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									YAARAB SHRINE ATLANTA          VOL. 74, NO. 4, MAY 2007


                        TAKING CARE OF KIDS

            JUNE 7-10
       hriners of North America’s
       affinity credit card program
       with J.P. Morgan Chase is
                                        program     program. Nobles may apply for the
                                                    credit card by calling toll-free (866)
                                                    422-6566 and mentioning the name

       paying big dividends to the                  of the program, Shriners Platinum
 fraternity’s philanthropy, Shriners                VISA. The most important feature
 Hospitals for Children. As of De-                  of the Shriners’ platinum Visa card,
 cember 31, 2006, royalties from                    which bears Shriners’ scimitar logo
 the program have earned Shriners
 Hospitals approximately $2.2 mil-
                                        Shriners    and the words “Shriners Platinum,”
                                                    is that a portion of every dollar
                                                    spent with the card helps support

                                                    Shriners Hospitals.
 Following the unanimous endorse-
 ment of the program at the Boards                  In addition to the usual benefits
 of Directors and Trustees’ 1993                    of a low, introductory fixed-APR

 fall meeting, Shriners Hospitals                   on purchases and balance trans-
 initiated the credit card program in               fers, no annual fee, cash advances
 1994 for Nobles living in the Unit-                and a 20- to 25-day grace period
 ed States. The original agreement                  on purchases, platinum benefits in-

 was signed with First USA Bank,                    clude: a credit line from $5,000 up
 N.A., one of the largest Master-                   to $100,000, auto rental insurance,
 Card and Visa credit card issuers,                 up to $1 million travel accident in-
 now J.P. Morgan Chase.                             surance and worldwide emergency
                                                    travel services.
 The membership development de-
 partment at Shriners International                 A similar affinity credit card pro-
 Headquarters sends newly initi-                     gram for Nobles in Canada, han-
 ated Nobles at the 177 Temples                       dled by MBNA, began in 2005.
 in the U.S. an information packet                     In that program, all proceeds
 and a letter from the Imperial                          go directly to Shriners Hospi-
 Potentate with details on the                            tals for Children — Montreal.

             Nobles may apply
             for the affinity credit
             card program by call-
             ing J.P. Morgan Chase
             toll-free (866) 422-6566
             and mentioning the name
             of the program, Shriners
             Platinum VISA.

2 - Basharat - May 2007
                 POTENTATE’S MESSAGE
                      TAKING CARE OF KIDS

Dear Nobles and Ladies:

   I want to personally thank everyone that gave of
their time – labor – money – and words of encour-
agement to help make the 65th Annual Circus a
success. It is great to see nobles and ladies from
various clubs and units – members at large and
even non-masons working side by side in peace and
harmony for our common good. Your divan and I
thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
   Parade season is right around the corner- it’s time to have some fun.
I hope each club and unit will plan some activities throughout the sum-
mer to attract new members or tweak the interest of some members who
might have been away for a while.
   Your membership committee is out in force as well as your divan.
We are working together visiting the lodges – spreading the word about
Shriners and Shriners Hospitals.
   Please keep our military and their families in your prayers. Let’s
continue “Taking Care of Kids.”


  Eddie Eskew, Potentate 2007

                 TAKING CARE OF KIDS
                                                   May 2007 - Basharat - 3
             May 2007 - Volume 74 - Number 4                                Credit Card program nets 2.2 m . . . . . . . . . .2
                                                                            Potentates Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                        Yaarab Temple
                                                                            The Chaplain’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                400 Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E.
                                                                            April Birthday Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
                       Atlanta GA 30308
                                                                            Editors Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                   Phone: (404) 872-5818
                                                                            Official call of the Potentate . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                     Fax: (404) 875-0319
                                                                            Past Officers w/ past Rebels . . . . . . . . . . . .9
                                                                            A letter from a mother . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
 EDITOR                                                                     News from the Units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
 Costas Soulakos                                                            Emily Fiscer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
 207 Woodruff Way, Peachtree City, GA 30269                                 Brandon Williams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
 phone: (770)487-6546                                                       Friday Fun with the Canditates . . . . . . . . . .14
 fax: (770)487-6903                                                         News from the Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
 e-mail:                                             May Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
 STAFF                                                                      Shriners In Action . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
 Sam Black,assistant editor (770) 938-8465                                  June Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
 Ray Bell, photographer (404) 634-4531                                      Shriners Burn Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
 Gene Williams, photographer (770) 345-1245                                 Shriners Bring Hope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
 Tommy Childers, photographer (770) 920-0103                                News from the Auxilliaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23
 ELECTIVE DIVAN                                                             WW Social Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
 Eddie Eskew, Potentate                                                     In Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
 Lou Gaylor, Chief Rabban                                                   Message from Doc Weaver . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
 Gary Petty, Assistant Rabban                                               From the Shrine office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
 Mike Autry, High Priest and Prophet                                        Golf Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
 Raymond Skiles, Oriental Guide
 Chuck Rager, Treasurer
 Chuck Pittman, Recorder
 APPOINTIVE DIVAN                                                               LIST OF ADVERTISERS
 Jack Iler, 1st Ceremonial Master
 Dr. Jerry Weaver, 2nd Ceremonial Master                                     Ben Hill Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
 Fred Wall, Director                                                         Asphalt Paving Pete Guy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
 Gene Blount, Marshal                                                        AXA Financial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
 Wesley Marks, Captain of the Guard                                          Cincinnati Open house . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
 Terry Eastin, Outer Guard                                                   Titan Grill Raffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
 Jerry Rogers, Assistant Outer Guard                                         ExecuSoft Controls Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
 J. T. Moore, Assistant Outer Guard                                          G. W. Robinson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
 James Harrison, Assistant Outer Guard                                       ReMax Ralph Kellett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
 Tom Haynes, Assistant Outer Guard                                           Beauty by Patty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
 Gene Bracewell, Past Imperial Potentate and                                 Rogers Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
          Imperial Treasurer.                                                Temple Concessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
 YAARAB OFFICE                                                               Helen Golf Touranment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
 Kerry Robbins, Manager (404) 872-5818 x222                                  Audibel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
 Carol Griffin, Secretary (404) 872-5818 x226                                Super1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
                                                                             Fayette Collision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
                                                                             Hardy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
           Basharat Means:                                                   Doors Unlimited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

     “Messenger of good news!”
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 The Basharat is published monthly for $12.00 per year included in annual
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4 - Basharat - May 2007
                                        The Chaplain’s Corner

                                  Praying in Public

         In 2 Corinthians 9:14 we can find, "…while they also, by prayer on
your behalf, yearn for you because of the surpassing grace of God in you."
Prayer is the natural expression of our thoughts, feelings, and desires to God.
No true believer can live without this vital force of life dwelling in him or
her. And though the ungodly do not often pray, they do know the importance
of prayer and when in distress or danger they also pray. As the old expression
goes, “there are no atheists in a foxhole.”
         The Bible is full of prayer. It gives us examples, in all the ages it cov-
ers, of those who prayed. Over and over we are encouraged to pray through
the example of others or from admonitions directed toward us. The Bible
records the actual prayers of many of which we can use as a guide and a model           John Woody
for us to use.
         While neglect of private prayer is a great disadvantage to the soul, the
neglect of prayer within the family unit is also a great harm to the family in general. A due consideration of
the common duties, dangers, and mercies in which all the members of a family have an interest will cause
everyone to acknowledge that family prayer is greatly needed. There is no other family activity that can
replace or compensate for family prayer. It either exists or it doesn't.
         However, there is another area that is greatly neglected among God’s people and that is the opportu-
nity of social prayer. When we meet together, do we complete our time together with prayer? How many
missed opportunities have we experienced where fellowship was lost because no one bothered to close or
start the time with prayer? Prayer changes the level of any encounter. I know that this is an area in which a
significant number of believers may become somewhat uncomfortable with the thought of praying in public.
One way I have found to overcome this discomfort is to visualize God setting in a chair across from you and
then having a conversation with Him as you would with a close friend or family member.
         To engage in social prayer might be a little awkward at first. We might hesitate or even experience
some embarrassment. However, we still ought to engage in the practice for our own edification and for the
edification of those we know. Social prayer would aid in several things...

       It would sanctify each assembly. Prayer would bring spiritual life to each gathering.
       It would do much to advance the spiritual health and condition of our churches.
       Social prayer would advance the glory of God in our meetings.
       Social prayer would help increase the unity in our churches.
       Social prayer would help awaken religious concern and spiritual awakening.

       Social prayer would do much to increase the zeal for God in our conversations and gatherings. It
would elevate all our meetings. Social prayer would open windows of heaven into the common aspects of
our day. No amount of inconvenience should be seen in seeking these showers of blessings into our everyday

       I pray God’s holy blessing on each of you.

       John Woody

                                                                              May 2007 - Basharat - 5
                     April Birthday Party
                                April 2, 2006 **** Yaarab Shrine Center
                             Photos by Tommy Childers or Gene Williams -- Captions by Sam Black

                                                                Front (l/r): Bill Kinchen, Charles Harp, Illustrious Potentate
Youngest and Oldest at April Birthday Party. Left to right:
                                                                Eddie Eskew, Sam Schlesinger, P.J. Dixon, Marshall Patton
Matt Greer (38 years old) Illustrious Potentate Eddie Eskew,
                                                                Rear (l/r): Floyd Rainwater, Terry Eastin, Jimmy Harris, Fred
Dupont Fisher (91 years young).
                                                                Rawlings, Brent Bivens

(l/r): Jesse Sheriff, Roland Downing, Chief Rabban Lou          (l/r): Victor Rowland, John Freeman, Douglas Stisher, Assistant
Gaylor, Matt Greer, Robert Moore                                Rabban Gary Petty, Dwight Swanson, Jessie Chambers

(l/r): P.P. J.J. Moore, Jack Bannister, High Preist & Prophet   (l/r): Johnny Hawkins, Ezequiel Rivero, Oriental Guide Ray
Mike Autry, Glennon A. Crow, Dupont Fisher                      Skiles, James E. Mitchell, James Thompson

                                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6 - Basharat - May 2007
(l/r): Gerald Whited, Bill Barks, Treasurer Chuck Rager, Ken         (l/r): Tommy Childers, O.E. Hutcheson, Recorder Chuck
Bobbitt, Dean Stowers, Arnie Postier                                 Pittman, David Fox, George Anderson

Past Potentates pictured (l/r): P.P. Stratton Zelack, P.P. J.D.
                                                                     (l/r): Carol Griffin, Linda Chambers, Illustrious Potentate
Mitchell, Illustrious Potentate Eddie Eskew, P.P. J.J. Moore, P.P.
                                                                     Eddie Eskew, Debbie Greer, Shelby Dixon, Katie Sysk
Bill Martin.

          Important Notice to All Nobles
       The Imperial Public Relations                      Siding
Department requested that all articles for the           Roofing
Basharat or other publication, every Noble               Gutters
make sure to refer to our Shriners Hospitals’         Gutter Guard
patients as “children with orthopaedic problems,         Systems
burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and         Replacement
palate.”                                                Windows
       Please DO NOT use the terms that have
been used in the past for
the children. Such terms
                                          FREE ESTIMATES FOR ALL                                             YOUR
could be considered
                                                 Asphalt Paving Needs
    Please email your
                                                  Phone Pete Guy
       articles to:                                         at 770-445-6831
                                                                         DRIVEWAYS, PARKING LOTS, RUNWAYS                                                      PATCHING AND SEAL COATING
                                                                             P. O. Box 243 Hiram, GA 30141
 Deadline for theJune                                                               All Work Guaranteed !
  issue is May 10th
                                                                                                May 2007 - Basharat - 7
                                            From the Editor
Dear Nobles, Ladies, advertisers and readers:

    April went by very fast… It has been a difficult month. My wife Tammy and kids
were sick one after the other. Surprisingly, I did not! My daughter said “Dad you did
not get sick because you have not been here”. We have been very busy at work.

