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									      Welcome to STEP® for
                        Presented by:
                       Kent Hendrickson

             Five Star Specialty Programs, a Division of
                   Crump Insurance Services, Inc.

11/14/2010                                                 1

11/14/2010              2
             Why Introduce a Safety
• Improve safety in the workplace

• Intensify the safety and productivity culture
  within the organization

• Improved safety techniques in the workplace
  can help reduce insurance costs

• Employees are the key to reducing costs
       – According to OSHA and the National Safety Board,
               90% of accidents are a result of unsafe actions, not unsafe conditions

11/14/2010                                                                         3
               Requirements for an
             Effective Safety Program
• Management commitment
• Properly trained employees:
       – Do they know how to do their jobs in the safest
•    Simple rules
•    Short measurement periods
•    Program cascades throughout the organization
•    Employee motivation is the key to buy-in of
     any successful company/employee initiative

11/14/2010                                                 4
         What is STEP®?
 Safe Thinking Employee Process
• Employee based turn-key loss prevention
• Benefits:
   – Workers’ Compensation claims reduced by
     an average of 34%
   – Available totally online!
   – NO complicated program administration
   – You reduce claims, employees earn awards
   – A Win/Win Proposition

11/14/2010                                      5
     Why use STEP® for Safety?
• STEP® for Safety creates a partnership
  between employees and the company

• STEP® helps employees modify their behavior

• STEP® improves your corporate financial
  performance by reducing employee claims

• STEP® is easy to use and it works!

11/14/2010                                      6
               Why STEP® works
• STEP® gets your employees actively involved in workplace
• Employees need to know several things:
   – What do you want me to do?
   – How do you want me to do it?
   – What’s in it for me?
   – How am I doing?
• By answering these questions with:
   – Communication
   – Training
   – Recognition and rewards
   – Feedback
   YOU can gain your employees’ motivation to ACT SAFELY

  11/14/2010                                            7
             What STEP® does
• Educates and involves employees so safety is no longer
  viewed solely as the “company’s responsibility”
• Reduces accident frequency by an average of 34% in
  participating companies
• Provides significant, positive financial results by
  reducing workers’ compensation costs
• Produces an average return on investment (ROI) over
• Decreases indirect costs – such as hiring replacement
  employees, the loss of employee performance and even
  lost clients – which can cost an additional $50 per $1 of
  direct costs
• Helps reduce insurance premiums and rates

11/14/2010                                                8
             How STEP® works
• Enables web-based access to safety materials
      – perfect for in-house or field employees
• Builds employee awareness
• Educates employees on safety issues within
  their industry
• Involves and gains employee commitment
• Gives employees instant access to safety
• Rewards employees for safety knowledge and

11/14/2010                                        9
What is included with STEP®?
• A 12-month safety program including research and copy
  writing of safety training topics specific to your business or
• Customized web pages including company name and logo
  for employee online access
• Company specific news and information uploads
• Suggestion boxes to earn additional points
• Printed user guides & training available for employees,
  administrators and team leaders
• Easy program administration
• Online services available:
   – Safety quizzes and grading
   – Catalog
   – Order Tracking
   – Point Redemption
• Tracking reports on employee participation and results
11/14/2010                                                  10
             Getting Started

11/14/2010                     11
• On-site visit to evaluate current safety
  program and define STEP® program

• Program options:
   – Components are available online and via
     hard copy
   – Safety topics are available via CD for mobile
   – Customized web site or printed materials
     with company branding

• Choose from our available products to best fit
  your program
11/14/2010                                         12
• Determine overall program cost of participation
   – Cost structure is flexible based on your company
     budget and needs requirements
   – Material costs include:
      • Launch
      • Training
      • Program set-up
      • Award Access
      • Monthly safety meeting materials
      • Printed materials (if using “offline” version)
          – includes Award cards, catalogs and training
      • Program administration
• Discuss launch details and develop timeline for
11/14/2010                                                13
         Implementing – Step 1
•            Managers attend an on-site
             implementation meeting and receive
             information about the STEP® process
             and their leadership role
•            Managers select Team Leaders in each
             location to:
                – Train employees on how to use the system
                – Run monthly safety meetings
                – Answer employee inquiries regarding the
                  STEP® program

11/14/2010                                                   14
         Implementing – Step 2
• Team Leaders are provided customized
  materials tailored to your business needs
• Employees are placed on teams (if applicable)
• Employees are registered for the program
• Program is “Kicked Off” to all employees
• Employees make a “Commitment to Safety”

