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June 12, 2006 b Issue 24                                        GET TECHNOLOGY RIGHT ®

i I N F O W O R L D. C O M
     InfoWorld 2006 Compensation Survey

                                 Salaries are climbing, but long hours,
                                 outsourcing, and a slew of contract jobs continue
                                 to fuel job security anxiety

                                                near-forgotten term is back in the lexicon of IT
                                                compensation: opportunity. And tech workers are making the
                                                most of it. Salaries are on the rise. Promotions are not just title
                                                changes in lieu of a raise. Surfing the want ads is more than an
                                 exercise in disgust. Plus, the good news extends beyond the job market. Tech
                                 pros are pushing out more products and surpassing milestones to make good
                                 on an economy on the mend. Getting by with less is steadily giving way to cre-
                                 ating competitive advantage with whatever you’ve got.
                                   According to the 2006 InfoWorld Compensation Survey, which polled 789
                                 IT professionals, salaries are up 4.8 percent, the best showing in five years.
                                 Bonuses remain healthy. Austere for years, the scene is finally looking up.
                                   Yet budgets are often reined. And though improved,
                                 the job market is flooded with more contract
                                 positions than ever before. Lessons learned in
                                 the downturn have more employers rolling with
                                 the multisourcing model. As with any

                                 BY JASON SNYDER
                                 I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y B E N B A R B A N T E

22   I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	    06.12.06
     Employers are three times more likely
     to be hiring at higher salaries than having to
     lowball new hires.

     upward transition, however, those who                       With C-level salaries growing on aver-                      processors and platforms. “That’s key
     adapt decisively are best positioned to                     age by 8.8 percent — better than the                        to my job satisfaction.”
     cash in on new opportunities.                               past two years combined —it’s good                            Poehlman isn’t the only one who
                                                                 to be driving the train.                                    gets a thrill out of keeping the com-
     Top Dog, Top Dollar                                           Still, there’s a sore point: Senior                       pany alive and kicking. More than half
     Unlike last year, when raises gravi-                        managers are feeling pressed into                           of the senior IT professionals surveyed
     tated toward midlevel managers,                             even greater levels of service at every                     said helping their organization run
     this year the money flowed up the                           turn. But many say they look for more                       efficiently is critical to their on-the-
     chain of command. Nearly three out                          than just bounty in those extra obli-                       job motivation.
     of four senior managers reported a                          gations. Jim Poehlman, chief infor-                           Of course, adding bonus-type incen-
     pay increase in 2006, best among the                        mation technologist at Ubicom, says                         tives to salaries is a sure-fire way to
     three employment categories (senior,                        the opportunity to deliver vanguard                         keep tech execs invested in company
     midlevel and staff). Raises for most                        technology underlies the satisfac-                          performance. And 2006 proved, now
     senior managers were modest, with 61                        tion he derives from work. “I drive the                     more than ever, that being close to
     percent receiving an increase of less                       entire IT infrastructure for Ubicom                         the corner office pays off. From sal-
     than 5 percent. But when considered                         and have full flexibility in designing                      ary boosts to profit sharing, senior
     together, tech executives — less than                       and testing new technology,” says                           IT managers took home considerably
     a quarter of all respondents — earned                       Poehlman, whose company develops                            more than their reports. But with 14.1
     50 percent of this year’s total raises.                     high-performance wireless network                           percent of total compensation com-

       Salaries by the Numbers
              2006 Salary            2005 Salary                 Salary including bonuses                           Other                  $86,806        $93,082
                                                                                                              management                  $83,854         $90,103

                                                                                                          Database manager                $83,045        $86,109
              Senior                               $108,279            $126,119
         management                                                                                             Help desk/
                                                  $99,566           $116,984                               support manager            $68,118      $70,218
                     CTO                                $122,900                       $175,981                      manager           $74,357       $80,518
                                                                                                          Enterprise architect
                     CIO                                     $138,364          $151,441                              manager                     $104,577        $114,091
                                                                                                                 IS/IT project
                    CSO                                     $134,250          $147,750                               manager               $89,321          $96,931

         Chief architect                                 $126,714            $145,857                               manager                     $97,312     $99,083
        COO, president,                                                                                        E-commerce/
                or CEO                 $69,563        $78,151                                            e-business manager                                        $162,920    $169,206
           SVP or VP of                                                                                        Programming/
       IS/IT/technology                              $115,338               $141,520                     application manager                   $92,362      $98,691
             Director of                                                                                 Information security
       IS/IT/technology                          $102,486           $115,910                              (InfoSec) manager                     $96,240      $102,050

                           0              50K             100K             150K              200K                                0       50K              100K          150K        200K

       NOTE: 2005 gures represent adjusted means based on reports from this year’s survey respondents.