    I want to apologize for the mistake of having 2006 instead of 2007 on the
Potentates message. I think most of you knew what I meant! I don’t get offended if
you call and let me know about my mistakes. As one of my professors used to say:
“We are mistakes making humans” or is it the other way around….

     This month I was again a few days late but the June issue will be on time. Please check all the articles
this month. We were fortunate to have a lot of articles submission and at the same time less articles from the
units. The articles this month are full of “good news”!

     The circus was very successful and we appreciate all the volunteers helping. We are looking forward to
the trip to Helen. Make sure and recommend new member and don’t forget the party for the new candidates.
(details on page 14)
     Thank you for your understanding and please keep keep been “Basharat” !!

       Fraternaly yours,

       Constantin "Costas" Soulakos
       Basharat Editor 2007

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    Notice is hereby given of a stated meeting of YAARAB TEMPLE, A.A.O.N.M.S.

               at 400 Ponce de Leon Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, for the

              transaction of such business as may be regularly presented on

                                Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.

Attest:                                                                            Aleikum Es Selamu
Chuck Pittman, Recorder                                                            Eddie Eskew, Potentate

8 - Basharat - May 2007
                                   Past Shrine Officers with Past “REBELS”
         Past Potentate Gene Baker, “real” past Commander of
Yaarab Flying Fez , Fred Todhunter along wih “past” President
of Conyers Shrine Club, Sonny Hicks and their beautiful ladies
had lunch with the 1948,1949,1950,1951,1952 and 1953 Brown
High School “Rebels” of Southwest Atlanta. Also in attendance
were elements of Sylvan, Russell and Southwest High Schools
This event was held at the Blue Willow Inn located in Social
Circle. This was one of several socials planned for the group
with over 90 in attendance for this social.
Pictured from left to right are Gene and B.J. Baker, Fred and
Ann Todhunter and Sonny and Hazel Hicks.

                            A Letter from a Shriners Hospital Patient’s Mother
          The following is an excerpt from a letter sent from         teers at Shriners Hospitals and all of the hard work of the
Russell and Melina Harrelson, whose son Brendan Harrelson is          Shriners around the country. Thank you from the bottom of our
a patient at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia,         hearts.”
Pennsylvania. “Enclosed is a picture of our son, Brendan, post                  This is what it is all about. Taking Care of Kids!
surgery all wrapped up in his green cast.
          Brendan received an injury to his brachial plexus dur-
ing his birth process resulting in paralysis to his right arm. The
injury is also known as Erb’s Palsy. After interviewing and
meeting with several doctors in the United States that specialize
in this type of injury, we were very fortunate to meet Dr. Scott
Kosin. His expertise in upper extremities and vast knowledge
in Brendan’s particular injury was astounding.
          Our entire experience at Shriners Hospital in
Philadelphia has been wonderful. We feel so blessed to have
received this surgery for our son that will hopefully enable him
to do something that we all take for granted something as sim-
ple as touching the top of his head. We cannot wait for his
therapy to start so that we may see the results of his surgery.
          We cannot begin to thank the Shriners enough for all
they have done for our family. Our son’s future looks so much
brighter now, and it is all thanks to the friendly staff and volun-


                                                                                               May 2007 - Basharat - 9
                                        News from Yaarab’s Units
                      Arab Guard                                 bers of Arab Guard extend their congratulations to Alfred and
                     By Al Hilsman                               Tomye on this very special occasion. God Bless You.
                                                                           As stated in the April issue of the Basharat, we are
        Each year in Arab Guard we strive to recognize one       delighted to report on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in
of our members who has participated in Arab Guard activities     Downtown Atlanta held on Saturday March 17th, and was
and served well for many years and this year we are pleased to   well represented by Arab Guard along with all of the other
                                                                 Yaarab Shrine Units and Clubs with a mile and one quarter
                                                                 long parade of shriners. Special recognition goes to Past
                                                                 Potentate JD Mitchell as Fez Head Fred for walking in the
                                                                 parade in a nice and cozy Fez. A special thank you from your
                                                                 Arab Guard President Charles Rager Jr. goes to all members
                                                                 who participated in the parade.
                                                                           Arab Guard Birthdays for the month of April are:
                                                                 Roy Caviness, Doug Worthan, Blackie Blackwell, and Bud
                                                                 Phillips. All of us in Arab Guard wish you a Happy Birthday
                                                                 and hope to see you at our next meeting.
                                                                           Arab Guards next meeting will be on May 18, 2007
                                                                 beginning with a social hour at 6:30 P.M. Please come and
                                                                 bring a potential new member. For Arab Guard activities 24
honor a very special member, Pedro Sanders and his lady          hours a day go to and click on mem-
Rachel.                                                          bers, click on Units and click on Arab Guard.
         Pedro Sanders joined Arab Guard in 1951 and served
as President in 1962 and has been a member for over 56 years.                              Band
He is the most senior member of Arab Guard. Pedro’s wife                               By Bill Gaines
Rachel is one of the original founding members of the
Karinats. Arab Guard became a Unit of Yaarab Shrine in                      Just after our last article deadline, we lost our
1945 and is one of the original three units of Yaarab Shrine     Treasurer / clarinetist Bob Murray. .He has been a very active
Temple. Arab Guard President Charles Rager Jr., the Arab         member since 1963, and we will all sorely miss him. It was
Guard members and Karinat President Darin Rager Jr., along       Bob’s wish that the Yaarab Band play at his funeral and we
                                                                 did. We had a good turnout and all the attendee’s approved or
                                                                           We all again extend our love and sympathy to his
                                                                 wife Charlotte. We are all delighted to have our Band Float
                                                                 back in operation. We initiated it by playing in the St
                                                                 Patrick’s Day Parade in down town Atlanta. I think that is the
                                                                 first time we have paraded in down town Atlanta since
                                                                 Maynard Jackson became Mayor. It was a tad chilly that day,
                                                                 but we all enjoyed being a part of it.
                                                                           As a reminder, Brassette’s President Jackie Slaton
                                                                 had scheduled a pot luck dinner in our rehearsal room on
                                                                 Tuesday June 5th, Please , all bandsmen and the mates plan
                                                                 on joining in. This is the Brassette’s fund raiser, and we need
                                                                 to honor their efforts for us.
                                                                           Our sick list has diminished lately. Duke Lowry is
with the help from the Karinat Ladies, put together an enjoy-    still unstable to navigate freely, but Bob Turner has been able
able program down memory lane and a delicious buffet meal        to rejoin us a few times lately. We hope he continues the heal-
to celebrate Pedro and Rachel’s service to Arab Guard.           ing process.
Pictured is Pedro and Rachel Sanders receiving a special                   I hope the March birthday celebrators will forgive
recognition plaque from member and long time friend of           me. I goofed and forgot to list them. They were Bill
Pedro’s, Watson Stallworth and a picture of Pedro with           Robinson -8th, Tim Adams 23rd, and Buddy Barfield 29th.
Illustrious Sir and Potentate Eddie Eskew, Past Potentate Gene   Our April candle blowers are: - Lanny Gilbert 13th, Tom
Baker, and Yaarab Treasurer Charles Rager Sr.                    Barker 15th, Duke Lowry 16th, and Director Emeritus Dr. Bill
          A second major event within the Arab Guard Family      Prescott 22nd. We all join in wishing them a Happy Birthday
took place in March and that was the celebration of a Seventh    and ALL of you PLEASE stick around.
Wedding Anniversary for Alfred Moon and his Bride Tomye.         We’ll see you at the circus!
This event took place on March 31, 2007 and all of the mem-
10 - Basharat - May 2007
                    The Flying Fezzes                              Circus on Friday, April 27th. We also had a barbecue on
                     By Peter Swank                                Saturday night for the Unit Members and KOM ladies. The
                                                                   Divan and their ladies were invited as our guests.
                                                                       Ben Johnson is still recuperating from his injuries suffered
                                                                   while being robbed on the streets of Marietta. We hope that he
                                                                   continues to get better. Bill Messer has healed and has had the
                                                                   bundle of stitches removed from his hand where he was cut
                                                                   while moving a large piece of furniture with a glass top. W. D.
                                                                   Powell’s daughter is still in critical condition at Gwinnett
                                                                   Medical Center but seems to be a little improved. She is now
          Congratulations to all for this year’s Circus and        breathing on her own but faces many more days in the hospital.
Carnival! It was a wonderful success! Now, though, it’s back to    We send our sympathy to Pierce and Jane Anderson. Jane’s
business. The Flying Fezzes are seeking Shriners and those         brother and nephew both passed away just a few days apart.
interested in becoming Shriners who have a combined interest       Pierce is also experiencing some problems and will be going to
in aviation and support of our Shrine children. One needn’t be a   Emory for some heart tests soon. I have learned that I have a
pilot to be active. Our unit provides the air transport to all     new health concern and will be receiving treatment at the St.
Shrine Hospitals as well as participation in parades and other     Joseph Hospital Cancer Center.
public interest events. We’re hoping to find others to join and              I hope that you were the winner of the Red Easy-Go
help with our unit’s purpose and coordinating and participating    Golf Cart being given away on May 6th to benefit the Circus.
in Shrine and unit activities. Contact Vice Commander, Peter       Speaking of Golf - Do you know where the name Golf originat-
Swank at 404-254-4928 for more information and join the            ed? Many years ago in Scotland, a new game was invented.
monthly meeting on the third Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (bring         It was ruled “Gentlemen Only..Ladies Forbidden”..thus the
your ladies, as Bingo takes place in the dining hall during the    word GOLF entered the English language. Now, no offense
meeting).                                                          meant to the ladies. To make amends to each and every one of
          The Flying Fezzes are celebrating their new monthly      the ladies here are some things invented by ladies: bulletproof
newsletter, The Compass. To share in this celebration and keep     vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers and so
current on The Flying Fezzes’ social activities, calendar, and     you knew from the start that you could handle the game of golf
news, sign up for The Compass (U.S. Mail or E-Mail) by con-        without any trouble.
tacting Peter Swank at the phone number above. The Compass             Enough of this - talk to you next month. If you know any-
offers aviation-related news and humor, opportunities for mar-     thing that we need to put in the Basharat, please don’t hesitate
keting your company, Shrine events, social assemblies (dances,     to let me know. To all those we haven’t seen lately, we miss
competitions, cookouts, etc.), unit and membership updates,        your presence at the meetings and activities. Please get in
and much more… Call today to subscribe for next month’s            touch with someone in the Unit and report on what’s happening
issue.                                                             with you. My email is I would love to
          With clear skies and warm weather, The Flying Fezzes     hear from you.
are taking off! So come join us at our next meeting and help                          Legion of Honor
not only our unit but Yaarab Shrine grow!                                          By Joseph H. McMahon

