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                            JACKSONVILLE CHAPTER
                                September 22, 2010


SUBJECT: Minutes of Chapter Executive Council Meeting, September 20, 2010

1. The September meeting of the Jacksonville Chapter Executive Council was ca lled to order by
President Paul Arrington at Total Office Solutions, Inc. on September 20, 2010 at 11:30 AM.
Purpose of the meeting was to formalize plans, programs, certification activities, and special
events for Jacksonville Chapter during the remainder of NCMA Program Year 2010-2011.

2. Attendance:

       a. Chapter officers attending:

              Paul Arrington, Esq.         President
              Barbara English              President (Elect)
              Larry Belge, Fellow          Vice President, Programs
              Jim Sheriff                  Vice President, Membership
              Bill Swan, CPCM, Fellow      Vice President, Education & Certification
              John Prather                 Secretary
              Andrea Chown                 Treasurer
              Dawn Brown                   Membership Chair
              Lisa Haggerty                Director-at-Large (Small Business)
              Adrienne Hall                Director-at-Large
              Linda Hosey                  Director-at-Large (GSA Liaison)

       b. Chapter officers absent:

              Janice Beach                 Director-at-Large
              Jim Krause, Esq.             Director-at-Large
              Grady Jacobs                 Director-at-Large
              Susan Thibodeaux             Past President

       c. Others Attending:

              Cantrece Armstrong
              Melissa Smith
              Tiffany Tatham
3. Old Business:

       a. Minutes of August 16, 2010 special meeting had been previously distributed to Council
members and were approved as submitted. Secretary Prather had to leave the meeting early and
Vice President (VP) Swan took notes for the remainder of the meeting.

        b. Finance: Treasurer Chown presented the financial report for August 2010 at Enclosure
One and the year-to-date Income/Expense spreadsheet at Enclosure Two. She also advised she
had obtained an inexpensive set of checks from JAX Federal Credit Union. President Arrington
noted the difficulty encountered by the audit committee during review of last year’s financial
report because of an incomplete “paper trail” on some chapter expenditures. After a brief
discussion, motion was made and approved to require all requests for reimbursements to be
submitted within 30 calendar days after the date incurred. President Arrington also pointed out
that only expenses approved in advance by the Council would be considered for reimbursement.
President Arrington congratulated Treasurer Chown on her selection as one of 24 participants in
the 2010-2011 Contract Management Leader Development Program (CMLDP).

        c. Membership: VP Sheriff reported a total of 135 chapter members and provided Council
members with the September Membership report at Enclosure Three that includes new members,
members due for renewal, members in a lapsed status, and members in “grace.” He introduced
Melissa Smith as a new member who transferred from Norfolk Chapter. VP Swan introduced
Tiffany Tatham as a full-time student at Bellevue University’s Contract Management program.
After a brief discussion, Ms. Tatham advised she would apply for a student membership.
Membership Chair Dawn Brown advised she would follow- up with all members due for renewal.

         d. Programs: VP Belge presented the following overview of planned and pending chapter

              October 21: Janice Beach will present “An Introduction to DCMA” at the
monthly luncheon. VP Belge will confirm reservations at Ramada Inn Conference Center.

                November 2: Charles Rumbaugh will speak on “Major League Baseball
Arbitration” at the monthly luncheon. VP Belge explained the speaker’s availability in the local
area required a change to the normal meeting schedule. He will confirm reservations at Ramada
Inn Conference Center.

                December 14: Michelle Currier, NCMA Past National President and Defense
Acquisition University professor, will speak on “The Importance of Continuing Professional
Education” at the monthly meeting. VP Belge will confirm reservations at Ramada Inn
Conference Center. VP Swan explained an outreach event scheduled for Brunswick, GA the
evening of December 14 where Ms. Currier will address student members from Coastal College
of Georgia plus other members in the Brunswick, Savannah, and Kingsland, GA areas. He
explained that student members were unable to come to Jacksonville for monthly meetings
because of their schedules and requested authorization to spend up to $200 to defray their dinner
expenses at Old Timey Country Buffet in Brunswick. That location was chosen because of its
central location, menu variety, affordable price, and availability of meeting space for up to 48

people. After a brief discussion, motion was made and passed to set aside $300 to cover the
speaker’s and student me mbers’ meals. VP Swan stated he would confirm arrangements at
the restaurant.

                 January: DAL Haggerty advised that the Society of American Military Engineers
(SAME) had already committed to another association for its January meeting. The suggestion
was made to consider CAPT Joyce Robinson, Commanding Officer at NAVSUP in Jacksonville,
as featured speaker. CAPT Robinson has a background in contracting and acquisition. After a
short discussion, DALs Haggerty and Hosey agreed to contact CAP T Robinson and confirm her
availability for the January meeting.

               February: DAL Krause had previously expressed interest in a joint meeting with
the Associated General Contractors. An all-day seminar was suggested but due to DAL Krause’s
absence further discussion was tabled until the next Council meeting.

