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									Consignment Agreement                                                      1 of 3

                  Americ an Ad venture RV, LLC
                             Consignment Agreement
Contract #________

      Agreement made this day between American Adventure RV, LLC (Hereinafter
Consignee) and the customer identified below (hereinafter Consignor). This agreement
guarantees that the described unit will be left for 90 days and the terms of the agreement
shall extend until the owner either removes the unit or asks that it be moved into our
storage area at the current fees. Vehicles on consignment should carry a current
registration and valid state inspection.

The parties agree:
   (a) Compensation: The Consignee shall retain as compensation the difference
       between the “authorized price” of the consigned unit and the price at which
       the Consignee sold the consigned unit.
   (b) Price: Consignee is free to set and price it feel appropriate for the consigned unit,
       but shall not sell the consigned unit at less than the Consignors “authorized price.”
       Consignee to inform Consignor of any negotiated offers and Consignee to agree in
       writing to any change in “authorized price.”
   (c) Sale Terms: At the time of sale, Consignee is authorized to pay directly a portion
       of the authorized sale price proceeds to any lien holder that has a security interest
       in the consigned goods in order to discharge such security interest. All sales are
       contingent upon receipt of a clear title or bill of sale from the Consignor. Any
       balance of the authorized sale price proceeds shall be sent to the Consignor.

             Consigning is free; however the following fee may apply:
          1. A consignment fee of $50.00 per month if you decide to remove the unit
             before the 90 day agreement expires. This monthly fee will not exceed
             $150.00 dollars. This fee will not be charged if we sell the unit.
          2. If you wish to have your unit advertised with 20 extra pictures and added
             description on our website, you can upgrade the web listing for a one time
             fee of $50.
   (d) Condition: Consigned units are sold AS IS. Units that do not show well do not sell
       well. It is important that unit is clean and ready to sell. It should not look
       occupied. Please supply all owner’s manuals and service documents if possible.
   (e) Risk of Loss: Consignor must supply their own insurance and relieves American
       Adventure RV, LLC from any liability for loss or damage to the consigned goods for
       any reason including, but not limited to; fire, theft, accident, or otherwise.
       Consignor agrees to assume all risks and to indemnify and hold harmless Consignee
       against any liability. Consignor waives his right of subordination against American
       Adventure RV for any damages or loss to the consigned property.
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                                 Vehicle Information
    A) Trailer/Motor Home         Book Value: Wholesale: $________ Retail: _________

        Year:______ Make:________________ Model:__________ Length: _________

        VIN #: _________________________ Mileage: _________________________

        Optional Equipment____________________ State Inspection: Y / N

Customer Assessment
    B) Condition: Components: (Please Check Appropriate)
                                  Excellent   Good         Fair       Good
           1    Furnace
           2    Fridge
           3    Water Heater
           4    A/C
           5    Awning
           6    Generator

    C) Condition: Systems: Customer Assessment             (Please Check Appropriate)
                                  Excellent   Good         Fair        Poor
           1    Water System
           2    Electrical
           3    LP Gas
           4    Waste Holding

    D) Integrity: Appraiser Assessment                     (Please Check Appropriate)

                                  Excellent   Good         Fair       Poor
           1    Roof
           2    Floor
           3    Sidewalls
           4    Wheels/ Tires
           5    Steps/ Jacks
           6    Ext. Metal Trim
           7    Ext. Components

    E) Appearance: Appraiser Assessment                     (Please Check Appropriate)
                                  Excellent   Good         Fair        Poor
           1    Floor Covering
           2    Electrical

        I agree that this is an accurate assessment of my unit being left on consignment.
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                          Owner & Pricing Information
Description and authorized price of consigned goods.

                Vehicle Description             Consignor Authorized Price
(From Page 2)

Year & Make _______________________             $_____________________

Length & Model _____________________

Serial # __________________________________________________________

                                                Date ____________________

I, the undersigned, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions and represent
that I am the sole owner of the consigned goods:

Consignor Printed Name: __________________________________________

Consignor Signature: ______________________________________________

Full Mailing Address: ______________________________________________


Telephone #: ________________________ Work #: ____________________________

Cell # ______________________________ Email: _______________________________

Lien holder: ______________________________________________________________

Lien holder’s Address: ______________________________________________________

Telephone #: _____________________________________________________________

Account #: ______________________________________________________________ _

Title Number: __________________________________________State: ___________ __

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