                    Knights of Mecca                                          It certainly was different to be invited to the St
                     By C.H. Autry                                 Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Atlanta! I have only been a
                                                                   Shriner for about 10 years so I have never marched in Atlanta.
          Knights of Mecca have been busy during the month of      We were very well represented by Cmdr Hank Brote, 1st LtC
April 2007. We met last at E.A. Minor Lodge and helped raise       Dale Moore, 2nd LtC Thom Fluent, 3rd LtC Terry Greer,
five new Master Masons. We were well-pleased with the num-         IALOH 3rd LtC Bill Glenn, SESALOH Cmdr J.D. Henson, PC
ber in attendance and the performance of the KOM members.          Jim Elrod, PC Joe McMahon, PC Al Beck, PC Roy
Ray Skiles, KOM member as well as a Divan Member was               Beddingfield, Noble Bob Deryck, and our esteemed Noble John
present to do some of the work because his Lodge had candi-        Holt. The wind tunnels in downtown were something to expe-
dates present. Arrangements are in the making for a Conferral      rience as the winds drove us sideways and backwards at some
date on May 19th at Rockmart Lodge. We’ll be there to help         points. Every marcher deserves a round of applause; none
assist the Officers of that Lodge with the Degree Work. Come       more so than Bob Deryck who showed great courage and deter-
one come all and help. We want to thank David Wootten and          mination. Parade Director Harvey Paisley was heard to say that
Robert Mize for their dedication and work in preparing for         was our largest parade turnout in 20 years so all of Yaarab
these Conferrals and Dramatizations.                               should hold their heads high.
    The 2007 Shrine Circus is a thing of the past. We did our                 After the parade, we were able to enjoy some hardy
usual by opening the Nut House again and parching peanuts for      Irish Stew the preparation of which was something to behold in
the Circus. We always have a great time together while we          itself as the Legion and Red Devil Clowns, Potentate Eddie
watch the drum roll. We had our regular KOM meeting at the         Eskew, Divan members and their ladies, our LOHettes, Chief
                                                                   Aides Jim Bray and Larry Griffin, the incredible Linda Griffin
                                                                                           May 2007 - Basharat - 11
and folks whose names I don't even know worked side by side       the VA. He and Lee continue to need your prayers for a needed
peeling, cutting, carving, and all manners of preparations. It    recovery. PC/PSC Cliff Osborn has been getting hip shots and
was a Masonic event in the purest of forms to meet on the level   knee shots and even ones to the spine in order to keep him
and combine our efforts to the task at hand. It is one of my      functioning and we do need him functioning so include him as
fondest memories as a Shriner and we had a lot of fun doing it    well.
as a bonus.                                                                 Some good news, Dr. Jerry Weaver has come through
          As I promised, we need to express our thanks to Rick    some surgery to address his weak heart and will delay the neck
and Denise Miller (the previously mentioned Mr. and Mrs.          operation till after the Circus so we look forward to sharing
Kaboom) for their assistance and hard work at the SESA Mid-       some good times with him and Lady Jean. PC Bill Ayton was
Winter and our Commanders Ball.                                   in Florida recuperating from his knee surgery and took in a St
          We need to congratulate (I think) IALOH 3rd LtC Bill    Louis vs. Baltimore game. After the game the fans were
Glenn on his appointment as Honorary President of Staple          allowed on the field and Bill RAN the bases! He is so excited
Texas Civic Center. Be sure you ask Bill to see the picture of    and looking forward to marching with us once again.
his "Center" and the rusty key on the "Don't Mess with Texas"               A medical study just out shows that angioplasty did
chain                                                             not save lives or prevent heart attacks in non-emergency
          Congratulations to PC/Adj Rick Conn on his appoint-     patients. It proved that drugs should be tried first before con-
ment to Lt Colonel, Aide de Camp to the Governor. Rick con-       sidering the procedure or bypass surgery which does save lives,
tinues to log extensive voluntary hours at the VA.                prevents heart attacks and gives lasting chest pain relief. The
          We would also like to recognize PC J.D. Henson and      angioplasty fixes one blockage at a time while the drugs aid the
PC Bill Glenn on making a recent patient trip to the Cincinnati   entire system. If not an emergency situation take your time and
Burn Center. By the way guys, that white stuff was indeed         try the drugs first. We'd like to keep you around.
snow and somewhat common above the Mason-Dixon.                             May God bless our country and our servicemen and
          PC Gene Kennedy still makes almost daily visits to      women.

                              Miss Emily Fischer a 6th grade student
                               One person can make the diferance!
        Miss Emily Fischer a 6th grade student
at Osborne Middle School, in Hoschton
Georgia, made a differance to the Shrine and
to her fellow students.
        We are privileged to know Emily
through our close friendship with her grand-
parents, John and Marge Fischer. Emily
began her collection of can tabs in September
2006 when she was eleven years old. She
set herself a goal of 10,000 tabs.
        She is a very personable young lady
with much enthusiasm and quickly recruited
other 6th grade students at Osborne Middle
School to assist her in her endeavor.
        We are so very proud to have turned in
on behalf of Emily, 6th grade students, and
teachers of Osborne Middle School, the grand
total of 27,008 tabs.
        The sale of these tabs will be an added
source of funds for the Daughters of the Nile
to make pillows and blankets for the Shriners’
Hospitals for Children.
        Congratulations to Emily her fellow stu-
dents and her parents for a job well done!

12 - Basharat - May 2007
                 Vance's Williams earns top pilot instructor training graduate honors
                   by Jeff Mullin Senior Writer for the in Oklahoma
           Carl Crane was the best at what he did. The Texas native
was an aviation pioneer, an early proponent of instrument flight and
an instructor pilot who flew the first fully automatic instrument
landing. Capt. Brandon Williams, an instructor pilot with the 25th
Flying Training Squadron at Vance Air Force Base, has likewise
been judged the best at what he does.
           Thus, he will be awarded the Col. Carl Crane Award at a
ceremony April 24.
           The award is given annually by the Order of Daedalians,
the nation’s premier fraternal organization of military pilots. It is
presented to the top graduate of Pilot Instructor Training at
Randolph AFB, San Antonio. Williams was chosen from among all
PIT graduates in all airframes (T-6, T-1 and T-38). PIT is a four-
month program. Williams, an Atlanta native, said he was surprised
and pleased by the award.
           “I just thought it was probably top guy in my class or
something,” Williams said. “It wasn’t until about a week ago Col.
Atteberry (Lt. Col. Chris Atteberry, 25th FTS commander) told me
I had won this award and explained it to me, I was pretty surprised.
“Obviously I’m honored, considering how many people go through
           Williams was nominated for a number of reasons, but the
primary number was one, which was his position at the top of all 158 T-38 PIT graduates in 2006. He answered 100 percent of
exam questions correctly, was the top flier in his class and was lauded for his leadership. He also holds a 4.0 grade-point average
in course work for his master’s of aviation science.
           In addition, Williams was honored for his actions during two in-flight emergencies, one at PIT and once since coming to
Vance in December. The one at Randolph involved a T-38’s right engine shutting down after a bird was sucked into the intake as
the jet was preparing to land. The jet was in a diving turn when the engine shut down, so Williams and the other rated pilot with
whom he was flying gave the working engine full power, flew around the field so a chase ship could do an inspection, then landed
           In the Vance emergency, Williams was flying with a student when one of the two hydraulic systems in his jet malfunc-
tioned, leaving him with no backup. The landing gear didn’t work normally, so a chase ship inspected the crippled jet’s landing
gear to make sure it was down and locked, and Williams was able to land the plane safely.
           “I was very excited,” Atteberry said of his reaction when he learned of Williams’ award. “This really is a big deal. It’s a
great honor, and it’s exciting because it means I’ve got a real top performer in my squadron now. Not that I don’t have a lot of top
performers already, but it’s great to have that type of recognition.”
           Williams is assistant flight commander for K-Flight. He has more than 1,000 hours of flying time, including more than
300 hours in combat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The F-15E pilot says he enjoys the challenge of being an instructor
pilot. “It’s kind of a rewarding experience to take a guy off the street, who basically can’t even spell airplane, and when he leaves
here he can take off and fly by himself safely,” Williams said.Atteberry said Williams will serve as an inspiration for his fellow
instructors as well as his students. “This is an award that’s all about training,” Atteberry said. “We’re confident our students are
getting outstanding instruction anyway, but when we have somebody here who has been recognized for his instructional ability, it
just makes the quality of our training that much greater.”

      Note from the editor: Brandon Williams is Gene Williams’s Son. Congratulations to
Brandon! Gene Williams is one of our photographer. Gene has been serving the Yaarab Shrine for
many years. We are all proud when our children excell! Gene keep sending us the good news!

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                                                                                              May 2007 - Basharat - 13
                               Friday Fun with the Candidates
                                 In Memory of Director Gene Lively

        In Memory of Gene Lively, we are going to try again this year getting the new members and
their families more involved in the Shrine. On Friday June 8th, before the Ceremonial, we will
have a “Fun with the Candidates” meeting on the theater property where the Ceremonial is held.
All candidates and their families will be invited to attend.

       The Director’s Staff will be in charge of the candidates. We will also have the jail truck on
site as well as several stunts and fun activities for the candidates to participate in.

      The Entertainers will be playing for the candidates, Nobles, families and any guests who
might attend.

       All units and clubs are encouraged to join in. There will be plenty of room for any unit or
club to set up a booth, table or tent and meet and greet the candidates. Our hope is that all candi-
dates will find a unit or club they like and will immediately get involved in our efforts to help the
children in our hospitals.

       The time for this activity will run from 5:00 PM until ?, depending on how long we need to
be there.

        We will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks. We would like for all units and clubs
to feel free to provide food and refreshments.

       This is a great opportunity for all units and clubs to help increase their membership and for
Yaarab to continue to improve and grow. There will not be an opportunity to talk to the candidates
during the Ceremonial.

      All units and clubs who wish to participate should RSVP to Archie Wann, Director’s Staff, by
May 20, 2007 at 770-974-2069 or . If there are any further questions
please call me.
                                                           Cincinnati Hospital Open House
      Arch Wann
                                                              Join the Cincinnati hospital
                                                             for a special Open House on
                                                                  Sunday, June 10th.
                                                       The hospital is planning special displays,
                                                          presentations, and demonstrations
                                                        throughout the hospital. It makes for a
                                                              great weekend trip for your
                                                                  Shrine Club or Unit.
                    Family night Bingo                        Please RSVP by June 1st.
                                                          For more information and to RSVP
                       and Dinner                      contact Louise Hoelker at the hospital at
                      May 17th and                           513-872-6000 or on email at
                       June 21st!                     

