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Boat Bill of Sale Forms


Boat Bill of Sale Forms document sample

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									                                                                                           98 RS SB 106/GA

             AN ACT relating to motorboat registration.

     Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:
 1           Section 1. KRS 235.050 is amended to read as follows:

 2   (1)     Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, before the owner or operator of each

 3           motorboat required to be registered and numbered by KRS 235.040 may operate it

 4           or permit its operation upon the waters of this state, the owner shall apply for title

 5           and registration to the county clerk of the county in which he resides, except, if the

 6           motorboat is to be operated principally in a county other than the county of the
 7           owner's residence the owner may apply for title and registration to the county clerk

 8           of the county in which the motorboat is to be principally operated. A motorboat last

 9           titled and registered in another state and purchased by a person for operation in this

10           state shall be first titled and registered in this state by and in the name of the

11           purchaser and not in the name of the seller. The application for title and registration

12           shall be accompanied by:

13           (a)        A bill of sale, if the application is for registration of a new motorboat; or

14           (b)        The owner's registration receipt if the motorboat was last registered in this

15                      state; or

16           (c)        A bill of sale and the previous registration receipt if last registered in another

17                      state; and

18           (d)        The annual registration fee.

19   (2)     Motorboats shall be registered annually. If an application for title and registration

20           is filed with the county clerk prior to the annual registration date established by

21           the Transportation Cabinet, the registration period shall include less than twelve

22           (12) consecutive months and registration fees shall be computed at a rate of one-

23           twelfth of the appropriate annual registration fee set out in KRS 235.080 per
24           month of the remaining registration period.
25           Section 2. KRS 186A.015 is amended to read as follows:

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     SB010610.100-388                                                                                   GA
                                                                                        98 RS SB 106/GA

 1   (1)     Except as provided for in Section 1 of this Act, the titling and registration of

 2           motorboats as defined in KRS 235.010 shall be administered through the automated

 3           motor vehicle and trailer registration and titling system developed and implemented

 4           under the provisions of KRS 186A.010.

 5   (2)     The Transportation Cabinet, the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

 6           Cabinet, the Revenue Cabinet, and all other agencies of state government affected

 7           by the system are hereby directed to cooperate in the orderly implementation of this

 8           system.
 9   (3)     The Transportation Cabinet, as far as practicable, and not inconsistent with the

10           provisions of KRS Chapter 235, shall promulgate administrative regulations

11           requiring the procedures for boat titling and registration to be consistent with motor

12           vehicle titling and registration. These administrative regulations may pertain but

13           shall not be limited to the following:

14           (a)        Conditions and characteristics of certificate of title forms;

15           (b)        Comparison and identification of hull identification numbers;

16           (c)        Application for title or registration;

17           (d)        Processing of title applications;

18           (e)        Form of certificate of title;

19           (f)        Notation of security interests or title;

20           (g)        Title lien statements;

21           (h)        Transfer of boat ownership;

22           (i)        Duplicate certificate of title or registration; and

23           (j)        Salvage titles.

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     SB010610.100-388                                                                               GA

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