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									                  NWACC Retail Leadership Society

              Retail Leadership Society
               Student Organization

Our mission is to serve and promote retailing as a valued

Our vision is to equip students with leadership skills and
business knowledge applicable for both entry-level and
managerial careers in the Retail sector.

Our shared values are to offer students a fast-track degree
program by achieving tangible certificates to better market
themselves on the path toward earning a full degree.

           Retail Management Program

      RLS Membership Requirements

• Must be a declared Retail Management Student

•Must have a 2.5 GPA

• Complete an application and include a short essay
about your interested in the RLS

•Available 2 hours a month for meetings and activities

For more information or a membership application, please
contact Kelley Rose at 479-986-6780.

               Retail Leadership Society


1. Retail Leadership Society
2. Retail Speaker Series
3. Textbook Scholarships
4. Field Trips
5. Student Retail Internships

                  2008-09 RLS Events
* August 21, 2008 –      Textbook Scholarship Ceremony
* September 4, 2008 –    8th Annual Emerging Trends
* September 11, 2008 –   Ground Breaking Ceremony –Global
                         Business Development Center – new
                         home for the Retail Institute
* September 18, 2008 –   Retail Leadership Society
                         Induction Ceremony
* September 24, 2008 –   Tour Wal-Mart DC #6008
* October 23, 2008-      Service Project: SAAB Fall Festival
*November 12, 2008-      Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber
                         Speaker Series
*November 15, 2008-      Wal-Mart Saturday Morning Meeting

*November 20, 2008-      Guest Speakers: Theresa Barrera,
                         Wal-Mart VP Supplier Diversity & Celia Swanson,
                         SVP Change Management
* November 29, 2009-     Service Project: Stribling Packing Company

* December 4, 2008-      Retail Link User Group Banquet

*January 9, 2009-        Textbook and Business Scholarship Ceremony

* January 11-14 2009 –   National Retail Federation Annual Conference in
                         New York
*February 24, 2009-      Guest Speaker: William Chew, BAMA Foods CFO
*May 1, 2009             Awards and Reception

NWACC Retail Leadership Society

  Retail Management Program
   Funded by the Wal-Mart Foundation

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