14 - Basharat - May 2007
                                         News from Yaarab’s Clubs
                Cedar Valley Shrine Club                             needs your help with this event.
                   By Ken Thomason                                           Happy birthdays for May: Nobles; R. E. Anderson,
                                                                     Herb Logan, and James Richards.
                                                                             Our thoughts and prayers go out to Noble Terry
          Well, we are going to be pretty busy the next couple of    Williams and Noble Robert Landrum, and always to our troops
months. Our reverse drawing was a huge success and we                in harms way.
gained some experience to make the next even better next time.
          Next on our list of events is the Boston Butt Roast
scheduled for Good Friday, April the 6th. We want to thank
                                                                                       Cumming Shrine Club
Noble Jerry Tracy, Sr. and his great cooks for making it a suc-                         By Walter Waddell
          After that, look for us at our Shrine Circus, which will           This article was written a month in advance, so by
be from April the 27th to May the 6th, doing our Funnel Cakes.       now the Circus is over and it was a great success as usual.
We are proud to be helping out for our Temple. Please come by        Thanks to all that worked hard and made it happen this year!!!
to see us.
          We were excited to hear that we are about to receive a              NEW EVENTS
large donation from the “Doc Ayers Annual Golf Tournament”.                   May 12th - 12 noon, Low Country Boil featuring the
We always support this cause and really appreciate Nobles            Blackberry Smoke band at Yaarab
Danny O’Neal and Larry Gore for helping out in this tourna-                   May 19th - 8am, Sporting Clays at Cherokee Rose
ment. The Club is sponsoring one of the holes and is dedicat-        Sporting Resort in Griffin, GA.
ing it to Ray Beck who passed away recently.
          After we get back from helping out at the Shrine                    "In a time of change, a patriot is a scarce, scorned and
Circus it will be time for our annual Rodeo, which will be on        hated man. After his cause succeeds however, the timid join
May the 11th and the 12th. We moved it up some from last             him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Thomas
year because there are so many rodeos in our area. We invite         Jefferson
all nobles and their ladies to come and join us.                              GENERAL INFO
          We have two new children to transport to the Shrine
Hospital in Greenville. It is a great feeling to be helping these    Cumming Shrine Club meeting is on the 22nd of May
kids. Great big thanks to Noble Hoyt Worthington for trans-          My Son Graduates High School on My Birthday - June 1st
porting both kids.                                                   Circus Appreciation Dinner is on the 2nd of June
          We still have a Bluegrass Festival in the works and        Business Meeting is on the 6th of June
hope to have it sometime in August. I know that it will be a         Helen... 6/7 - 6/10
great success.                                                                PARADES
          We invite all nobles and their ladies to our club meet-    May 12th - 10am Tucker Shrine Club, Tucker, GA.
ing on the 4th Thursday of each month.                               May 26th - 11am Chattooga Shrine Club Telethon,
                                                                     Summerville, GA.
                Coosawattee Shrine Club                              May 28th - 10am Lanier Shrine Club, Gainesville, GA.
                                                                     May 28th - 2pm Senoia Memorial Day Parade, Senoia, GA.
                   By Ron Wheeler                                    June 2nd - 11am Echota-Vann Shrine Club, Chatsworth, GA.
                                                                     June 9th - 2pm Summer Ceremonial, Helen, GA
         Thanks to all the nobles who helped with the Kids Day
at the Circus. The Club couldn’t do this without these members
                                                                                    Henry County Shrine Club
         The Coosawattee Annual Charity Open Bass                                   By Clarence L. Summerlin
Tournament will be held on Carters Lake May 19, 2007. Please
NOTE that this is a change of the date. Flyers with information               The March HCSC meeting was held March 21st. We
and registration are distributed. This will be an annual fund        had two visitors, High Priest and Prophet Mike Autry, and Ed
raiser only with the members support.                                Christian, President of Chapter 7 of the Blue Knights.
         The Charity Golf Tournament designated “The Melvin          Mike thanked our club for our past participation in the circus
Cowart Memorial Tournament” will be held Friday May 25               and looks forward to our help again this year.
2007, 9:30 am at Whitepath Golf Club. All is in place and we                  Ed presented HCSC President David Loftin with a
have help from “those in the know.” Nobles, there is plenty of       check for $14,000, which will be used as part of our pledge for
time for you to come out and enjoy some fun, fellowship, golf        the Children’s Hospital. Once again we would like to thank Ed
and there has even been mention of some food.                        Christian for their help with our fundraiser.
         The Annual Charity Giveaway will be held July 28,                    Our next fundraiser will be held May 19th at Math
2007 which is the last Saturday in July of each year. We will        Field in Griffin. For a $100 ticket you will be treated to a din-
begin selling tickets May 7, 2007. After the Circus, the Club                                    clubs continue on page 18
                                                                                              May 2007 - Basharat - 15
                                                    May 2007
   sunday           monday           tuesday         wednesday          thursday          friday          saturday

                                             1                2                 3                  4               5
                                    65TH ANNUAL      65TH ANNUAL       65TH ANNUAL      65TH ANNUAL      65TH ANNUAL

           6                 7               8                9                10              11                12

         13                14               15               16                17              18                19
                                                                     CHARITY DAYLIGHT
                  BIRTHDAY PARTY                                      LODGE 10:30 AM                    CLOWN FUN FEST
                   SOCIAL 6:00 PM                                      FAMILY NIGHT                         6:00 PM
                   DINNER 6:30 PM                                         6:30 PM

         20                21               22               23                24              25                26

         27                28               29               30                31

                                     Shriners in action
                                       by C.H. Autry
       This picture was taken at Alee
Shrine Temple at the election breakfast
of the Southeastern Past Masters
Association meeting in Savannah last
month. On the left is Billy Petit who was
sworn in as the 1st V.P. of the associa-
tion. Next to him is C.H. Autry with Lew
Urick, a Past President of SESPMA,
standing in front of him. Next Fred
Cooper and Robert Mize both officers in
KOM 2007 with Pierce Anderson stand-
ing in front and David Wooten also an
officer in KOM standing on the end.

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16 - Basharat - May 2007
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                                                      “Your One Stop Computer Source”
                                                         313 Dividend Dr. Peachtree City, GA 30269
                                               770-487-6546 ** Fax 770-487-6903
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                         Small Business Computer Consulting and Support
                      Network Design ** WAN/LAN **VPN** Voice over IP
                            Virus and Spyware removal and protection
                   On site Service and monthly Labor support Service Contracts

                                  Celebrating 22 years in Business
                                           For your Web solutions
                                           Web Hosting and Design
                                       E-Commerce WebSite Design
                                     Email us:
     Costas Soulakos               

                                                 JUNE 2007

    sunday           monday           tuesday         wednesday            thursday            friday            saturday

                                                                                                        1                 2

           3                  4             5                  6                   7                  8                   9
                    SOCIAL 6:00 PM                      DINNER 6:30
                    DINNER 6:30 PM                     MEETING 7:30

         10                 11            12                  13                 14                 15                   16

          17                18             19                 20                  21                 22                  23
                                                                        CHARITY DAYLIGHT
                                                                         LODGE 10:30 AM
                                                                          FAMILY NIGHT
                                                                             6:30 PM

          24                25             26                 27                  28                 29                  30
                                                                                           IMPERIAL SESSION   IMPERIAL SESSION

                                                                                       May 2007 - Basharat - 17
continued clubs from page 15
ner for two with an open bar and an opportunity to win a new                               Lanier Shrine Club
Harley Davidson motorcycle.                                                               By Gene W. Robinson
         April birthdays are: Steve Breeze, David Edison, Gil
Peeples, Robert Price, Matthew Reisker, Phil Smith and John
Wilkins. Happy Birthday to you all. All nobles are encouraged                    Lanier members attending the Saint Patrick’s Day
to check out our web site for the latest information and event          parade were: Bill Mangum, Ed Clark, Joseph Conner,
photos at: This site is being main-          Lindbergh Miller, Warren Walker, Terry Bradford, and Tracy
tained by web master, Noble Bill Bell, who is doing a great job         Stoehr.
getting out news of our club’s activities. If you have any news                  The Rabbittown parade was sponsored by Stone Lodge
you would like to see on the web please contact Bill at 770-            on March 31, 2007 and was attended by the following nobles:
957-1737.                                                               James Skiver, Bill Mangum, Gene Robinson, Joe Conner, Steve
         And as always, we would like to extend an invitation           Canada, Lindbergh Miller, Warren Walker, Terry Bradford,
to any noble who is not associated with a club or unit to visit.        Phillips Cofield and a group of children, Danny Efflar, Keith
We meet the third Wednesday of each month, with dinner at               Chandler, Walter Chandler, Ed Clark, Hy Reynolds, and
7:00 PM and the meeting to follow at 8:00 PM. If you have any           Marshall Kinsey (emeritus member)
questions feel free to call President, David Loftin at 678-583-                  Shrinnettes attending were: President Lela Skiver,
6949.                                                                   Bivian Bradford, Elaine Chandler, and Sandi Walker.
                                                                                 The club is planning for the Memorial Day parade in
                                                                        Gainesville on Monday May 28, 2007. Lineup is at 8:30 to 9:00
                  LaGrange Shrine Club                                  and the parade at 10:00 A.M. Past President Ed Clark filed the
                   By Greg Brookshire                                   application and estimated that there would be 75 shiner vehi-
                                                                        cles and 25 Shriners walking. Motion carried to have lunch
          By the time this comes out the circus will be over.           consisting of catered BBQ for all shriners and their guests at
But for now we’re in full swing trying to raise money for it.           the tennis pavilion behind the civic building after the parade.
We are selling raffle tickets for a weed eater. Ads are being                    Past President Bill Mangum provided transportation
sold. Ken Little, Ron Traylor, and Tommy Clem bucketed                  for the “Mayor of Rabbittown”, Marshall Kinsey, and his wife,
Saturday.                                                               Nell, who always dresses up as the “Easter Bunny”.
          We had seven members from LaGrange to attend the                       I have included a file photo of the Shriners who partic-
St. Patrick’s Day parade in Atlanta. It seemed like a good turn         ipated in the Rabbittown parade 10 years ago. We all seemed to
out even though the weather was cool, to say the least. I think         have aged well but of those pictured we regret that Nobles
everyone had a good time as usual.                                      Henry Conner and Ralph Daniel have passed away. We certain-
          One of our members, Shane Bates is somewhat of a              ly miss them and all they did for the Shrine organization.
hero. On Thursday, April 6th he happened up on a bad car
wreck. One driver was trapped in his truck, which was on fire.
Shane got a fire extinguisher from the other vehicle and put out
the blaze twice. He stayed with the man until help arrived.
Great work, I would say. Thanks Shane.
          On a sadder note we lost one of our members in
March. Ralph Gaddy passed away after a lengthy illness. He
will be missed by all of us. Please keep his family in your
thoughts and prayers.

               Lake Hartwell Shrine Club
                   By Mike Johnson.
                                                                        Attending the Potentate Ball were Past President Warren and
         Well its circus time again, time for clowns -food -            Sandi Walker and Presidents James and Lela Skiver, Sue and
drinks -and a lot of fun for all. Well at Lake Hartwell Shrine          Past President Gene Robinson planned to attend but Sue had
Club is off to a great start with the parades, 2 for 2, the St Patty    not completely recovered from her eye surgery.
day downtown and the Easter day in Cleveland; both parades
were a lot of fun. If you miss them sorry. To all members at
Lake Hartwell, dust off your go-carts and let’s rollin 2007.
Well, back to the circus-; cant wait for it to start, it’s like wait-
ing for Christmas to come. If anyone in the club needs a ride to
the circus call me. Happy birthday to all in April and May. Also
Happy Easter to all. May peace be with you. And to all
Shriners out there keep up the good work. We love you all .See
you soon.

