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                     Promotion of
          Retail Development Opportunities
                 for the City of Tulsa

                                          Submit proposals to:
                                            Deputy City Clerk
                                                 City of Tulsa
                                              200 Civic Center
                                           City Hall, Suite 109
                                        Tulsa, OK 74103-3856

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 I.     Introduction         ...............................................                                          2

 II.    Instructions for Submitting a Proposal                      ..........................                        3

 III.   Background . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    5

 IV. Scope of Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          6

 V.     Firm and Proposal Requirements                     ..............................                             9

 VI. Financial Section . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          11

 VII. Proposal Evaluation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           11

 VIII. Miscellaneous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        12

 IX. Estimated Timetable for Proposals                        ............................                            14

 X.     Project Deliverables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          14

     The City of Tulsa recognizes the need to stimulate economic vitality and
     strengthen the City‟s tax base. A critical component of the overall quality of life
     and financial viability of the City‟s revenues is retail opportunity and sales. The
     retention and recruitment of local businesses and jobs as well as quality
     residential development continues to be important to Tulsa‟s economic health. As
     Tulsa‟s population has leveled off the suburban communities absorb a greater
     share of the metropolitan area population growth, and consequently, retail sales.
     In an effort to recapture and promote growth in this sector and improve our
     quality of life, the City endeavors to identify and actively implement components
     of retail retention and recruitment strategies to, in part, influence investment
     conditions and decisions.

     Recent research by City staff indicates that local governments nationwide have
     added retail opportunities to the practice of economic development in their
     communities. In partnership with the Economic Development Commission, a
     proactive strategy is to be implemented with the assistance of various City of
     Tulsa divisions and departments, in cooperation with the private sector to sustain
     and invigorate the retail landscape within the city‟s boundaries.

     Further, the City of Tulsa Economic Development Strategic Plan, adopted in
     2006, lists Retail Development as one of 12 major goals and provides objectives,
     tasks and strategies to implement toward those goals. These include staff,
     resources, incentives and marketing that is complementary to Vision 2025 efforts.

     With this Request for Proposal (RFP), we are searching for a consultant who will
     be the perfect fit to assist the administration in building for the future, enhancing
     our tax base and improving the quality of life to create the community
     commensurate with our potential.

     We enthusiastically look forward to receiving your proposal.

      A.   General Requirements

           1.   The proposal must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday,
                April 16, 2008, Central Daylight Time. Please place
                proposals in an envelope or box clearly labeled “RFP 07-624
                Promotion of Retail Development Opportunities for the
                City of Tulsa.”

           2.   Proposals should be sent to:

                   Deputy City Clerk
                   City of Tulsa
                   200 Civic Center
                   City Hall, Suite 109
                   Tulsa, OK 74103-3856

           3.   All interested Proposers are required to register with the Buyer, Laura
                Blades 918-596-7553, in order to receive updates, addenda or any
                additional information required. The City is not responsible for any
                failure to register.

           4.   Inquiries to the Buyer requesting clarification regarding the Request
                for Proposal or the content therein must be made via e-mail and must
                be received prior to the end of the business day on April 11, 2008.
                Submit questions to:

                       Phone: 918-596-7553
                       FAX: 918-699-3156

           5.   Any questions regarding this RFP will be handled as promptly and as
                directly as possible. If a question requires only clarification of
                instructions or specifications, it will be handled verbal1y. If any
                question results in a change or addition to the RFP, the changes or
                additions will be forwarded to all registered Proposers as quickly as
                possible by addendum.

           6.   Proposers shall designate a contact person, with appropriate contact
                information, to address any questions concerning a proposal. The
                Proposers shall also state the name and title of individuals who will
                make final decisions regarding contractual commitments and have
                legal authority to execute the contract on the Proposer's behalf.
       B.    General Notifications

             1.    The City of Tulsa notifies all possible respondents that no person shall
                   be excluded from participation in, denied any benefits of, or otherwise
                   discriminated against in connection with the award and performance of
                   any contract on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin,
                   ancestry, physical disability, sex, age, ethnicity, or on any other basis
                   prohibited by law.