11/14/2010                                        15
           Implementing – Step 3
• Employees receive monthly safety training one of three
   – By a team leader
   – Reading a safety topic online
   – Listening to a safety talk via audio CD
• Employees answer a quiz pertaining to their previous
  month’s safety topic
• Results of online quiz are displayed immediately after
• Employees will then be allowed to SPIN for points online or
  receive scratch off cards for points offline
• Company based results are tabulated and the information is
  provided to the management team on a monthly basis
• Once points have been awarded, employees may redeem
  for merchandise via the online catalog or offline catalog
  with mail-in postcard order form
  11/14/2010                                               16
   Online Demo Overview

11/14/2010                17
              User View

11/14/2010                18
                  Login Page

   • Visit www.stepforsafety.com
   • Click Member Login to enter member site
   • Enter Login Name and Password, then click Login button

11/14/2010                                              19
                 Main Page

• Main window displays safety topic for current month
• User information at top window displays:
        – Earned Points
        – Redeemed Points
        – Point Balance
11/14/2010 Spins Available                              20
             User Functions

• User Functions (left hand column) displays:
        – Current Topic
        – Quiz
        – Points & Awards
        – News & Info
        – Suggestion Box
11/14/2010 Contact Us                           21
                User Functions
                Current Topic

 • Topic for current month is displayed in main window for
        user to review
 • Previous month’s topics are also available for employee
        to review by selecting from the list of previous safety
11/14/2010                                                      22
               User Functions

 • Select Quiz
 • A list of quizzes will be displayed for the user to choose.
        (Shown left)
 • If all quizzes have been taken the following message
        will appear: All Quizzes Complete (Shown in window)
11/14/2010                                                   23
                     User Functions


      • Employee is first prompted with a question pertaining to
            the previous month’s safety topic
      • Employee is then prompted with a question to verify
            any accident occurrences within a given month
      • If user answers quiz correctly, user is directed to the
            Points & Awards screen (shown in next slide)
      • If user answers incorrectly, user is prompted with a
            message to try again next month and is routed to home
      11/14/2010                                                 24
                User Functions
               Points & Awards

   • User has option to:
      – Spin for Points
      – Browse Catalog
      – Redeem Points
      – Track Orders
11/14/2010                       25
                User Functions
                Spin for Points

• User clicks the spin button on the “slot machine” to
      obtain points
• Slot machine will spin, then reveal points won which are
      redeemable for items found in the award catalog
11/14/2010                                                26
            User Functions
        Browse & Redeem Points

• Browse Catalog allows employee to browse without
• Redeem Points allows employee to purchase items
• User clicks on item to be purchased and will be directed
      through the appropriate steps to complete their order
• User information will be updated with the correct redeemed
      points and available points after order has been submitted
 11/14/2010                                                   27

• Offline, employees use catalogs and order cards
               User Functions
                Track Orders

• Displays a list of placed orders
• User clicks on the order number to see the detail
  information for that order

11/14/2010                                            28
               User Functions
                News & Info

• Company provided news is displayed each month for
  employees to review
11/14/2010                                            29
               User Functions
               Suggestion Box

• Suggestion form is displayed for an employee to submit
  suggestions to management
11/14/2010                                             30
             Client Admin View

11/14/2010                       31
                Login Page

• Visit www.stepforsafety.com
• Click Member Login to enter member site
• Enter Login Name and Password, then click Login button
11/14/2010                                             32
                                Main Page

•      Admin profile:
        – Main window displays safety topic for current month
        – Client Admin Functions are displayed in left hand column:
            • Current Topic
            • Quiz
            • Points & Awards                Same functionality as Employee View
            • News & Info
            • Suggestion Box

                 • Employee List               Administrative Functions
                 • News & Info Setup
    11/14/2010   • Contact Us                                                      33
                   Client Admin
                   Employee List

   • Employee List function includes:
           – Employee Record Changes (Add/Delete Employees)
           – Search Employee Records
           – Change passwords                              34
               Client Admin
             News & Info Setup

    • News & Info Setup function includes:
           – File Uploads (PDF format)
           – Links to web sites/URL
           – Manual creation of news page content   35
             STEP® for Safety
• STEP® improves the partnership
  between employee and company
• STEP® saves your company direct and
  indirect costs by reducing accidents
• STEP® improves employee morale by
  rewarding employees desired
• STEP® provides a low maintenance,
  turn-key solution for your safety

11/14/2010                               36
         STEP® is a solution
            that works!

11/14/2010                     37
             Thank You

For more information please
     Kent Hendrickson

11/14/2010                38

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