18 - Basharat - May 2007
Our list of Lanier Nobles and ladies who worked at the circus        HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE THERE
are: Morris McClure, Lindbergh and Margaret Miller, Ed and                    Please keep John and Shirley Dacus in your prayers as
Mary Clark, Joe and Vivian Conner, Bill Mangum, Tracey and           they are continuing to have some serious health issues. I also
Kathey Stoehr, Bill Clark, James and Martha Thomas, James            ran into Bill Estes shopping a couple of weeks ago to find out
and Lela Skiver, Terry and Bivian Bradford, Warren and Sandi         he had a bout with cyst problems. He is doing better and we
Walker, Elaine and Walter Chandler, Phillip and Brenda               should be thankful for him. If you have illnesses, please let a
Cofield, Gene and Sue Robinson, Coleman and Marie Allen,             club officer know so we can offer assistance if necessary.
Roy and Jerry Merritt, and Keith and April Chandler.                          Oh, by the way, the members of the Northeast Dekalb
If we did not include your name, please let us know.                 Club would like to extend a special invitation to all “At-Large”
          Walter and Jackie Holcomb are in Japan visiting with       members in Yaarab Shrine, who do not currently belong to a
Jackie’s mother who is ill. Noble Jere Kimbrell is recovering        club or unit, to come visit us. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of
from an extended illness and noble Hugh K. Turk who is recov-        each month on the lower level of the Gene Bracewell Activities
ering from an unexpected illness at the Northeast Georgia            Building. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM and we’d like all
Medical Center. Billy Clark is slowing down due to problems          qualified nobles to come and enjoy some fellowship. Hope to
with his heart.                                                      see you in the near future.
          Now let’s get to the birthdays and anniversaries for the
spring quarter which are:                                                                Rome Shrine Club
April: Ladies’ Birthdays: Margaret Miller, Lela Skiver.                                   By Bobby Sims
Anniversaries: Joseph and Vivian Conner, James and Mary
Clark.                                                                         We can't believe the circus is over for another year.
May: Nobles’ Birthdays: Hy Reynolds, Lindbergh Miller.               Noble Ronald Wheeler did an outstanding job handling the
June: Nobles’ Birthdays: J. Doug Whitmire, Jere Kimbrell,            Rome food tent. He wishes to thank everyone who worked.
Dwight Whitmire, Russell Zears.                                      He especially thanks Noble John Allmond and his lady Janette
Anniversaries: Gene and Sue Robinson, Walter and Jackie              for coming from South Ga. again to help us out.
Holcomb.                                                                       Rome had many nobles out bucketing for the circus.
          The Murrayville parade which was co-sponsored by           Ladies thank you for allowing your nobles to spend time away
the Murrayville Area Historical Society and the Murrayville          from home to help the children.
Masonic Lodge was a “Huge” Success. As past Master of                           Our club meets on the fourth Thursday of each month
Murrayville Lodge and President of the Murrayville Area              at 7:30 PM with dinner at 7:00 PM. We urge each member to
Historical Society, I would like to thank everyone who had a         attend to learn about the business of the club. Our next meeting
part in the parade and other festivities. Remember our meetings      will be May 24th.
on the 4th Tuesday of each month at Sydney’s in Towne Center                   The Road Runners transported three patients to
Plaza at the corner of Pearl Nix Parkway and Browns Bridge           Cincinnati, two to Greenville and made application for a new
Road. We start socially at 6:30 p.m. with the meeting getting        patient to go to Greenville. We appreciate these nobles and
under shortly after 7 p.m. come see us folks, or if not, “we hope    what they do to make sure these children get the medical treat-
to see you on the road.”                                             ment they need.
                                                                                The Bass Tournament will be held May 26, 2007 at
                 Northeast Dekalb Club                               JR's Marina on Lake Weiss. If anyone is interested in pre-reg-
                     By Sam Black                                    istration contact Larry Rickard at 706-232-2873.
                                                                     All proceeds go to the Rome Shrine Club kids' transportation
          President Gordon Fox would like to extend a special        van fund.
“thanks” to all the Northeast Dekalb Club members who sold                       The Motor Corp had a cookout at Captain Charlie
ads, tickets, ride tickets, and sponsorships for the 2007 circus.    Miller's home. There were about 50 nobles and ladies attend-
A continued “thanks” goes to those members who took time out         ing. We had a fantastic time and many thanks to Charlie and
to be at the circus to work in the ice cream booth. If you           Mary Ann for their generous hospitality.
checked tickets, ride tickets, ads, or sponsorships out for the                   Noble Gary Miller, Noble Archie Duvall, Noble
circus, please make sure that you return everything to Garland       Ronald Bailiff, Noble Jerry Fowler, Noble Jeff Rosson and
so we can get our proper credit.                                     Noble Bobby Sims and their ladies recently attended an
          Happy May Birthday Greetings are extended to               International Shrine Association Motor Corp meeting in
“Blackie” (91 years young) Black (12), Gary Fielder (25), and        Virginia Beach representing the Rome Motor Corp.
Gordon Fox (11). Happy Anniversary Greetings are extended                         We need to continue to keep our members and
to Bob and Sandy Saxon (28).                                         friends in our prayers. Noble Randy Cagle gave us quite a scare
Mark you calendars as follows:                                       when he was hospitalized recently for lung problems. He
MAY 21, 2007 – ANSLEY POWELL GOLF TOURNAMENT                         stayed in intensive care awhile and in rehab awhile. We are
SUMMIT CHASE GOLF CLUB - GRAYSON                                     thankful he is at home and is doing much better. Randy's moth-
$ 85.00 PER PERSON - LUNCH WILL BE SERVED                            er Marie was also hospitalized at the same time he was but is
TEE RESERVATIONS - CALL PRESIDENT GORDON FOX                         home now. Noble Doug Strickland is having heart problems.
(770) 972-3819                                                       Noble Larry Cordell had bypass surgery. Noble Bo
                                                                                             May 2007 - Basharat - 19
Youngblood fell at work and is really having problems from the         Shrine Club the host club, so please come and be a part of it.
accident. Noble Rick Collins had shoulder surgery. Noble                        The summer ceremonial is in June, so make your plans
Donnie Bagley's daughter was hospitalized with an infection            now to come share in the fun and fellowship. TU-SH-LA.
and Noble Frankie Langley's daughter was hospitalized with a           President Gloria Hammett and the ladies of the club are work-
reaction to a shot. We send our condolences to Noble Dewey             ing on a new skit for Friday night at The Helendorf, possibly
Ragland and his lady Drew in the passing of Drew's brother.            involving some comedians from The Golden Dome on Ponce
                                                                       de Leon and we all know there is a clan of clowns there to
                    Toccoa Shrine Club                                 choose from.
                     By J. Cliff Taylor                                         Nobles please keep President Dewayne and our sun-
                                                                       shine man Jim Weaver informed of any members who are in
           Toccoa Shrine Club is back in the news.... with Gene        sickness or distress, and please continue prayers for nobles
Thomason, President leading the way and with all the wives             Gene Kennedy, C.H.Autry, C.W. Pulley who are having their
giving their support. Where would we men be if our women               battles with ill health also our recorder Al Hillsman with a bro-
didn't support us? They are supporting us thru our marriage and        ken wrist.
all our endeavors to help others where ever that might be. Let                   Until the next please remember, We can spend our life
me personally tell you men to give your wife a hug and a big           anyway we want to. But we can only spend it once.
wet kiss for loving you that much and standing by you, you are
one of the lucky ones. Harold Atkinson told me that the                                  West GA Shrine Club
Cleveland parade was great as always... I missed it. I don't want                        By Frank Kiblinger
to miss out again..... And you don't either... I love seeing all the
kids with there smiling faces and there parents.                                The Finance Manager of a 3500 member legion post
           Gene informed me today that any member with                 last month report to his membership about a fund raising proj-
$1,000.00 or more in bucket money or ads will be given a               ect…”The Pancake Man was not a success, netting $2. Of the
monogrammed Toccoa Shrine Club Shirt.                                  85 guest, only 12 were legion members…help was received
           My new email address is         from one Board Member and our own 90 year old volunteer.”
so let me know what is new and coming up.                              Compare this to the following local event:
           I am not going to mention birthdays this month... why.               The West Georgia Coon Hunters Association hosted
Ken has asked for an update from all of you.                           the 12th Annual Dog Show on March 10th. All funds raised
           Who is here and isn't. Get yours in ... so we can men-      were for the Shrine Hospitals. The Club conducted a raffle,
tion you in the article.                                               auction and food canteen. Twelve members volunteered and
           I don't have much to say now ... I'm just getting back      funds raised were closer to two thousand dollars, not two dol-
into it. I'm doing this at the last moment.                            lars!
           Let’s all remember to Trust in God, he is in control                 We are a smaller club and members can always be
and let him lead our path to what we have all been promised.           counted on to pitch in on club projects to make them a success.
Live in Victory, in Jesus name, Amen.                                  Why? Because we use the non-secret ingredients of a good
                                                                       club: Fun, Fellowship, Friendship, Camaraderie and Food.
                    Tucker Shrine Club                                          The ole car/boat has had engine work and a complete
                      By Bill Messer                                   review and adjustment of all parts and is ready for the parade
                                                                       season. It was in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Atlanta with
           Sunny Summer Salutations to all, from the keeper of         driver Ken Swanson and shotgun riders J. W. Spinks and Duane
the ink. Will winter never end? Last Friday it was 80, today 40,       Mattix.
and tonight 20. I sure hope the big thaw gets here before the                   The Annual Oyster Stew Nite at the Buck Creek
big circus. I can deal with high winds, loud thunder and bright        Masonic Lodge was on April 7th. There were members from
flashes of lighting but ice and snow ruin my disposition and           all the Carroll County lodges in attendance. The West Georgia
cause my old bones to ache.                                            Shrine Club was also represented.
          While chatting with one of the Divan Officers at the                  Up next - it is circus time. The club will operate a
birthday party, he told me that he and the other officers were         food booth and there will be good member participation at this
buying tennis shoes as a part of their wardrobes, that sounded         gala event.
just a little strange to me, but when he said they were getting
the ones with skates built in the heels, I had to ask why, he
replied, so they could try to keep up with the Potentate.
Sounded like a good plan to me.
          Nobles remember the Tucker Day’s Parade. Tucker

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         You get Crown of Honor Points! ---- Call the Yaarab office for more info!
20 - Basharat - May 2007
                               Shriners Burns Hospital Cincinnati
                                 By JD Mitchell,Past Potentate
                             Associate Member Board of Governors

       Exciting things are always happening at your Shriners Hospital in
Cincinnati. To attempt to keep you informed, I will be submitting an article
from time to time. If, however, you have any questions or know of a child
that the Shriners Burns Hospital in Cincinnati can help, please do not ever
hesitate to give me a call. I can be reached on my Cell Phone at 404-379-
7661, almost anytime. Let me start with a few statistics that I found very
interesting that some of you may not know. Cincinnati Burns Hospital
serves 22 states. They also get patients from other countries. Imperial has
been quoted as saying that Eighty (80%) percent of all shriners who have visited a Shrine Hospital
does not drop or discontinue their membership. If you have never visited, please put that on your
“to do” list, immediately.

        1. Dr. Richard J. Kagan, M.D., Chief of Staff, Shriners Burns Hospital Cincinnati, was
installed as the President of the American Burn Association on March 23, 2007, at their annual
meeting. This is a very prestigious honor and recognition to the leadership that Shriners Hospitals
continually provide.
        2. Your Cincinnati Hospital just passed a “Joint Commission” unannounced visit and survey
on March 13th through the 15th, with only one minor violation. We were cited for not maintaining a
temperature log in our “Primary Focus Area” on a refrigerator in which medications are stored. It
was noted that at the time of the survey that the refrigerator did not contain any medications. This,
of course, was corrected immediately.
        3. Your hospital also just received a 2007 Innovative Solutions Awards for a “Take Home
Tracheotomy Bag” that was designed by our sewing department. The supplies and materials bags
are for patients who are discharged from the hospital that still have a Trachea installed. They are
custom made with a variety of designs chosen by the patients themselves. The bag that received
the award was for a boy and it had a racing theme and was adorned with checked flags and race
cars. Needless, to say this is a very popular theme among the boys.
        4. Diane Heckler has recently been employed as the hospital’s first Director of Professional
Relations. Diane’s primary role is to go to hospitals in the area in which we serve and recruit
patients. I understand through Imperial Shrine that several more Shriners Hospitals will be creat-
ing similar positions.
        5. Implementation of the “SOAR Program”, Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery is
whereby patients and/or family members are paired with trained peer supporters that offer individ-
ual support from their perspective of a survivor. There is also a national database that can be
used for our patients who are not local to our area. This support is provided upon admission and
upon discharge.

       In closing, I would like to say let’s all stay safe during the summer. Always be on the look-
out for a new shrine member. Pray for our troops and our leaders. My prayers are always that
God Bless each and every one of you and that God Bless the Shrine.