             2.    All proposing entities shall comply with the Americans with
                   Disabilities Act (ADA) and all proposals and a subsequent contract, if
                   any, shall include the following statement:

                        “The Proposer shall take the necessary actions to ensure
                        its facilities are in compliance with the requirements of
                        the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is understood that
                        the program of the Proposer is not a program or activity
                        of the City of Tulsa. The Proposer agrees that its program
                        or activity will comply with the requirements of the
                        ADA. Any costs of such compliance will be the
                        responsibility of the Proposer. Under no circumstances
                        will the Proposer conduct any activity which it deems to
                        not be in compliance with the ADA.”

             3.    The City of Tulsa also notifies all Proposers that the City has the right
                   to modify the proposal and final selection of work product
                   requirements as needed.

             4.    Although it is the City‟s intent to choose only the most qualified
                   Proposers to interview, the City reserves the right to choose any
                   number of qualified finalists for interview and/or final selection.

             5.    This Request for Proposal does not commit the City of Tulsa to pay
                   any costs incurred in the submission of a proposal or the costs incurred
                   in making necessary studies and designs for preparation thereof, or
                   contract for service or supplies.


In 2005-2006 Tulsa‟s Economic Development Commission, in cooperation with the City
Council, solicited a retail study, conducted by Buxton Company to analyze four
underserved retail market areas within the city limits. From the initial statistics, one
dominant site was selected to further determine, through specialized techniques, specific
retailer matches for that trade area. The recommended area, 71st Street and Hwy 75, once
a large agricultural tract, is now being transformed by the development of 650,000 square
feet of new retail. Tulsa Hills is the first retail development of this scale in Tulsa in 30
years. It is estimated $250,000,000 in retail sales will result on an annual basis,
delivering more than $1,000,000 in new sales taxes annually and enhancing quality
lifestyle opportunities for residents and visitors on Tulsa‟s west side.

Following the Buxton study, a consultant was hired to assist in disseminating the retail
market information from Buxton as well as promote Tulsa to the national retail
community. This work was conducted during FY2007 through research, travel, prospect
development and promotion. The results of these efforts include:
     Personal contact with 40 national retailers or their development firms;
     Attendance at the International Council of Shopping Centers in 2006 and 2007;
       Panelist at the regional ICSC conference in October 2006, Little Rock;
     Direct results indicate no fewer than three new retail openings in 2006, two new
       retail openings during the first half of 2007; and a variety of prospects for
       additional development;
     Preparation of research and demographic data for site specific retail inquiries;
     Distribution of marketing materials to more than 100 potential retail clients
       ranging from 1,200 to 50,000 square foot developments;
     Managing and coordinating serious inquiries from individual retailers, real estate
       developers and mixed-use downtown development groups;
     Collaborative public relations event executed for Mayor Kathy Taylor to discuss
       her commitment to retail development attended by more than 60 Tulsa developers
       and brokers.

Retail sales figures, although currently stabilized and increasing within the city and
county, indicate that the City of Tulsa‟s portion of sales within the county is declining.
This issue was addressed in a report issued by the Tulsa Metro Chamber in 2003 and
again in the Economic Development Strategic Plan adopted by the City in 2006.

It is the City of Tulsa‟s position that the demand for retail products can be accurately
quantified and projected into the future through an objective analysis of purchasing
behavior of shoppers comprising specific market areas. Recently, two psychographic,
consumer-driven reports were commissioned by the EDC from Buxton Company, using
central points in the downtown and North Tulsa trade areas. Additional analyses are
needed to provide further definition and retail potential for marketing and recruiting
within these underserved markets.

Investment in an independent consultant as well as maintaining a dialogue with the
private sector constituents, who are in the business of attracting and developing retail, are
key components of the City‟s retail strategy.