                March: President-Elect (P-E) English commented on the proposed SBA Update as
the March luncheon topic. Nelson Smith, Small Business Director for Jacksonville Navy
activities, was recommended by several Council members. P-E English agreed to contact Mr.
Smith about his availability as a speaker.

                 April: President Arrington reported that the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
had experienced several leadership changes since the May 2010 educational event and he
doubted the Chamber was ready to commit to another joint activity at this time. After some
discussion, President Arrington stated he would appoint a separate committee to develop plans
for a potential joint activity in the April/May timeframe.

                National- level Activities: VP Belge reported that the Government Contracts
Conference would be held in the Washington, DC area on December 9 – 10, 2010 and the Mid-
Year Leadership Conference will be in Las Vegas on January 21-22, 2011. He noted that
Treasurer Chown will attend both events as part of her CMLDP responsibilities. VP Swan asked
Treasurer Chown about her firm’s commitment to offset her travel expenses to attend CMLDP
activities. She stated her understanding that her employer was committed to cover essentially all
of her travel and transportation. VP Swan recommended that $250 be set aside to support each
of the four CMLDP trips scheduled for the Program Year. Further discussion was tabled until
CMLDP presentation (below).

         e. Education and Certification: VP Swan reported on the following activities related to

                (1) A certification study group was announced in the July/August newsletter and
four chapter members had expressed interest in preparing for the Certified Federal Contracts
Manager (CFCM) exam. He stated that the CFCM exam will be revised from 110 to 150
questions effective January 2011 but the passing score will remain at 70 per cent. VP Swan
stated his intention to coordinate with the interested members to determine the best location and
time for study groups. He also advised he would look into the benefits of having the chapter host
a CFCM test session in winter or spring 2011.

                 (2) VP Swan displayed two NCMA study publications, the Certified Professional
Contracts Manager Study Guide and Guide to the Contract Management Body of Knowledge
(CMBOK), and requested authorization to purchase five copies of the CMBOK at $12 per copy
($60 total) for study group participants. He also requested authorization to purchase all five of
the CFCM practice exams at a cost of $35 each ($175 total) for use by the study group. Motion
was made and approved to authorize VP Swan to expend $235 to purchase these

       f. Chapter Annual Report: President Arrington advised the complete annual report had
been sent to NCMA National Office on August 31, 2010. VP Swan added that he was serving as
a member of the Awards and Honors Committee and evaluations are scheduled to be completed
by September 30, 2010. Awards will be presented at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference in
January 2011.

        g. Chapter Long Range Plan: President Arrington will designate a committee to oversee
revision to the current long range plan to ensure its agreement with the NCMA National plan.

        h. Chapter Outreach: VP Swan reported that he had initiated discussions with Coastal
College of Georgia officials to offer lectures and other training to Business students. This
semester’s focus is on Entrepreneurship so that a lecture on assistance by SBA and related
agencies could be a valuable adjunct to the classroom experience. VP Belge and President
Arrington reported limited progress on a visit with senior leaders at the University of North
Florida (UNF) School of Business.

        i. Chapter Newsletter: VP Swan reported that the next edition of the newsletter would
cover September and October 2010 and was projected for issue on October 5, 2010. Further
discussion of the newsletter was tabled until discussions of the Marketing Specialist (below).

        j. Marketing Specialist: DAL Haggerty introduced Cantrece Armstrong of Armstrong
Design Group, LLC. Ms. Armstrong explained that she had reviewed the chapter web site,
newsletter, and related publicity efforts and stated that she believed her firm could improve each
of those vehicles by using additional technology plus free or low cost sources such as Mail
Chimp and Survey Monkey. At the conclusion of her presentation, President Arrington thanked
Ms. Armstrong for her efforts and asked her to submit her priced and prioritized proposal for
Council consideration prior to its next meeting on October 5, 2010.

        k. Grants Application: VP Swan reported that the deadline for submission of the annual
grants application had been extended to October 8, 2010. He recommended a two part
submission that would ask for $1,000 to support CMLDP travel/transportation and an additional
$1,000 to offset travel/transportation for speakers and presenters at the spring major event. After
a short discussion, motion was made a approved to include both parts into the final

       l. Publicity Sources: President Arrington reminded Council members to submit
suggestions and points of contact that could help publicize chapter activities.

        m. Pricing of NCMA Events: VP Swan reported on his earlier discussions with chapter
members regarding price “breaks” for NCMA members at chapter events. After a s hort
discussion, the Council revised its previously approved $2 differential for monthly events to
establis h a member price of $15 and non-me mber price of $17 monthly luncheons. Pricing
of major events will be established on a case-by-case basis.

4. New Business: Because of the extended length of the meeting, President Arrington
announced that all New Business items would be held over until the next Council meeting on
October 5, 2010 at the Total Office Solutions office. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM,
September 20, 2010.

                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                           William H. Swan, Jr., CPCM, Fellow
                                           For John Prather, Secretary

1. August Financial Report
2. Year-to-date Income/Expense Spreadsheet
3. September Membership Report


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