                                  Basharat Means:
                               “Messenger of good news!”
                                                                       May 2007 - Basharat - 21
                        Shriners Bring Hope for Costa Rican Teenager
                                       by Pat Harrison
       For Paulette, 2007 is a year of hope.
       What started like a common cold and flu back in December 2004, quickly became a rash
that spread over Paulette’s arms, legs and chest. The disease – purpura fulminans, a rare compli-
cation of strep – left Paulette, 17 years old, bedridden since that December day.
       She was seen by doctors and hospitals throughout Costa Rica, all with the hope of healing
her skin and saving her toes and feet. But, eventually her toes had to be amputated and she con-
tinued to have major problems with her Achilles tendons and feet.
       A group of medical students from Michigan State University met Paulette last July while on a
medical field trip to Costa Rica. Their instructor, Dr. Rae Schnuth recognized that Paulette needed
to come to the United States for additional medical care. “At first we wanted to provide Paulette
with a better bed, but it became apparent she needed urgent medical attention,” recalls Schnuth.
       Schnuth had numerous business associates in the States and soon connected with Cindy
DeSerna, MSW, a care coordi-
nator at the burn hospital in
Cincinnati, OH.
       “We worked very quickly
to get Paulette here,” com-
ments DeSerna. “Once we
received the pictures and the
medical records, we knew we
could take care of her.”
       Within a few months,
Kevin Bailey, MD and Conchi
Madsen, RN (pictured below
with Paulette), made the trip to
Costa Rica to meet Paulette
and her mother and bring them
to the Shriners Hospital in
       Paulette has had surgery to graft over open wounds on her arms and legs. Her feet and
ankles could not be treated with surgery and required amputations below the knee. She is now a
patient of the Lexington Shrine hospital for orthopedic assistance. Paulette and her mother are liv-
ing with a host family in Indiana.
       The Cincinnati Shrine hospital routinely sees patients with purpura fulminans and has years
of experience dealing with it on an acute basis and the necessary long-term rehabilitative needs.
           Yaarab Shrine Annual Helen Summerfest Ceremonial Golf Tournament.
                         ATTENTION ALL NOBLES AND GOLFERS!
                                   DATE: Friday June 8, 2007
                                TIME: 9:00 A.M. Shotgun Tee Off
                         FORMAT: Captains Choice Four Man Teams
                     ENTRY FEE: $300 PER TEAM, OR $75 PER PLAYER
                                   CLOSEST TO PIN PRIZES
For information please contact J.J. Moore    Home 770-964-7922 Cell 770-883-5399
                          and/or Gene Baker        Home 770-486-1550 Cell 770-401-1724
22 - Basharat - May 2007
                                    News from Yaarab’s Auxiliaries
                        Conyettes                                   Temple #77, Charleston, S. C., along with reigning Queen
                     By Anita Payseur                               Mildred Neighbors, Al Ansar Temple #117 and several of her
         A thank you goes out to all the women of our group         appointed officers and princesses made up the impressive list
who came out to the circus and helped our gentlemen sell T-         of visiting guests.
Shirts. We also thank you for all your support as your guys                   Queen Melanie attired in a beautiful beaded off-white
were standing out in the street collecting money for the circus.    gown presided over the bountiful reception that followed.
         We had a cookout of hamburger and hotdogs before           Past Queen Janet Race once again wowed us all with her
our last meeting. We thank everyone who helped prepare the          many talents, as the decorations of carousel horses, flowers
food. We continue to eat before each meeting a meal which is        and ribbons were beyond beautiful. The day was bright and
provided by the ladies.                                             beautiful and so were our Temple and the festivities inside it.
         Our club is planning on attending Helen. We will           A grand way to begin a new year for El Tehran Temple #122.
have a hospitality room with snacks along with lunch on
Saturday provided by the ladies. Please put this on your cal-                               Karinats
endar and make plans to attend. If you can not stay overnight                           By Jane Johnston
you can make a day trip.                                                      We have had a good year so far under the leadership
         May birthday wishes go to Jeanette Booth.                  of President Darin Rager and her officers and look forward to
Anniversary wishes go to Jimmy and Donna Monk.                      a successful year.
                                                                              In March, the Arab Guard honored Noble Pedro
                  Daughters of the Nile                             Sanders and Lady Rachel. Pedro has been an Arab
                    By Beth Barron                                  Guardsman for 55 years and Lady Rachel has been right by
          The El Tehran Temple #122, Daughters of the Nile,         his side during that time, being a Karinat. Everyone brought
located at Sardis Masonic Lodge, was bedecked with gold             finger foods and a good time was had by all. It was good to
lame, candles, flowers and carousels on March 25, 2007 for          see some of our other long time members come out and cele-
the installation of our new and gracious Queen, Melanie             brate such a great occasion. We are blessed to have them as
Holzworth. We were treated to a “first” with the crowning of        mentors to us. A lot of TALL tales were told that night and
our new Queen by her mother, Past Queen Beth Wheeler.               folks had a good time, reminiscing about old times. Noble
          The elective and appointive officers, all princesses in   Pedro was presented a plaque from the Guard by Potentate
their own right, also accepted the responsibilities assigned        Eddie and the Karinats presented Lady Rachael with a hang-
them for the coming year. They are Pr. Royal, Sabrina               ing basket. Thank you Pedro and Rachel for your loyal sup-
Ackerman, Pr. Tirzah, Gerry Murphy, Pr. Badoura, and Pat            port!
Rickert-Jones.                                                                Our Karinats are working hard on two different cheer
                                                                    baskets that will be given away at Helen. If you need tickets,
                                                                    please see one of the Karinats. They will be one for $1 or six
                                                                    for $5.
                                                                              We have another joy in the Arab Guard/Karinats fam-
                                                                    ily. Noble Alfred Moon and Lady Tommye will soon be cele-
                                                                    brating their 70th wedding anniversary……Talking about a
                                                                    milestone!! Congratulations……we wish you many
                                                                    more……Both Alfred and Tommy are not in the best of health
                                                                    and we miss them at our meetings but we still think about
                                                                    them. We have several other members that have been mar-
                                                                    ried over 60 years......What an accomplishment!!
                                                                              We still have folks that need our prayers……..Lady
          The crowning of the Queen by her mother, was only         Julie Donald’s husband, Tom, will be undergoing more eye
part of the beautiful accolades afforded Queen Melanie on this      surgery, Lady Bettye Pasley’s husband, Tommy, had double
delightful afternoon. Queen Melanie’s cousins enthralled the        bypass surgery plus a valve replacement. Lady Fran Overton's
standing-room-only crowd with their vocal abilities. Connie         husband, Don, has been in and out of the hospital but is doing
Lewis, sister to the Queen, left us awe-struck with her beauti-     better.
ful signed dance rendition of “You Raised Me Up”. Potentate                   Happy belated birthday to our April lady, Cassie
Eddie Eskew spoke a few words of praise for our new Queen           Shanahan, happy birthday in May to Bettey Pasley, Julie
and expressed his desire to work with El Tehran Temple #122         Donald, and Miriam Smith and Bette Wolfe and happy birth-
through the coming year. Potentate Eskew along with the             day in June to Treva Burnsworth, Alene Pasley and Geneva
Divan and their ladies added to the guest list.                     Cox.
          Supreme Temple Appointees, Louse Harrison, Al
Ansar Temple #117, Greenville, S.C. and Nell Allen, Milcah
                                                                                           May 2007 - Basharat - 23
                 Ladies President Council                              her husband Chuck was elected to the office of recorder.
                    By Jane Johnston                                             Gail and Chuck were married on Valentine’s Day in
           Our Ladies President Council has gotten off to great        1976 and celebrated their 31st anniversary this year. They live
start this year, with the election and installation of new officers.   in one of the most scenic areas of our beautiful state,
Elected to serve this year are: President – Darlene Dunn, Vice         Hiawassee. They were parents to a son, Kevin. He and his
President – Jane Johnston, Secretary – Sherry Crowe, and               wife Janel have now made Chuck and Gail grandparents of
Treasurer – Linda Mitchell. The divan was well represented at          nine month old Emma Kay, who ranks right up there with the
installation and President Darlene outdid herself with the table       prettiest and cutest baby ever to be born, just ask them.
decorations and food, food, food! We are looking forward to a                    Not to be telling tales out of school, Gail just celebrat-
great year, under the leadership of President Darlene. Her             ed a birthday on March 4th (but we are NOT telling which one,
theme this year goes along with Potentate Eddie’s………Taking             but boy! She doesn’t look it).
Care of Kids and they are precious in His sight.….We would                       In Gail’s spare time, (mmmm, what’s that?) she enjoys
like the thank Past President Lindy Spinks for a good 2006.            “Elvis”, scrap booking and loves photography.
           We appreciate the support from everyone at the Shrine                 Thanks, Helen, you did a great job with this mini-bio.
Circus with the bake sale. It was a success and we thank all the                 On our prayer list we are still holding up, Elise Mize
ladies that put in the hard work on the ‘homemade’ goodies. We         and her family, they are the widow and family of Edwin Mize
look forward to next year. There are several fund raisers going        who died 12/31/06. Also please keep in your prayers Martha
on amongst our ladies auxiliaries and ask for your continued           Pennington’s family, as she pasted away this month.
support during the year.                                                         We also need to keep Bill and Helen Hulen in our
           If you are a current sitting president or past president    thoughts as Bill undergoes surgery on his other knee; we sin-
of a ladies auxiliary, we urge you to come and join our group.         cerely hope that this time there won’t be all the problems suf-
It is a good group of ladies and a great way to find out what is       fered previously.
going on among the groups and also our Shrine Center. We                                      Lohettes
meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except June, July and                                By Marie F. McMahon
August, at 7:30 p.m. in the Imperial Room. We would love to                      I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers
see you there!                                                         on the loss of my Dad. He was 80 years old and went in for
                       Layobas                                         elective surgery on aneurysms and aorta repair. Dad fought a
          By Shirley Elliott and Helen Hulen                           tough battle. We were with him when he left this world to go
          It’s been here and now gone! THE CIRCUS, THE                 to a better place without pain. My father was the head of our
CIRCUS, WOW!!! What a great show it was and of course the              family and his own even though he was not the oldest child.
carnival and “flea market” was also a success as usual. Thanks         He was just that strong and individual and we miss him so
to all who were able to give of their time, talents and energy to      much. My Mom is doing pretty well but after being together
help make this 65th YAARAB Shrine Circus so huge. STU-                 for 58 years, the healing will take a long time.
PENDIOUS!!!                                                                      I went back to Massachusetts on my Spring Break
          The members of the Oriental Band and Layoba’s are            since I had originally scheduled the time to help out. I enjoyed
small in numbers’ but are mighty in “quality” Take a look at           my time with Mom and got her out doing a few small things
what we are giving to the leadership of Yaarab. Our new                which I think helped. Mom, my sisters, daughter-in-laws,
Potentate, Eddie Eskew, High Priest and Prophet, Mike Autry            brother-in-law and his dad all went to the Mohican gambling
and our new Recorder, Chuck Pittman. The Layoba Ladies are             resort. We made Bill and his father provide escort duty like our
proud that Lynda Autry and Gail Pittman are now part of the            own Bill Glenn does at the Shrine functions. It was a great
Divan Ladies. We are so proud of ya’’ll.                               time.
          The evening we gathered to have our pictures taken by                  When I returned, without mishaps for a change, Joe,
Gene Williams and Hazel for the circus book(which I’m sure             Marc and I visited son Ryan and daughter-in-law Melissa in
all of you have seen by now) we were surprised by an unex-             Florida for Easter weekend. Unfortunately the Northern weath-
pected visitor, Verna Fuglar, widow of Rudy, it was so great to        er came with me. Ryan and Melissa are adding a screened
see her again and we welcome her anytime she is able to be             porch to their house and it really adds to it.
with us. Of course to top our evening we had also brought a                      Don't forget our parade in June at the Helen Hot
variety of snacks, really tasty, as you know “eating is what we        Sands. I can't believe that it is already that time again but
do best”.                                                              always have a great time there.
          The next item in this article was submitted by Helen                   I had my first bartending experience at the Rainy Day
Hulen as we continue getting acquainted with the Layoba                Giveaway. The rest of the crew had more experience. Mona
Ladies. This month we are highlighting our newest Divan                Moore, Debbie Whiting, Trish Brote and Kay Elrod did an out-
Lady, Gail Pittman.                                                    standing job and got good tips. The guys filled in so we could
          We are so proud to have this lovely lady as part of the      eat but they got none. We ladies agreed to give our tips to the
Layoba ladies. Gail has been a member of our group since               Hospital Fund and informed Potentate Eddie Eskew of our
1986 and has served as president of our group and other                intention. The check we submitted was in excess of $400.
offices. She became part of the Divan ladies in January when                     The Commander's Ball was fantastic. Peggy
                                                                       Mashburn made the centerpieces showcasing her talent yet
24 - Basharat - May 2007
again. She was recognized by Commander Hank Brote for her
many years of support. Husband Joe had a song for Hank, but, I
want to know about those things he didn't want to tell....
          I'll be happy to share the events and fun from the Circus          SUPPORT YAARAB SHRINE
in the next edition. Please share your news with us or I may                   AND YOUR BASHARAT
resort to making up a whopper about you.
          We had a bake-less bake sale at the Circus and post-
cards were sent out. If you haven't already done so, please send
your checks to our chairman, Barb Greer.                                  HELP US FIND MORE SPONSORS
          Belated happy birthday to our April babies Jean Weaver
(6), Dot Arp Hernandez (17), Anita Smith (23), Judy Henson
(25) and Sally Howard (30).
                                                                                FOR QUESTIONS AND
          Happy birthday to our May babies: Margaret Lamb (4),
Doris Dunagan (5), Hazel Gaylor (10), and Jane Ayton (25).                      SUGGESTIONS CALL
          Wonderful anniversaries wishes for our May couples:
Patricia and Glenn Tideswell (4), and Lee and Gene Kennedy (5)                   COSTAS SOULAKOS
          Please continue to pray for Gene and Lee. His health
has been so difficult for so long.
                                                                                   (770) 487-6546
          Stay safe and be healthy.
                    Rome Shrine Ladies                                               EMAIL TO:
                      By Peggy Sims                                  
        Thank you ladies for all the hard work you did at the cir-
cus food tent. You are a great bunch of ladies always willing to
do whatever you can to help your nobles. We especially thank
the ladies who weren't able to work at the circus that took care
of the home front so your noble could work.                               Please email your articles to :
        Peggy and Bobby Sims, Ronald and Rhonda Bailiff, Gary     
Miller and Nadine Headrick, Carol and Archie Duvall, Mary and
Jeff Rosson and Imogene and Jerry Fowler recently attended the               Deadline for May issue
International Shrine Association Motor Corp meeting at Virginia                   is May 10th
Beach. The weather was a little cold but we had a good time
and wished all could have been with us.
          We are still selling cookbooks. They are $10 each.                         G.W. ROBINSON
Proceeds from our books will go toward our donation to the              FAMILY       & ASSOCIATES
Rome Shrine Hospital Telethon in August. Please see any mem-             NIGHT         P.O. BOX 206
ber if you are interested in purchasing one.                            SUPPER       Murrayville, GA 30564
          President Larry Fricks and Noble Randy Cagle wishes            BINGO
to thank the ladies that worked the Chatsworth Coonhunt in                            OFF: 770-536-1195
March. It was a very successful coonhunt and a good start                   --        FAX: 770-287-8137
                                                                        6:30 p.m.     Pager: 404-280-4247
toward our hospital goal for 2007.
           Nadine Headrick is having problems with her leg.             Thursday                                  Gene W. Robinson
We hope she doesn't have to have surgery. We are pleased Susan           May 17
and Randy Cagle are doing better. Lawonia Bagley's daughter                                          APPRAISALS
                                                                            --              All types of Real Estate, Business
Danielle is doing well after being hospitalized with an infection.
Deborah Langley's daughter Heather was recently hospitalized            6:30 p.m.                           &
with a reaction to a shot she received.                                Thursday                      BROKERAGE
                                                                         May 21            Commercial, Industrial, Residential
                 South Fulton Shrinettes                                    --                           Acreage
                    By Hazel Gaylor                                       Phone                    DEVELOPMENT
         We had a really great turnout for our April meeting -                             We Buy, Sell, & Develop Real Estate
17! Ladies this is wonderful, and a good time was had by all             ext. 233           Gene W. Robinson, MRA, MFLA, MSA
attending. Once again Bonna contributed a beautiful Easter door                                State Certified General Appraiser
prize loaded with lots of Easter goodies, which was won by                 for                State Licensed Real Estate Broker

