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									                                                 PRELIMINARY SOFTWARE BUDGET WORKSHEET TEMPLATE
                                                                               Cost                       Comments/Assumptions

                             1. SOFTWARE LICENSE: (Base Price, Number of Users, Rate per additional user.)
                             Modules:                                                     *Note - visit and use our Tier
                                                                                          Chart to help you identify software license cost
                             General Ledger
                             Accounts Payable
                             Accounts Receivable

                             3rd Party Modules:


                             Report Writers:

                                        Subtotal of Software License Costs            0
                             2. DATABASE LICENSE:

                                               Subtotal of Database License           0
                             3. HARDWARE:
                             Wide Area Network

                                                Subtotal of Hardware Costs            0
                             4. IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES:
                             Estimated Implementation Cost (Ex. Ratio 1:1)
                             Project Management & Planning
                             Integration Development
                             Business Process Rengineering
                             Custom Development & Modification
                             Consultant Travel (20% of Implementation Cost)
                             Change Management

                                       Subtotal of Implementation Services            0
                             5. TRAINING:
                             Estimate 20% of Software License
                             Training Room and Hardware
                             End User Documentation Development
                             Travel Expenses

                                                  Subtotal of Training Costs          0
                             6. ANNUAL MAINTENANCE:
                             Estimate 20% of Software License for 1st year
                             only. (20% of List Price for following years)
                             3rd Party Applications (Annual Maintenance)
                             VAR or Implementation Partner Annual Support

                                 Subtotal of Annual Maintenance 1st Year              0
                                      TOTAL OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS (1-6)                 0
                             7. INTERNAL COSTS:
                             Estimated Internal Staff Time
                             Temporary Employee (Contractors) Time
                             Conference Room Pilot
                             Project Support Supplies, Shipping & Expenses
                             Travel Expenses


                                                  Subtotal of Internal Costs          0
                                                                                          NOTE: For year 2 and beyond budget estimates, factor in
                                                                                          annual maintenance with a 10% increase per year, cost to do
                                                                                          periodic upgrades, cost to update integration links, hardware
                                                                                          upgrades, additional training, internal staff support
                                                                                          requirements, addition of incremental users, addition of
                                      EFFECTIVE YEAR 1 TOTAL COST (1-7)               0   incremental functionality, etc.

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