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Investing in Training


Investing in Training document sample

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									                                                            Lhabitant & Martellini Seminar
                                                            London, UK - June 24-25, 2008

                                                            Registration Form


Last Name:

First Name:

Job Title:


Email Address:

Telephone Number:

                                      EU VAT Number:

Postal Address:

Post Code:



Please select option:                                       June 24 & 25 - Two day programme            1

                   CFA Membership Number (if any):

                CFA Members who do not provide their CFA membership number will not benefit from the 14 PD credits.

Number of delegates:                                                                                    1

Total fees                                                                                       3,500 €
Please choose one of the following:
No Discount                                             1

Discount rate                                                                                         0%
Discount                                                                                              0€
Total before VAT                                                                                 3,500 €
Please choose one of the following:
EU Organisation with EU VAT number

                      EU organisations which do not provide their EU VAT registration number will be charged VAT.

VAT (French rate of 19.6%)                                                                             0
TOTAL AMOUNT                                                                                   3,500.00 €

Credit Terms: Your order will be processed upon payment.

Payment Options:
Wire transfer: Please wire the funds to:

IBAN FR76 30003 00950 00037281009 65

Bank details: SOCIETE GENERALE NICE ENTREPRISES - 8 avenue Jean Médecin - 06000 NICE - France

stating the following reference in the memo field:                      /LM-HF INVESTING-UK                 or the invoice number

Credit card: Please fill in the credit card coupon below.

                           Order of EDHEC Asset Management Education Products & Services
                                     Please charge          3,500.00 €              to the following account:

Type of card:                                            Visa                                    1
Card number:
Expiry date (MM/YY):
Name of cardholder:
Security number (the last 3 digits at the back of the card):
Signature of cardholder:

                                             Please fax this form to: +33 4 93 18 45 54

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