates.
    d. hold campaign rallies.

54. Political parties do all of the following EXCEPT
    a. nominate candidates.
    b. raise money for elections.
    c. monitor office holders.
    d. count the electoral vote.

55. In order to win elections, political parties
    a. appeal to the political center.
    b. avoid all propaganda techniques.
    c. try to attract only liberal voters.
    d. take the same position on issues as their opponents.

             DETECTING BIAS




56. The best title for the chart above is “Strategies for __________________.”
    a. assessing voter registration.
    b. increasing voter turnout.
    c. evaluating campaign information.
    d. selecting a political action committee (PAC).

57. The mass media has an important effect on elections by
    a. financing a particular candidate.
    b. emphasizing selected issues.
    c. creating ads for candidates they support.
    d. reporting only one candidate’s information.

58. The winner-take-all approach system in the Electoral College leads to
    a. an equal numbe r of electors from all states.
    b. electors from two or more parties in the same state.
    c. frequent ties in all elections.
    d. targeting states with large numbe rs of electoral votes for

     In the last general election, Tamara voted for a
     candidate who shared he r vie ws on maintaining a clean
     environme nt.

59. Tamara’s actions show one way she
    a. can influence public policy.
    b. fulfills the duties of citizenship.
    c. registers to vote.
    d. can be a lobbyist.

60. A presidential candidate of the Democratic Party wins 51% of the
    popular vote. Which of the following statements is correct?
    a. The candidate must be confirme d by the Senate and the House of
    b. The candidate will become president.
    c. A runoff election will be held.
    d. The candidate will become president only with a majority of the
       Electoral College votes cast.

61. Each state has a total number of electors
    a. equal to its total number of congresspersons.
    b. equal to each of the other states.
    c. equal to the number of its state legislators.
    d. based on its voter turnout in previous elections.

62. Public opinion is the
    a. opinion of registered voters.
    b. opinion of all people registered to vote.
    c. total of the opinions held on a particular issue.
    d. opinion of elected officials.

63. Being a well informe d citizen means
    a. thinking critically about information.
    b. having a lot of information
    c. believing what you hear in the mass media.
    d. voting in every election.

64. A political candidate who accuses his or her opponent of “reckless
    spending” is using the
    a. name calling technique.
    b. glittering generality technique.
    c. card-tacking technique.
    d. plain-folks technique.

65. To   be elected president, the candidate must win the
    a.   popular vote.
    b.   the electoral vote.
    c.   win the popular vote and the electoral vote.
    d.   the electoral vote in a large state like Florida.


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