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									Hospital Budget Director/Financial Planning
Denver, CO location
Salary: $85k - $110k



       1.     Someone who is Customer Service Oriented – work with all
       Manager’s, Directors, Physicians to resolve any budgetary issues
       2.     Detail and Accuracy – make sure numbe rs are accurate
       3.     Management of the budget process – deal with a $1B gross revenue
       and need a person who has experience with at least $1/2B
       4.    Will s upe rvise 6-7 staff analysts – these analysts perform revenue
       projections on historical data, look at the trending patterns, and they go back
       about 6 years to do their comparisons – employer is on a calendar year so the
       go from 1/1 to 12/31 each year (they have Budgetary Analysts; Financial
       Analysts; and Sr. Analysts)
       5.     Will be solely responsible for implementing and the overall
       manage ment of the budget
       6.    City Budget – responsible for the city’s budget (certain as pects of
       services) as well, and they provide the numbe rs, services for them and they
       do the budget for all of those services that they offer up to the City of
       Denver. That budget is due in June of each year.
       7.     They have an Archaic software package now, but they are going
       through the RFP process now to upgrade their system; and some vendors
       they are looking at are McKesson, and three others

Want a healthcare professional that has experience within a hospital with at least
200-beds; the University Hospital experience is ideal for the m as they are modeled a
lot like one.

       ·     Ove rall, the departme nt runs smoothly
       ·     The previous pe rson really burnt their self out because they never
       delegated anything and always tried to do things alone; so this next person
       will have to delegate and trust the analysts in their work
       ·     Must have great relations with Physicians as they will be dealing with
       doctors on a daily basis – they are very complex people and want you to
       complete work that seems very unreasonable/unrealistic
       ·     Will do budget for over 5 entities and all other future entities as they
       continue to grow
       ·     Need a patient person with a good sense of humor; a person that will
       weed out the weak people; and be the go to person throughout the entire
       budget process
       ·     Ability to delegate the work to the staff members

Eric A. Bergeon
ExecuHealth, Inc.

11539 Park Woods Circle
Suite 102
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

Direct: (770) 663-8099
Fax: (678) 680-5722
Mobile: (770) 510-8650

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