24      I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	        06.12.06
                                                                                                                                      InfoWorld 2006
                                                                                                                                    Compensation Survey

                                                                 The Salary Landscape                                                               Senior management

                                                                             $108,491/$77,952                                    Detroit/Lansing/
                                                                                                      Minneapolis/St. Paul        Grand Rapids
                                                                                                      $135,667/$69,996          $81,833/$46,800
           ing from bonuses, as compared with                       San Francisco/
                                                                      San Jose                                                                       Boston
           6.7 percent for middle managers and                                                                                                  $83,000/$62,500
                                                                 $180,507/$118,333          Denver              Chicago
           3.8 percent for staff, it’s little won-                                     $95,500/$71,424     $102,458/$67,167
           der why tech execs are going to great
           lengths to compete successfully.                                    Las Vegas/                                                                    New York
                                                                              Albuquerque/                                                              $126,000/$61,833
             After riding out the storm, many                                Phoenix/Tucson
           are shifting into accomplishment                                $111,667/$64,020                             St. Louis/Kansas City
                                                                                                  Dallas/Fort Worth      $62,492/$40,967                  Raleigh/Durham/
           mode. Thirty-eight percent more                                                       $100,500/$69,080                                             Charlotte
                                                                    Los Angeles/
           likely to have received a bonus for                       San Diego                                                                           $97,000/$75,000
           steering a major project past a mile-                 $117,667/$84,000                                                    Atlanta
           stone or getting a product out the                                            Houston/Austin/
           door this year, more than a few are                                             San Antonio                                                   Orlando
                                                                                       $89,000/$47,800                                              $103,000/$65,000
           delivering results. Whether these
           projects or products are the busi-
           ness or fuel the business, companies
           are certainly the better for it. Sixty-            as many last year and 10 times as                       aren’t saving enough to add to head
           six times as many companies issued                 many in 2004.                                           count. For now at least, workload relief
           standard salary increases this year                  Despite such trends to suggest com-                   may be limited to personal rather than
           than cut wages — up from 25 times                  pany prospects are improving, many                      personnel gains. And with one in six
                                                              tech execs are finding the added rev-                   senior IT managers expecting staff
                                                              enue heading elsewhere. Only 40 per-                    reductions in the next 12 months,
                                                              cent expect their companies to invest                   tough times aren’t universally over.
                                                              more in IT. In all, IT budgets are slated
                                                              to grow by 5.1 percent, on par with last                Motion in the Middle
               Staff           $69,486      $72,202           year and slightly less than in 2004.                    For middle managers, taking on
                                                                In light of this, Ubicom has migrated                 more responsibility proved less
                                $67,006 $69,634
                                                              to open source tools in an effort to                    rewarding this year. Taxed with even
       administrator              $76,983    $78,845          keep costs down. Still, as many are                     more work, they were 28 percent less
         Help desk
                                                              finding, such cost-cutting measures                     likely to cite added responsibilities
          specialist        $49,551 $50,966

      Web developer
     IS/IT technolgy
                                    $89,275         $92,087
                                                                 Senior Managers See a Growth Spurt
                                $71,031     $74,814
              analyst                                           Mean compensation growth (salary and bonuses combined)
       administrator          $61,500     $63,546
                                                                     Senior management               Other management                    Staff

          Developer                                             8%
                                $69,415     $72,850
System programmer/
             analyst             $74,414     $76,878            6%

   InfoSec specialist             $78,003      $84,032

     IS/IT contractor              $85,626     $87,648

                        0         50K           100K
                                                                          2002                2003              2004                  2005                  2006

                                                                                                                         I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	          06.12.06        25
       InfoWorld 2006
     Compensation Survey

