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Loislaw ™ Public Records
What’s New and Improved?
     New Look and Feel . . .
       – More user friendly!
       – More data at your fingertips!
       – More right party contacts!
     Great New Features Including . . .
       – Confidence Score: Returns a score for every search indicating the
         likelihood of locating the target.
       – Console: Provides a daily search history and the ability to re-run a search
         without re-entering the data. The Historical tab provides an additional 6
         days of search history.
       – Associates Search: Helps locate hard-to-find debtors through people
         associated with your target at a specific address.
       – Data Hotlinks: Allow for deeper searching, without re-entering the data,
         by linking results displayed in blue with additional search options.

2                                                             Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ PublicSearch Tips
Search Tips

                   DO                                DO NOT

     Use the People tab first – It’s    Do not use punctuation in
      UNLIMITED!                          your searches.
     From your results, click on a      Do not use middle names, middle
      Name, SSN, Address, or Phone        initials, or titles unless
      Number to access great search       narrowing down results returned
      options via the drop-down           (i.e. use Robert Smith, not
      boxes.                              Robert V Smith, Jr.)
     LESS is MORE! When searching       Don’t use descriptors and
      with data other than an SSN,        directional information in your
      too much information                searching such as Street,
      submitted may prevent you           Avenue, or Circle.
      from obtaining valuable

3                                                     Loislaw™ Public Records
              People Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records
People Search

                                 Tabs make it easier
                                 to navigate to your
                                 desired search type.

     Reference Number
     This field can be used to
      identify the search by
     client name or number.
         It can be optional
4            or required.                               Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records
Console                                    New!
                                    The CONSOLE is a new
                                     feature that displays
                                     your search history,
                                    allowing you to re-run
                                     searches previously

          Re-Run a Search
           Here a search can be
            re-run on any of the                                       NOTE:
          current day’s searches.
             Simply click on an
                   entry.                                      Searches are re-executed.
                                                               Premium searches such as
                                                                 411 or C-Score will be

5                                                            Loislaw™ Public Records
                               People Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records                                      Historical

                                                           The HISTORICAL tab
Search Options                                            provides an additional
                                                         6 days of search history.
                                                          Search by keyword or
                                                             by a date range.
                                 Search Options
                                  Search by SSN
                                  or use a name
                                   and address


         LESS IS MORE!
     For non-SSN searches,
    the less information you
      put in your search the
      broader your results!
6                                                 Loislaw™ Public Records
              People Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records
People Search                       Help!
                           Additional help, including
                              FAQ, is available
                              by clicking on the
                                SUPPORT link.

     Reverse Phone                                        TIP:
     Here, you can run a
    reverse phone number                          Don’t use punctuation,
     look-up through our                            middle names, or
     ENHANCED PEOPLE                                descriptors on the
         DATABASE.                                     initial search.

7                                                             Loislaw™ Public Records
             People Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records Results
People Search Results

                                  Printable Version
                                      Need a printable
                                  version of your results?
                                         Click here!

       Now you can export
        your search results
     to an Excel or PDF file.         Address Only Flag
      Simply check the box,
          and click the              Indicates phone number is
         appropriate icon.      associated with the address, but not
                                 the person. Placing the cursor over
                                    the number provides insight
                                       into phone ownership.
8                                                    Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records                                                  Tip:

People Search Results                                             Click on any name, SSN,
                                                                 address, or phone number
                                                                     to access additional
                                                                  search options via drop
                                                                         down boxes.


                                   The new property flag indicates
                                  that the target is either a current
                                 or previous owner of that property.
                                    Find more information on the
                                    property by using the address
                                            drop-down box.

A Confidence Bar is included
with all results. This feature
replacesthe Locator Report,
 and provides an indication
 of the likelihood of finding
 the target at that address.

9                                                             Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records
People Search Results


                                   PowerTool icon provides
                                   a central location for most
                                    search options without
                                       re-entering data!


           Now you can do a
           Relatives Search or
         C-Score Report directly
            from your main
              results page.

10                                                         Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records
Address Search
                                         Click on an address
                                              to access a
                                         drop-down box for
                                          further searching.

             New!                                             High Risk Address
       Associates Search:                                      A red flag indicates a
         Links associated                                        high risk address.
      individuals to a target                                         Place the
     through shared address                                    curser over the flag to
     history. Returns current                                      display details.
         address & phone.
                                High Risk Details: Vacant

11                                                          Loislaw™ Public Records
                  411 Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records
411 Search                            411
                               Access all electronic
                               directory assistance
                              searches through the
                            411 tab. Note that these
                             are premium searches.

                      Reverse Phone
                       Here is another place
                     to run a reverse phone.
                         This is a premium
                       search that provides
                        real time directory
                  assistance phone information.

12                                                Loislaw™ Public Records
                  411 Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records                                          TIP!
411 Search
                                                            Remember, this is
                                                            real-time directory
                                                             assistance phone
                                                            No need to call 411!


                                   This feature provides
                                   an in-depth reverse
                                  phone number report,
                                    as well as a phone
              New!                        history.

      Phone History can be
     used to obtain a phone
         number’s history,
       including ownership,
     activation, cut off dates,
             and more!
13                                                         Loislaw™ Public Records
                  Fetch Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records                                                Note

Fetch Search                                                        Fetch provides a
                                                             comprehensive search engine
                                    Fetch Search
                                                               to search Loislaw™ Public
                                   Search an individual         Records entire National
                                database, a combination        and State database library.
                                    of databases, OR
                               search all of the databases
                                    except PEOPLE 3
                                 by selecting “Check All”.

          People 3
     To search the People 3
       Database you must
       check the database
     It is not searched when
      you select “Check All”

14                                                           Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records            Fetch Databases
Fetch Search                    The databases are arranged by
                                 type of search. Searching on
                                  an individual database may
        Fetch Results            provide more search options.
       Fetch results may
     include alternate phone
     numbers and addresses,
          in addition to
        asset information.


                                Remember, it is possible
                                 to run a Fetch search
                                    by a name, SSN,
                               address, or phone number!

15                                         Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records
C-Score Report                           New!
                                     The Reports Tab
                                  provides access to the
                                  C-Score Report. This
                                  is a premium search .

       C-Score Report
       This comprehensive
      report delivers current
      address history, phone,                     Additional reports
      property, bankruptcies/                      will be available
         Judgments/liens,                          from this tab as
     and relatives, in addition                   they are released.
     to a Collectability Score.

16                                                           Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw ™ Public Records
C-Score Results                                           Note

                                                Results of this premium
                                                 search include address
                                               history, relatives, property,
                                                  and BJL information.

     Collectability Score
     This score is determined
       by using a complex
     formula which indicates
         the likelihood of      Deeper Searching
        collecting from the
                                  Within the scoring
      target. Scores range
                                   summary, click
           from 0 to 637.
                                 on any blue text to
                                   link directly to
                                additional information.

17                                                 Loislaw™ Public Records
               Criminal Search
Loislaw ™ Public Records
Criminal Search                     Criminal Tab

                               This is a premium search.
                                 The tab is optional, and
                                  can be removed from
                                the account if not in use.

     Criminal Database
       The Criminal Search
     checks the USA Criminal
      Database, the National
     Sex Offenders Database,
        and the National
           Watch List.

18                                             Loislaw™ Public Records
Loislaw Public Records

              Still have questions?
           Please contact us at 1-800-364-2512

           We provide 24/7 technical support.

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