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									                                               Michigan Registry of
                                              Interpreters for the Deaf
                                                  Local Chapter VI

Chairman:                                                                                        February 2006

Ed Thies                  Dear Friend,
1705 Stone
Saginaw, MI 48602                   We would like to invite you to our spring workshop: “Predict, Prepare, Prevail…Pre-Pre-Pre
signasl.1@chartermi.net   All the Way Home”, to be held in Tawas City, Michigan on the weekend of March 31 st. This workshop
                          is designed to help those adults age 18 and over whom are Non-certified, Certified but non-EIPA,
                          Educational Interpreters currently working in the K-12 setting, ITP students, as well as Deaf Community
Vice Chairman:            Members. Our list of presenters includes Mary Morrison BA MA CSC, Ron Dans B.Sc, Michael Lee of
Brenda Dawe               Opus Mime, Chris Hunter director of DODHH, and Donna Mahoney outreach manager of Sorenson
108 Waller Ct.            The activities and projected outcomes of the workshop are as follows:
St. Helen, MI 48656       1. By the end of the three-day spring workshop, participants will:
bdawe@juno.com                  be able to with a colleague discuss their work using appropriate terminology.
                                be able to apply the components of Marty Taylor's text to begin self assessment.
                                be familiar with different online acedemic options for completing associates or BA degrees.
Treasury:                       be able to use appropriate classifiers in a classroom.
Julie Poletti                   be able to practice this techniques with colleague during the breakout session.
5165 S. M-33              2. Participants will learn over the course of the workshop the importance and role of self evaluation as it
Alger, MI 48610           applies to growth of an Educational Interpreter.
                          Workshop Benefits

                                    Direct benefits of applying the skills learned in this workshop include:
Joan Gage                           Improved planning and interpretation
P.O. Box 325                        Informed classroom practice
                                    Increased student learning
Prescott, MI 48756                  Accurate self assessment
linknorth1@msn.com                  Professional development/ enrichment
                                    CEU’s and QA Unit credits for workshop participation
                                    Added knowledge and preparation for educational interpreting assessments

                               We plan on having an exciting and informative workshop and hope you are able to join us. There is
                          limited space seating, so we encourage you to register early. Cost of the workshop is $60.00 and will
                          cover all three days’ workshops. You may register online at: www/solutionwhere/iosco, look under
                          category: Special Education for the workshop. Or you may contact the Event Coordinator. Please make
                          checks payable to MIRID-VI and send to Event Coordinator: Joan Gage P.O. Box 325 Prescott, MI
                          48756 e-mail: linknorth1@msn.com. We will be providing a continental breakfast at the workshop
                          location, but we regret we will not be able to provide lunch, dinner or hotel expenses. For discounts on
                          hotel check with our friends at Days Inn Tawas or Crows Nest Tawas. For more information refer to the
                          workshop flyer.

                               DEAF CAUCUS: For the informational session designed for Deaf Community Members we will be
                          an informational program on technology: “Deaf & HH Technology of Past, Present and Future”. This
                          will be presented by Chris Hunter, Director of Division on Deafness and Hard of Hearing. It will cover
                          VRS, VRI, cell phones and everything else. Also, Donna Mahoney of Sorenson Communication will be
                          here to give users of VRS troubleshooting advice. Feel free to sit in and interact with Deaf Community
                          Members while they learn about different communication devises available to them.

                               Any questions please feel free to e-mail: linknorth1@msn.com. I look forward to seeing you

                                                                                       Take Care,

                                                                                     Joan M. Gage
                                                                                   MIRID-VI Secretary

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