                                                                                                                                as the impetus behind higher wages
      It’s Good to Be King                                                                                                      than the year before. More troubling
                                                                                                                                perhaps is that the personal perfor-
                                                                                                                                mance bonuses — the bellwether for
      How has your base salary changed in the past 12 months?                                                                   take-home growth in 2005 — appear
           Increase                 Decrease                  No change                                                         to be in decline, as the number of
                                                                                                                                middle managers who cashed in on
                                                                                                                                individual incentives dropped to 24
                                                                                                                                percent from 29 percent.
                25%                                       25%                                     30%
                                                                                                                                  That’s not to say managers aren’t
      2%                    73%                3%                             72%                                    67%        hard at work driving performance.
                                                                                           3%                                     “I can’t lose sleep over what I can’t
                                                                                                                                control,” says Steve Bergeron, senior
                                                                                                                                project manager at a 450-employee
           Senior management                             Other management                                     Staff
                                                                                                                                company. “So I focus on our execu-
                                                                                                                                tion.” In charge of more projects and
                                                                                                                                people this year, and more account-
      By what percent has your base salary increased from one year ago?                                                         able for customer satisfaction,
                                                                                                                                Bergeron provides insight as to why
      Senior management                                                                          12.5%                          so many managers remain fixed to
       Other management                                       5.3%                                                              the grindstone: “I fear how quickly a
                        Staff                                          6.1%                                                     small company can be set back.”
                                                                                                                                  And many middle managers’ com-
                                0              3                   6            9          12            15
                                                                                                                                mitment to company performance has
                                                                                                                                not gone unrewarded. Profit sharing,
                                                                                                                                project completion, milestone incen-
       What factors played a role in your base salary increase
                                                                                                                                tives, and professional certifications
       during the past 12 months?
                                                                                                                                are up. In fact, more middle manag-
             Senior                            Other                                     Staff                                  ers got in on the action, as 64 percent
             management                        management                                                                       reported receiving an award — the
                                                                                                              66%               best mark in five years. Yet the decline
       Received merit increase                                                                                67%
                for current job                                                                                                 in personal performance awards left
                                                                                                                                overall bonuses for middle managers
                                                                              31%                                               level with 2005.
               Company issued
            standard increases
                                                                                  39%                                             The drop off in bonus pay may be
                                                                                                                                attributed to a new trend in com-
                                                                        26%                                                     pensating employees for adding
             Took on additional
                 responsibilities                         17%                                                                   new skills, according to David Foote,
           within same position                          15%                                                                    president and chief research officer of
                                                                                                                                Foote Partners, a consultancy and IT
                      Increase in                       13%                                                                     compensation research company.
                          skill set
                                                        13%                                                                       “Premiums can be either added as
                                                                                                                                bonus or as adjustment to base pay,”
                   Promoted to                     10%                                                                          Foote offered in a recent podcast (info-
           higher-level position                   10%                                                                 “It’s very popular
                                                                                                                                these days that those adjustments are
                                      0        10             20         30         40    50      60            70         80
                                                                                                                                made to base pay.”

26     I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	               06.12.06
       InfoWorld 2006
     Compensation Survey

      Bonuses All Around
      Who received a bonus in the past 12 months?
         Yes               No

                34%                                   36%                                     48%                                 Help Wanted
                                                                                                                                  Employers are three times more
                           66%                                       64%                                     52%                  likely to be hiring at higher salaries
                                                                                                                                  than having to lowball new hires.
                                                                                                                                  More importantly, hiring freezes are
          Senior management                          Other management                               Staff                         less frequent, down to 29 percent
                                                                                                                                  from 42 percent in 2004, and layoffs
      Which of the following bonuses did you receive                                                                              have also been cut, from 37 percent
      in the past 12 months?                                                                                                      to 29 percent during that same two-
                                                                                                                                  year period. With such drastic mea-
            Annual personal                                                                                                       sures on a downturn, a new staffing
               performance                                                                                                        conundrum has taken the top slot of
                                                                                                                                  this year’s chart: the inability to fill all
                                                                                                                                  open spots.
                Profit-sharing                                                                                                       One in three tech execs reported
                                                                                                                                  unstaffed positions this year. But
                                                                                                                                  with two-thirds of all IT profession-
          Annual bonus for                                                          20%                                           als lending at least a casual eye to the
         completion of year                                                                                                       classifieds, this carryover is not due
                                                               11%                                                                to a lack of candidates.
                                                                                                                                     “We have had major turnover at the
       Bonus for completion                                       13%                                                             senior level,” says Ken Teel, director of
           of major project                                10%                                                                    technology solutions at Liberty Com-
                                                     7%                                                                           munity Services, noting a problem
                                                                                          Senior management
                                                                                                                                  common to many as the job market
                 Annual team                                                              Other management
                                                          9%                                                                      heats up. “Changing landscapes at
                 performance                                                              Staff
                                                     7%                                                                           the senior level always mean changes
                                                     7%                                                                           further down the food chain.”
                                 0          5             10         15            20        25         30         35
                                                                                                                                     Whatever the particular impact
                                                                                                                                  this churn has on a given organiza-

