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					                                  Fashion Drawing

There are many fantastic fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Dior and
Vivienne Westwood, who have made major contributions to the world of fashion.
Fashion designers will often design a range or ‘collection’ of items based on a theme
and will release their ides up to 4 times a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter).
Their ideas will be launched at major fashion events such as London fashion week. So,
unless asked to design a bespoke piece (a one off item for a specific customer) a
designer will design for a collection (a range of outfits and accessories) rather than one
individual item.

As well as communicating ideas, fashion drawings should be interesting and beautiful
images in their own right.

 On a separate piece of paper, design a range of nightwear to be worn with your
    slippers (at least 4 items)
 Your designs should coordinate with your slippers (use colours, patterns and
    shapes that feature in your slippers)
 Draw in pencil, neatly colour your designs and LABEL (materials and techniques
You can use figure templates (croquis) to help with your drawing. On the reverse
of this page you will find some templates to help you – place a blank piece of
paper over the template, secure with some paper clips and trace over the
template (adapting to add your fashion designs)
    Write your name on your designs

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