       A. The city desires to conduct a proactive strategy for increasing the profile,
           research, marketing, retention and recruitment of retail development within
           the corporate boundaries of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
B. The Proposer will assist the administration in the implementation of a multi-
    faceted strategy to include:
           1. Contact with retail organizations on a regular basis to market the
                City of Tulsa as a prime retail location;
           2. Interface with real estate developers, respond to inquiries regard-
                ing existing and future retail development plans throughout the
           3. Distribute specific retail marketing packages prepared for the
                City by Buxton Company for downtown and north Tulsa market
           4. Conduct research using local or national database information to
                supplement existing reports for focused development sectors
                within the City;
           5. Identify additional retail concepts determined to be appropriate
                on a city-wide basis;
           6. Assist the administration in developing a web-based informa-
                tional tool for existing and potential retailers and real estate
                developers to garner information, which will enhance the
                availability of market data, materials and contact information to
                be accessed at:
           7. Develop a written plan and budget with the administration and
                staff of City of Tulsa as a follow up to the International Council
                of Shopping Centers Conference in Las Vegas, May 2008 by July
                15, 2008.
           8. Provide a written report on a monthly basis indicating the
                activities and accomplishments of the firm.

C. It is expected that the retail consultant interface with the City staff integrating
      methods used in urban land use planning and economic development,
      1.   Understand that Tulsa is a young urban center of a larger metropolitan
           area, developed primarily in the 20th Century with typical development
           patterns, has a Midwestern lifestyle, is essentially built out, and is
           limited in potential growth areas beyond its current boundaries.
      2.   Recognize that different areas of the City have unique needs, and that
           targeted retail development can serve to enhance the distinctive
           characteristics of each area.
      3.   Suggest strategic public investment to successfully attract and shape
           private development in all parts of our City.
      4.   Integrate local and area demographics, market conditions and trends to
           create a successful relationship between urban design and economic
           development, community character and livability.
      5.   Respect the fact that Tulsa‟s land use and associated development
           regulations provide ways to respond to the aforementioned
           considerations in comprehensive and economically feasible ways.

      To be considered, interested firms should submit or address the following:

      A. One (1) bound original and six (6) bound copies of the proposal plus two (2)
          copies on CD-ROM.

      B. A description of the firm‟s qualifications and experience and that of key
          personnel assigned to this project.

      C. A description of previous retail and business development projects that your
          firm has conducted for organizations of similar size Provide contact names
          and telephone numbers of references from these organizations.

      D. The Proposer may also suggest technical or procedural innovations that have
          been successful in other projects and discuss any ideas, innovative
          approaches, or specific new concepts included in the Proposal that would
          provide benefit to the City.

      E. Provide a project schedule, identifying beginning and ending dates of work, as
           well as project target dates.

      F. At the discretion of the City, one or more Proposer‟s may be invited to be
          interviewed for purposes of clarification or discussion of the proposal.

      G. Any expenses incurred by the Proposer(s) in appearing for an interview or in
          any way in providing additional information as part of the response to this
          Request for Proposals are solely the responsibility of the Proposer‟s. The
          City of Tulsa is not liable for any costs incurred by Proposers in the
          preparation of proposals or any work performed by the Proposer prior to the
          approval of an executed contract by the City of Tulsa.


      A. Proposals must include a „not to exceed‟ amount to implement the City‟s
           Retail Strategy as a consultant, plus travel, registration, research, and any
           additional services.

      B. The project costs should contain a cost breakdown for each aspect identified
          in the Proposer‟s scope of work and a periodic payment schedule should be
          included. Any applicable discounts should also be included.

      C. The Proposal should include the estimated number of hours required for the
          completion of each component.

The Economic Development Commission Retail/Real Estate Committee will make
recommendations to the Director of Economic Development and Real Estate regarding
which proposal(s) should be approved.

            Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

            1.    Experience and qualifications in similar efforts        10
            2.    Commitment of staff to the project                      10
            3.    Responsiveness to the RFP and City priorities           10
            4.    Creative approaches                                      5
            5.    Technical qualifications                                 5
            6.    Schedule                                                10
            7.    Cost                                                    30
            8.    Ability to provide a local presence during the process 10
            9.    Familiarity with Tulsa                                  10
                  Total Points                                           100

       B. Responses should be clear, concise and complete. Proposals must address all
           sections in the RFP. Any deviations from other considerations in any section
           should be outlined in detail in your response.