      Management Misperceptions
      Is executive management’s perception of the                                                 Which, if any, of the following contributes to executive
      value of IT to your company accurate?                                                       management’s undervaluing IT at your company?
                                                                                                             Executive management                                 68%
         Yes, right on               No, value is                No, value is                                views IT as an expense                             64%
         the money                   overestimated               underestimated
                                                                                                                 Budget constraints                        56%
      Senior management              Other management                      Staff                                                                            59%

                                                                                                             Executive management                                 69%
                                                                                                             does not understand IT                        55%
                                                                                                          Executive management            13%
                     49%                         50%                 44%                             feels it can get higher value              22%              Senior management
        49%                           47%                                          51%                by outsourcing IT functions               22%
                                                                                                                                                                 Other management
                                                                                                   Executive management feels               20%
                                                                                                                                             21%                 Staff
                                                                                                  burned by overinvestment in IT           18%
               2%                           3%                            5%                                                          0   20          40   60        80

30     I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	           06.12.06
       InfoWorld 2006
     Compensation Survey

                                                          “Offshoring has really put
                                                a premium on project management.”
                                                                                                                      — David Foote, Foote Partners

     tion, morale seems to hang in the bal-         Offshore Dilemma                                       threat, behind budget constraints.
     ance. Some, finally near full strength,        Certainly the most contentious                         And with good reason. Among those
     are only just beginning to recover             development in staffing practices in                   who expressed knowledge of company
     from years of being understaffed.              the past five years is offshoring. Per-                staffing plans, 25 percent said their
                                                    ceived or not, the panic is fast becom-                employers currently contract over-
     Room for Improvement                           ing pandemic, as IT professionals                      seas, a third more than last year and
     Putting aside the good news, there’s           now rank offshoring as the No. 2 job                   two-thirds more than in 2004.
     plenty of room for improvement. For
     the second year in a row, less than half of
     all IT workers feel they are getting their
     due. Surely some smiles were bought in
                                                      Reasons to Fear the Ax
     2006, as this year’s gain of a full percent-     What is prompting your concerns about your job security?
     age point in compensation growth was
     accompanied by a full percentage point               Senior                 Other                      Staff
     in satisfaction with pay. Enthusiasm,                management             management
     however, for how the workload and atti-
     tude toward IT have changed in the past                                                                                                     50%
     few years is tepid. Only 45 percent of IT                Budget constraints                                                          41%
     staff believe their compensation mea-
     sures up — the lowest pay satisfaction                                                    10%
     mark in the history of the survey.                                  Offshore                                              32%
        Fewer IT staff reported a raise than
     did in 2005. What’s more, fewer cashed                                                                                          38%
     in on a new position. Low unemploy-              Senior level/make too much                             20%
     ment, at 3.4 percent, may in fact be
     sapping the strength of staff wages.                                                                  19%
                                                                       Outsource                           19%
     Not to mention the fact that still-lean                                                                        24%
     budgets have many employers tap-
     ping the talent pool tentatively with                                                                   21%
                                                            Reduced demand for
     contract appointments.                                  company’s products
        “All the opportunities seem to be
     four- to eight-month contracts in dis-                             Company                            19%
     tant locations,” says a document repos-                           acquisition                            22%
     itory manager who works for a civic
     organization in Southern California.                           Issues with                      15%
        For many, giving up full-time security           management/co-workers                        16%
     is not worth the temporary boost in pay.                                            5%
     And when the only options for improv-                        Lack skills for             8%
                                                            upcoming technology
     ing your station are short-lived or far                                                         14%
     away, job satisfaction wanes. Worse,                                                      10%
     this tendency toward contract positions                  Company in danger                     14%
                                                                   of shutdown
     rather than full-time gigs is only part of                                                    13%
     a larger, evolving strategy companies                                                                      21%
     are employing to establish competitive                                 Other                                  25%
     advantage. And whenever the staffing                                                                       22%
     paradigm shifts, those with the most                                            0        10           20             30         40         50
     commodifiable skills sleep less.

