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									                          Annapolis Yacht Club
                     2 Compromise Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

                            J22 CHARTER AGREEMENT

Name: _________________________________________ Phone #: ________________

AYC Member #: __________________

City: _____________________ State: _______________

Zip Code: ________________

________      BIRD HOUSE

________      PETER PIRATE

________      CHEAP SUNGLASSES

           The Member is encouraged to provide sails. Please check with Waterfront

           I agree to charter from the Annapolis Yacht Club the above boat under the
           terms and conditions set forth below:

      1.      I agree to pay the Annapolis Yacht Club:

              _______$100          full day/eight hours
              _______$50           half day/four hours
              _______$25           two hours
              (Member account will be billed)
      2.     Prior J22 sailing experience must be demonstrated to be eligible for

      3.     Operator must be a Member of the Annapolis Yacht Club.

      4.    I will return the boat clean and in the same condition and repair as
            accepted at the beginning of the charter. Ordinary minor wear and tear
            accepted. Member assumes all of the risk of loss or damage to the boat.
            Member assumes all risk of injury. Member indemnifies and holds the
            Annapolis Yacht Club harmless from any claim, action, proceeding,
            damages and liabilities including reasonable attorney fees and court costs,
            arising from or in connection with the Member’s possession, use and
            return of the boat.
      5.    I will agree that the cost of damaged or missing equipment shall be
            determined by an Annapolis Yacht Club representative at the time of
            check in. Member agrees to be responsible to report any damage to the
            boat to the representative of the Annapolis Yacht Club at the first
            reasonable time upon coming ashore or when initially becoming aware of
            an equipment problem.
      6.    I agree that wet or dry sanding of the boats hull or other equipment
            including altercation to the rigging is prohibited.
      7.    I agree that the use of the boat may be withdrawn if the I violate any of the
            conditions of the charter agreement or if I treat, or handles the boat
            without due care or in a manner at any time which causes or is likely to
            cause damage to the boat.

Member Signature                                       Annapolis Yacht Club

Date: _________________________                     __________________________
                                                      Authorized Signature for the

                                                          Annapolis Yacht Club

Charter Date: ____________________

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