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Cornerstone Community Financial Credit Union


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									                                United Christian Community
                                       Credit Union
                                              1785 Rochester Road
                                              Troy, Michigan 48083
                                                 (248) 528-1885
                                               Fax: (248) 528-2870

October 10, 2008

Dear Member,

As the summer slips away and the season turns to fall, a sense of anticipation is upon us. As recently mentioned in
our newsletter, we are looking forward to merging with Cornerstone Community Financial, a community credit
union based out of Auburn Hills. We are eagerly anticipating uniting our organizations to bring you the best
financial offerings possible.

We understand that you may have many questions regarding the transition, so we have included with this letter a
list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. These will provide you with detailed information about the exciting
changes to come. We have also included a detailed listing of the new benefits you will have access to.

Below are just a few quotes from members looking forward to the future for United Christian members:

       “As a member of the Board and a long time employee, I am confident that this is the right
       direction for members and the continued growth for United Christian. I am looking forward
       to being part of this new organization and assisting members with this exciting transition.”
       -Sharon Cohen, Employee

       “I was proud to be a part of the unanimous decision to grow our credit union. The decision was
       made thoughtfully and carefully with your best interests in mind. Your options will be enlarged
       and you can look forward to being a part of a multi-branch credit union with increased
       benefits.” -Donald Richardson, Chairman of the Board

There is only one last step before moving forward to finalize this merger, a vote from members. You will be
receiving your ballot in the coming weeks. We are counting on your support to make us a stronger credit union. You
are also invited to attend the special meeting November 12th at our Troy branch at 5pm.

Thank you for your ongoing membership and continued confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact us 248-373-1316 or


Donald Richardson                               Heidi Kassab
Donald Richardson                               Heidi Kassab
Chairman of the Board                           President/CEO Cornerstone Community Financial

                                    CHRISTIANS HELPING CHRISTIANS

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