32      I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	   06.12.06
       InfoWorld 2006
     Compensation Survey

                                                 Support From the Suits
        But what about offshoring’s prom-        Do you believe your company’s current level of investment
     ise of around-the-clock production          in IT is adequate to support its business goals?
     and the potential to facilitate the
     development of feature-rich, low-cost            Senior management-Yes            Other management-Yes                   Staff-Yes
     products? Isn’t it supposed to eventu-      60
     ally lead to increased hiring stateside?
     Those questions remain unanswered.
        Here’s how the offshoring situation
     appears to be unfolding of late. Com-       50
     petition among providers has many
     offshore operations looking to diver-
     sify their offerings. Offshore contrac-
     tors’ skill sets are heading up the IT                    2003                   2004                    2005                        2006
     ladder — toward middle management.
     So too is the fear of offshoring, as mid-
     dle managers are three times as likely
                                                 Open to Opportunity
     to feel themselves exposed to the off-      Which of the following best describes your attitude
     shoring ax. Now, one in 10 midlevel IT      toward seeking a new job?
     professionals fear their job may move                                                        1%                                       2%
     overseas — the same rate of anxiety                5% 2%                                5%                                    4%
     expressed among the IT staff.
                                                        11%                               8%                                       10%
        What is certain is that “offshoring
     has really put a premium on project                               36%              8%                                                       32%
                                                      13%                                               41%                     15%
     management,” consultant Foote says.
     “Companies are just dealing with                                                         37%
     complexity. Oodles and oodles of                          33%                                                                        37%
     complexity. People are feeling that you
     can’t ever have enough good project              Senior management                 Other management                                   Staff
     managers, so maybe it’s time to start                                              Actively pursuing a position               Passively looking for
                                                       No action
     paying for them again.”                                                            at another company                         a non-IT position
                                                       Passively looking for
        The shift toward SOA is also having            a position at another            Actively seeking a position                Actively looking for
     an impact on what stays onshore. The              company                          at the same company                        a non-IT position
     most desirable job candidates are tech
     pros with Web services expertise and        Do you think you are fairly compensated?
     experience with middleware apps,
     according to the survey.                         Senior management-Yes            Other management-Yes                   Staff-Yes
        “We’re going to have applications
     skills certifications in demand for
     professionals until we’re dead,”            70
     Foote says.
        Business acumen also figures to          60
     bring home more in the future employ-
     ment landscape. In the latest CIO IT
     Staffing Research Report (infoworld         50

     .com/4185), tech execs list business
     analysts, project managers, and strate-     40
     gic planners as the most sought-after                   2002              2003            2004                    2005               2006

34      I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	   06.12.06
     More Cash for New Hires
     Are you hiring at higher, lower, or the same salaries when filling positions
     comparable to those of current or previous employees?
                                                                                                                         employees five years out. Not surpris-
         Higher          Lower           Same                                                                            ing, given the continual convergence
                                                                                                                         of business and technology.

