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					 Conference                   Title                       Author             Company

                 Products of Convenience: An
               Evolution of Consumption in Latin
                 America for Infant, Adult and                            Mondi Packaging
INSIGHT 2007            Feminine Care                  Jim Robinson         Akrosil, LLC

                  Natural Plastics: Renewable
INSIGHT 2007    Plastics for a Sustainable Future       Bob Findlen            Telles
                Frontiers and Progress in Direct
                Process Nonwovens-One Man's                                Anders Moller &
INSIGHT 2007                   View                    Anders Moller         Associates
                Celaire™-A novel Way to Make                              Celanese Acetate,
INSIGHT 2007    Nonwovens from Filament Tow             Rene Neron              LLC

                     Bio-refinery Products-                                 Abba Makolin
               Opportunities When Oil is $60.00                              Waldron &
INSIGHT 2007    per barrel, or $70, or & $80…          Bob Makolin         Associates LLC
               Elastic Spunmelt Nonwovens for                              Phoenix Group
INSIGHT 2007         Medical Applications               Greg Ward            USA, Inc.

                Airlaid, Synthetic and Filament                               Marketing
               Based Diaper Cores-Pros, Cons,                                Technology
INSIGHT 2007     Economics and Possibilities            Don Young              Service

             Developing Tomorrow's Ecological                                Suominen
INSIGHT 2007    Nonwovens and Wetwipes                 Henri Laitervo      Nonwovens Ltd.
               Olefin Block Copolymers for                                 Dow Chemical
INSIGHT 2007  Health & Hygiene Applications            Andy Chang            Company

              NASA Technology for Nonwoven
             Products: Outlast Phase Changing                              Kelheim Fibres
INSIGHT 2007     Materials in Rayon Webs             Stefan Sulzmaier          GmbH
             Ya Gotta Wanna-Process Control                               Urban Consulting,
INSIGHT 2007           and Rewards                   Andrew Urban III           Inc.
              Laser Cutting Technology at Last                             Fameccanica.
INSIGHT 2007    in the World of Nonwovens           Alessandro D'Andrea      Data S.p.A.

               World and Regional Spunbonded
                 Nonwoven Capacities and
INSIGHT 2007     Manufacturing Economics               David J. Price     John R. Starr Inc.
                Innovations in Airlaid Nonwoven                             Nonwovens
INSIGHT 2007     Products-A Market Perspective         Paul Whitaker        Corporation

                 Silicone Based Materials for
               Surface Modification of Polymeric                          Wacker Chemical
INSIGHT 2007        Fibers and Nonwovens             Mabrouk Ouederni       Corporation
                   Advanced Fiber Extrusion
                Technology for Producing High
INSIGHT 2007           Value Nonwovens                 Arnold Wilkie          Hills, Inc.
                 Spinlace™: PGI's Technology
               Platform for Sustainable Growth &                         Polymer Group,
INSIGHT 2007                Innovation                  Bob Dale               Inc.
                Growth, Trends, Opportunities in                          Euromonitor
INSIGHT 2007        the Global Wipes Market            Virginia Lee       International
                Superabsorbents by Nature: An
                    effective and Sustainable                             Archer Daniels
INSIGHT 2007                 Approach                 Nicolas Nourry     Midland Company
                Where's the Growth in Hygiene
INSIGHT 2007        Products and Materials?            Pricie Hanna      John R. Starr Inc.
                  10 Commandments for Well
                Managed Diaper Sites-7 Capital                               Richer
INSIGHT 2007               Sins to Avoid              Carlos Richer       Investments
                 Where Have All the Inventions                            A.D. Jezzi &
INSIGHT 2007                  Gone?                     Rick Jezzi       Associates, Inc.
               Zapping Viruses and Bacteria with
                 Light Activated Self-Sterilizing                        North Carolina
INSIGHT 2007            Nonwoven Fabrics            Stephen Michielsen   State University
               Rife Solved? The Nanoscope and                             Technlogies
INSIGHT 2007            What it Can Do                 Eric Rowley        International
               Techniques for Evaluation of Pulp                           Technology
INSIGHT 2007       Defibration Performance             Mark Bolyen           Service
               16 Ways to Sunday-Performance                               Technology
INSIGHT 2007     of Advanced Diaper Designs         James P. Hanson          Service
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Stanley Truman   TBCoptics

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