Charlene Pierce. Congratulations Charlene. Bonna is so kind to             meal                  Jeffery C. Robinson, CREA
continue doing this and it is a really good fundraiser.               reservations            State Certified General Appraiser
         Our telephone communication system is working well,                                  General Manager of Development

                                                                                        May 2007 - Basharat - 25
unless, of course, our husbands answer first then we don't                                 Tu-Sh-La
always get the message in its entirety! Thanks to Melissa                             By Freida Hammond
Eastin for taking care of this for us and if any of you hear of                                    April
any news or sickness please gets in touch with President Peggy                The Margaritaville Party was fun, and what a Fantastic
or Melissa and they will share this with all our members.           Potentate’s Ball - also the food was unbelievable - Thanks
         Our sunshine chairman Anita Lee has sent cards to          Illustrious Potentate Eddie Eskew and Divan!
Johnnie Adams, Colleen Eskew, Donna Holcomb, Sybil Ross                       Circus Time is just around the corner. Be sure to plan
and Barbara Whorton. Also, Tina Hargrove had some eye sur-          your schedule to WORK. Somebody has to keep those men in
gery and has had some other health problems they are trying to      line.
take care of as well. Please keep these ladies and their families             Happy Birthday to the April ladies - Anita Smith, Lou
in your prayers as they continue to improve. We know there          Covalt and Jacqueline Beaver.
may be some of you with health problems that we aren't aware                  We would like to invite any ladies whose husbands
of and please know our prayers are for God to bless each of         belong to Tucker Club to come join us in Tu-Sh-La.
you.                                                                          Thanks to all who helped in bringing, packing and
         Congratulations to South Fulton Shrine for two new         mailing the boxes of items to our soldiers in Iraq.
members - Neil Swartz and Todd Lee. Neil and Todd we                          Remember the sick and distressed in your prayers -
would love to have your ladies come visit with us and share in      Maxine Bankston, Marie Cook, Geneva Cox, Judy Gray, Lee
our activities. Also we have our new member Alice Anderson's        and Gene Kennedy, Anita Smith; and Bill & Marion Segars
address for those of you who may not have it. It is 95 Carriage     whose son is missing.
Trace, Stockbridge, GA 30281, home phone 770-474-1643,                        Our condolences to Pat Rickert-Jones in the loss of her
birthday is 6/21 and her anniversary is 1/ll. Her husband's         husband, Bob; Geneva & Jack Cox in the loss of his brother;
birthday is 4/10. Please add this information to your rosters.      Barbara and Jack Wade in the loss of her sister and brother, and
         Anita and Jimmy Lee, Pam and Brent Bivens,                 Bill and Marion Segars in the loss of his Aunt.
Charlene and Jerome Pierce, along with a few others, recently                 ORGANIZED PEOPLE ARE JUST TOO LAZY
attended the Potentate's Ball in Nashville and all had a great      TO LOOK FOR THINGS
time. They said the Nashville Shrine Center was a beautiful
temple and the members there very friendly.                                                         May
         Judy and Gary Wargo's son will be getting married on                 I know everyone is ready to take a deep breath after
May 26th. Hazel and Lou Gaylor's oldest grandson Adam got           such a fast and exciting month of activities.
married on April 28th, congratulations to Adam and Laura.                     Thanks to all for your help as our ladies donated,
They will be living in the Stockbridge/McDonough area.              packed, labeled and mailed a total of 16 boxes to our soldiers in
         We probably will have already had our May meeting          Iraq.
by the time you receive your Basharat, but once again Bonna                   The "HAT Contest" winners for four categories....
was gracious enough to offer their RV to us for our meeting         Prettiest! - Tackiest! - Largest! and Oldest! - will be in our
during the circus. She also made a beautiful "Mother's Day -        next newsletter. It was a lot of fun and prizes were awarded.
Vera Bradley Beach Bag" with lots of Vera Bradley goodies in        Thanks to all for participating!
it. Our members sold tickets for this several weeks before the                Hope all the figures turned in for the CIRCUS surpass-
circus and it is to be drawn for on the last day of the circus      es all expectations.Tucker Guys and Gals really tried. Thanks
down in the South Fulton tent area. Someone is going to be a        to all who worked long and hard.
very lucky lady!                                                              Now we are looking forward to our Helen Summer
         Congratulations to our May birthday members - Hazel        fest Ceremonial in June.... and wondering what the
Gaylor, 5/10; Joyce Knox, 5/2 and Anita Lee, 5/27. These            Entertainment Committee will come up with?
ladies were all born the same year but please notice that Joyce               Start collecting your odds and ends now for our
is the OLDEST! Through an oversight on my part we failed to         Garage Sale to be held Friday and Saturday, September 21 - 22.
wish Louise Brannon a happy birthday on March 23rd; my sin-                   Happy Birthday to the "May" Ladies - Ann Duffey,
cere apologies Louise. We have only one noble with a May            Faye Clement, Wynelle McMillan, Virginia Kell, Betty Coker,
birthday and that is Tom Holcomb's on May 24th. Lots of good        Kathy Hopkins and Martha Looney.
wishes to all these birthday folks and we hope you have many                  Please remember our sick and distressed in your
more.                                                               prayers. Condolences to Ann Hyde in the loss of her sister.
         Here's hoping that while you are reading this the cir-               Congratulations to Gloria Hammett who has a new 9
cus is over and you have your feet propped up and resting!!!!       lb. 7 oz. grandson, Bennett Nicholas Hammett; and
May God continue to watch of each of us.                            Congratulations to my grandson, Eric Hammond, who gradu-
                                                                    ates with a GPA of 3.75 from the University of GA!!
                                                                              THE MIND IS LIKE A PARACHUTE, IT ONLY
               Email articles to                                    FUNCTIONS WHEN OPEN.
     and for more info or call 404-872-5818
26 - Basharat - May 2007
                                            IN MEMORIAM
                                 NOBLES WHOSE LIVES WE CELEBRATE!
CARLOS O HENDERSON 15417               LONNIE R BURNS           28502          BOYD E TILLEY             28795
Alpharetta, GA                         Cornelia, GA                            Smyrna, GA
December 13, 1923- February 2, 2007    January 6, 1944 - March 17, 2007        April 3, 1915 - February 2, 2007
Created in Yaarab December 16, 1953    Created in Yaarab December 10, 1975     Created in Yaarab March 19, 1976

BUELL C THOMASON 31525                 WILLIAM E BEARDEN 17650                 BOISE B SMITH, JR         34223
Blue Ridge, GA                         Demorest, GA                            Stone Mountain, GA
June 5, 1946 - March 1, 2007           May 26, 1929 - March 23, 2007           January 2, 1932 - February 15, 2007
Created in Yaarab December 12, 1981    Created in Yaarab December 9, 1959      Created in Yaarab March 15, 1989