                   16%                                      23%                                                          Call for Collaboration
                                                                                                  37%                    When it comes to aligning business
         64%            20%                   61%                                   50%
                                                              16%                                                        with IT, theory and practice can
                                                                                                                         often collide.
                                                                                                                            More than a mere season of dis-
                                                                                                                         content, last year’s staggering rise in
               2004                                 2005                                2006
                                                                                                                         contentiousness along the business/
                                                                                                                         technology divide is demonstrat-
     Challenges Ahead                                                                                                    ing lingering effects. Nine out of 10
                                                                                                                         senior IT managers report essential
     Which of the following IT/technology staffing issues did your company                                                involvement in planning their com-
     face in the past 12 months? Which of the following IT/technology staffing                                            pany’s tech strategy and implement-
     issues does your company expect to face in the next 12 months?                                                      ing it. Yet only seven in 10 influence
                                                                                                                         goals and allotments. More startling,
         2006 projected                2006            2007 projected
                                                                                                                         senior managers are 20 percent less
                                                                                                                         likely to have final say on tech strat-
            Inability to ll all                                                        22%
                                                                                                              31%        egy as well as purchasing decisions
            open IT positions                                                                      27%                   than a year before. With two out of
                                                                                 19%                                     three tech execs ultimately responsi-
                  Hiring freeze
                                                                                                        29%              ble for aligning technology with busi-
                                                                              18%                                        ness objectives but only one in three
                  Layoffs/staff                                                  19%                                     given the power to decide how best
                    reductions                                                                          29%              to do so, it’s no surprise that more
                                                                                                                         senior IT professionals feel executive
     Increased reliance/use                                                             22%                              management is missing the mark on
             on outsourcers                                                                   25%                        the value of IT.
                                                                                                                            And the decline has been precipitous.
         Increased hiring for                                                   19%
                                                                              18%                                        A mere 49 percent of senior IT manag-
             internal staffers                                                    20%                                    ers believe executive management’s
                                                                     14%                                                 estimation of IT is on target, down from
                  Salary freeze
                                                                           16%                                           53 percent last year and 62 percent in
                                                                12%                                                      2004. Many find it tough to get execu-
     Elimination of bonuses                            8%                                                                tive management to understand and
                                                       8%                                                                buy into their mission, as 69 percent
                                                                                                                         said a lack of technical acumen was key
          None of the above                                                      20%                                     to management’s inability to recognize
                                                                              18%                                        the value of IT. Remarkable, however,
                                                                                                                         is that this percentage is actually in
                   Don’t know                                                 18%
                                                       8%                                                                decline. Business is listening but still
                                                                                 19%                                     can’t seem to see beyond the expense
                                   0          5          10          15          20          25          30         35   column to true ROI.
                                                                                                                            And perhaps that is why, despite
     NOTE: Projections for 2006 re ect results of the 2005 InfoWorld Compensation Survey.                                improving market conditions, the

36     I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	         06.12.06
                                                                                                                          InfoWorld 2006
                                                                                                                        Compensation Survey

necessity of making do with less
endures at some organizations. Just
more than half of senior IT managers         The Ever-Expanding Outsourced Workforce
consider current levels of investment
in IT adequate to support business
                                             Does your company currently employ U.S.-based
goals. And there is the rub. Tech execs
are more likely to feel IT is underval-             Yes          No           Don’t know/didn’t specify
ued than to believe IT can’t deliver on
what it has to accomplish to meet cor-
porate goals.
                                                                 37%                     35%           39%                      28%
  Perhaps this discrepancy suggests                37%                                                                                       47%
some senior technologists believe the
business side isn’t yet cooperative or                     26%                                 26%                                25%
collaborative enough. Opportunities
are out there. With greater invest-                                                             2005                                   2006
ment in IT, many tech execs believe
their companies can attain the agil-
ity necessary to seize them. And with        Does your company currently employ offshore
nearly four times as many senior IT          contractors/outsourcers?
pros actively pursuing a new posi-
tion at their current employer, tak-               Yes           No           Don’t know/didn’t specify
ing matters into their own hands
may just be their answer. i                                   9%                                    12%
                                                    37%                                   35%                                   28%

Survey Methodology                                              54%                                  53%                                    54%
The InfoWorld 2006 Compensation
Survey was administered via the Inter-
net, with a total of 789 respondents.                     2004                                  2005                                   2006
  Between March 23 and April 7, 2006,        NOTE: Figures re ect responses of those who expressed knowledge of company’s HR plans.
randomly chosen visitors to
were invited to participate, as were print
and newsletter subscribers employed in       What percentage of your company’s technology-related human
IT-related job functions. A survey could     resource needs are currently met by:
not be submitted more than once from                                                                              6%
                                                          3% 4%                                           5%
each unique address. (Cookies were
used to ensure that respondents could                6%                                                                                            1-10%
only answer the survey once and could              7%                                                     6%                                       11-20%
not answer from multiple sources.)                                                                                                                 21-30%
                                                                                                         12%                 50%
  As an incentive to respond, survey                                  54%                                                                          31-40%
participants were given the opportunity              26%
to enter a drawing to win one $500 prize                                                                     21%
or one of two $250 prizes.
  At the 95 percent confidence level, the
                                             Offshore contractors/outsourcers                    U.S.-based contractors/outsourcers
margin of error for this year’s sample of
789 respondents is plus or minus 3.5         NOTE: Among respondents who reported an offshore or outsourcing initiative already in place.
percentage points.

                                                                                                             I N F OWO R L D . C O M 	        06.12.06      37

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