       C. Based on results of the initial evaluation, the selection committee will
           determine finalists for consideration. Any or all proposals may be rejected
           by the City.

       D. The finalists may be asked to make formal presentations of their proposals, as
           well as substantiate proposal representations made in any inquiry, provide
           supplemental information, provide a better understanding of the scope of
           work outlined in proposal, present and introduce the individuals assigned to
           provide the consulting services, demonstrate knowledge and experience in
           providing retail consulting services.


       A. Your response to this RFP and any subsequent correspondence related to this
           proposal process will be considered part of the contract, if one is awarded to

       B. All data included in this RFP, as well as any attachments, are proprietary to
           the City of Tulsa.

       C. The use of the City of Tulsa‟s name in any way as a potential customer is
           strictly prohibited except as authorized in writing by the City of Tulsa.
      D. Your proposal must clearly indicate the name of the responding organization,
          including the firm‟s e-mail address and web site information, if applicable,
          as well as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the
          organization‟s primary contact for this proposal. Your proposal must
          include the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the
          consultant and/or team of consultants assigned to the City account.

      E. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for any costs you may incur in
          responding to this RFP, including attending meetings or contract

      F. The City is bound to comply with Oklahoma's Open Records Act, and
          information submitted with your proposal, with few exceptions, is a matter
          of public record. For specifics, see the provisions of the City of Tulsa Open
          Records Policy, available via the following link:


           Further, your company will be bound to comply with the provisions set forth
           in this RFP unless any and all deviations are explicitly stated in your
           proposal. The City shall not infringe upon any intellectual property right of
           any vendor, but specifically reserves the right to use any concept or methods
           contained in the proposal. Any desired restrictions on the use of information
           contained in the proposal should be clearly stated. Responses containing
           your proprietary data shall be safeguarded with the same degree of
           protection as the City‟s own proprietary data. All such proprietary data
           contained in your proposal must be clearly identified. The City shall not be
           under any obligation to return any materials submitted in response to this

      G. The City expects to enter into a written Agreement (the “Agreement”) with
          the chosen vendor that shall incorporate this RFP and your proposal. In
          addition to any terms and conditions included in this RFP, the City may
          include in the Agreement other terms and conditions as deemed necessary.
          This will include a contractual reference regarding the firm‟s commitment to
          maintaining confidentiality of prospects, properties and other project
          information expected or required.

      H. Julie Miner
          Phone (918) 596-2600


      Note: The City reserves the right to alter this timetable as necessary.

      A. RFP Issued April 1, 2008.
     B. Written questions due by April 11, 2008.

     C. Proposals due Wednesday April 16, 2008.

     D. Presentations (if requested) will be held April 23, 2008.

     E. Evaluation and recommendation to the Mayor on May 1, 2008.

     F. Contract negotiations from May 8 through May 26, 2008.

      G. Purchase Agreement documents to be effective commencing the date the
         Mayor signs and continuing to include up to one year from that date.


     A. Monthly Retailer Activity Report. Listing of any and all retailer contacts,
         including method of communication, response and status report. Must
         provide total hours spent on this activity each month.

     B. Research Activity. Proposer shall submit statement, including hours spent,
         regarding any market data research conducted on behalf of retail
         development for the City of Tulsa and the source and use of the data.

     C. Marketing Materials. Concepts for materials shall be submitted to the City
         for discussion, review and approval. Any creative materials to be printed
         will be the responsibility of the City of Tulsa, not the vendor.

     D. Website Development. Vendor will work with the City staff to propose and
         assist in the creation of a website presence for the use of potential retailers
         and retail real estate developers. Concepts and recommendations will be
         provided to the City as requested.

     E. ICSC Planning. Proposer must plan to provide services, which will serve as
          a follow-up to Tulsa‟s presence at the May, 2008, ICSC in Las Vegas.

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