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									66 Federal Credit Union, nominated by Tri County Technology Center

66 Federal Credit Union’s leadership team is the foremost progressive
community partner Tri County Technology Center has encountered over
the past year. Not only does 66 Federal Credit Union create opportunities
to enrich educational experiences for students through the TCTC
Foundation, but they also develop rich internship experiences for students
to broaden their classroom education.

Representatives from the Credit Union helped kick-off a dynamic year by
sponsoring the TCTC New Employee Orientation and leading new hires
through a Bartlesville orientation in addition to a financial literacy
orientation. In addition to accommodating the TCTC new hires, 66 Federal
Credit Union sponsored the first TCTC All Staff Meeting in September.
They provided lunch for all employees as well as, shared gifts with staff and
the benefits of being a Credit Union member. The Credit Union set the
precedent for what has become a monthly occurrence of partner
organizations sponsoring Tri County All Staff Meetings.

In addition to the sponsorships and support at the employee level, the 66
Federal Credit Union staff is highly involved with students’ educational
opportunities. An opportunity presented itself during the FY10 school year
for Tri County staff to research a debit/credit card partner. The goal was to
enable stakeholders to utilize a debit/credit card to promote brand loyalty to
TCTC, and gain a financial return for Tri County. The idea was presented
to 66 Federal Credit Union and after careful consideration it came to
What began as an idea, immediately turned into a class project for three Tri
County Marketing Management students. These students worked hand-in-
hand with the Credit Union Marketing Department to develop and
implement a comprehensive marketing plan for the debit card. The
students further delved into the project by developing collateral marketing
pieces and finally made a presentation debuting the TCTC debit “Spirit”
card to all Tri County Staff. The students were then able to use their
experience as a DECA State competition project. When an individual signs
up for a 66 Federal Credit Union Trailblazer Spirit Card, the Credit Union
gives the individual $25 and contributes $25 to TCTC’s Foundation.

The staff has also made it a priority to open their doors to internship
experiences for many Tri County Technology Center students. The real
life, hands-on career experiences the 66FCU staff affords TCTC’s students
are an immeasurable benefit to the future success of the students and the
quality of education they receive.

66 Federal Credit Union staff serves a vital role within Tri County
Technology Center on both short-term and full-time advisory boards. The
role of the advisory board member is essential to the future and success of
each individual program. The Credit Union is committed to the success of
the school and the student.

The partnership with 66 Federal Credit Union allows Tri County Technology
Center staff members to be a member of their financial institution, as well
as opens doors for training opportunities within their organization. Tri
County staff continually conducts training for 66 Federal Credit Union Staff.
Not only is 66 Federal Credit Union a dynamic partner to Tri County
Technology Center and CareerTech, but they are at the forefront of all
community service in all the communities they serve.

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