GILBERT B CHESNUT 18149                FRANK J DAVIS, JR       18651           LOGAN M PARKER           26327
BRUNSWICK, GA                          Gainesville, GA                         Trion, GA
April 30, 1926 - March 31, 2007        December 14, 1926 - March 27, 2007      August 2, 1919 - March 5, 2007
Created in Yaarab September 14, 1960   Created in Yaarab December 13, 1961     Created in Yaarab December 13, 1972

KIRK N NESBIT             34804        PAUL W BOYD 26158
Carnesville, GA                        Gainesville, GA
June 17, 1922 - February 15, 2007      December 17, 1933 - February 27, 2007
Created in Yaarab December 8, 1990     Created in Yaarab December 13, 1972

JAMES P DAVIS           30752          JOHN M DECOSTA            38249
Conyers, GA                            Morganton, GA
November 28, 1947 - February 9, 2007   April 26, 1933 - January 4, 2007
Created in Yaarab December 8, 1990     Created in Yaarab October 21, 2000

                  Widow and Widowers Social Club Article
                               By Cliff Osborn
        Betty Wood has had {at this writing} three Carl Nichols surgery at this time......We miss
chemo treatments-----Has a "loose hair" on her     Peggy and Hazel....Margret Drennon was com-
shoulders.----she's very "upbeat & giggly"-----    ing to last meeting but evidently got
call her at 770-469-4415 ----Circus is history     "Lost"....Colette Hamby is doing better......Does
and we prevailed---coke stand, flea mkt., ladies anyone have Emily Morgans address????
check in and what ever-- we made our               ......Watch out for the date of our "Outing" at the
pledge!!!!! Thanks to Potentate Eddie for an       Dahlonega, Smith house luncheon and our cov-
excellent circus. We've always said if you have ered dish lunch at Yaarab....You must let me
a successful year, then the ones behind should     know if you have any information on sickness or
emulate themselves after success and add their "tid bits of wisdom" to publish....MARK YOUR
programs, and you can’t fail, but only             CALINDER FOR THE NEXT MEETINGS ON
EXCELL!!!!!!-----We had a good time at the Blue THE 4TH WED< OF THE MONTH!!! No excus-
Willow Inn in Social Circle for our March meet-    es."Less you wake up with dirt on your face"....
ing. Thanks to President Judy Campbell!--------    So "you’ll come amongst the doers and get
Our "call ladies" {Not to be confused with call    did"....Happy Birthday to PP Bill Englett.... In
girls}, Virginia Simms and Elizabeth Rogers will closing "I have a tid bit from far and yawn' bout
keep you all informed on the up coming events      our co-chairman of "Fun and frolic" When
of our club ------ Melba Wages came to our last    Ralph Murphy got home last night, his wife
meeting and passed out prearrangements             Gerry, demanded he take her out to somewhere
forms. {That’s Billy Jrs mother} Glad she’s back. expensive !!!!! So Ralph took her to the gas sta-
{World Traveler}.....Betty Woods pool and spa      tion!!!! "good nite and 30"
party is put on hold for awhile.....No word on              See ya!
                                                                        May 2007 - Basharat - 27
                            Crawfish - Low Country Boil by the Motor Corps
                                          Saturday, May 12th
        On Saturday, May 12th the Motor Corps                  the mail to ya. We have the outdoor courtyard
will be hosting an annual Crawfish - Low                       and the auxiliary building in the back.
Country Boil at the Yaarab Shrine. Besides all                        Please bring as many Shriners, Masons,
the food, drink, live music, and good times that               friends, and neighbors to this as you can. We
you can handle, you will be supporting a great                 need your help to make this a huge success.
        Tickets are just $25 for an adult - free for                            Thank you.!
the kids, and can be bought from any Motor
Corps member or by mailing in your check                                   For questions Call
made out to the Motor Corps to C/O Evan                                     Evan Richmond
Richmond, 912 St. Charles Ave #1, Atlanta, GA.
                                                                           404-441-6867 cell
        I'll turn around and stick your tickets in

FROM THE SHRINE OFFICE                                                      FOR THAT FINAL RESTING PLACE
                                                                                TWO CEMETERY PLOTS
                       RECORDER'S REPORT                                      MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY

                                                                          Two beautifully located plots located at
Month of March 2007                                                       the Memorial Park Cemetery. Plots are
                                 Regular        Associate                 located right at the road for easy
                                 Membership     Membership        Total   access. The plots also overlook the
Membership, February 1               6679               51        6730    lake which adds a touch of beauty for
        Created/Added                                                     anyone's final resting place. Location
        Affiliated                                                        within the cemetery: Valor III Section
        Restored                        5                            5    DIII. The plots are valued at $7580.00
Demitted/Dropped                      ( 2)                          (2)   but owner is willing to sell for $6000.00
        Suspended                                                         or for serious consideration please call
        Deaths                         (9)                         (9)    and make an offer.
        Net change                     (6)                         (6)
Membership, March 28                 6,673              51       6,724         For further inquiries contact:
                                                                                       Mike Dean at
                                                                                678-886-3231 during day or
                                                                               678-943-1755 in the evening.
                      March, 2006 Hospital Trips

Driver                   Temple Greenville, SC Cincinnati, OH"

Harold Atkinson          35849                          2                        Advertise or Sell Ads
Rick Conn                35982          1                                             to others!
Bill Glenn               37179          1
David Lane               36880          1               2
Bill Morgan              37357                          1                              You get
Bobby Savage             35108          1               2                       Crown of Honor Points!
Wayne Shelnutt           36234          2
James Wade               29983          1                                        Call the Yaarab office
Dick Weidt               37626          1                                            for more info!
Bill Wise                28143          2

Totals                                  10              7                             404-872-5818

10 Trips - 10 Drivers - Thank You Nobles, We Appreciate You!

28 - Basharat - May 2007
                                  Yaarab Golf Association
                                      By Al Hilsman
       The month of May is such a special time of the year for playing golf, as the greenspray
paint of nature, more commonly known as pollen has subsided and the course’s are a true green.
All you duffers, sorry I meant golfers, need to get out and enjoy this special time before “global
warming” hits with the dreaded drought of summer and everything starts turning brown again.
       The results of the YGA March golf tournament at Bobby Jones Golf Course have come in
and here they are:

Young Men’s Division (Age 69 or less): First Place: Lee Williams with a 92/net 65
                                       Second Place: Steve Walden with a 100/net 70
                                       Third Place: Tommy Walker with a 96/net 76

Mature Men’s Division (Age 70 plus):    First Place: Watson Stallworth with a 92/net 73
                                        Second Place: Barney Williams with a 101/net 74
                                        Third Place: Earl Charlton with a 96/net 75

        A hearty welcome to YGA new members Lee Casey, Willie Morgan, Harry Poole and
Russell Sain who joined the YGA in March. We look forward to seeing you out on the links and
establishing a fantastic handicap during the coming summer. Well, there are a few who wish you
to have a high handicap, but you already know how finicky golfers can be. For proper golf lessons
talk with YGA member Watson (I hit it good) Stallworth. After all he did win the March Tournament
for the Mature Division and has coached some of our best players.
        Next up is the Marcy Eisenburg Golf Tournament at Apple Mountain the week of the Helen
Ceremonial. Lets all turnout and make this the best ever Marcy tournament.. Results of the April
two day golf tournament at Apple Mountain will be printed in the June issue of the Basharat. Why,
because it takes that long to correct all the scoring errors!!!
        If you are a new noble of Yaarab Shrine and play golf at any level, we want you to visit the
golf association. We play using the USGA Handicap system, which gives each member an equal
opportunity to win a tournament. If you do not have or know how to calculate a handicap, we will
gladly do it for you. It is a great place to meet members of the different units and clubs and you
can be a member of both. Please call President
Jesse Dooley at 770-972-7273 or club secretary
Barney Williams at 770-396-6710 if you need any
information about the golf association or better
yet, just come to our next meeting, which will be
on the first Wednesday of each month at the
Shrine Center. If you cannot come then please
visit the golf association website at www.yaarab- and go to members and to associa-
tions and click on golf association.

Golf Quote for May: Golfer: You’ve got to be                   For each buyer or seller referred to me, at
the worst caddy in the world. Caddy: “I don’t         closing the transaction, I will donate $250.00 to the
think so sir. That would be too much of a coinci-     Children’s Hospital toward your Crown of Honor
dence”.                                               Points. Both commercial and residential referrals

                                                                         May 2007 - Basharat - 29
                                                                                For all your repairs
                                                                               and restoration needs.

                                                                              Georgia-Pacific Center
                                                                               133 Peachtree Street
                                                                               Lower Lobby Level
                                                                                     Suite 50
                                                                                Atlanta, GA 30303

                       Main Lobby Shrine Mosque 400 Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E.
                           Atlanta, Georgia 30308 404-872-5819 ext. 230
        Open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.                Finest Quality Merchandise
              Gifts for Birthday Luncheons,                              at the Best Prices
             Ceremonials or Special Occasions                Jeweled Fezzes, Lapel Pins, Decals, Tags,
                 Phone for Appointment                         Shrine, Blue Lodge and Eastern Star
                  P. J. Dixon, Chairman                         Jewelry for both men and women
                       404-872-5819                                   Plus many other items.

           Yaarab Shrine Annual Helen Summerfest Ceremonial Golf Tournament.
                        ATTENTION ALL NOBLES AND GOLFERS!

       On Friday June 8, 2007 Yaarab Shrine will      J.J. Moore    Home 770-964-7922
be hosting its annual Helen Golf Tournament,                        Cell 770-883-5399
benefiting Shriner’s Hospitals. Don’t miss this
opportunity to have fun and fellowship with your      Gene Baker Home 770-486-1550
brother Nobles and support Yaarab Shrine                              770-401-1724
Hospital Fund.
                                                      Player No. 1: ___________________________
        DATE: Friday June 8, 2007
     TIME: 9:00 A.M. Shotgun Tee Off                  Player No. 2: ___________________________
 FORMAT: Captains Choice Four Man Teams
                                                      Player No. 3: ___________________________
              ENTRY FEE:
   $300 PER TEAM, OR $75 PER PLAYER                   Player No. 4: ___________________________
           GREEN FEE & CART
   AWARD PLAQUES, LONG DRIVE PRIZE                             Please Mail your Entry To:
         CLOSEST TO PIN PRIZES                                 YAARAB SHRINE CENTER
                                                             400 PONCE de LEON AVE. N.E.
For additional information please contact J.J.                    ATLANTA, GA 30365
Moore and/or Gene Baker                                              404-872-5818
30 - Basharat - May 2007
                                              Visit our Newest Location:
                                             303 North Broad Street, St#1
                                                 phone 706-886-5675.

 Authorized Dealer for
                                                            Notice by the editor!
                                                 Basharat correspondents please send
                                                 in an article of the history of your club
                                                   or unit! Publishing will be first come
                                                  first served and as space is available!
                                                       FAYETTE COLLISION

                                                           Barry Hulsey with his grandchildren!
                                                     155 Industrial Way, Fayetteville, GA 30215
  Mention this ad and receive a free spare
                                                      phone: 770-460-9505 fax: 770-460-5720
   tire with the purchase of any trailer!
      1794 Iris Dr., Conyers, GA 30094             “Where satisfied customers send their friends”
(770) 483-5553•(877) 611-3718                                        May 2007 - Basharat - 31
                                Cell: (404) 317-1612
                               Home: (770) 942-5204


               Steve Padgett

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